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  1. Hitoshi

    A twelve year old boy picked up his chopsticks, licking his lips hungrily. He dove his chopsticks into the hot bowl of miso ramen in front of him. Bringing some noodles to his mouth, he hummed at the taste that exploded over his taste buds. "Ramen is so good!" He exclaimed as he slurped up some more noodles. The shop owner, Miya, stared at him with an amused look.

    "Aren't you guys getting put into your Squads today?"

    "Uh huh! I really don't care who I'm in a Squad with."

    "What time do you have to be at the Academy?"

    Hitoshi paused before answering, glancing at the clock. "In.....five minutes!" The young boy slurped up the rest of his noodles, downing the miso soup in record time. He set it down quickly and jumped to his feet. Fishing out some money, he placed it on the counter. Grabbing his headband that he took off while he was eating, he tied it around his neck as he began to make his way out. "See ya later, Miya-chan!" Hito called out over his shoulder, waving, before bolting towards the Academy.

    Rin grumbled as she tugged on her other sandal, strapping it up. Today was the day they get put into Squad. The thought of working with others put a frown on her face. She wasn't sure that others would like her and that would definitely cause problems when going on missions. Getting to her feet, she stretched before letting out a sigh. She then began to make her way out of her home and towards the Academy. Looking up at the sky, she noticed some people running on the roofs of homes and buildings. Their speed indicated that, maybe, Rin should hurry up, too. With that in mind, she began sprinting towards the Academy, hoping she made it on time.

    [I hope I did good >.<

    So....All of the Genin are being put into Squads. The Jonin can be a NPC, unless you guys want to create Jonins.

    And all of the non-Genin can be coming from a mission or something like that.]
  2. "So Storm! How do you feel about today? Being that you're gonna be assigned a squad today? Nervous?" Is said by a fellow Jonin.

    Storm with his arms crossed against a wall

    Storm: Hm. To be honest, i'm quite nervous. Never been a...people person and the thought of me leading 3 other kids really racks my nerves.

    Thoughts: Seems like just yesterday I was promoted...can't believe its been a year already...

    Storm: Hopefully I don't have too much trouble with whoever is assigned to me. I'm still learning myself haha!

    Says Storm rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

    "Hey being a Jonin at a young age like eighteen is great! It took me awhile to accomplish it! You'll do fine...all you gotta really do is look over them and show them the ropes. It'll be easy."

    Storm: I hope you're right. It's almost time for everything to begin.
  3. The twins, orange

    Both twins had been within the academy, awaiting further instructions. They were not the type to be going around socializing with other Genin, and the Genin knew better than to approach them. It wasn't that they would hiss or tell them to screw off, it was that the random Genin that tried to express their excitement to them would not receive a word in return. They orange haired children knew better than to speak to the Genin as well. They would end up perishing at the hands of a foe one day, Akihiko and Kumiko both knew that. Building close relationships was dangerous, but at the same time, the best risk one could take.

    They were the children of God, yet they only saw them as just 'children'. They no longer wished to be seen as just children any longer, and had worked their abilities to be able to become where they were now. Obviously, where they were now was no where near good enough. They both desired to become strong, and deliver peace to the world like their father and mother had wanted.

    Harumi, pink

    Harumi Yamamoto was ready! She studied hard and trained (somewhat) hard for the rank of Genin, and she would make sure to not embarrass the village! Her skills may not be at the very top, but her intelligence could surpass anyone's with just a little bit of studying. Her slender fingers brushed her pink hair out of her face as she, too, waited for further instructions. The young Genin hoped that she and her teammates could at least get along. And hopefully get along with her Sensei. One didn't need to be a genius to understand that getting along with one's teammates was an essential part of a team. If they didn't like each other, then what good were they on missions? She could only hope that everything would turn out alright for her in the end.

  4. Shinsui

    Shinsui was already at the academy sitting at his seat quietly as he waited for the rest of his classmates to show up. He wore a scarf to hide the new tattoo on his neck that he had just got the previous night. He looks around the room but stops when he sees Yuki doing her useal glare that she does every morning . " uh hey Yuki"


    " hmph" Yuki turns away from Shinsui . She has bin doing this ever since they were kids when she proclaimed Shinsui her rival. She felt like Shinsui was always beating her and it pissed her off when he would be nice. Just the thought of him made her reach for the giant sword that leaned on her table.Yuki glares back at Shinsui.​
  5. Storm is walking in the hallways of the academy now with his hands in his pockets. He takes a glance into the classroom and notices all of the new genin. He is almost overwhelmed at the sight of the amount of them.

    Thoughts: Jeez...I don't think my class was that big...and to think only 3 of them are gonna be assigned to me.

    Storm walks into the classroom and lays against a wall, waiting for the rest of the Jonin and Genin to arrive
  6. Hitoshi burst through the Academy, swinging the doors wide open. He panted as he tried to catch his breath. After his breathing was back to normal, he straightened his posture. Looking at all of the other students, his cheeks began to heat up as he noticed some of the student's staring at him. His cheeks glowed a bright red as he let his head hang low, making his way to his seat as quickly and silently as he could, not wanting even more attention on him. Sitting down, he rested his head in the nest that he made with his arms, waiting for their teacher to come in and put them into Squads.


    Rin silently entered the Academy, avoiding all and any eye contact. People parted for her when she came near them, glancing at her before quickly looking away. The teenager ignored all of their looks, sitting down in her seat. She stared into space, her mind on other things. Everyone's chatter, laughter, and overall loud ruckus didn't make it to the girl's ears. Practicing for so many years, she was able to perfect the art of tuning out things that she didn't feel like hearing. And she uses it to her advantage a lot.
  7. [Trying to wait for others to post, but uuuuuugggghhhh >.<]

    After a half hour of waiting, the teacher finally waltzed into the classroom, turning to face the class once she got to the front.

    "Today is the day you little runts have been waiting for." There were a few cheers. "As of right now, I'm going to call out the Squads." She took out a clipboard, staring at it with a bored look. Then she called out the first three names, "Akihiko, Harumi, Hitoshi," she paused, glancing up and giving them all a long look. "Your Sensei is going to be......Uchiha Storm. After I finish calling everyone, you'll go to your Sensei." She continued calling the other names.


    Hitoshi was surprised to hear his name first. Akihiko and Harumi, huh, he thought as he listened to their teacher call other names and watch the other students' reactions. His head was resting on his hand now, his cheek in the palm of his clothed hand. He wondered how their Squad was going to work out. Or, what their Squad name was going to be. He hoped it was something cool, legendary. Something that, when others heard it, they immediately knew who they were because of all of their accomplishments. Or, well, future accomplishments.
  8. Storm stood at the front of the class with his arms crossed with the rest of the Jonins. He hears the the names and looks at the students chosen to be his pupils.

    Thoughts: Akihiko...descent of the Uzumaki family...twin brother of Kumiko Uzumaki. This should be interesting...

    Storm turns and looks at Harumi

    Thoughts: Harumi Yamamoto. I heard of her intelligence. She's a quick learner and she's also a basic medical user...interesting.

    Storm turns oncr again and looks at the final member of the team

    Thoughts: Hitoshi Uzumaki...another Uzumaki, but this once is a direct descent of Naruto and Hinata. This is starting to be quite the team already. Heh...i'm already getting excited.

    Storm smiles and awaits his students to approach him

  9. The twins, orange

    Akihiko wasn't shocked at all to hear that he and his sister would be on different teams. They have proven to work better when they are together, but separating them will allow them to build their independence from one another. The elder brother looked to his sister, who gave a small, reassuring smile to him. He gave a small one to her in return then returned the gaze to who was supposedly his new Sensei. His teammates were the pink haired one who was always fidgeting with her hair, perhaps to get more attention, and the idiot who was nearly late. Oh yes, he and his sister noticed. He could only hope that Kumiko wouldn't be paired with an idiot.

    Harumi, pink

    Akihiko? She knew of Hitoshi because he was that kid anyone could find at Ichiraku's, but Akihiko was a different story. She knew that he was one of the people that the Genins didn't approach along with his sister, but she only heard of their orange eyes and orange hair. Her hazel eyes looked around the room to find them, but when she looked directly behind her, both twins were staring directly at her. The pink haired girl smiled sheepishly at the both of them as a single sweat drop fell from how intense their eyes were.

    "Y-You must be Akihiko.." She addressed, though received absolutely nothing in response. This caused her to turn around and slump a bit in her chair. She would have to communicate with this guy.... Hell no...

  10. [I love how everyone knows of Hitoshi in some way, shape, or form. XD]

    "Rin, Shidayuki, and Kiyomi. Your Sensei will be Yamagachi Haru."

    Rin's eyes scanned the classroom, searching for her team mates, who were both girls. An all girls team, huh? She never heard of such a thing happening before. Which meant that there was going to be an all boys team as well. She wondered if they were going to stay in their Squads or, one of each will be switched so there would be a diversity. But she doubted that would happen.

    Her eyes landed on Shidayuki, assessing her. She seemed to be a good student. Shifting her gaze to Kiyomi, Rin thought how she also seemed to be a good student. Their Squad was made up of good, hard-working students. Rin leaned back in her seat, relaxing. She had nothing to worry about. Everything was going to go just fine. As the teacher continued calling names, she searched for their Sensei so she could find him easily when the calling of the Squads were over.
  11. Shidayuki
    Yuki just stays quiet as she hears her name being called out . She looks at the two students that were going to be her squad mates and felt a little relived that they were all girls. Now she could prove that women were the more dominate sex she thought to her self.

  12. Senpu awoke from the back of the classroom of the Academy. "Ugh.. What did I miss?" Senpu muttered as he sat up and glanced around the room.
    Did we just get put in our groups? Crap.. I missed it. Thought the 14 year old as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
    He stretched a bit before standing. Letting out a big yawn he called out to no one in particular. "Did anyone happen to catch which
    group Senpu Uchiha was placed in?" He somewhat didn't expect an answer. I wouldn't reply if the situation was reversed, but hey, there's always some sort

    of bleeding heart in groups. He thought with wry smile as he paced around a bit.
  13. "You're in a group with Shinsui and Kumiko. Your Sensei is Kaneko Hajime," Hitoshi answered Senpu's question. Maybe if he stopped sleeping, he'd know his teammates, the purple-haired teen thought, glancing at Senpu before looking away. It seemed that their teacher was done calling Squads. Without waiting, he jumped out of his seat and began to make his way towards their Sensei, Storm.
  14. The twins, orange

    Akihiko already knew that he was placed with a hair obsessed girl and an idiot. His sister was paired with the only two Genin Uchihas in the Academy, who were decent fighters and born with the infamous Sharingan. He was a little jealous of her, but said nothing about it. His sister knew that her brother was paired with, who she could call, two of the most lively students in the Academy. The girl who said "Un" or "Shannaro" from time to time and that one guy. She felt bad for him in a way, but said nothing to him either. Once all the teams were called, both she and her brother stood up to go to their respective Senseis. They glanced at each other for a moment, nodded once, then went their separate ways. Akihiko approached his Sensei and Kumiko went to hers.

    Harumi, pink

    Harumi had never been more nervous. She had to be paired with that one guy Hitoshi and the scariest guy she had ever seen. Not appearance wise, but just... Him wise. How could a pair of twins be so creepy? They're usually adorable or differed from one another in such a way! These two were just.. Double depression in a way. The pink haired Genin swiped her bangs out of her face and approached her Sensei. If she wanted this team to become something their village was proud of, they would have to work together and be the best they could be!

  15. He flashed an odd grin at the purple haired child before turning back around and looking for his team.
    "Shinsui, Kumiko, and Hajime...." Never heard of them before. Should be interesting.." Senpu mutters quietly to himself
    Of course I've never heard of them, you've hardly been in town for a month. He thinks to himself as he
    wanders, glancing around the room, scouting for his fellow members.
  16. Rin noticed everyone getting up and making their way towards their Sensei. Silently, she slid out of her seat and quietly made her way towards her Squad's Sensei. She didn't look to see if any of her other teammates were there or getting up out of their own seats. She was certain that they could take care of themselves. Maneuvering her way around the other Genin, she finally was able to make it towards her Sensei. He was quite tall with blond hair and green eyes. She assessed him quietly, coming to the conclusion that he would be a good teacher.


    Hitoshi studied his teammates. His eyes slightly lingered on Akihiko. Ma, we get the pretty good, yet super creepy kid?, he thought with a slight disappointed sigh. It was barely audible, even to himself. They were so different from each other. He only hoped that they'd be able to work together. Especially since working together was the whole thing when it came to Squads. The young Genin knew that Akihiko wasn't exactly social and could be pretty blunt and heartless. I won't hesitate to punch the dude, I swear, he thought, followed by, Wait....I'M THE YOUNGEST ONE HERE?! Guess that's just more of a reason to work hard.
  17. Shinsui

    Shinsui just sat there quietly as the teams were called out from the instructor. He closes his eyes and begins to think to his self. When he hears the names of his squad mates he stands up and opens his eyes. He nods his head as he makes his way towards his sensei . Shinsui bows in respect " i am Shinsui Uchiha "
    Sensei Hajime looks down at Shinsui and nods .


    Yuki picks up her giant sword with one hand and places it on her shoulder before she heads towards her sensei.​
  18. Storm waited for his students to approach him. He noticed that all of them were analyzing eachother and smiled with his arms crossed.

    Storm: Well atleast they're well aware of who they're with. Good to know that they're ready to partner with whoever they're paired up with. Teamwork is what will bring us far in this world.
  19. Hitoshi looked up at their Sensei, Storm. Clasping his hands behind his back, he said in a soft voice, "So, what now, Storm Sensei?" His shy personality was showing and shining. He wished he wasn't like this when people first met him, but he couldn't help it.
  20. Akihiko, orange

    The orange haired male had given a brief and inconspicuous examination of his teammates, and needless to say, it was overall decent. Yes, Harumi may be a pink haired girl who seemed more infatuated with her hair than training to her best, but she was well known around the Genins for her intelligence and basic medical Jutsu. She was able to pick up on something sooner than most of the classroom; but that intelligence must have come at a price. What price did that come with? It had to be within her skill of ninjutsus. She couldn't be that greatly skilled in Kunai throwing and Ninjutsu if all she did was have her nose deep in a textbook. Uzumaki Hitoshi may be a shy idiot who showed up to the squad assigning late, but there was also a plus to him. He was one of the youngest Genins in the Academy, which meant that he had some potential. And potential was always something he accepted to his team. His orange eyes looked at his Sensei, awaiting further instructions with his teammates.

    Kumiko, orange

    Kumiko already wished that she had been in the same team as her brother, but the Academy knew better than that. They had to practice independence from one another, which would lead them to becoming stronger ninja. She listened to the other male who had addressed himself as "Uchiha Shinsui"... The idea of being placed with two uncaring, nonchalant Uchihas was enough to make her shudder within. It wasn't that she had something against the Uchihas. Quite the opposite. They were a respectful clan that held the renowned Sharingan; their formality and their impressive skills were quite admirable. The issue was that the Uchihas haven't been known to work as a team. From what she heard from her mother about the Uchihas, they were very independent people. They usually wound up doing tasks on their own, because of their superiority. Kumiko knew that those traits didn't apply to all Uchihas, but considering she knew nothing of her teammates, she had no idea what to expect of them. The teen had formally introduced herself to her Sensei as "Kumiko" then went silent to await further instructions. There was no need to say more than what was necessary, her name was suffice.

    Harumi, pink

    The pink haired girl studied who she very well knew was her Sensei. She had analyzed her team, and personally, she was more worried about Hitoshi and Akihiko than she was about not learning anything from Uchiha Storm (which was unlikely that she wouldn't). The two boys seemed to have contradicting personalities with one another, which could prove to be a big problem. One was a creepy teen who kept to himself, but was skilled in his Jutsus. He and his sister both seemed to have trained harder than the rest, which is why their skill surpassed most of the Genin here. Sure Akihiko understood teamwork when he demonstrated his potential with his sister, but that was the problem. With his sister. How will he do when around two Genin he barely spoke to? Could he work with them accordingly? Hitoshi was a shy teen who seemed to be more outspoken than a certain orange haired boy, all the while showing promise of a hard worker. There could be more to him than what he presents, but for all she knew, he was a shy Genin who was late all the time. He did demonstrate a good amount of skill, even above her own, but even little soft spoken Genin have their weaknesses.

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