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Naruto is my very favorite Anime of all time, next to a few others.

I am currently on Season 2, Episode 94 of Naruto. I have yet to watch anything from the other two parts of the series.

Before we get any further, I would like to go over my RP Guidelines & Partner Expectations:
1. Please be active.
2. I am ditch friendly.
3. I enjoy both Original and Canon Characters being involved.
4. Romantic content must be kept at the PG level.
5. Like the Anime, I have no issues with dark and bloody subject matters being involved.
6. I ask that third person be used during roleplay; first is uncomfortable for me.
7. I ask that character images / face claims are anime style, since this is an Anime fandom.
8. I ONLY roleplay via Private Messages.
9. I am looking to get better at writing longer length posts, so I ask that post length be at least 3 paragraphs minimum.
10. I don't mind Overly Powerful Characters being involved, as that's part of the Anime, so long as God-Modding isn't involved.
11. I'm not so sure about doubling, so I'm not looking to do that right yet.
12. I will ONLY write M/F gender-paired romances.

I am hoping to find a partner who can write as Orochimaru and Kabuto for a specific plot I have.

PLOT (the plot is a little complicated, but I will try and word it as best I can for you).
My Character is some-what of a mystery. She was born into a Clan that has very strange and powerful abilities. Abilities of Darkness. Almost nothing is known about the Clan, least of all its lone survivor. While My Character doesn't remember, she is the reason her Clan was destroyed, by her own Inner Darkness Abilities. She is the strongest of her Clan and now the only survivor. She is discovered by Orochimaru and Kabuto and serves the two of them. She meets Naruto while out on a mission with Kabuto, admiring the light that Naruto is.


If interested in Roleplaying with me, please don't be shy about sending me a Private Message.

I am looking forward to writing this!