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I know there are people out there just dying to join a really good Naruto Roleplay. Something fun and exciting, challenging but rewarding, and full of people who share the same love for the Naruto verse as they do. Well, look no farther than New Gen! This Roleplay has been going on successfully for years, despite moving from multiple roleplaying sites and eventually setting home here on Iwaku. As always with moving and updating some things, it is inevitable that some people turn their sights elsewhere, for whatever reason. Though we have people who are dedicated and keep the Roleplay alive, it's always nice for us to get in new people to make it more fun every once in a while.

That essentially is the purpose of this Interest Check. New Gen is looking for people who are able to dedicate some time and join in on the fun! Of course we would love to get tons and tons of new people, but for now we are hoping for just a few, at least enough to open a new Team of Genin in Amegakure to be led on missions and do totally awesome stuff that, well, ninja do. All the information you will need is on the OOC linked above, but I will warn you. The massive wall of text can be intimidating. The amount of information may seem like a lot to take in, but before you get discouraged, let me say this:

We have a bunch of GMs as well as players who are eager to help eachother, and anything you are worried/ confused about can be easily solved via reaching out to someone! There is always someone available to reach out to via the thread or on Skype, which many of us are very active on. Even then, it is not imparative to know ecerything at the start. Even I learn new things everyday. (Dont tell the GMs im a nuuuuub! >__<) That being said, if you are interested, the first step would be to leave a reply here or in the OOC. I will personally guide you through the character making process if you need it. Afterall, it is my hope to be Jounin of the team that possibly comes out of this. Please help make my dream come truuuuu!~ (No pressure <3)

I think that is all I can/need to say here. Everything else can be addressed after you've expressed your interest. I strongly encourage giving New Gen a try, as it just might become your new obsession. Of course there are no obligations, and when you feel you are ready to move on (or are not interested after looking through the OOC) , you will bear no ill will from me or anyone else.

Thank you for your time! To those who will decide to join our family of weirdos, let me be the first to say...

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