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    | IC Forum | OCC |
    This is the new Signup forum for the Naruto Next Generation RP. All previous accepted members may copy and paste old CS here.

    This RP was started by @StellaAutumn01
    They are currently unable to continue with the RP at this time and have given us permission to go on without them for now. While Stella is away the Originals from the first NNG and Myself will be mediating as sub-GM's for now.


    All New submissions can be approved by any of the Originals and Myself

    For new members here is the CS




    Appearance (written or image):

    Rank (Genin or Jonin):

    Village: (Prefer Konoha or Suna at first, If want a different village please message Jinx):


    Kekkei Genkai:




    Short Bio:





    |Name: Alexandra Sterling |Age: 21 |Gender: Female |Rank: Jonin |Village: Konoha |


    Kekkei Genkai:
    The Sterling clan doesn't have a specific Kekkei Genkai.
    They are known for their advance skill in wind Ninjutsu and weapon mastery.
    Alexandra is mostly known for creating her own echolocation Jutsu.
    Alex has trained for many years to master this technique the
    Wind Style: Location Jutsu

    Is when Alex is able to release a bit of her chakra into the air and it molds around everything that it touches. It gives her the chance to sense the shapes the chakra and mentally picture everything around her.
    Reading(she knows Brail), Listening to the wind, Rain, Taking walks, Solitude, Animals, Organization, Being on time, Practicing, Pranks, Sake and Music.

    Loud noises, Annoying people, Whining, Crowds, Extreme heat, People looking down on her, Feeling helpless, pranks on her,
    As a child Alex was known for being stoic and snarky, though through the years she has just became stoic and withdrawn. It's not that she doesn't like people, it's just that she got use to being alone and now finds it easier. She doesn't have to worry about others or have other treating her differently because of her blindness. Alexandra is a very prideful and stubborn and has a way of showing it. Alex has always felt as though just because she's blind people have a tendency to underestimate her abilities as a ninja. In all honestly she feels like her disability makes her stronger then others. Alex has had to train ten times more harder then others because of her disability and that has made her stronger in the end. Though during most of the time Alexandra has a calm demeanor she is a ninja and has a ruthless side as well.

    Short Bio:
    Alexandra is the only child of the head of the Sterling Clan. The Sterling clan is known for their advance skill in weapons and using their affinity with wind to help boost their movement and attack. Alex started training with weapons as soon as she was old enough to hold one. Unfortunately during a training accident when she was four caused her to lose sight in her eyes. Seeing Alex as unfit to be heiress Alex's parents were set on having another child. Being the prideful and strong willed child Alex was. She started to train herself, over the years she was able to use her ability with wind as a type of echolocation. This way she is able to move around freely without having to worry about running into anything.
    Alexandra is a master in a variety of weapons but she is mainly known for fight with a pair of dual chained hand swords.


    Advanced master in weaponry, Wind jutsu Control, Genjutsu, Swift and flexible movement, Minor healing jutsu, Prefers long ranged attacks, Most genjutsu doesn't effect her.


    Will continue to push herself even if it in dangers her life, Has trouble working with others

    Extra Photos:

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  2. Name: Keita (Kei) Hyuga

    Age (13-14): 14

    Gender: m

    Appearance :[​IMG] Kei is a Hyuga, which means he has the staple Hyuga eyes, brown hair, white complection. He has a standard build standing a few inches taller than his classmates.

    Rank: Genin

    Village :Konoha

    Clan: Hyuga

    Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

    Sensei: ?

    Team: Team 2; StellaAutumn01, Kurogane86, B l u E s.

    Likes: training, getting stronger, learning new jutsu, being treated like a genius.

    Dislikes: being compared to his older sister who is now a Jonin, Failing, looking weak, being helped.

    Personality: Kei is an extremely stubborn guy. He never asks for help with training, assignments or missions. He is head strong and selfish trying to take as much glory for himself as possible.

    Weapons: kunai, shuriken, paper bombs

    Strengths: the kekeigenki Byakugan, excellent chakra control, a strong Tai jutsu fighter, fast learner in the gentle fist technique, quick reflexes.

    Weaknesses: stubborn, rushes in without thinking, over confident, refuses to learn other jutsu besides those of his clan, trains and fights with 110% in testy causing him to have low stamina if fighting for to long.

    Other: left arm is completly burnt due to a training accident he had during his youth. He is very sensation about it and keeps it hidden at all times.
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  3. Is this still joinable?
  4. Name: Neji Uchiha

    Age (13-14): 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (written and image): He is about 5'5 and 125 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. When his sharingan is activated they turn the red color of the sharingan.

    Rank: Genin

    Village: Konohgakaure

    Clan: Uchiha

    Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan 2 tomoe

    Sensei: N/A

    Team: 3

    Likes: Training, His Clan, Getting Stronger, being treated like the genius he is. His friends, his village.

    Dislikes: getting beat by someone, feeling weak compared to someone else.

    Personality: Neji is a very proud individual, he is proud of his clan and of himself. Since birth he has been hailed as a genius and he has taken that to heart. Even though he can be stubborn and stuck up, he can be kind and caring and doesn care about his friends. He doesn't show it often as he comes off as show offish a lot of the time.

    Weapons: standard ninja equipment

    Strengths: His kekkei Genkei the Sharingan. He has great speed and is pretty strong. Is very well versed in ninjutsu and taijutsu. Has a good tactical mind.

    Weaknesses: can be very overconfident. Sometimes will think his teammates will just slow him down so he rushes in alone.

    Other: is the child of the head of the Uchiha clan. Has been considered a prodigy since he was born.
  5. Name: Mushin Satori
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'4"/163 cm.
    Eye Color: Indigo
    Hair Color: White Blonde
    Mushin is commonly seen in hoodies and cargo shorts and that is generally it, save for some variations during the seasons. In colder temperatures, the material of his hoodie is thicker with fur lining the insides while his shorts are replaced with cargo pants while in warmer weather, the hoodie material is much thinner and sleeveless. Underneath his chosen upper body garment lies his sashinuki kote, modified on the left sleeve to have a sheath for his survival knife and wire strings. Lastly, like most other shinobi, his footwear consists of the commonly seen open-toed shoes.

    Rank: Genin
    Village: Konoha
    Clan: Satori
    Kekkei Genkai:
    Kenshou - Not much is known about the Satori clan's kekkei genkai, although much could be said for most other clans. What is known is that it appears to revolve around a supposed genetic defect in the brain which causes chakra to interact with it in ways unlike any other human. Because of this unnatural interaction, a ninja of the Satori clan can expand their consciousness beyond their bodies, increasing the range and potency of their senses much like the Sharingan or Byakugan; however, the Kenshou appears to place a massive strain on the user, as evident with nearly half of the adult clan members losing their sight. Aside from its advantages in the senses, the effects of the Kenshou have also led to the Satori being masters at genjutsu, with their illusions being so potent that they can eve affect themselves.

    Sensei: TBA
    Keita Hyuga (Kurogane86) & Neji Uchiha (timv999)

    Peace and quiet, reading, observing nature and people (from a distance), black coffee

    Noisy, boisterous, and impatient people, those who fail to acknowledge or learn from their mistakes, sweets

    Laid back with a "go-with-the-flow" attitude, Mushin is easily the type who can be accused of being a slacker, although he simply prefers to not waste energy on trivial matters. While he can easily get on friendly terms with most people, his quiet and stoic nature, sharp eyes, and habit of studying others often leads to misunderstandings when dealing with people he is not used to, as it can appear that he is glaring at them. Once on friendly terms, he opens up quite a bit with people, but it comes at the price of being subjected to his snark and sarcasm.

    Preferring the minimalist approach, Mushin's primary weapons are a survival knife and wire strings that are kept in the custom made forearm guard protecting his left arm. While only using them when left no other choice, he does carry the other tools of a shinobi and a tanto dagger kept behind the small of his back and throughout his cargo shorts.

    Genjutsu, excellent chakra control, setting traps, exploiting weaknesses, stealth, and reconnaissance

    Low chakra reserves, prefers to take his time, uses underhanded tactics, will wait before stepping into fights in order to study opponents, intimidating to strangers, and can be antisocial at times

    Often has conversations by himself when alone

    Special Techniques
    Kenshou Mousou: Enkakushi ("Self-Realization, Delusion Release: Remote Viewing")
    Kenshou Mousou: Genkai Wo Koeru ("Self-Realization, Delusion Release: Break The Limits")
    Kensho Mousouton: Urakage Bunshin no Jutsu ("Self-Realization, Delusion Release: Reverse Shadow Clone Technique")
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  6. So did we have an actual plot for this or no?
  7. I was starting to wonder that to.
    What was the one you guys had from the last NNG with Stella.

    Also if needed I'll make some more sensei's if we don't get any more.

    And I guess we'll have to make new teams.
  8. umm Im not sure lol, I think we were still coming up with a plot. Also right now there are 3 genin and one sensei so it works but yeah if we get more people we will have to add more shinobi.
  9. Ok well i'll start flushing ideas out for a second Sensei for when we need it
    As for now I can start up at Chat with us and anyone who was from the first NNG
    and we can start throwing ideas around. I might have a couple
  10. Yeah that's a good idea
  11. Name: takara hyuga

    Age: 28

    Gender: female

    Appearance (written or image): [​IMG]

    Village: konoha

    Rank jonin

    Clan: hyuga

    Kekkei Genkai: byakugan

    Likes: passing down knowledge, her students, training, ramen

    Dislikes: harm to come to her students, drinking,

    Personality: takara is generally calm and out going, and only pushes her students when she sees them struggling.

    Short Bio: takara is member of the branch family of the hyugas. Even though she may not be a genius as some of her clan, she is an incredible fighter who has proven her self by becoming a jonin at 17. She has experience training students, but this is not with out its sadness. She has lost students in the line of battle and the four necklaces which she had given them are wrapped around her let wrist.

    Weapons: takara has a katana strapped to her back which she uses effectively

    Strengths: byakugan, extremely agile and flexible, ninjutsu and taijutsu

    Weaknesses: over protective, strength is not her strong point,

  12. @wolfs rain
    No not at all.
    You're character is accepted. Feel free to post in the ic whenever. I'm excited to see another senpai ​

    Let me join!

    *bounces up and down*
  14. darn you have given me two amazing options. Wants to be a villain. But I could be a student tooo.
  15. is there any rules of doing both? Doing 2 characters?
  16. No that's fine @JinxMonster is my characters swuad sensei and I'm pretty sure she is also planning on making a villain
  17. So I could make a villain and a student @timv999 ?
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