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  1. I am currently undergoing plotting for a revolutionary Naruto RP that will need quite a lot to just begin.. This Naruto RP will have all new features to it that no other Naruto fan has ever seen before. We will undergo daily plotting that will review each others ideas about every single feature that will be included in the launch of the actual RP. Feature might include the following:

    • Weapons
    • Villages
    • Headbands
    • outfits
    • Jutsus
    • Chakra
    • Clans
    • Era/Time
    • Future events
    • Roles
    • Rules
    • Academies
    • Map
    • Music
    • Kekkei Genkai's
    • Jinchuuriki's
    • Arts
    • Styles
    • Kages
    And more.. Nothing will be based off of the Wiki and or the actual anime or manga. (for example) If we as a group decide that the Uchiha and the Leaf Village (Konohagakure) had a massive battle in the 3rd kage era and the uchiha was ALL killed in the war between the two villages then that's what happened. Everything will be made by scratch and by us! Everything will be made even the History before the start of the RP. (for example) If we decide that the RP starts in the 23rd Kage era then that's how its going to be, if we decide that everything is a forest and a few selective people just discovered the area and started building what is now called a village and now there is a first Kage then that's what is going to happen. Heck, we can even decide to add things on the name like for example ''Naruto+'' or ''Naruto 2.0'' that was just off the top of my head and isn't to be taken literal but still you get the point, right? Anyways, Anyone interested in this idea? Anyone interested in making Naruto with me?
  2. I'm optimistically curious by this.
  3. What are you curious about? Any questions?
  4. Not many it's just that most Naruto things either fail due to people god modding the shit out of their OCs or people nitpicking because they are such "experts" but the way you have this set up makes me less concerned about those things also I am willing to give it a try and if you want to start talking about idea's.
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  5. I've done Naruto RPs before, matter of fact when i first started RPing my very first RP was a Naruto based one so to keep it short i have a lot of experience with naruto rps. I also started a very first Naruto RP of any sort in the RP community i was in before iwaku. Anyways, i would like ideas to be kept in private chat. So i'll follow you and feel free to follow me back and we will roll straight into a private convo whenever your ready.
  6. Still in need of more Partners (will need at least 2 or 3 more partners)
  7. I love World-Building and creating things, so if you would like help. I'm all for it. If anything, I would love to help Co-GM this, but more on the World Building, Plot, etc. than the actual person to deal with problems as I write a lot, but I don't always have access to internet when I'm at college.
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  8. looking for maybe one more person, who's interested?
  9. *Raises hand*
  10. HEY! Would you like to join us in plotting? Any questions you would like to ask?
  11. None at the moment, but yeah! I'd like to plot with you guys.
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  12. We need at least 1 or 2 more people!
  13. I'm in c: I have a jinchuuriki idea... But I strongly doubt it'll go through, I'll PM you it c:
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  14. I believe I shall contribute to this as well.
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  15. I love this idea! It seems like it could be really successful!
  16. thanks, would you like to help?
  17. Of coarse!
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  18. I haven't actually finished the manga - though I have little desire too after everyone I know IRL that reads it spoiled it so hard core - but I've always liked the idea of changing it around a bunch. May I join in? Or are all the spots already filled?
  19. You may join, click on this link:√a.950/group-detail

    Also, are you looking to becoming a Kage?
  20. I wasn't thinking about it but if it's offered I wouldn't mind.
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