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  1. Naruto: From the Ashes is a Naruto-themed roleplay that incorporates strong elements of dark fantasy into its plot as well as former dystopian and even somewhat post-apocalyptic tones into its setting. The roleplay begins at the end; most specifically, the end of the Reign of Sai. Saichi Uzumaki, ultimately known as Sai the Conqueror, seized control of all nations and lands during the Second Great Shinobi War using the resources of his former mentor and leader in tandem with his own raw strength. His reign was short, however, lasting only two decades before being overthrown and ushering the world into a new era of rebuilding and freedom.

    Brief Synopsis

    Little formal documentation and historical texts are left from before the Reign of Sai, as his attempt to rebuild the world was to first burn down the old. Little is even know about the war that brought Sai to power. Essentially only those that somehow survived, were old enough to remember and were involved with the war are the only surviving relics and hold the most, albeit terribly biased, information regarding it. One thing between them holds true among almost all of them: something changed Sai during the Second Great Shinobi War.

    Although Sai was far from a figurehead of the war, he wasn't precisely unknown. Sai had became known as the Dragon Turtle of Amegakure, student of a then-famous shinobi known as the Dragon. He acted as an ambassador between his village and Konohagakure. He advocated peace and paved the way for healthy communication and trade markets. The war changed everything. Sai paved with way with Sage Seals, using his kekkei genkai to replicate those of others and even use them himself. He created small armies of elite soldiers trained by his mentor and using his seals. The Dragon used his army, one that he called the Dragon's Claw, to enter the war for Amegakure and ultimately used it to take over the Land of Earth.

    The next turning point is the most known, but least understood. What would was considered to be negotiations for combat, such as medic conventions, and even peaceful resolution ended with the death of ambassadors from the Land of Wind and Land of Water, while all but one of the representatives from the Land of Fire escaped. More importantly, the deaths of the Dragon and his son (also Sai's half-brother maternally) marked this event. This left Sai to lead the Dragon's Claw, Amegakure and the Land of Earth, but something changed Sai. Most, even some that knew Sai, claimed that the man they knew would likely have negotiated peace and attempted to end the war. The Sai that existed now pursued it to the bitter end.

    Sai used genetic material attained from the Shinobi that acted as representatives as well as made himself the host for several bijuu. Using new techniques, he increased the strength of his army time and time again using the notorious Sage Seals. Although small and fiercely loyal, only a handful of these Shinobi were needed at times, but Sai often used the full force of his strike teams to apprehend targets and take down villages. It took less than two years for Sai to use brute force to take over the world with Sunagakure providing the last stand against him. The final battle between the free world and Sunagakure became nicknamed the defensive parameter of Sunagakure as the Bloody Wall of Sand, but even it didn't stop Sai for long.

    Ultimately, Sai had procured six of the nine tailed beasts, housing five within him and hiding the Nibi - still lost to this day. He had mastered all elemental jutsu and most Hiden. He had even implanted and effectively replicated multiple Kekkei Genkai. For two decades, the world seemed lost. Sai no longer trained Shinobi. He destroyed, or tried to, almost all historical texts and important clan landmarks. Sai used peace to create a communistic world connected by trade routes where even the poorest villages lived to standards and pushed education and engineering to rebuild the world that was destroyed.

    Rebels waited for twenty years, training new shinobi and honing their own skills. Many of them hid in the deserts of Sunagakure, others merely hid in the shadows - the way of the true Shinobi. As Sai's forces dwindled because he only needed police and stopped manufacturing Sage Seals (many of which had defected), the rebellion only grew. It was a band of almost all former clans, like-minded individuals or those whose culture was destroyed by Sai. Against all odds, these rebels wanted to take down Sai. And, they would.

    Sai used a splitting technique to govern each city individually, acting as its Kage and Daimyo. This also split his strength. The rebels used this against Sai and attempted to assassinate Sai one part by one. This plan itself was only initially successful, but the rebels reclaimed cities, easily overpowered police forces and refused to allow Sai time to recuperate. Sai rejoined himself, but only at 60% of his strength. He created a fort from Amegakure, but it wasn't enough. The rebels broke in and the fight that ensued resulted in the destruction of almost all of Amegakure, wiping it from the map and leaving it little more than a scrap-filled island.

    The ultimate fate of Sai was to be sealed within the Reaper Death Seal by Hiromaru Uzumaki, one of the leaders of the rebellion against him. The goal was to keep Sai from ever returning or resurrecting himself, as his experiments and plethora of skills might have allowed. The technique, although bittersweet, was a success. The world went back into rebuilding, as well as started the next era: The Great Purge. The world has had only three years to rebuild since the fall of Sai and collectively works to remove Sai and the Sage Seals from it while also attempting to restore the structure before the Reign of Sai. This era is known as the Great Purge.


    Konohagakure (literally meaning Village Hidden by the Tree Leaves) is the hidden village of the Land of Fire and its present capitol. As with most other villages, the founding of Konohagakure has been lost. Former shinobi registration and even the names of most shinobi prior to the Second Great Shinobi War have been lost, leading the only real knowledge of the past being the mention of the Third Hokage (the Hokage being the Kage of Konohagakure) of the Uchiha Clan. The most recent Hokage, the Nidaime Hokage, Hosuka Uzumaki, resides in the new Hokage Residence, the former office of Sai, the Conqueror.

    Konoha has returned to its place as one of the strongest shinobi villages in the world. The shinobi of this village wear blue or black shirts which may or may not have swirl patterns on the shoulders, along with matching coloured pants over a green flak jacket which also has a red swirl on the back, and pockets on the chest area. They also tend to wrap bandages around their legs. A large number of shinobi from this village seem to have an affinity for Fire Release.

    Little is known about the past of Konohagakure before the Second Great War, however, it is regarded as the single most powerful nation of that era and thus far has proven to be the single most powerful nation of the current era. The remnants of most clans within Konohagakure give it a slightly larger pool of Shinobi for its next generation, granting it a slight advantage over most other villages, thus granting it further economic advantages. Hosuka Uzumaki, the current Hokage, is the younger brother of the shinobi whom performed the reaper death seal on Sai, the Conqueror. It was essentially that altruistic act that earned Hosuka his place in addition to his great power. Because the brother of the current Hokage also led the resistance, many unaligned shinobi from the resistance chose to make Konoha their new home. All of these factors have made Konoha the most powerful and well-respected shinobi village in current existence, however, they have also earned it a high amount of spite due to the advantages it has attained through means other than village loyalty.

    Konohagakure was one of the least fortunate villages during the purge of clans, however, many of the clan members from its major clans survived, with the exception of the entirely obliterated Aburame Clan. Although only a handful of clan members are alive, ranging from twenty to thirty, each every clan ranging from the Senju to the Uchiha and even the Nara and Akamichi are still alive. Although many hiden and knowledge about their kekkei genkai were lost, members of the clans are still regarded as some of the more powerful Shinobi of the era, many of which are veterans of the War on Sai. With the lost of most history regarding clans, there was a great equalizer within the village, with quelled previous strains between the clans. The Hon Clan, a former elite clan of the village, was left with only four known survivors, putting the clan in an endangered position. Overall, clans are met with respect and sympathy due to the large losses they have taken in recent decades.

    Clan List (open)

    Akimichi Clan
    The Akimichi clan, alongside the Nara, Inuzuka and the Yamanaka, were of the more fortunate clans within Konohagakure. Only its elites and actual shinobi were hunted down; the civilian members of this clan were left undisturbed for the most part. The survival of their food pill recipe and calorie confusion as well as size manipulation jutsu have been left alive to be past down through the few who knew them and survived the Era of Sai.

    Hataga Clan
    The Hataga flan served Sai during the Era of Sai, or at least attempted to fuel war in general then. Most were wiped out in the last stand of the Hataga during the overthrow of the Sai Regime by the resistance. Others fled to live life as shameless cowards, tossing aside the Hataga surname. The few left alive after the last stand regrouped and have mostly dissolved into enigma with no real allegiance.

    Hon Clan
    Once a proud clan of Lighting Masters from Konohagakure sporting the skill of the Sarutobi with the talent of the Senju, the Hon clan stood proud. Since then, it was mercilessly and systematically hunted down by Sai himself, having more effort put into its nigh-extinction than any other known clan. Less than a handful of Hon are alive today, and all are men.

    Hyūga Clan
    The Hyūga clan, alongside the Senju and Uchiha, were of the more unfortunate clans within Konohagakure. The Hyūga were hunted down mercilessly and even their civilians were not spared. Most went into hiding with a constant search, others served the resistance and few tried to preserve their culture. Now, there are no branches of this clan as its former structure was dissolved. As with all other clans, it has a single Clan Head that speaks to the Hokage.

    Inuzuka Clan
    The Inuzuka clan, alongside the Akimichi, Nara and Yamanaka clans, were of the more fortunate clans within Konohagakure. Only their shinobi and elites were slaughtered, in addition to a majority of their ninken. After that, the Inuzuka were essentially left alone, with few ninken surviving and many fighting (and dying) in the resistance.

    Nara Clan
    The Nara clan was most likely the most fortunate of all clans during the era of Sai. Only its advisors and shinobi were killed, but the rest of the clan was actually left alone and encouraged by Sai as they tended to the forestry and animals of Konohagakure. Much of the Nara clan is preserved and it has become slightly more in tune with its naturalistic and medicinal aspects.

    Sarutobi Clan
    The Sarutobi clan was hunted to a far greater degree than the more fortunate clans of Konohagakure, but was not systematically killed like ones whom went into hiding. Much like the Shimura, the Sarutobi were highly oppressed during the Era of Sai with what could be considered police brutality and unfair treatment because of their history of powerful shinobi.

    Senju Clan
    The Senju clan, alongside the Hyūga and Uchiha clans, were of the more unfortunate clans within Konohagakure. The Senju were hunted down and and slaughtered as well as forced into hiding merely to survive. Even civilian Senju were not left safe, leaving very few of this clan behind.

    Shimura Clan
    The Shimura clan met a very similar fate to the Sarutobi. After having their elite and shinobi slaughtered, the Shimura clan were subjected to brutal conditions and unfair treatment due to their history of powerful shinobi. Both clans were oppressed to the degree they have slightly bonded.

    Uchiha Clan
    The Uchiha Clan, alongside the Hyūga and Senju clans, were of the more unfortunate clans of Konohagakure, if not the most unfortunate behind the Hon Clan. The Uchiha were not only hunted down to commit genocide on all shinobi, they were hunted for their Sharingan eyes which Sai used to help him control the tailed beasts. Few survive as elites, shinobi and even civilians were slaughtered.

    Uzumaki Clan
    The Uzumaki Clan are the cousins of the Senju and one of the most prominent clans in Konohagakure at the moment. Despite their status, their is no clan leader and a lot of animosity toward this clan due to the lineage and surname of Sai, the Conqueror. The clan had began dissolving during the Second Shinobi War and now has only re-emerged due to its deep-rooted leadership in Konohagakure and the former resistance.

    Yamanaka Clan
    The Yamanaka clan, alongside the Akimichi, Inuzuka and Nara clans, were of the more fortunate clans within Konohagakure. Only their elite and shinobi were killed and for the most part the rest of the Yamanaka were left to tend to gardens and flowers. The Yamanaka had a very similar, albeit less encouraged, fate than the Nara.

    Due to the destruction of Amegakure, which at its time was the most advanced village with both the most advanced manufacturing and recreational areas, Konohagakure has became the most advanced village in the most stable nation. There are notably no monuments found within Konohagakure. The former Hokage monuments were destroyed by Sai, the Conqueror whom claimed no man, even himself, deserved immortal glorification. With the economic strength and large size of Konoha taken into account, it has a diverse amount of locations available to it:

    Location List (open)
    - Shinobi Academy; the teaching facility for aspiring young shinobi
    - Standard Academy: the teaching facility for all Konoha students
    - Amaguriama: a chestnut-based sweets shop
    - Dango Shop: another sweet shop, famous for its dango
    - Hokage Residence: the home and office of the Hokage
    - Golden Cat: an upscale restaurant with classier food at more expensive prices
    - Jounin Standby Station: a station located beside the Shinobi Academy meant for Jounin to receive missions and important information
    - Konoha Archive Library: a mostly destroyed library containing information regarding general history and jutsu
    - Konoha Aviary: a communication station using hawk messengers
    - Konoha Cemetary: the home of the dead and forgotten with many unmarked and defaced graves
    - Konoha Hot Springs: the highlight of the village, its hot springs that have endured the ages.
    - Konoha Enforcement Centre: A combination of the mission desk and former police force, this building houses the police force, is the briefing area for missions and acts as its intelligence division.
    - Naka Shrine: a shrine found sacred by the Uchiha. It was destroyed by Sai, but the stone inside was saved. It has since been rebuilt by the Naka river
    - Konoha Orphanage: the home to the young homeless of Konoha, many of whom become Shinobi
    - Ramen Ichikaru: a well-known ramen shop
    - Shushuya: a sake store
    - Konoha Ninja Tool Facility: formerly a research facility, it is now reformatted to simply sell basic tools until further development
    - Toko's Spicy Delights: a 'mom and pop's' style diner with - as expected - spicy, large-portioned and flavorful meals
    - Training Grounds 1-45: training grounds scattered throughout Konoha serving different purposes. PM for use/ideas.

    Quick Note About Ranks: Jounin have been appointed their position by their current Kage and most likely earned them during the resistance. The same goes for Chuunin and Special Jounin. The ANBU do not presently exist. ALL Genin must have passed the Shinobi Academy. Even if they fought in the resistance, they would either be good enough to be a Chuunin, dead or sent through the Academy.

    Quick Note About Registration Numbers: Only Academy Graduates have been assigned Registration Numbers. They are used to keep track of fresh genin, not for identification. It was considered too large of a task to register all existing shinobi, thus they were skipped. Registration numbers range from 1-100 then the fourth digit represents their 'class', starting as zero.

    Character Sheet

    [center][img]Reference Picture[/img]
    [b][Age | Gender | Clan | Rank | Alliance][/b][/center]
    [indent][b]Name of character[/b] (brief personality description. Follow up appearance description optional.)[/indent]
    [b]Kekkei Genkai:[/b] any kekkei genkai your character may have
    [b]Traits:[/b] any special traits your character has, can be associated with clans. e.g. Nara Clan often has high intelligence.
    [b]Nature Release:[/b]
    [b]History:[/b] the more, the better. History does not need to be prose, it may be wrote out however one likes. This is also your opportunity to impress me.
    [b]Combat Style:[/b] short description of combat style
    [b]Jutsu List:[/b] all genin will have academy level jutsu. Aside from that, you must link all of your canon jutsu. Any custom jutsu must follow a template provided below. Only six jutsu allowed on first application. Exceptions are possible; PM details.
    [b]Weaponry:[/b] common weapons used. General shinobi tools are not necessary to count, but are not infinite. Weight is a consideration.
    [b]Miscellaneous: whatever else.[/b]
    *I do not wish for clans to be a prominent part of this roleplay, thus even though it is allowed, it will take a more Adept and impressive act to attain one.
    **Custom Jutsu Script:

    [spoiler=Jutsu Name]
    [b]Jutsu Name:
    Jutsu Type:
    Effective Range:
    Nature Type:
    I'm looking to set this up as you would expect. Into squads with Jounin leaders. This has a bit of a backstory; it's not your typical "next generation" Naruto roleplay. It is a full AU and it is meant to have huge chunks of missing history. There is a lot of room to play with, but there is also a huge stipulation: I downplay clans here. Clans were hunted down by Sai - from all the villages. Some were nearly wiped out entirely. That said, to be a clan member, I want a solid character design.
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