Naruto Genkai Roleplay

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    Naruto Genkai Roleplay is a brand new Naruto Roleplay site, opened in early March this year. It's a place where both an adventourus spirit and a passion for roleplaying are more than welcome. We define ourselves as a "half-canon" RP, since there are some canon NPCs, but the future of the Shinobi world awaits a ninja who'll unriddle it!

    You can choose from various villages to put your character in, or you can make him a lonely wanderer, a missing ninja! He can be either a servant to his village, or a highly wanted criminal. We have everything, from a Bijuu system, to a huge jutsu archive you can choose from for all your needs!

    The staff is reliable, friendly and quick, when it comes to assigning missions or approving your character sheets. Please don't hesitate to try out the forum. We hope you'll have a good time!

    By the way, if the admins of this forum wish to link back on our forum, feel free to do so! Our advertisement section is completely guest-friendly and doesn't require registration.​