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  1. Gaara sits in his office going over the school records of the new genin test canidates. He looks over one of the student's records in particular, the records of a student who took all the required corses and classes from both the sand academy and the leaf academy. He also knows of the kid's origin, the kid having been born in the leaf but because of lack of knowledge as to who his family was at that time even though him being a hyuuga was apparent, the kid came to the sand village to live after the 4th kazakage, Gaara's father, fostered the kid after helping in the kid's delivery.

    The Hyuuga kid in question, Russel Hyuuga, is sitting atop the gate walls at the time, as he has grown accustomed too in the past year. He thinks about his biological family back in the leaf, as well as his foster family in the sand, Gaara's family. With the ninja graduation exams a couple of months away, Russel ponders about about a lot while sitting on the gate walls. He ponders of his battle abilities, having learned the battle techniques and battle styles of his foster siblings, knowing how to battle with sand like his older foster brother Gaara quite, how to battle puppets like his older foster brother Kankuro pretty well, and also knowing how to battle with wind abilities like his older foster sister Temari somewhat decently well.
    Then he thinks about the battle techniques and styles of his bilogical family, having found out that Neji was his biological older brother when he was 8 years old while watching him in the chunin exams and overhearing converstions about him. Russel knows how to use his byakugan very well, having gained it when he was 10 and trained in using it everyday up until the present day. He also studied and practiced fighting with his biological family's battle style sense learning about them at the chunin exams that day, feeling like doing it as an act of respect towards the family that he was born in. He however up to this point hasn't yet found another who could test his level in the Hyuuga battle style, no one in the sand having the knowledge of how to test battle him.
    After pondering that he also wonders what village he should become a ninja for, being elegible for the graduation exams in both the Sand and Leaf villages due to taking all the required classes for both academies, the Sand's Academy classes at the campus, and the Leaf's Academy classes online. He feels loyal to the Sand village, it being the village he grew up in, and him loving his foster siblings Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari very much. However he feels loyalties towards the Leaf as well, it being the village where he was born, and having his biological family as well as his family's clan and he respects them all greatly. All these thoughts and many others plague his mind while sitting on the walls of the gate.

  2. Name: Hanae "Rin" Kaguya (Rin is her adoptive parents name)
    Age: 14
    Rank: Genin
    Appearance: Yoshidemmemmem.jpg
    Personality: quiet, shy, BUT can be bubbly and very outgoing.
    Bio: The Kaguya clan has long been thought to be extinct. But this was found false when a baby found in a basket was seen floating downstream. A farmers wife found her and soon named her Hanae, as she was as beautiful and magical as a flower. Especially since she herself was unable to have children. Hanae did not know of her heritage until she was 8, when the traits of her kekkei genkai kicked in. Though, she is not barbaric like her clan. Instead, she used her ability to help around the farm. But she knew she needed to perfect her abilities, so she asked at the age of 9 to go to ninja school. Reluctantly, her mother gave in to her demands. Now that she's graduated, she hopes to further her ability, which she has practiced in secret before school.
    Ninjitsu : kekkei genkai, mythical rose dance (able to move at high speeds, matching or even exceeding roc Lee without his weights, and cutting the foe using her bone extended from her fingers)
    Bone shot : needles protrude from her fingers and are shot out repeatedly at a really fast rate. 100 per minute.
    Sword Dance - produces two swords which she uses to parry any attack, used for defensive purposes.
    (More will come as we progress)
    Weapons: Her bones, standard kunai, shuriken, food pills, and smoke bombs.
    Relationship: (open to a relationship)
    Siblings: none
    Parents: biological none, adoptive a farmer and farmers wife that aren't very important to the village other than providing rice.
    Anything Else: does have great speed. She used her ability to increase her bones density in the same sense as roc Lee. Though, she rarely makes her leg bones less dense, so she's normally as fast as lee with his weights.

    Hanae walked through the sand village, touching the beautiful architect. Kids passed by her, playing around with a bouncy red ball. It was very peaceful in the sand village. Very relaxing. Hanae liked it here, even if it wasn't her home village. The nice buildings, the small town feel, the warm scent carried by the wind. It was a nice place to be.

    But sadly, she was not here to socialize. She was there to train. Having gone through all the training of the leaf village and courses from the sand village online, she felt it would be better to have a challenge. She was supposed to meet up with the legendary ninja, Gaara. But she spent her time finding her way through the village. Finally, she arrived at the kazekage's place. Walking through the building, she made her way to his office. Knocking, mostly to be polite, she entered.

    "Hello, kazekage Gaara." She said bowing respectfully. "I'm am the student from the leaf village. I was told you'd have a message sent about me." She finished, still standing, waiting for the kazekage to motion for her to sit.
  3. Gaara nods and says "Yes. It's very nice to meet you. Please sit down." Gaara goes to his chair and sits down as well and then says as he opens the top right side drawer of his desk and says as he picks up the letter out of the drawer "You are Hanae Kaguya right? And you age is 14? This letter that Tsunade sent to me was about you wanting to train. She said that you had gone through all the required training from the leaf and courses from our village online. And the letter says you are looking for a challenge to test your abilities?"

    Meanwhile Russel lays back on the top of the wall and looks at the clouds in the sky with all the thoughts that he was pondering over spinning around in his head.
  4. Hanae nodded at all the questions. "Well, the reason I'm looking for training is the chuunin exams. I haven't taken them yet because of current events happening. Once trainings over, I'm taking the exams. Also, I haven't been assigned a squad." Half was true. Her squad was killed during the orochimaru assault, and hasn't been assigned another squad since. She was hoping maybe the sand village would allow a mixed squad before chuunin exams.
  5. Gaara "The chunin exams huh? I see. Hm..Well I don't know about a squad I can round up for you yet as we already have most of our current genin already in squads. There are the new graduates from the academy of course if you want to form a squad with a couple of them. But you'll have to wait until the end of the month which is when they'll take the graduation exams. But as for a training partner I have one that I think will be a good match for you. He also has had all the required training and has taken all the required classes from our academy here on campus and the Leaf's academy online. He isn't yet a ninja as he will have to take the graduation exam first. But he knows how to fight with all the ways of both our village, puppets, sand, and wind, and knows how to fight with all the leaf village's ways too. He also knows the battle style of his biological family's clan fairly well too, my family being the kid's foster family.
  6. Kaori walked through the sand village endlessly. Curiosity killed the cat. She shrugged off the strange feeling that washed over her and settled in her stomach. It was like she was being watched. The times she had looked around no one was there. Yet it came to her. She was in the sand village where any sand dome could be a person. Her eyes set upon the architecture. Astounding and mesmerized she accidentally wandered into the Kazekage's residents. The patterns on the walls and on the floor even on the ceilings made her lose sense of direction. The further she looked around the more she felt as though she should stop. Ri not one to give up kept going walking into the room where others had been talking.

    Kaori's eyes opened wide seeing red hair that was very familiar. "Kazekage~!!!" Her body bowed with a smile that seemed innocent. "I'm so sorry..." Her back turned heading out.
  7. Hanae sat down and listened to Gaara intently. "I understand. I'll gladly train with this person you speak of. Though, is there anyway you can form a mixed squad?" She asked, pressing the matter further. Until another ninja came in. Hanae looked her up and down, inspecting the newcomer. Switching her attention back to Gaara, Hanae waited for an answer.
  8. Gaara "Alright Hanae. I'll take you to him in a few minutes then. And yes there is a way. But its also very tricky to form a mixed squad. For instance even if the members were still of the lowest ninja rank, they would need to be experienced enough to enable them to take on higher ranked missions as the higher ranked ninja do."

    Gaara then looks to the ninja at his doorway and says in responce to her apology "It's alright. No need to apologize."
  9. Hearing Gaara answer the other female as he did, she stepped up closer to them. "Sorry for the intrusion, I two need a group. I finished all I could..." She rubbed her upper arm knowing with no sight of village crest on her that may have not been believed. She brushed back the black locks that out of the ponytail as decoration. "I am Kaori Tamachi of the Hidden Mist Village." Ri wasn't so great with people. Being bold like this to one she was to respect wasn't like her either. She looked at the other female and intertwined arms. "I'll be glad to group up with you. If you don't mind having me." Ri gave a wink looking back at the Kazekage. "I won't disappoint." She kept hoping it'd work out for the best.
  10. Hanae blushed a little as the other girl linked arms with her. She wasn't used to other ninja her age and was always. Even if she was only a moment ago asking for a mixed squad did not change the way she felt with confrontation of others. And this girl definitely felt the need to touch Hanae, showing how much they were opposing personalities. Hanae just sat quietly, waiting to see Gaara's reaction to this new development.
  11. Gaara sees this and says "I see. A ninja has up and volunteered to be a member of the mixed squad you're hoping to form, and has also offered her friendship to you as well. Okay then. Well what do you say Hanae? This young ninja's also from the Mist village according to and going by what she said, and that being said, you two teaming up probably will result in bringing the Mist village and the Leaf village a bit closer in allyship which'll be very good as well if it occurs."
  12. Kaoru was coming in, apparently they were doing a mix village allyship and he wanted to join. He had no where else to go and do he thought this would be a good place to start. He'd be known as a Sensei now since he got all his training from somebody that had tooken him in after his parents had been slaughtered. He wore his thing over his shinigami eye, a lot like Kakashi had. He looked around..... Now wondering who he was suppose to talk to now.
  13. Russel from atop the Sand village's gate walls, had seen Kaoru below him entering the Sand village and thinks to himself. ~ Looks like another ninja from a different village . So far there's been a ninja from the Leaf village and a ninja from the Mist village. Now him. I wonder what's going on. ~ He jumps down off the wall of the gate and heads to Gaara's office himself.

    Gaara looks up to Kaoru as he enters and nods saying "Welcome. Come on in."
  14. Kaoru looked at Gaara as he gripped his bag, all his instincts told him not to trust this person but that's how he felt about everyone he met so he tried to push away the nerve and nodded, "Hello.... My names Kaoru" he said as he began to walk over to Gaara cautiously. He looked at him with a dark eye since his other eye was covered up. "Is this the village that's making an allyship?" he asked carefully.
  15. Gaara "It's nice to meet you Kaoru. I'm Gaara and I'm the Kazekage. And yes this is the village. This is Hanae from the Leaf village and Kaori from the Mist village. They both wanted to join forces on a team together."
  16. Kaoru smiled a little, he looked over at Hanea and Kaori, "I think they'll do fine...." he commented. "I was actually wondering if I could stay around" he sort of looked embarrassed to ask such a thing. He shifted a little and gave another smile. He wondered if he could possibly train or just help Hanea and Kaori, by the looks of it they had potential and one of them was from the Mist Village.
  17. Gaara nods to Kaoru and says to him "That sounds like a great idea. And I have one more member to join them in their training. His name is Russel Hyuuga and he's preparing himself for the graduation exams and currently debating on which village's ninja academy to take his from. The reason of this is that he was born in the Leaf village. He grew up here in the Sand village with my family due to his parents having died off, his father shortly after concieving him and his mother while delivering him. Though he has an older brother from his biological family and his brother was being raised by their uncle, the doctors couldn't figure out who his uncle was due to being new on the medical team. So my father who was the Kazekage before me, sense he was helping in the Leaf's hospital delivery room that day, decided to become Russel's foster parent and brought him home to us. Russel started training with my siblings and I when he got old enough and has become good with using all of the jutsu, Puppet, Wind, and Sand, while in battle. He can also use all of the weapons from the sand village too pretty well in battle. There's no question of his loyalty to our village."
    "But when he was 8 years of age he traveled with my siblings and I to the Leaf village to watch us take the Chunin Exams and he learned of his biological older brother's identity from his brother's sensei while he was there overhearing his brother's sensei talking with the sensei of one of his cousins. His brother was also taking the Chunin Exams, so from the start of the second part of the exam, sense Russel obviously wasn't allowed to watch the written test part, while Russel watched Kankuro, and Temari and I take the Chunin Exams, he also watched his biological brother too and he watched him carefully too studying his every move with focus in his eyes as his brother's moves impressed him."
    "But yeah he didn't reveal his identity to his brother nor his uncle feeling his revealing himself might distract them which he knew they did not need at that particualar time. But after getting back here he started taking the Leaf village classes online and learning from their customs as well as his classes and the customs of the Sand. He learned some of the fire jutsus and learn how to use many of the Leaf villages weapons in battle after he got back as well and he started studying and practicing his biological family's style of battle after he got back and learned a couple of his clan's techniques. He gained his Byakugan at age ten and trained with it from then up until now as well."
    So Russel is very loyal to the Leaf as well as you can see. Thing is though he can only be a Genin for one village. And so sense that's the case I've been talking with Tsunade about him. My opinion is, even though nothing has been decided yet by Tsunade about it, even though he grew up with my family, and even though he's loyal to both villages, I think that sense he has the chance, Russel should be with his biological family in the Hyuuga Clan."
  18. Kaoru nodded his understanding, "But has he said anything about it....... I understand that it'd be good for him to be in his own village but what happens if he wants to stay here?" he asked curiously. He wasn't meaning to press on the subject and it was no concern of his, "Look I don't mean to press......Sorry" he looked down at the ground and shook his head as he looked around the place. "I grew up with Tosen......Someone who took me in when I was very little" he said sadly.
  19. Gaara nods to Kaoru and says "Don't worry. You're not pressing at all. I've talked and discussed with Russel about this quite a few times. I would have no objection to Russel staying with us if he wants to and he understands this. It's the fact that he has to choose a village and that he has families in both villages, his biological family which consists of his brother Neji, his uncle Hiashi, and his two cousins Hinata and Hanabi in the Leaf village in the Hyuuga clan, and his foster family which is my family here in the Sand village. Due to this, Russel's felt conflicted on which family he should choose to be with due to being loyal to both my family and everyone else here in the Sand village sense this village is where he grew up and my family raised him, but also being loyal to his biological family, the Hyuuga clan, and everyone else in the Leaf village.
  20. Kaoru nodded and rolled his shoulders. "I understand" he said gently and just kind of wanted to change the subject, "So I was coming here to help out in any way I can...... I've recently left the Leaf Village and was born in Land of the Fire" he explained. "I've been trained well and can help some of the Genin out" he missed his friend from the Leaf Village, Momo. Momo was just a little thing and didn't like to fight but he'd train her a little and hoped it helped out. He'd left Momo in the Leaf Village after a strong attack and Momo had almost died so he'd left her in their care. His head dropped at the thoughts of Momo, I'm so sorry, Momo he thought to himself.