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  1. Naruto: Konoha High School

    Welcome to Konoha High School, it’s just your average school with classes, after school activities and everything in between. Though, that doesn’t stop many random things from happen as the students continue to grow up through learning and their social life.

    It was a warm spring day, just another day that Kayle had to get up early and head for school. After taking her usual shower and getting dressed into her uniform, the blonde haired girl brushed her long locks and placed her jacket around herself. She picked up her school bag on her shoulder and walked to the door. She opened it up and left without saying good bye to her empty house. Kayle stepped onto the sidewalk after locking her door and went down the usual path that she headed mostly every day to get to Konoha high school.

    Kayle got to the entrance of the school, walking past the open gates and up to the doors. With a smile on her face, the girl entered and made her way to where her classroom was located. She could see many familiar faces in the school as she passed. Some of the students were waiting around, talking to friends, or others heading for their classes just like Kayle. Finally, Kayle made it to the classroom and walked through the doorway, making her way to her desk that she had chosen on the first day of school. She set her bag down, pulled out the things she needed for class, which was English with Kakashi-sensei. She was usually one of the firsts there, and obviously Kakashi wasn’t there yet either. So, she waited until her classroom full of friends would show up.

    school information (open)
    About the School:

    Mascot: The Ninjas

    Colors: Green and Black

    Head Master: Tsunade
    Head master’s assistant: Shizune

    English- Kakashi
    Health- Jiraya
    Art- Deidara
    Gym- Guy
    Swimming- Kisame
    Carpentry- Yamato
    Math- Shikaku Nara (Shikamaru's dad)
    Creepy Nurse- Kabuto
    Science- Orochimaru
    Economics- Kakuzu
    School Counselor- Kurenai
    Psychology- Itachi
    Religions- Hidan
    History- Asuma
    Drama- Sasori

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  2. Hinata Hyuga, lavender

    Hinata Hyuga looked around her clothes, rummaging through her wardrobe of baggy hoodies, tight shirts (as recommended by Sakura, which she never wore), and other clothing that didn't put too much emphasis on her figure. She was not the type of girl to flaunt her figure to everyone... It just wasn't her... The heiress to the Hyuga Corporation had to be a woman of class; An ideal type of girl to go to social events with and not be made fun of... All skin tight clothing that wasn't formal wear was considered skimpy; some type of bagginess had to accompany the clothing.

    After taking a shower, applying a bit of makeup, and getting dressed. The midnight blue haired girl looked at herself one last time in the mirror, deeming herself ready for yet another day at Konoha High School. After eating breakfast with her sister Hanabi, Hinata bid her farewell then made her way out the door. Hanabi didn't attend her classes until a little later, which was alright with the younger Hyuga. The Hyuga heiress walked alone, enjoying the comfortable silence of the neighborhood surrounding her. The walk itself didn't take very long; Hinata enjoyed long walks but she also didn't want to be late.

    When she arrived, the Hyuga girl looked around. Normally she would have met up with Sakura to go to their first class together, but the pink haired girl just didn't seem to be there yet. Sometimes she was late... which meant the lavender eyed woman would have to go to her first class alone.

    Sakura Haruno, pink

    Sakura Haruno had woken up that morning with everything going wrong. Her long pink hair was all over the place, tear stains ran down her sleeping face, drool was going down her chin-she looked awful! She couldn't go to school looking like this monstrosity! No way! So the Haruno girl got to work on making herself look decent. She hopped into the shower, dried her hair, applied a generous amount of makeup, mainly on her eyes to make them really pop, and hide her overly large forehead behind her bangs. Her forehead was the one thing keeping her from being as pretty as the other girls.. Maybe there was a surgery for that..

    Once she was dressed and ready, she took a piece of fruit from a bowl on the kitchen table, waved goodbye to her mother and father, then rushed out the door. She was supposed to meet her friend Hinata near the entrance so they could go to class together, but unfortunately, that might not happen. At least she could explain her situation when she met her there.

    Tatsuo Hoshikawa, red

    The crimson haired boy had arrived to English class early, though not as early as some blonde girl who seemed to be the epidome of "on time". He didn't exactly bother with talking to friends prior to class starting. It wasn't that he was antisocial or didn't like his friends. They were his friends for a reason. But sometimes even Tatsuo needed a moment or two to himself. Life was just so hectic sometimes, that even 'that random actor kid' down the hall needed a break in life too. Sometimes people just thought he was trying to get into character; other people would be bold enough to ask if there was a new production coming up. Tatsuo had been on stage before, though the same type of character he held now was the same type he had on stage.

    He seated himself at a desk near the back of the classroom, having had his earphones on throughout his entire ride to school, and still hadn't removed them. Tatsuo could hear what was going on in the classroom, but often time, it's believed that he can't.

  3. The sound alarm clock could be heard going off as sunlight trailed into a rather bland looking room as its occupant mumbled and reached out, turning his morning annoyance off. Slowly sitting up, Kazuma yawned softly while turning to place his feet on the floor and then stood up before walking into his bathroom to get ready. After changing into his uniform and grabbing something to eat from the kitchen after going downstairs he wrote himself a note to get some groceries before going home after school. With that done the note was slipped into his pocket before he picked up his bag, slung it over his shoulder, and stepped out onto the side walk and locked his door before making the trek to school.

    Arriving at the gates Kazuma chuckled to himself while combing a hand through his hair, "Looks like it'll be another good day." Walking through the open gates, he noticed a few younger classmen and waved at them with a smile before continuing along to his locker. Putting the supplies he wouldn't need in the locker he grabbed what was needed, normally he'd stay around and talk with some of the other students but right now his first period had taken that priority, the animals in his Science class needed to be fed and that was usually his job. Walking through the door way he noticed that Orochimaru-sensei was already there and greeted the man; he was a little odd at times but he was an incredibly brilliant teacher. Once he got everything out that was needed for class, he placed his bag off to the side before making his rounds to feed the various reptiles and little rodents that were lined around the classroom's walls. "Hey there big guy." Reaching in Kazuma picked up a rather large bearded dragon and placed it on his shoulder as he contuined on to the other cages.

    { this girl is megurine Luka who I'm using for Hiromi to explain her outfit/hair.. The face is otherwise not Hiromi besides the one in her CS c:}

    Large backpack BUT the bear is smaller then the backpack/pretty much that size


    Hiromi had awkwardly entered the school. While she was at it, the girl was frantically at her locker grabbing things and stuffing it in her slouchy backpack which was a large bag with a small bear attached to it. Now, usually Hiromi was never awkward. She seemed energetic, and bubbly. However today was different and people barely recognized her... Especially with her new look. A light and faded brown and pink cardigan over a dark brown tank with a skirt not to short or long as well as some dark brown thigh highs and flats interestingly enough. The hair was an attempt to do the braid and put it over as a headband... She somewhat succeeded but tied the rest of her hair in a messy bun. Unbeknownst of her, the look really sank in and she went with the change of style--something she wasn't used to dress in. She was dressed and being somethig she wasn't."Okay. I'll be a girl. Girly things..... Got to get grades up.. " The girl thought to herself as she rested her lips on her books walking to science. Maybe looking more girlish would get her more female friends.. She always lived in baggy comfortable clothes.

    Hiromi was mostly all play and no work.. Well, she did some work but not to the best of her ability and also gave up easily during lessons she didn't necessarily get. Then when she walked in she gently tossed her books aside and immediately saw one of her classmates kazuma. She took in air but inmediately covered her lips seeing the bearded dragon on his shoulder and twitched. She couldn't do her morning regular routine of shouting gleefully at people....

    Don't do it.... Don't do it.... She thought before shuffling over behind the male obviously and taking the bearded dragon in her hands firmly, but not to tight or loose. Then, she couldn't help it. The rowdiness came out and she barked loudly,"MORNIN' KAZUMA!!!" As her teacher groaned in the background. The bearded dragon was startled in her hands, moving quickly around as she laughed with delight happily and suddenly pushed the bearded dragon towards him.

    Then she cleared her throat."OH WAIT!" She quickly yelled interrupting him as she placed a hand over her hip and flipped her hair."Sup--no.. Wait... GOOD! Good morning Kazu!" She nodded with a forced smile as she got quiet for five seconds smiling up at him."Pffffft...." Then her composure completely broke as she snickered to the side covering her mouth attempting to hold back her laughter before realizing how stupid and weirder she had just acted."Ughhhh! I'm sorry!" She groaned and apologized facepalming. Why was this thing so complicated? Being a girly, and super submissive and all flowers? She never understood that, and heck it felt weird to act like a proper girl without being rowdy and loud and reckless. This was awkward and embarrassing, but she felt that she had to change. To prove lots of things.
  5. Mornings weren't usually a specialty amongst the Mitarashi family.... Especially the twins. And if the twins flipped--The mother would flip often leading off to a bad and intimidating morning. Today was the first day of coming back to school and the big news? The twins were transferring by command. Much to their mother's delight.

    "Ah! You'll be with your new uncles and aunts--Ain't that right twins?" Anko grinned loudly as she walked between her sons, an arm wrapped around theirs. Mizaru eyed her blinking then looked away from his mother."Well.. I guess..." He uttered."Oh! Cheer up Zaru! New school means new identity---"Anko then wrapped her arm around Chimaru tightly as she death glares him."Right Chiga?" She growled nearly suffocating her younger and much more masculine looking son. But the younger growled."Bullshit." He responded bitterly only to receive a rough elbow to the side of his jaw as his mother annoyingly smiled. Mizaru twitched intimidated."N-Now now mom!-- Shut up Chiga!" Hissed Mizaru as Chiga rubbed his jaw and kept quiet.

    Soon they arrived at the school after some walking and Anko released her boys."Be nice, Kay' kiddies?" She laughed palming her hand over Mizaru."You--Make sure you watch Chiga and don't be scared." Then she palmed Chiga."And you--Little shit. Watch your goddamn mouth and be good. No fights, and protect your older twin.--Savvy?" Anko's voice was harsh before warming up mid-sentence and she waved."I'll be around here as well but not in your sights since I work too." She explained.

    "Bye Kiddos!"


    Mizaru and Chiga had settled down a bit. They had different schedules much to Mizaru's dismay and only had one class together. It just wasn't fair and already they had received stares. Yup, new kids equals center of attention. It was also because of their looks too but thankfully only a few actually saw them together and Chiga quietly walked his brother to class which had barely started."I'll stay with ya for the remainder of the morning. But when that bell rings I'm leaving for my class." Scoffed the younger twin as Mizaru felt more at ease. They walked into psychology class and took a seat quietly. Chiga on the table, Mizaru on a chair.

    Anko (open)

  6. Itachi slowly lifted his forehead from the training mat he'd been bowed on for the first few hours of his day. His family prayed for, his mind focused, and after some training his body was too. He shoved his hair out his face and padded to the main portion of he and Sasuke's over-sized home, a home that should have held their parents and grandparents and so many others. They made due, keeping most of the house closed off and in close proximity so the place didn't seem so lonely. The raven knocked gently on Sasuke's door to get him moving then made his typical morning routine of bathing and dressing and forcing his hair into a sleek ponytail. He'd been told he was too pretty to wear long hair, but it was something his mother had always loved and he couldn't bare to cut it off.

    Once he was dressed in a long sleeved black button down and some well-fitting tailored slacks, he gave Sasuke one more wake up call and headed out. The weather was nice so he was happy to walk, greeting a few students as he went. He loved his job and he liked to think his sterness meant more to the kids than they let on. He made it to school with several minutes to spare so stopped by the lounge to pour himself coffee and take a pastry from the open box. He took a few minutes to look over his lesson plans and once confident in them headed towards his classroom. He was happily settled in writing the week's assignments on the board when two new students slipped in. He paused in his writing and turned to face them.

    They were clearly the same age though they had vastly different appearances. "Good morning, may I see your schedules?"
  7. Of course, one twin didn't like the sound of that and shook his head in objection. It wasn't until the teacher in the room spoke, to which Mizaru immediately looked at Itachi and shuffled through his bag, taking out his and Chiga's schedules."Here you go." He muttered in a barely audible voice with a lack of self confidence as he stood in front of the teacher's desk. Chimaru eyed his older brother and came up from behind him."I'm only babysitting him until class starts. Mizaru is very.....awkward, you can say." He pointed out with a grin."I'm Chimaru!" He introduced with a small salute of his fingers as he walked away from his brother and walked around the class, taking in every detail.
  8. Shino awoke. Late. Even through his glasses he could tell that it shouldn't be this light. He got up out of bed. The ants in the case beside him were at the surface, meaning it was at least 9:00. He stood still for a second considering his options. He quickly realised that he would have to go into school and just accept being late. He sighed and began to get ready.

    In around 20 minutes he arrived outside the school gates. At least he had arrived before lessons but there probably wasn't much time left in registration. He began to walk briskly towards the classroom.
  9. Orochimaru, purple Orochimaru walked into his class and, approached the desk. "Ah, the theory of quantum physics. My favorite kind of science." He looked down and smiled licking his lips. He looked into the book waiting for others to approach his class. don't get him wrong he was enjoying the silent aura of the class. At the same time desperately saddened by his lack of experimentation he converted himself to books instead of acting on such. As being "Suspected of experimentation." He was sentenced to community service, they knew he did it but couldn't find fact.
  10. Rika Kuniya, Orange An alarm could be heard buzzing in Rika's ear. She peeped her eyes at the time and read 8:30 AM. Her eyes widened as she scrambled out of bed. Only 30 minutes until all classes start and she still has to find her first class! Rushing to get ready, she runs around getting ready. Rika sprints to class, just making in time to walk in. She looks around the classroom not seeing a lot of people. Checking her watch, it reads exactly 9:00am. She made it on time. Then she noticed that even the teacher hadn't arrived yet. With a purplexed look, Rika sits behind a guy with earphones. Looking at her schedule, she could see that she was in the right class. Hope he didn't forget to come...
  11. Akira had fallen asleep in the library, she'd gotten there around 6 am. She wasn't able to fall asleep the night before and she had figured that she might as well just go to school early rather than delay it. So once she got there she browsed through their vampire novels, doing her best to avoid anything like Twilight. Once she found a book and started reading it she finally started to fall asleep around 6:30. It was now 8:52 and she was still snoozing.
  12. Kayle saw a few of her fellow classmates starting to come into the room as well as more walking in the hallways, she smiled and gave the ones coming into the classroom she was in a wave. It seemed they didn’t want to be bothered, and so she left it with the wave. Meanwhile, she opened up one of her notebooks as she waited for Kakashi-sensei to arrive. It seemed that he was running a bit late, although this wasn’t the first time he cut it close for the beginning of class. She started to doodle Gaara’s name on one of the papers. When she first meant him she simply wanted to be friends, but she started to fall in love with him as time went on. Though, she figures he probably doesn’t even know what that is.

    Suddenly, Kayle could hear the sound of a pig in the hallway. She looked over at the door, seeing Tom-Tom running through the hallways to greet every one of the students. That little pig was fond of everyone at the school. A few seconds later, Shizune’s voice could be heard calling for the pig to stop and she ran passed the open door as well.

    Kabuto saw Shizune and Tom-Tom coming. He really didn’t want to have to do any pig catching, thus he pushed up his glasses which caused them to shine, then rushed into his office away from the commotion.
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  13. Feeding the class pets/lessons was sometimes a hard job. Most were pretty tempermental at times, either turning their backs to him for a few moments or not even wanting to eat. But that of course faded when they remembered who was feeding them and ate with gusto to Kazuma's delight. Being around animals caused him to sometimes act like a child who had found a new toy, laughing softly to himself with a pleasant expression before moving onto the next one.

    Faintly soft footsteps could be heard before him and the young man arched a brow slightly in curosity, odd, normally the next one in here after him was Hiromi but these couldn't be her footsteps; she was much too bubbly. Feeling the reptile now removed caused to become even more curious and the question was answered as a familar voice greeted him. The loud greeting didn't shock him because he was used to it but the sight before him was as Kazuma turned around to face her. Before anything could be said the dragon was back in his hands and the young man attempted to calm it.

    Gently stroking its head he used this time to look Hiromi over, it was quite a change from the clothes she usually wore and her hairstyle was different as well. Before he could bid her good morning she interuppted him so he simply stood there with a warm smile as she talked and got her bearings. But hearing her other greetign and the sight of her laughing got a chuckle from the blonde as well. "I don't know why you're apologizing but you don't need to." He started off, placing his small companion back into its tank so it could eat and rest. "Good morning Hiromi." With a happy and warm smile, he leaned against the table, "Is something troubling you? You aren't wearing your usual type of clothes or hair style, and your voice and expression seem a little force. It's not that you don't look nice, you do, but you don't seem all that comfortable..." Hopefully that didn't come off as rude, now the smile faded to be replaced by an expression of concern, "If something is wrong, is there anything I could do to help?"
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