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  1. ooc:

    Hey everyone,

    So I've been having this idea for a while now but really didn't have the time to do it yet until now. I want to do a Naruto RP but instead of being a usual Naruto rp I want them to just be plain high school students but of course the rp won't just be plain. I want to know if anyone would be interested and also would like your opinion on the teachers. I have a few so far but I'd like to know what you think.

    Head Master: Tsunade
    Head master’s assistant: Shizune

    English- Kakashi
    Health- Jiraya
    Art- Deidara
    Gym- Guy
    Swimming- Kisame
    Carpentry- Sasori
    Math- Shikaku Nara (Shikamaru's dad)
    Creepy Nurse- Kabuto
    Science- Orochimaru
    Economics- Kakuzu
    Criminal investigation/justice- Yamato
    Psychology- Itachi
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  2. Hmm, I'm actually having mixed emotions on this one, and not bad ones. I want to, but at the same time, I'm iffy. I'll keep watch of this thread in case other people are interested. o3o
  3. I love to join!

    And I love the teachers, especially Deidara!
  4. Great, hopefully others would like to. I still probably will put it up even if not maybe people say anything on this thread, though I am still trying to come up with more of the teachers before I can put it up.
  5. @ScarletNova

    Are we going to be playing as the canon characters? Even if canon or making our own, I'd be more than willing to double up. C:
  6. Both, I'd like to have the canon characters but original characters are allowed too. I'm planning on using a OC character but possibly play a canon character if and when it's needed.
  7. I want to play so many canon characters (with one or two OCs) but it's so difficult to choose which ones! ;A;
  8. You're going to be able to play as many as you want, its all up to you to choose and know if you can handle them all. :)
  9. I wanna play as Kiba/Akamaru XD

    Kisame can teach Swimming :D

    Sasori can teach Carpentry
  10. You're right, I can add those teachers to the list.
  11. Yeah! I can't figure out what Itachi should do...each time I think of him I keep thinking of a special episode I saw of him trying to cook eggs...
  12. @Jayfeather

    Itachi = Worst culinary arts teacher ever. XD

    He's a tricky man... I would have said Math, but I feel like Shikamaru or his dad would be doing that.
  13. Well, I want it to be only the adults so probably would be Shikamaru's dad. Also, history, science (maybe Orochimaru), those types are needed to. I was thinking Kabuto as a creepy nurse.
  14. @Jessica2477 I know right XD

    @ScarletNova Kabuto as the Nurse that's awesome!

    My school had a criminal investigation class where it taught it you about what that field does if you wanted to be a police officer, I think that would fit Yamato.
  15. I've been adding the idea's of the teachers to the first post.
  16. I've been working on the OOC Thread for this rp, though I still don't have all the teachers made up yet.
  17. I think I found a class for Itachi, Psychology! He's always messin' with everyone's head.
  18. That could work!
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