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  1. I know its been done before but i haven't seen any other person do it the way i'm about to do it. I absolutely love Naruto, It was one of the first anime i ever watched and i actually happened to watch the very first episode that ever aired on American TV. I remember the chills i got watching that red fox roar in front of that moon, that old square TV that i watched it on and the long joyful journey watching the full season. With this RP i want to give Naruto fans the feel of when they first watched it by giving them the chance to play as there favorite character or even create a mix of two favorite characters or even create your own.

    So this RP is Canon friendly, and the plot will be held in the Boruto universe. This means that you can play as one of the children or play as one of the adults or even create your own. All roles of canon characters will be active, so if you pick Naruto then your the Hokage. Setting the time of which the plot will happen really confused me and took time to think about but i have thought of two choices, either we start out completely fresh which means that everyone will awaken there powers differently in your own way or we start after all the current events that has been shown to us, so after all the movies and manga. You guys tell me, which one should we do?

    Also if you pick to use canon characters, you can alter there appearance if you don't like it. I know for me i don't like how some of the characters look now and i know some of you want to change it.

    The plot will be a choice by you guys too. I have thought of many plot ideas so you guys pick.
    • Fukkatsu no Madara (Resurrection of Madara)
    • Return of Shin Uchiha
    • Return of the Body Flicker (Shisui's return as a Adult and also the new enemy)
    • Army of the Hebi (Orochimaru develops a army of shinobi to attack the leaf village)
    • The Otsutsuki clan (Indra comes back to life and resurrects many shinobi from his clan to attack the main villages)
  2. I would like join as Saskue or Itachi in the Madara story Arc
  3. Or Naruto if all is taken
  4. Sasuke is avaliable, your the first one who is interested. lol
  5. So I'll be Saskue Uchiha >:3
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  6. Gaara. :)
  7. Oh he was one of my favorite characters for a while, and I cosplayed him a few times
  8. Nice! :D
    I never cosplayed myself but i like seeing people do it.
  9. Alright, I'm in as an original character uchiha clan member. Can I use a new kind of demon beast?
  10. You mean jinchuuriki? The tailed beasts?
  11. Not a tailed beast, but a winged beast.
  12. As a normal summon? sure but it can't be a jinchuuriki.
  13. Then I'd like the two tails assuming the original host is no longer around.
  14. okay, but the beast has to be canon from the show. it can't be some sort of beast you made up.
  15. I have no problems using the two tails demon cat.
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