Naruto Next Generation?

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  1. I'm feeling a bit Naruto esque ^^' I don't have an idea for a plot yet, all I know is that it takes place 1,000 years after the finale, as I believe that's a safe time period for people who haven't seen the finale (like myself ^^') and to start world building to make the RP our own. A lot of things would be different, but the one thing that remains the same is shinobi throughout the land. Let me know if your interested or have any ideas!
  2. -Expressing interest-
  3. Interested in all things Naruto
  4. Seems cool.

    Tho, id much prefer having a small group of people controlling the storyline (which also means we need a storyline)

    I see that there is about 5 people already in this thread, so would be cool if you contacted us and we talk about it over conversation :)
  5. So i would assume there will be phones, tvs, electrical wires, etc?
  6. That would kill the vibe man xD
  7. What do you mean? If we are talking 1,000 years after the fourth ninja world war then i can only assume its far beyond the gaiden and boruto series. In the short spin-off manga called gaiden it showed naruto using a handheld telephone to contact sasuke, it also showed a tv in the hokage room.
  8. true that. True that.

    they'll have konohawood soon too lmfao xD
  9. No clue what that is.
  10. .. bollywood... hollyhood..... konohawoofd... ok bad joke
  11. -crashes in through window-
    Dude, i'm in.

    though the problem with doing futuristic naruto rps is that you're completely ignoring the logic of there being vehicles of transportation. I mean the time period should further induce them to want to make an easier way of getting round. And vehicles would totally ruin Naruto
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  12. How About a before naruto
  13. -shrug-
    I'd recommend making your own universe within the Naruto concept but it can be quite difficult with having to make a history
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  14. agreed
  15. Woah, wasn't expecting so much interest so soon! Sorry for replying late, I was grounded for a couple of days. I see your points, and I honestly didn't think about vehicles or technology. I was just thinking more along the lines of giving everyone a chance to start a new story without the establish (and finished) one interfering. But I suppose we could also do an Alternate Universe thing, where it's the same time period, just with different characters and stories.
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  16. i want that
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  17. That works bud.
  18. So we're all in agreement? An Alternate Universe then? Any ideas for plot?
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