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[fieldbox="Genji's Group Part 2, gold, solid"]

A collab done by Lesli, Obli, Jason, Glitch
Summary: A continued part of Genji's scouting party.
Collab Length: Average Sized

Niji’s attempt at ensuring Mizuchi did or didn’t need help was ignored by the Hojo and with the show of force made by the scouting party the ambushers began to flee. And following that the captain of the squad, Genji Hojo, rounded on her to chastise her. His stare was met with a cold gaze of her own. [COLOR=royalblue]”I understand, sir. I was attempting to communicate with another member of the unit to properly prioritise which direction was best to defend, I’ll be more decisive in the future.”[/COLOR]

He certainly wasn’t in the wrong about critiquing her actions, she should’ve just taken the initiative instead of trying to coordinate with others. Regardless it was a lesson to take into mind for their next encounter, if one were to occur.

Hearing her reply didn’t make him any happier in the slightest. [COLOR=gold]"Last I knew, I gave out the orders! Not this other member, if I put anyone in charge I will state as such. Until then you do as I say!"[/COLOR] Genji stated as he went around checking on the others too see how they were holding up. No major damages was done to anyone, some cuts was the most reported. [COLOR=gold]"Alright take a couple minutes break men, then we head out. After that we are going to patrol the surrounding area as we make our way along the river."[/COLOR]

Genji would then allow them a moment to recover as they really didn’t truly get a break with the ambush, yet after a couple minutes he would clap his hands. [COLOR=gold]"Alright! We will be spreading out. We will have two teams of ten patrol the surrounding area for twenty minutes. They will come back and rest while two other teams of two patrol as well. That doesn’t mean the ones staying back get to take it easy. I want an eye kept out for any of those shits!"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=gold]"With that said. Mizuchi Hojo gather nine men and patrol towards the coast. Niji Yakei..."[/COLOR] Genji said stopping a bit as he looked at her. [COLOR=gold]"Same as Mizuchi, gather nine men and patrol the western forest. Anything goes wrong regroup here! Everyone else keep alert and get your gear in check."[/COLOR]

Niji quietly kept those words in mind for next time and just nodded, if that was how he wanted the unit to work them fair enough, she could work with that. Whilst everyone took a short break Niji kept her gaze out on the hills surroundings, for the sake of ensuring they weren’t about to be attacked by a fresh group of enemies.

It was slightly surprising to hear Genji assigning her with the duty of getting some of the soldiers together to patrol the area, but the maths made sense, a shinobi in each patrolling group would help. She’d give just another nod and gather up any of the soldiers who were willing enough to go on patrol first, preparing to head out to the forest just west of the hill.

[COLOR=royalblue]”If you see, hear, feel or smell anything that you can’t explain, make sure everyone else knows so we can fall back as a group. If we have to fall back I’ll act as rear guard in case it’s something unnatural.”[/COLOR] Niji’s tone was calm, it would be just like a typical scouting mission in their homeland, or she could hope it to be. Her only concern was that one of those brutish things would be out with the attack parties.

Mizuchi kept a gaze out towards the surroundings, this time focusing for anything moving in the still picture of white instead of its beauty. Letting out a light sigh, she brushed a few strands of hair out of her face and wondered if another ambush would come soon. For that matter, she wondered for how long their attackers had known of the group’s movement. Scanning the landscape she couldn’t pick up any clear signs that they were being watched, and she hated that.

Hearing the orders issued, Mizuchi snapped a quick salute towards the captain before turning on a heel towards the soldiers who had just fought alongside her. [COLOR=green]”You heard the Captain, lets get moving.”[/COLOR] She commanded, stepping towards the group before pointing towards the two who had been directly on either side of her. [COLOR=green]”You two will be rear guard, I’ll take point. Everybody keep your eyes out, I want to know if you see anything of note.”[/COLOR] She said firmly before her group assembled and got underway towards the coast as the Hojo kept a keen gaze for anything out of the ordinary.

Leading her group down towards the coast, Mizuchi’s hand never once left the hilt of her blade. The Chuunin was simply not willing to risk another surprise attack. She kept her gaze constantly wandering, trying to see any clues she could find about where the enemy was or their movements. The group of ten would have a relatively quiet journey down towards the coast, making it a solid seven minutes before one of the men suddenly spoke in a harsh tone. [COLOR=yellow]”Ma’am, tracks ahead.”[/COLOR] He said with a gesture of his chin to their left. As she turned her gaze that direction, Mizuchi saw a faint set of tracks through the snow, running perpendicular to their current path.

Making a sign for her group to stop, Mizuchi looked around for a moment to see if there were any more tracks around this area. However, it was just those. [COLOR=green]”Follow those tracks, but keep some distance in case it's an ambush. Do [I]not[/I] engage first.”[/COLOR] She hissed as the group slowly began to move out once more. She focused herself on the surroundings, fearing an ambush seeing as this enemy had tried just that twice already on a group she’d been a part of. Perhaps it was just bad luck? Maybe a bad omen. Either way she could care less, she had a mission to fulfill. Omens could wait until she was finished.

After a couple more minutes of their slow yet steady pace, Mizuchi noticed a few figures slowly moving in the distance. Could it be their enemy, or a trick on her eyes? Before she could doubt herself another soldier made a soft noise to confirm what she saw. Mizuchi led her men back down the slight rise a few steps then guided them to crouch, keeping just out of their enemies’ line of sight. Mizuchi then crept to the middle of their group. [COLOR=green]”Cover me, I'll check for chakra signatures. Keep an eye out.”[/COLOR] She whispered before closing her eyes and focusing, these bastards wouldn't get the jump on her again.

Meanwhile, with her own group of soldiers gathered, Niji quietly lead them towards the forest. [COLOR=royalblue]”Split into pairs, each pair should maintain a 5 foot range between themselves and each other pair in a square formation to ensure we’re all within a safe cohesive range.”[/COLOR] She began, letting the men divide as they wished and taking the last man as her partner for pairing purposes. [COLOR=royalblue]”For each pair, one of you keep an eye out for tracks, the other will keep lookout on the horizon in case they’re moving around us…”[/COLOR]

With a quick gesture to each of the paired groups, she’d continue with orders. [COLOR=royalblue]”We’ll keep all eyes out on each cardinal direction, the central pair will watch the trees and provide a general all-round gaze in case one cardinal pair needs another set of eyes on something they’ve seen. Does that make sense?”[/COLOR] Curt nods came from each of the men. [COLOR=royalblue]”Perfect, don’t engage unless they come after us, even then we make a fighting retreat to draw them out to the hill.”[/COLOR] following that they set off to creep into the woods.

The formation wasn’t strictly followed, but eyes were mostly kept in the right directions, Niji herself was on the western pair, carefully checking their surroundings for tracks and possible traps. At the moment things seemed to be very quiet, it was either a good sign based on the uncoordinated rabble that the enemy force appeared to contain, or it was telling of an even nastier threat lurking in the brush waiting for the unit to drop it’s guard. The snow had filtered down through the lifeless trees, no leaves to catch the flakes that had fallen thus-far, the untainted layer of snow telling that no one had been through here until now.

While each of the two scouting parties would find very few hinderance, spotting very little trouble that didn’t bother engaging them. It was looking to be a simple patrol, with the enemy not bothering them. Mizuchi would find her path to be clear, she would however find it a bit odd that some enemies she did spot weren’t going over the river but the opposite direction, heading towards the wooded area. Something that posed no concern for her, yet would be a handy tidbit to report on that the forest may not be the safest place to travel in.

Yet Niji would also have no concerns during her patrol. Most kept their distance and then all in all vanished. from sight altogether. As the time was approaching to head back, they would find the path back to be clear as well. What might be odd however is there was no tracks of anything. Not even their own. It was like they had never moved in the first place. As they continued marching back to what they could assume was the camps location. Snow built up on the tree limbs would start falling. Not just from one tree but multiple, before they could even see where they had came from. A group of about six had descended from the trees behind them.

Brief glimpses and sightings of the enemies falling further back felt like too good a sign to be genuine, moreso when they completely left any form of mundane detection range. It wasn’t so much that Niji was paranoid or afraid of the current situation, it was more that she was basing their actions on what had previously occurred in the battles not too long ago, these men weren’t allowed to just flee for their lives.

There had to be something more to it, something more that made itself apparent as they began to head back in what felt like the right direction back to the hill, the fact that their tracks had disappeared in the snow. By this point Niji kept her senses as alert as she could. [COLOR=royalblue]”Keep heading that direction, myself and two others will act as rear guard and watch until we’re out of the forest.”[/COLOR] If the squad’s tracks had disappeared in the snow, then it was just as likely that their enemies tracks had vanished in a similar fashion. Before they got much further snow from the tree branches around them fell and obscured enough of their sight for the ambush to begin.

Being at the rear of the squad, Niji was one of the first to engage, guarding herself against a slash and shoving one of the attackers off to give her enough time to speak. [COLOR=royalblue]”Fighting retreat, Four of you stay with me, we’ll keep them back!”[/COLOR] The soldiers nearest the back were already in the process of defending themselves, so they would be the ones to cover the squad’s retreat with her. The soldiers were experienced enough to not be overwhelmed, for sure, but it didn’t stop her being concerned about their safety in an ambush like this. She’d regroup with the others as quickly as she could, deflecting an enemy’s blade with her own and bringing it round to run the man through, as much as she didn’t [I]want[/I] to kill them, these foes had to die so they could fall back to the hill.

Now she just hoped that there weren’t more laying in wait for them to be distracted by this first force, it was certainly the tactical thing to do.

So the forest wasn’t safe? Something that might be useful for her to report, and as such Mizuchi made a mental note of that detail. After a few moments of nothing seeming to come up, the chuunin chewed her lip for a moment before gesturing to move a bit forward. As her unit crept through the snow she was vigilant for anything that moved or seemed out of place. Taking in every detail of the area, tracks or signs of movement as she could do in their brief trip through, Mizuchi wondered what the enemy was doing over here. After a little bit of progress, she had her group stop once more before signaling them to head back where they had come from. Taking a last look around, Mizuchi took in every detail she had seen. Enemies moving back and forth, tracks, and a forest that seemed to need to be avoided. Not the most useful information in her mind, but some of it would surely prove to be helpful later on. [COLOR=green]”Alright. We are heading back to the main group. Keep a close watch until we get back, once there I want a brief report from one on each side to ensure I’ve got all the information we may have found.”[/COLOR] She ordered calmly, then began marching with her small group back towards where they had come from, all the while wary of another possible attack.

The skirmish in the forest wasn’t lasting too long, not with five trained warriors against these ramshackle men forced into service by their leaders, no matter how desperate and ravenous their assault was. The last of them fell with one of the soldiers smashing the poor man’s head in with the pommel of his sword repeatedly to make sure he was dead, with the corpses strewn around the ground before them. [COLOR=royalblue]”Are any of you injured?”[/COLOR] There were light scrapes among those who had just fought, but aside from that no one seemed to be wounded, a relief really. [COLOR=royalblue]”We’ll double time it back to the hill to make sure we’re not caught out again, don’t stray too far from one another.”[/COLOR] It didn’t take much longer to return to the hill, getting out of the forest and seeing it was relief enough.

[COLOR=royalblue]”Well done, you go rest whilst I let the captain know what happened.”[/COLOR] Niji quietly dismissed the soldiers, giving a small smile and a respectful nod of her head once they reached the top of the hill.

And while they took a break, she approached Genji. [COLOR=royalblue]”Captain. The patrol of the forest went without casualty on our side, but we were attacked by a small team of enemy soldiers that are now dead, six of them in total.”

“There were no visual signs of any tracks on the ground, not even our own as snow from the trees would fall and covering them up as we went, I believe the enemies were taking advantage of this and used a large mass of snowfall to try and ambush us on our way back, unsuccessfully. For the time being the forest may not be safe for traversal.”[/COLOR]

Having made it back to the camp, Mizuchi turned back towards her group and took the brief reports of what the designated men had seen during their patrol. The girl nodded in thanks towards her group before turning on a heel and walking towards the captain. Arriving just after Nishi’s report, Mizuchi waited silently until the captain seemed finished with the other for the moment. Giving a quick salute, she did not waste any time. [COLOR=green]”Captain, sir, my group has returned from their patrol.”[/COLOR] She said quickly, pausing for a moment before continuing with her report. [COLOR=green]”Moving towards the coast didn’t have too much activity, sir. We noticed some tracks in the snow and a few enemies in the distance doing their own patrols it would seem. I did, however, notice that no enemies crossed the river and instead went for the forest. Seems like it might not be safest area to travel through. Otherwise, nothing else to report, Sir.”[/COLOR] She said in a calm tone, going back through all the information her group had gathered during their patrol. Hopefully it would be enough to satisfy the captain.

Waiting for the groups to arrive back was something he wasn’t accustomed too, he was one to head out and perform the job himself and then report back. Just like when Satoshi had tasked him with escorting that lady princess back to where she belonged. He couldn’t help but snicker wondering if the boys and him might have been a bad influence on the poor girl. He could only imagine what all those nobles thought of her return, they must hate the ever loving shit out of him. He chuckled a bit before a lookout informed him that Niji’s group had returned.

Awaiting the woman, his facial expression which showed signs of joy earlier had went back to it’s serious one of earlier. As she approached and informed him the woods were most likely not safe as she was ambushed, he would nod his head and Mizuchi reporting in afterwards all but made it known those woods would be littered with ambushes. The coast itself seemed fairly safe from what she said, yet to make sure he would dismiss them and then send out some fresh men to go patrol the area.

It gave the patrol of before a bit of a break to recover from any wounds they may have received, yet before long the patrol would return notifying them indeed that the coast seemed safe yet the forest had them lurking about in. Nodding the next step was to cross the river, scout the area and return, yet an unknown number in the forest was also something he didn’t want to cut them off. He had an idea, but first thing first was to find this path across. Notifying the men to get their gear packed, they would head out along the river with Genji giving the order to find a footing to pass through the river. Some time was spent before a soldier found one and walked a few feet out before notifying the others that it was legit.

So with a way across and the forest behind them, he would look at the others. [COLOR=gold]"So we have a situation. To cross means leaving our flank open, we found a way across but we don’t know if its even remotely safe. With an unknown number of enemies in those woods behind us, we can be certain of one thing. They attacked Niji’s patrol of ten few, so they have confidence to take that out. Yet they didn’t attempt to attack us as a united front. Now we could risk it and all cross, or we can leave a majority of our men here and only five of us will travel across and scout. I’d like to hear your opinions everyone."[/COLOR]

The Chuunin simply raised an eyebrow as Genji asked their opinions on the next move. Was he unsure or simply testing them? That much, Mizuchi was unsure of her. Not that it mattered, the Hojo was more focused on completing the mission and not dying. Both of those being pretty valid goals were one to ask her opinion. [COLOR=green]”A scouting party seems the smartest to me. With the whole group, we run the risk of a large attack being mounted from our flanks and overrunning us. With a group of five, a smaller chance to get detected. In the event things go sour, there could be some agreed upon signal and this group could send some more or entirely move to reinforce the scouts as needed. Though that's an absolute last resort if anything. So, I think the scouting party. Captain, sir.”[/COLOR] Mizuchi said before falling silent, curious how others felt on the subject.

Niji would listen to Genji quietly, giving a moment of thought, and listening to Mizuchi’s opinion before speaking up herself. [COLOR=royalblue]”I was thinking the same, I know we’re not supposed to actively engage the enemy forces but it may be a good way to bait them out of their cover so we can clear out the forests while we’re here. They may have been spooked by their lack of success in taking out a small scouting party, so I believe having our full force cross would work to intimidate them..”[/COLOR]

Kaya remained silent. She had managed to catch her breath and was grateful for the pause. The genin felt still a bit out of place with the soldiers but wasn’t treated in any way or sense different. When the captain spoke up, she listened but remained silent. The first to speak was another. Not really caring for a moment, Kaya just wanted to go back to camp. Hearing what the opinions were of two other women, Kaya frowned. If there was one thing she had in mind then it was her own health at the moment. If a small group would be send out to scout, chances were big she could be included. A kunoichi and a genin at that, quite expendable. Wanting to speak up, Kaya decided to remain silent. Hoping to not draw any attention towards herself as she looked away.

Nodding to the opinions of those that spoke up, he would stop and stare at Niji for a moment. [COLOR=gold]”..... I don’t like you.”[/COLOR] was all the one eyed man said before looking at the group. No one died yet which was good, just a bit more and this would all be over. He knew what plan he was going to do, but now it weighed on who he would choose. He wanted to be part of the scouting party, yet at the same time who to leave in charge while he was gone was a tough choice.

[COLOR=gold]”Alright! We are moving in with the scouting party, so I will lead that detachment and scout ahead. We will be gone maximum of an hour, if not then don’t come chasing in after us. Assume we died and march back to base and report to the commander. Ren you are in charge until we return.”[/COLOR] Genji said to which the man saluted, while Genji moved through the rank picking out the four that would join him. Patting his hand on Kaya’s shoulder, he motioned for her to follow.

With the four behind him he looked back at the group. [COLOR=gold]”Now remember, only defend yourself. Do not actively engage the enemy. Hold position here and wait the time allotted.”[/COLOR] Genji ordered before he started moving through the clearing in the water.


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Inner Conversations, Yoshikuni Sadako and Son Goku
A collab between Gerontis and Nim

Sitting on her bed, she realized she was not feeling tired just yet. Maybe it was her natural energies, maybe it was what occurred throughout the past day, but something made Kuni feel as though the day shouldn’t end just yet. Considering the late time of night and the recent murder that had been uncovered, Kuni figured it would probably be for the best if she did not go outside. She didn’t want to start doing things around the house, as Sachi had already been put to bed, and any noise could potentially wake her up. Which mean her options were very limited.

After thinking about her options for a bit, Kuni laid back on the bed and closed her eyes, thinking to a place she hadn’t been to since a few weeks ago.

The large cage stood in front of her as usual. Something lurked in the shadows within the cages, barely letting the tip of its tails go into the light. Possibly asleep, possibly awake, Kuni couldn’t know. Last time she saw him respond to anything, it was to Kiyomi, and while being fully aware she was a Jinchuuriki, and which beast was held within her too. That talk between the two seemed to flow rather naturally, and in such a good manner.

Her attempted talk afterwards failed miserably, just as several other attempted talks have. Kuni really wasn’t sure what was the reason anymore, as she felt as though there could be a vast number of reasons for him not to choose to talk to her by now. Looking at the cage, she turned her gaze down to the floor, moving to her knees before finally beginning to speak.

”I’ve come to talk, S-” Kuni stopped herself. Considering the lack of responses from his side, and how highly regarded secret the name of the Nibi appeared to be, as Kiyomi did not give it up, perhaps this was one of her mistakes. Treating his name so lightly, when it should be taken much more seriously. He was a being in a different caliber than her, regardless if he was sealed inside her or not. He held centuries of knowledge, and from what she could tell, and considering how people aren’t mean to use the direct names of people with importance, but rather their title, why should this be any different? Son-Goku most likely felt that his name had to be earned, and there Kuni was, treating it like it was nothing.

As she kept thinking about it more, the words of people who talked to her about showing respect towards others came back to her. Her mother always explained to her why treating customers with the utmost respect was important. Eiji explained to her about showing respect towards higher ups. Hoshi gave her a talk. Kiyomi made it clear as well that even if she won’t mind Kuni using her name in private, she had to act appropriately when in public, which meant she could not use the name, but rather her title. She saw others do so. Why did she has such trouble with accepting the social norms?

Because she used to be a troublemaker? That wasn’t any kind of reason anymore. It was never a valid reason to begin with. It was what a part of her showing disrespect towards others, after all, trying to put everyone on the same standing as her. But not only did that not work, it made her own reputation be bad among her own peers from the beginning. She had already started to work on keeping a lower profile, perhaps it was time she also begun to work on how she approached people. Starting with the one she hosted inside of her, the one she robbed of some respect by using his name rather freely, and then insulted him multiple times.

Briefly looking towards the cage, Kuni decided to put her hands and head on the ground before finally speaking again ”I have come to request you talk to me, Yonbi-sama, but I have also come to offer up a couple of things from my side.” She spoke with a loud voice towards him ”I have first come to offer up my apology. I misused your name, which was given due to my own stubbornness to refuse to understand how important it really was to you, and then did not think further on how I used it while also insulting you on multiple times. I don’t feel like I can think of anything to make it up to you on that front, and thus I wanted to offer my at the very least my apology and to show you how much I regret doing what I did, acting without thinking for so long.”

”The second thing I have come to offer to you, Yonbi-Sama, is an offer to openly ask for any information I hold, and a willingness to go and learn more so we will have further things to discuss. I have seen how you treated the Empress, who is clearly much more intellectual than me. I may not have much to offer now, but I do always want to learn further, about everything. Even if some topics don’t interest me, learning about them is something I always think can be valuable.”

”Those are the things I’ve come to offer, and even if you won’t accept either, I hope you will be willing to show that you have at least heard them.” Kuni finished calling out to the Yonbi, who she decided to call that was as if his name was indeed something the Bijuu treasured highly, then perhaps she did not earn the right to use it yet.

It remained silent for some moments. Then the faint sounds of something large moving in the shadows resonated. A deep breathing and moving of large limbs. A snort soon followed, the soft gust produced passing Kuni as two eyes lighted up in the darkness. Faint embers in the shadows that stared down at Kuni. Judging by the height, the bijuu wasn’t standing up right but just merely laying on his stomach.
”Seems that you can learn some manners, after all.” The deep grumbling resonated through the area as Son paused for a second. ”I will grace you with accepting your apology. Though this won’t make me forget the other slights so easily. If anything, you are lucky to descend here when I was just done sleeping.”

One of the tails briefly came into Kuni’s vision, moving in the light as if the beast was merely testing how far the shadows could reach. ”Your second offer is pointless. What knowledge could you have that pique my own vast knowledge? You know nothing of the past centuries or what has transpired in various regions of the world. If you desire to impress or appeal to me with knowledge, don’t come empty handed.” Another scoff followed the bijuu’s comment.

Rising her head and arms from the ground, Kuni has a small smile present. She understood well that forgetting or moving past previous mistakes is something that will take time, but his acceptance of her apology was already one step in the right direction to her. As she listened to him remark on the second offer, claiming it is pointless as she lacks any knowledge of past centuries and what transpired across the world, her gaze turned down briefly.

”You are right in saying that I don’t have knowledge about the distant past. As I have said, I am eager to learn about anything. But let me try and appeal to you with what I do know, from the very recent past. Knowledge I gained of the world from the years I was around so far. If you still deem it entirely worthless, then I won’t bother you for two weeks, while I go and study as much as I can on the history in my spare time.” Kuni said before looking towards the single tail that was out in the light ”Will you be willing to listen, Yonbi-sama?” She asked, bowing her head once more towards him.

The eyes briefly narrowed as the previous tail moved back into the shadows. The beast wasn’t genuinely interested in this welp and her offer. In his opinion, she would hardly come close to a sliver of knowledge or wisdom of others that he had met in his time or had heard from. ”I am listening, for now.” The tone gave away that the beast was on the edge of ending the conversation but not yet irritated with Kuni.

Rising her head from the bow once more, Kuni took a moment to properly think of what she will say before beginning to speak ”In close to 15 years of living, I have been fortunate enough to have visited what is known as the Lightning Country to me, lived for a few months in the Fire country, and most of my life spent in this place, Rain country, which is now known as a province. I have seen people attack each other, be it shinobi versus shinobi, regular people versus shinobi. I have seen a lot of things with my ears, heard a lot with my ears, felt so much with the senses given to me. But without a doubt, the thing that always offered the most knowledge to me, was the earth beneath my feet.” Closing her eyes, Kuni hoped the Bijuu was still listening before she kept going.

”Since I first learned how to sense vibrations through the earth, and how to move through it, I have seen a side of the land that I believe most people don’t normally pay attention to. Everything that occurs leaves some kind of mark on the earth. If it was moved through chakra, it will not return properly back. If a battle occured on it, the earth will not be able to go back to what it was for some time. The earth tells so much, and I have no encountered a single person who actually tried and pay attention to what the earth had to offer.” She breathed in for a moment before continuing once more ”The earth closer to where you have been, prior to your capture, is still scarred by the heat caused from your attacks, as an example. Another would be that the earth outside the village may be wet on the surface of it, but it is all so solid and rather vibrant, to some degree. Untouched by anything unnatural. It’s those kind of things that can tell so much about an area in my experience, before even delving into any kind of history books or speaking to anyone.”

Opening her eyes, she looked towards the cage’s shadows ”This is the kind of knowledge that I have to offer. Although I have not been to many places, I still recall most of what I have seen on the earth and felt from it.” Kuni finished speaking. She was aware that she had only given brief examples to what she had meant, but she first wanted to see if Son-Goku would even want to hear further on this rather than talk for a length of time, only to learn he had no desire to hear any of it.

It remained silent for several seconds before a gust of wind would move behind Kuni towards the cage, only to be pushed back. The loud sound would indicate that the beast had yawned as Kuni finished her story. ”Oh, very impressive. You can feel the earth. Everybody that walks barefoot can pretty much do the same. Marks in the land? I believe eyes are quite useful for that.” The mocking tone wasn’t hidden as the eyes of the bijuu narrowed again.

”This is no knowledge that interests me. Your abilities and ways are nothing that pique my curiosity. Bringing up that disgraceful moment is even worse.” A soft gust moved towards Kuni as the large being scoffed. ”Come back when you have actually some knowledge worth telling.” He said as the eyes would close and no further sound resonated from the other side of the bars, from the shadows.

While she was a bit disappointed, Kuni nodded lightly ”Understood. I’ll go and learn more before returning once more.” She responded as she stood up ”Thank you for listening, even if you found it pointless.” Kuni added, closing her eyes as she did. Even if she did not present him something he found interesting, she felt as though she was starting to make progression towards the right direction after a long time off failing to properly communicate with him over and over. She also took into heart the fact he mentioned his capture was a disgraceful moment to him, and understood it was best not to mention it at all.

Opening her eyes, she looked at the ceiling of the room. Overall, the day had been a long one and certainly gave her a lot to think about. Between what she heard while wandering in Amegakure, her talk with Ryu and now the brief conversation with Son-Goku, Kuni did start feeling a bit tired. Deciding it would be a good time, and knowing she had somewhere to go the following day due to a message she had received during dinner, Kuni turned to lay on her side and closed her eyes once more.
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[fieldbox=A gathering of Jounins, orange]
Kukiko Yuki, Nishi Hirashima, Mika Hayashi | Kirigakure, capital of the Republic of the Water Country.

A collab between Aliceee Aliceee , FrostedCaramel FrostedCaramel and Oetje Oetje

The three jounins come together for a talk about their team, with the pleasure of drinking something together. In this collab, the opinion of each jounin is becoming known about their students as well that of the other jounin.

Disclaimer: I am aware that everybody knows that we don't use OOC opinion for IC, but I feel the need to stress this out with this post. Whatever is written is IC opinion of the character, not the writer.


Taking a place, Nishi would release a sigh. The calm atmosphere was what she needed. The establishment that she had entered was quite known for its services and interior. It went by the name of the Humming Breeze. It was close to the jounin station, allowing many jounin to wind down after a mission. Or have informal meetings. There were booths which allowed privacy for its visitors. Waiters didn’t stick long around for discretion was highly valued. Of course, Nishi did remember a different time. Where servants were actually ANBU, ordered to spy and maintain control over the jounin. Such were the drastic measures that some of the previous Mizukages had taken to maintain a firm grip on their own forces and people. These days, the staff wasn’t infiltrated by the ANBU. Not so far she could see. Unless the newer ANBU rookies were too good for her to pick them out. Realising what she was doing, Nishi released another sigh. Bringing her right hand to her eyes, she massaged them briefly. The others would likely soon arrive and join her at the boot.

Entering the establishment, Mika had to glance around. But she recognised the booth where she would meet up with the others. Walking towards the respective booth, she noticed that Nishi was the first that had arrived. [COLOR=royalblue]”Hirashima,”[/COLOR] Mika said as she nodded. There was a certain formality that was still stuck when addressing a colleague. Taking a seat, Mika would slide further to move to the wall. Allowing thus Kukiko to take a seat next to her. [COLOR=royalblue]”How have you been doing?”[/COLOR] Mika asked, leaning slightly back in her spot.

Kukiko had perhaps waited a bit too long to leave her apartment, having been at the very last chapter of her book she had tried to finish it quickly, and now she was nearly running to the Humming Breeze as the time for her to be there ticked closer and closer. She slipped in through the door and gave a smile and a nod to a server as they passed by. She quickly spotted the booth that Mika and Nishi were at and would move over to it. As she would slide into a seat she would give a nod to them both, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Hayashi, Hirashima,”[/COLOR] she shook her head slightly, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Sorry for being a little late.”[/COLOR] Kukiko apologized as she settled in.

Flashing a polite smile as Mika showed up, Nishi released another sigh. It was probably evident enough to give a rough idea of how Nishi was feeling. Before she could give a verbal answer, Kukiko joined them.
[COLOR=orange]"It is okay. Good to see you both,"[/COLOR] the woman said, at first, [COLOR=orange]"But I have been doing okay. Working with a new team. I can’t say that I am particular thrilled about their performance. I am certain if they had been under the same drill sergeants we had to face, they would have been discharged."[/COLOR]

Mika threw a look and flashed a smile towards Kukiko. [COLOR=royalblue]”Yuki,”[/COLOR] a respectful nod was given to the Yuki, who joined them. Hearing the answer of Nishi, Mika snorted. A faint hint of a smile cracked on the woman’s lips. [COLOR=royalblue]”You will manage to kick them in the proper direction. New teams usually tend to have some friction. I have been dealing with transfers lately. It is almost as if the higher command wants me to just go through the entire Academy, or whatever washes out of it.”[/COLOR]

Kukiko couldn’t help but to nod along in understanding as Nishi spoke, it was definitely not a bad thing to think that their recent students wouldn’t have been able to cut it in the past, not through what they’d all had to climb through, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I know the feeling Hirashima.”[/COLOR] she agreed as she would turn her attention to Mika. She wasn’t fond of thinking of new teams, with her track record it brought up more than a few bad memories, but Mika wasn’t wrong either. The kids just needed to be taught some harsh lessons and whipped into shape, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I already sent one of mine to the infirmary.”[/COLOR] Kukiko admitted, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Punched her lights right out… Wasn’t getting the gist of what I was trying to teach so she paid for it.”[/COLOR] she sighed and wished a server would arrive, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“It’s like the new academy grads aren’t even a sliver of what we were when we were done there.”[/COLOR]

Though Nishi nodded, appreciating the words of Mika, Nishi wasn’t feeling that confident about it. There was, after all, a fact that did bother her slightly. She listened first to Kukiko’s story. The fact that the pale looking woman had punched one of her students to the infirmary was still a tad, surprising. Despite the woman being a jounin, Nishi couldn’t help but feel surprised whenever she heard or witnessed Kukiko’s stern attitude towards subordinates.
[COLOR=orange]"I guess that will stick to the memory of the girl,"[/COLOR] Nishi snickered briefly. Then she decided to speak up about her team.
[COLOR=orange]"Yeah, I guess. I even have some luck it are just two students at this moment. One of them being a Yuki,"[/COLOR] Nishi slightly raised her hands as if she needed to defend herself from a verbal attack from Kukiko. [COLOR=orange]"No offense, Yuki. It is just that the one I am dealing with is a huge pain in the back. Arrogant, degenerating. And don’t get me started on her teamwork. She might be a chuunin but I can’t consider her experienced as a genin at this point."[/COLOR]
She noticed a waiter and nodded, giving the subtle sign that they were ready to place an order.
[COLOR=orange]"I do believe it is my turn to treat you two on drinks. I, however, am not going with alcohol this evening. If you both won’t mind. I will have a fresh mint tea please."[/COLOR]

Snorting back a laughter when Kukiko casually brought up how she had punched the lights out of a student, Mika wondered if she should apply that to her own team as well. Nodding as a subtle and silent agreement to the comment of Kukiko, Mika turned her attention to listen to Nishi. It was slightly interesting that the student that Nishi spoke about was a Yuki as well. Though Mika doubted that Kukiko would really give a damn if Nishi would be hard on another Yuki. When a waiter came, Mika wanted to bring up that she wouldn’t indulge into any alcohol. [COLOR=royalblue]”I will take a cup of coffee. One spoon of sugar and milk, please.”[/COLOR] Mika ordered. She would patiently wait for Kukiko to make her order before she started.

[COLOR=royalblue]”I currently have three under my command. Two who have managed to last longer than what? Three missions? With the last ones being failures as we weren’t able to obtain our objectives. Which resulted that different teams had to do it for us.”[/COLOR] A frustrated sigh escaped Mika’s lips. [COLOR=royalblue]”Not to mention that one kid died on the last mission. Just because he didn’t want to listen. Trying to be a hero.”[/COLOR]

Kukiko waved a hand at Nishi as she spoke of her niece, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Honestly she’s a pain in my ass as well. Arrogant, a stick up her ass, she doesn’t get along with others… I’ve tried, Gods I’ve tried with her.”[/COLOR] she didn’t bring up the fact that the girls father was likely the largest contributor to the issue, it didn’t quite matter at this point, the girl could make decisions for herself now. When the waiter came by she would order green tea as well, a little surprised that the others had gone with non-alcoholic beverages tonight and not wanting to be the only one drinking something harder. She smiled as the waiter nodded and the left the table.

With her attention back on Mika she would take a deep breath as she spoke of her last mission. She could feel herself losing a small grip on reality once Mika commented that one of her students had died trying to be a hero. Some fools goal out of reach even to a jounin and got themselves killed over it. She knew the script to that all too well. She shook her head and played her gaze between the two, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I can’t say anything has been that bad with my newest formation. Thankfully neither of them have died yet. But they’re green as they come, and they each have their own delusional issues to get through as far as I’m concerned.”[/COLOR] she said reluctantly.

Nishi wasn’t entirely certain if she should feel better or worse with Kukiko’s answer. But she would just flash an apologising smile, nonetheless. As Mika stated that she had lost a student, due to the kid trying to be a hero, Nishi’s features showed clear disdain.
[COLOR=orange]"Honestly, I don’t understand how kids get those ideas. From all that I have seen, most heroes die a painful death. Not much merit either,"[/COLOR] Nishi replied, shaking her head. Then Kukiko gained Nishi’s attention.
[COLOR=orange]"Care to elaborate a bit on them? I imagine that the other must have been quite shocked when you knocked the wind out of the other."[/COLOR]

The reply of Kukiko made it clear that Nishi was dealing indeed with a relative of hers. Which Mika found slightly amusing. She wanted to make a comment on that non-kekkei genkei operatives now had a better chance to prove themselves. But seeing the tone and reaction, Mika would decide against speaking up. [COLOR=royalblue]”Lucky you, I wager. Two brats and one already been taught a lesson. I imagine that you got something in store for the second idiot?”[/COLOR]

Kukiko shook her head in confusion as Nishi spoke, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I don’t either.”[/COLOR] she agreed about the ideas some of the students got at the worst possible times. She raised her gaze up as the waiter returned and would pass out the drinks the three had ordered. She took hers with a smile and sipped at it as she thought about Shion and Yuyuko and what she should say of them. She brought a hand to her forehead and turned her eyes to look at Nishi, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“One of them doesn’t quite seem to grasp the fact she’s not invincible. That she’s not made of some unbreakable metal, that she can’t fail. Thinks she’s infallible as far as far as I’m concerned.”[/COLOR] she shook her head and took another sip of her tea,[COLOR=#00B2EE] “So when she turned down help versus me from her teammate, well I showed her she wasn’t.”[/COLOR] she shrugged before thinking of Yuyuko. Gods Yuyuko. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“The second....”[/COLOR] she suddenly wished she had ordered alcohol instead, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Her father is some sort of kenjutsu teacher, a sword style to be exact… And the girl at some point got a great idea that a mask,”[/COLOR] she took her hand off her forehead and covered half her face, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“With no vision slits is a good way to increase her reflexes and abilities, that’s just not how that works in the slightest.”[/COLOR] she was beginning to become angry just thinking about it, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I’m going to break the damn mask soon that’s all I know for her.”[/COLOR]

Seriously, was the Academy slacking on teaching the trainees on what would work or what wouldn’t? Nishi wondered if there wasn’t a way to inform the teachers of what kind of genin they allowed in the field. After all, if a genin died then it was the responsibility of the jounin to inform the family and arrange all those troublesome affairs. If the basics of the genin would be better than they wouldn’t be dealing with so much troublemakers.
Hearing Kukiko’s reply, Nishi had wrapped her fingers around the mug. The soft steam, which was faintly visible, made it clear that it was still too warm to drink. Hearing about the first student, that considered herself invincible, Nishi couldn’t resist a sigh and closing her eyes.
[COLOR=orange]"Such idiocy is the reason why most people hold a disdain towards shinobi in the first damn place,"[/COLOR] the jounin mumbled.

When Kukiko explained about her second student, Nishi was silent. Blinking rapidly for a second, she wasn’t sure where to even begin. Her lips briefly parted but then closed. Confusion became evident, slowly spreading over her features. She thought that Claire and Yukimi weren’t the most brightest of mind. But upon hearing the mask, Nishi was flabbergasted.
[COLOR=orange]"And here I thought that it was bad that your niece decided to try to freeze herself when I trapped her and the other into a water prison. Good grace,"[/COLOR] Nishi tried to see some reasoning behind half blinding oneself. [COLOR=orange]"If her father is a kenjutsu specialist, is there no merit in involving him? Does he know about this odd practice?"[/COLOR]

Taking her order, Mika would listen as Kukiko started to talk about her students. Using the small spoon to start mixing the sugar and milk in her coffee, Mika started to frown. The fact that one of Kukiko’s students considered invincible was something that didn’t surprise Mika. She had dealt with genin that had a similar view. Just because they were shinobi didn’t mean that they couldn’t die. A harsh lesson that usually costed the death of one genin to make the others understand. They were in the military and not just playing to be heroes. When Kukiko began about the second student, Mika’s expression shifted. To pure disbelief. There was some comedy potential in such a weird practice. But if the girl would try to wear a mask that hindered her vision and thus reflexes in the midst of a fight? That was a recipe for disaster.

[COLOR=royalblue]”Holy fuck,”[/COLOR] Mika mumbled, forgetting for a second that she wasn’t in complete informal company. [COLOR=royalblue]”You got to be absolutely shitting me. Why was she even allowed to pass the Academy? Such practices should be weeded out at the Academy. Not by us!”[/COLOR] Mika stated, the disdain pretty obvious.

Kukiko couldn’t help but snigger at the comment about Yukimi, she’d known the girl was over confident in her abilities, that she relied to heavily on her release to get her through fights. But freezing herself in a water prison? That was comedic gold. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I haven’t thought of involving the father yet… As it stands she wears it when I say she can, which is when we’re not on missions. I haven’t....”[/COLOR] she took a small sip of her tea again, wondering absentmindedly why neither of the other two had started to drink their orders yet, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“had a chance to prove how terrible of an idea it is. At least not how I want to. I’ll kill the girl if it gets the point across to her.”[/COLOR] she smiled out at them both. She spun the tea around in the cup for a second and refocused herself on the conversation again, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I believe it came about after she had graduated. Something about the Six Tails attack made her think it was a good idea, wanting to grow quickly in power… Apparently blinding yourself is the best way to achieve that…”[/COLOR] she turned to the other two and raised an eyebrow, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Surely my team can’t be the only embarrassing one between us, out with your issues then.”[/COLOR]

The response of Kukiko made Nishi sigh softly. She was happy she wasn’t in the predicament that Kukiko was in. Blowing gently on the surface of the liquid in her mug, Nishi frowned slightly. That was so mixed! At one side, Nishi could respect the desire of wanting to become stronger. To have experienced such a horrid experience could indeed be used as a drive. To try to obtain a true noble and feasible goal.
But in such a way? Nishi wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry because it was more confusing than dealing with a genin that likely didn’t even know how to hold a kunai.

[COLOR=orange]”Well,”[/COLOR] Nishi began at a soft tone. Her eyes lowered and half closed.
[COLOR=orange]”I bet that I can accomplish more with two bricks. Drawing two faces on them and calling one, Lee, and the other Nini. The sheer incompetence is so big that it doesn’t make me wonder how we even lost so much these decades if this what the Academy produces. I am certain that if we put my team at front of any war that the enemy will be so confused that it will want to sign peace, just to be rid of dealing with us. They are in their own right so incompetent to what I expected that they probably will do more harm than good if being deployed right now."[/COLOR] Nishi spoke. Slowly the woman’s tone revealed more of her agitation and frustration regarding her team.

[COLOR=orange]”Sure, a genin is to learn of his or her mistakes. But good merciful grace, I wish she would toughen up and be less reliant on that dumbwit. No offense, Yuki,"[/COLOR] Nishi quickly added, [COLOR=orange]”Which brings me to the chuunin of the squad. I thought that chuunin had experience? Some measure of wit and skill. But all that I see is some twat that relies so much on her ice techniques that if we would go to the Snow country, you would likely see a certain snail’s trail when she walks away. Probably frozen too, fucking disgusting."[/COLOR]

Mika wondered how the attack of the Six tails could have caused such behaviour. The ideal of wanting to becoming stronger wasn’t. But the girl certainly had an odd idea of how to get stronger. Mika tried to remember about the time that the Six tails had attack, but she hadn’t been around when the attack had occurred. She had been up to something else. Which was likely for the better. When Kukiko asked about the details of their team, Mika was about to speak up. But Nishi beat her to it. Listening to the woman, Mika couldn’t resist to snicker. The ending of Nishi’s rant almost caused Mika to burst out in laughter.

[COLOR=royalblue]”I suppose it is now my turn? Well, I got the last remaining Oda on my team. If we don’t count her murderous brother who went rogue.”[/COLOR] Mika started, thinking about Aya, [COLOR=royalblue]”She is way too emotional. Loyal but quick to anger and judge. Has some skill but doesn’t like to work together. Which I can’t blame her for. Seeing previous team members actually did more damage to her than their opponents. Then there is this guy,”[/COLOR] Mika sighed as she shook her head. [COLOR=royalblue]”Usual sob story. Has a father that he tries to take care off. Nothing great or too bad about him. Kinda bland for now. And then my most recent addition.”[/COLOR] The jounin shook her head once more. [COLOR=royalblue]”He is like a joker so far. No sign of discipline and thought I would fall for some obvious trap. I will need to iron him properly out. Though he will likely resent for me it. But I believe we all have endured that from students.”[/COLOR]

Kukiko nodded along as Nishi spoke, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”I’ve no clue where she got the idea either.”[/COLOR] she agreed as Nishi went on to speak about her team. The fact she was sure two bricks would server the Republic better than her Genin was a little sad, but from the entire tone of the conversation it was obvious none of them were very pleased with the students they had to deal with. She allowed herself a small sense of relief at the fact her students weren’t nearly so terrible. They were odd and had their fair share of issues, but they were at the very least useful. As Nishi moved on to talk about her niece once more Kukiko could do nothing but sigh and wave a hand at Nishi, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”None taken. Seriously.”[/COLOR] she let Nishi know as she rubbed at her temples. She needed to fix that girl, somehow.

When Mika decided it was her turn to Kukiko couldn’t help but to be a little interested. The woman had the last Oda on her team? And it appeared as if Mika felt a tad bit sorry for the girl for her past experiences, being related to a traitor and having your team turn on you couldn’t have been very good for her growth as a shinobi. The other two were far less interesting, although the last appeared to have some sort of a disciplinary issue. Kukiko had no real issue with jokes, but there was an obvious line for figuring out when it was proper and when it wasn’t to go about joking. [COLOR=#00B2EE]”It seems you two have it far harder than I do… If you don’t mind my asking Hayashi, but what exactly happened to the Oda, on her past teams that is? What exactly did her teammates do?”[/COLOR] she’d heard horror stories of teams turning sour, had luckily never experienced one herself, but the thought remained that this could have been such a situation.

The last remaining Oda? Nishi couldn’t help but feel a bit of pity for the girl. To be the last remaining one of your clan and to be a girl? It would be rather tough to keep that name alive. Taking a sip of her drink, she was happy that none of her students were jokers. She absolutely loathed those people. There shouldn’t be any place for such idiots within the military, in Nishi’s opinion. As Kukiko asked questions, Nishi would opt to remain silent for now.

Mika couldn’t resist a soft snicker as Kukiko stated that no offense was taken. Taking a sip of her drink, she would nod after hearing Kukiko. [COLOR=royalblue]”Damn right. I wish mine just had a mask problem. I would have smacked that out of their head right away.”[/COLOR] Mika replied at first. Then she thought about the question of Kukiko. It was true that she held a certain sympathy for Aya. Not because she pitied the girl. There were a dozen more orphans that had sob-stories that could rivals Ayas. No, what caused the sympathy was the loyalty that Aya had shown. A certain loyalty that had reminded Mika of people she had trusted before. [COLOR=royalblue]”Well, first she suffered team members that were as inadequate as drunken crabs. A good example is that one figured it was a good idea to use the big fireball technique to a foe that Aya was engaging in close quarters. Then this mister wise guy and the other idiot didn’t seem to do much to improve the situation. The current team is currently not improving her desire to work with others. Which is a shame cause she has some potential.”[/COLOR]

It seemed another promising Genin was being dragged down by her teammates. It was a shame really, it happened often in the shinobi world, that a nin show some sort of ability or potential and be constantly hampered by the counterproductive efforts of their very own inexperienced team members. She sighed and took a drink from her tea, wondering if there was really anything else she could add to possibly help before shrugging, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”Sounds rough, but I think we all know we’ve got it rough in our own ways with our current teams. Have you tried any one on one training with the Oda? Perhaps that would help her to get to a point where even if her team is bringing her down she can simply shake them off and move forward without them?”[/COLOR]

Listening to Mika, Nishi remained silent. Agreeing in silence with Kukiko that it sounded rough, Nishi didn’t pity this Oda. Having incompetent team members were sadly a problem that they seemed to struggle with these days. Whereas they were in the past easily put out of commission and not allowed to continue further, endangering the reputation and operations of their corps, it seemed that the Republic was keen to give those certain individuals a chance to prove themselves. Much to Nishi’s dismay. [COLOR=orange]”Perhaps some solo attention would do her some good. If she has some potential, I dare to say that it is worth the effort. More than I can say of my own members.”[/COLOR]

They had a point and it was a fair question but Mika shook her head. [COLOR=royalblue]”I have given her some training and focused attention. The problem is that she will have to learn that she isn’t yet a solo operative. If she wants to progress, then she has to bite the arrow.”[/COLOR] Mika stated as she slightly leaned back in her seat. [COLOR=royalblue]”In the end, I do think that she will eventually get to that point of shaking her team off without my help. Though how about we switch to something more enjoyable, hm?”[/COLOR]

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[fieldbox="Introductions, #00B2EE"]Saito Shiori and Yuki Kukiko| Team 17 | Kirigakure - Mizu Kuni Tea
  A collab between Ultra Paradox Ultra Paradox and FrostedCaramel FrostedCaramel

Shiori and Kukiko meet for the first time at a small tea shop. They talk about a handful of different topics, make clear a few expectations Kukiko has of Shiori, and Kukiko informs Shiori of the other two members of Team 17.
   Kukiko wasn’t sure what it was about the tea shops of Kirigakure that set her at ease, whether it was the secluded booths with walls and doors to keep people’s interactions private, the way in which the servers didn’t bother you unless you made it clear you needed them, the massive assortment of domestic and oriental teas to choose from, or the fact that no one ever seemed to mind when she put something a little stronger than tea into her cup. Whatever it was she was growing fonder and fonder of the tea shops of her home. She closed the cap on the small flask she had brought and got to idly stirring her tea as she waited for the new genin to arrive, Shiori Saito. The girl had a past marred in confusion and apparent mystery, but what was known was that she was apparently rather bad at ninjutsu, had a bit of an aptitude for taijutsu, and some strange marks no one had yet been able to give a solid reason for why they were there.

[COLOR=#00B2EE]“Great, another oddball.”[/COLOR] Kukiko relinquished as she took a drink from her tea and sucked in as the bite of the alcohol she’d added was a bit more than she expected. [COLOR=#00B2EE][I]‘At least she’s a taijutsu oriented genin. I can train that, unlike the headache of these damn kenjutsu’s…’[/I][/COLOR] she thought as she took another drink and sucked in once more. She checked her watch and looked to the open door of her both to see if the new genin had arrived yet, it wasn’t as if she was late, Kukiko was just early.

The door swung open with a gentle ringing of a bell that hovered overhead, and stepping into the warm atmosphere of the tea shop was none other than Shiori Saito a newly graduated Genin and the new addition to team seventeen, otherwise known as team Kukiko. That was all the information she was given before going to Kosa about a week ago, and she wasn’t told anything else. She had no clue how many people were in the team, what her newly assigned sensei looked like, or where they would be meeting. All of which remained true until she returned home yesterday, and her caretaker Luna handed her a strange note stating where Shiori was to go, and at the bottom it was signed Kukiko.

She was overcome with emotion, and a ton of nerves. Shiori was waiting for this day for a long time and now that it was here she couldn’t believe it. The tea shop had a soothing atmosphere to it, much like a library. You could hear little to no chatter, and anything audible through the booth walls were drowned out by the clatter of plates and tea cups, or the bubbling of the water boiling above stove tops. There was a young receptionist standing behind a small pedestal with tired eyes, forging a facade of a smile, “Welcome to Mizu Kuni Tea, the best tea shop in all the Republic. Would you like to make a reservation or are you here to meet with somebody?”

Shiori unraveled an ugly striped scarf from her neck, and removed her mittens which were equally as tacky. She half smiled at the young receptionist and nodded, “U-uhm, I’m here to see someone named Kukiko.” She sniffled, the cold still lingering amongst her nose, and held her hands together hoping to hide any signs of anxiety. Winter in the Kirigakure was brutal, and the days were only getting colder. Good thing the Tea shop happened to have a good heating system, or Shiori would’ve been freezing in her boots. Or maybe that wouldn’t be too bad considering her nerves were making her shake anyways. “Hmmmm,” The lady looked down at a book set out before her, flipped a page and as her finger scaled over the column of names she gave a weak grin signifying her success, “Here we are, she would be in Booth 3C. That’s down this hall, third door to your left.”

Shiori gave a weak nod, and thanked the Lady for helping her before calmly; or at least as calmly as she could; walking towards the designated booth. Her heart began racing in her chest, and she could feel the palms of her hands begin to get sweaty. Was it because she was wearing the mittens for so long? The tea shop certainly was quite a ways away. She didn’t have time to convince herself of such matters now. She was committed to making it on time, not one minute late nor a minute early. Checking her own watch, and giving one last quaky exhale, she gripped the door knob, turned it, and stepped in.

She stood in the doorway like a deer caught in headlights, staring directly at a frail lady. She had dark circles beneath her eyes and a pale complexion of skin, which Shiori could see was much like her own. But in the midst of these thoughts that were racing through her own head, she made out one distinct voice that was louder than all the others. She looks sick.

“Kukiko Sensei?” Her ashen cheeks became rosy in embarrassment, as the shock was apparent in her shaky voice. She bowed slightly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She awaited to be given permission to sit before taking a seat.

Her idling thoughts broken Kukiko turned her gaze to the door as the knob gently spun and it was pulled away to reveal a young girl. By the looks of it she was about as tall as Kukiko, if not taller, had the stark white hair that was brushed upon in her academy record and the tattoos to give up exactly who she was. ‘Tattoos’ she thought as she couldn’t help but look at the three black stripes adorning the side of the girls face. She didn’t feel bad about staring her new student down, after all the girl was doing it to her too, but she did feel a bit self conscious of the fact they were so similar in appearance.

The ashen skin. The white hair. She smiled to herself as she noticed the girls different colored eyes. It meant that she at least had one eye that was a different color from that of her new doppelganger. A few seconds of studying one another past and Saito Shiori would finally be the first one to speak, breaking the calm silence between them with a shaky voice. Kukiko gave a small smile and waved her down to take a seat with her as she finished introducing herself and stood awkwardly awaiting permission to sit down. [COLOR=#00B2EE]”Please take a seat.”[/COLOR] Kukiko urged as she would take another small sip from her tea, enjoying the bite of the alcohol as she did.

Leaning forward slightly she’d place the cup down on its small plate and clasp her hands together, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”I’m Yuki Kukiko, Jounin of Team Seventeen… Although I’m sure you already kn--”[/COLOR] she turned her head suddenly and brought an arm up to cover her mouth as she would cough a few times into her sleeve. Confident that it had passed she’d lower her arm and get back to her new student, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”Sorry, can’t shake that damn cold it seems.”[/COLOR] she smiled apologetically and wondered what the new student would think of her decrepit physical appearance.

She lifted the warm cup of tea to her lips and took a larger drink then before to quell the scratching sensation in her throat. [COLOR=#00B2EE]”Where was I…?[/COLOR] she whispered absentmindedly as she placed the tea cup down for the second time since Shiori had entered the room. Raising a finger slightly she’d give out a small exclamation of a sound, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”That’s right! I’m sure you know who I am already, but I figure I should introduce myself past what you already can expect.”[/COLOR] she smiled out before cupping her hands around the the cup and enjoying the warmth with a sincere smile.

[COLOR=#00B2EE]”I’ve been a shinobi for… Well I don’t want to admit how long actually.[/COLOR] she winked at the girl as she continued to try and take her eyes off of the tattoos on her cheek. She’d heard of the Chonobi tattoos on the Western continent; hell, she’d seen them during the Great War, but this was nothing of the sort. It was something of a completely different nature. The black was too full. Too complete to be simply ink beneath skin. It was truly a part of her. It was a little fascinating.

She hummed to herself and started again, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”I have a rare kekkei genkai known as Ice Release, I specialize in taijutsu, and…. I like to read books. A lot of books.”[/COLOR] she admitted witha small blush before leaning a bit more forward, [COLOR=#00B2EE]”How about you? How long have you been a shinobi now? What do you consider to be your specialty?... Or I guess what do you want to specialize in is a better way to word that. And what do you like to do in your freetime? When you’re not training or sleeping.”[/COLOR] she managed out with interest even though she already knew the answer to almost every one of those questions from the girls record.

She could still feel the warmth of the blush upon her cheeks as she took a seat. There was a teacup resting upon a neatly decorated plate, and the tea was warm with an aroma so sweet it helped soothe Shiori a bit. She felt Kukiko analyzing her, just as she analyzed Kukiko, and was only left to wonder what her real thoughts were. She sat back in her seat, folding her hands on the table as Kukiko Sensei broke the ice by introducing herself.

Shiori listened intently to her sensei as she spoke, and was taken aback by the coughing fit that erupted in between her sentence. The cold must’ve been affecting her poorly this time of year, so much so that Shiori wondered if this sickly stature affected her skill in combat at all? She reached for the tea cup with one hand and held her other hand up when she apologized for coughing, “Don’t worry about it, I know exactly how you feel.”

Shiori always fell victim to the frigid temperatures, which is why she would bundle up so heavily. She lifted the tea cup to her lips, her hands warm against the ceramic as she took a sip. She brought the cup down, smiling at the fact that she wouldn’t admit how long she’s been a Shinobi for. Kukiko sensei must be a lot older than she looks, still taking on a young appearance. But this just intrigued Shiori even more over her new sensei, having a strong urge of wanting to discover her actual age.

She smiled, happy to know she too specialized in taijutsu. Shiori removed her overcoat, revealing the hitai ate proudly tied around her bicep, over a tight long sleeve shirt. “I just recently graduated from the academy, a few weeks ago actually. My specialty is definitely Taijutsu, actually uhm-” She chuckled a bit, embarrassed, “I have little to no chakra control. I struggle using even the most basic forms of Ninjutsu. If it weren’t for my taijutsu I truly doubt i’d even be here today. So I definitely want to specialize in that.”

She paused taking another sip of the tea. She couldn’t tell if this was green tea or something else considering it was very sweet. Either way, she liked it, a lot. Exhaling happily, and finally feeling like the nerves were gone now that she was face to face with her Sensei (who seemed like a sweet person) she continued, “On my free time I like hanging out with the few friends I have. But since I’m mostly alone, I enjoy climbing up things and watching the sights. Just to think, you know?”

She paused for a bit, just thinking for a while and then broke the silence, “May I ask you a question?” She politely waited for her Sensei’s answer and then continued, “How many teammates do I have? Do you mind telling me a bit about them?” Her cheeks had a rosy tint once more, “I always looked forward to being a part of a team, so I’m just a little curious.”

Listening as Shiori explained her time at the academy and her apparent lack of ability in most ninjutsu Kukiko would take another drink of her spiked tea and smile pleasantly at the Genin across the table. Everything that she was saying now she already knew, but it gave the idea that Shiori had control over what was known of her and what wasn't when it came to being a Kunoichi even if that wasn't the case. She wondered idly if the girl was aware that Kukiko had been through her personal file already, though by the way she explained herself she doubted she knew that a Jounin was granted access to team members records.

Kukiko leaned back into the booths padding and gave a small nod of approval, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Nothing wrong with a taijutsu specialty. It'll be even easier for me to train you than it is to train your teammates if I'm being honest.”[/COLOR] she admitted to Shiori as she shrugged slightly.

The fact the girl likes to get away from things and think reminded her slightly of herself. Of the current version of Yuki Kukiko, the one that showed face when she had to and his when she didn't. She wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy the uncanny resemblance they shared or not. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I can understand wanting to get away from it all to just think in peace.”[/COLOR] she replied softly as her mind continued to think on the girls resemblance to her.

[COLOR=#00B2EE]“But onto your teammates…”[/COLOR] she began, positive that had she not added a little something to her tea she may have felt the beginnings of a headache right about now, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Well the longest of the two is a girl named Kobayashi Shion. A bright one though she's a bit full of herself, and she's good with a blade, though only for a Genin of course.”[/COLOR] she finished with a laugh before taking another drink of her tea. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“The second is Takeda Yuyuko. Her father is a rather well known swordsman and teacher among those that practice, and she seems to be dead set on following in his footsteps. So another sword user. She's rambunctious and very odd but she's trying hard to fit her role, so I'm holding out hope for her.”[/COLOR] she rolled her eyes before signing and continuing, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“She wears a mask as well. Honestly ask her if you'd like to know more I think it's a pointless waste of effort.”[/COLOR]

She laughed as she took another sip of her tea. Placing her elbows on the table she'd cradle her head in her hands as she stared Shiori down, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“The third member is this strange white haired girl with two different color eyes, an odd marking on her face, and an apparent lack of ninjutsu ability… Though…”[/COLOR] she shrugged and smirked, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I haven't exactly had very much time to make an opinion on her yet.”[/COLOR]

Shiori leaned in her seat, elbows placed adjacently on the table and chin resting on her hands. She listened intently to every detail her Sensei placed about each of her Genin counterparts. Taking every last detail in. Kobayashi, Shion. A girl that brandished a sword, but was boastful of her own abilities. Or perhaps just cocky in general? Shiori would soon find out. Then there was another girl, an oddball of sorts. Takeda, Yuyuko. Shiori liked that name. Her father was a well known swordsmen and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. She also wore a mask, that Kukiko characterised as a ‘pointless waste of effort’. Both of them swordsmen.

“Both of them use swords huh?” She gave a narrow smile, but looked directly at the table, in a state of deep thought trying to picture in her head what the two of them looked like. “I could never take a liking to weapons, there’s just something about using my own body during combat, that makes me feel so alive.”

Kukiko couldn’t fail at making Shiori flush. Every time the coloration dissipated from her face, she succeeded at making the pale girl blush once more. She sat back against the booth’s padded seat and nodded. Her eyes shined under the dim lights in the booth, and they sparkled with confidence. “I think I’ve heard of that girl before. Yeah that’s right. The girl that’s going to be trained under Kukiko Sensei to become one of the Republic’s best Kunoichi’s.”

She closed her eyes and reached forward, taking ahold of her tea cup and taking another sip. “As for my markings,” She lowered the cup again, and looked down at the tea, “My father tells me I had them since I was born, and my mother tells me it was a blessing given to me by Nanami. But she says the same about my skin, so I don’t know if I can believe her much. I’m the only one out of my siblings that looks like this.”

She laughed wholeheartedly while looking at Kukiko, “So I guess you can say I’m relieved to find someone that looks somewhat like me.”

Kukiko took a sip of her tea and nodded happily at her student as she spoke about how she couldn’t ever seem to enjoy weapons, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“They are both quite in love with their katanas, but I have to agree. I’m far more inclined to hit something with a fist than I am with a katana.”[/COLOR] she joked and smile as she brandished one of her fists. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Just make sure that feeling doesn’t get you killed some day. Can’t fight everyone with your fists, I’m sure you know that much.”[/COLOR] Kukiko said knowingly before taking another drink from her tea and finishing it, the liquor at the bottom giving it a strong bite as she did and causing her to scrunch her brow.

As Shiori stated that she may know of the final team member she had described Kukiko rolled her eyes slightly when she stated her grand ambitions, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Don’t get ahead of yourself Shiori. Let’s keep those goals of yours small for now, no need to be so lofty right from the start.”[/COLOR] she said as she’d place her cup down, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Ambition like that will have you bleeding out away from home because you tried to prove yourself worthy of it.”[/COLOR] she said a bit softer as she’d lean forward and watch her new student.

[COLOR=#00B2EE]“Dead students don’t learn very well, and dead teammates aren’t very much help in combat. So I’d like you to not die if you can help it.”[/COLOR] her tone had turned a bit softer but there was a serious undertone in it as old memories dredged up painfully in her mind.
She leaned back suddenly and placed a false smile on her face and moved onto the girls strange appearance and her parents explanations for it, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I’d say Nanami has truly blessed you then. Rare to find the touch of Her so tangible as this.”[/COLOR] Kukiko agreed as she wondered if that meant that Shiori was a Follower of Nanami rather than Youko. She cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow at the girl, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“So you follow Nanami then? Or is it Youko and the rest of the deities?”[/COLOR] she poised curiously to Shiori, she’d met plenty of Shinobi that followed Youko’s Faith, but seldom did they follow Nanami thanks to her pacifistic nature. She could count the Shinobi she knew that followed Nanami on her hands, even when she included herself.

Shiori tried not to show a glimpse of the sadness she felt when her sensei put her ambition down like some rabid animal. Sure she had short term goals too, she may have been ambitious but realistic. She wouldn’t let her long term goals get in the way, especially when it meant putting her own life or the life of her teammates at risk, or at least that’s what she tried to convince herself of. She finished the last bit of tea that was in her cup and watched Kukiko Sensei with curious eyes as she spoke about how dead students don’t learn very well.

The way her words came off the tongue, soft with true compassion and perhaps even sadness. There was something more to it, Shiori felt it. She set the tea cup down as the conversation shifted to one of religion. Something Shiori never really felt comfortable with. “My family follows Nanami, and I did when I was younger too. But, I’m not too sure what I believe in anymore.”

She gave a light shrug, and shifted in her seat. “Never really said that out loud,” she chuckled awkwardly. Her family was very religious, and if she were to say that in her household she would never [I]ever[/I] hear the end of it. She wondered if Kukiko was anything like her family, and for a split second even regret saying it out loud, but she shook that feeling away.

Trying to shift away from the topic, Shiori leaned forward again, pressing her hand against her cheek. “Did you ever have any students before us?”

Kukiko stirred slightly in her seat as Shiori stated she wasn’t too sure what she believed in any longer. The idea wasn’t alien to her, she’d had many moments in her life where fundamentals of her world were put under the cutting block. Forced to be dissected and studied for the good of her own growth, for her very survival. Her faith was no exception. [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Everyone must find their own way with their faith. Our profession has a cruel way of forcing it on us all at some point or another.”[/COLOR] she replied as she’d trace her pointer finger around her empty tea cup, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Don’t feel you’re alone in that.”[/COLOR] she said trying to reassure the young girl before she would frown as the Genin asked of her old students.

The idea to simply lie was first to her lips. To say no and end the conversation there. To send Shiori off and tell her when they’d next meet as a team in order to avoid the question for as long as possible, until she knew a better way to go about speaking about her past teams, about her failures.

A sad smile pursed her lips as she’d bring her eyes down to the last dregs of the tea in its cup, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Many before this team.”[/COLOR] she’d say as she watcher the ghost of her own reflection staring up at her, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Many indeed.”[/COLOR] she could feel a cold gripping her. A scratching at the edge of her mind that wanted her to pay attention to it, like a demon whispering in the ear of the weak and corruptible, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“They were good…”[/COLOR] she continued to watch her reflection without looking to Shiori, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“...students.”[/COLOR] the finger tracing the cup had stopped as her hand began to shake slightly and she grabbed the cup to stop the tremor from growing.

[COLOR=#00B2EE]“A conversation for another time Shiori.”[/COLOR] she’d say as she brought her gaze up from her shuddering reflection in the shaking tea cup.

Again Shiori became mystified with the stories that she believed Kukiko must of had! Stories buried deep within her, of her students becoming great ninjas of the Republic, maybe even secret operatives for the government. She leaned in again, hovering over the empty tea cup, prepared to hear what entailed over the genin that came before her. But something didn’t feel right, the frail lady who sat across from her had a gloomy expression as her fingers traced the decorated tea cup.

Shiori couldn’t necessarily put a finger on it, but she wasn’t going to delve deep into her Sensei’s mind, she would learn with time she supposed. What she learned from this short meeting was that Kukiko Sensei, despite her young appearance, was a lot older and wiser than Shiori originally thought. She also had a ton of well kept secrets, stories, or perhaps even regrets hidden in there somewhere. Shiori wondered what Kukiko thought of her now compared to when she first walked in, but it didn’t matter, because one thing was for sure, Shiori liked her. Coming in here today she had some pretty messed up jitters and was too nervous to sit without permission, but Kukiko was able to make her feel at home in a way.

Shiori gave her a warm smile, her eyes glimmering with acceptance and joy, “It’s okay, Kukiko Sensei, I have a lifetime to hear your stories one day.”

She took a look at her watch. They’ve been at it for about twenty to thirty minutes, and she didn’t want to waste too much of her time. She began to pull her arms into the sleeves of her winter jacket when she asked, “I wonder, do they have a time limit in how much time someone could spend in these booths? It’s my first time being here, pretty fancy if I’m being honest,” She laughed, “I prefer those cheap ramen shops, or the really nice bakeries in town that sell really good Taiyaki. After I meet the team, and when we aren’t doing anything maybe we can all go. It would be on me, or well...on my Aunt but you know still on me.”

“But this was nice…” She wasn’t lying and you could hear the sincerity in her voice. “When is our next meeting when I get to meet all the others, and what would we be doing, if you don’t mind me asking that is?” She began wrapping the scarf around her neck, and putting on her wool cap, preparing for the brutal cold and light snowfall that awaited outside the warm tea shop.

Kukiko shook her head as Shiori stated she had a lifetime to hear her stories, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“One can hope that’s the case.”[/COLOR] she said before listening to the girl talk about her preference for bakeries and specifically their taiyaki. Straying quickly from what she was talking about Shiori would ask if there was any sort of a time limit at a place like this as she began to pull her jacket back on. With a small laugh Kukiko just shrugged, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Depends who you know I’d say. I come here often for a cup of tea…”[/COLOR] she hummed as she thought, “I’m not sure when they stopped timing me, but it’s been quite a while since the last time they did.”

Standing Kukiko would pull her rolled sleeves down and open the small sliding door to their booth, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“This talk was nice yes.”[/COLOR] she said as she’d step outside and motion for the genin to follow, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“Next meeting hmmmmm.”[/COLOR] she tugged at the sleeves of her sweater to pull them halfway over her hands, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“I don’t have anything planned, though there are things in motion that may have us on a mission shortly. You’ll know for sure when I summon you all together.”[/COLOR] she smiled and led the girl out into the snow of Kirigakure. She relished in the cold for a moment before turning to her student, [COLOR=#00B2EE]“So watch out for that summons. I’ll be in touch.”[/COLOR] she offered a smile and nodded to the genin before turning to walk towards her home.

“Sounds Good,” Shiori nodded as they walked outside and back into the cold city streets. The streets for the most part were empty, most people deciding to stay home and warm before the weather got even worse. Shiori couldn’t blame them, and she relished the idea of heading home and being able to stay under the covers for the rest of the day.

She turned to her Sensei and nodded, “It was a pleasure, Kukiko Sensei, I look forward to working with you and the others very soon.” With a slight bow, she turned on her heels and walked the opposite direction, heading home with her hands set deep in her pockets.


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[fieldbox=Gathering the Allies of the North - part 1, plum]

Asami Sanosuke
Raikage Assistant |Lightning Country, far north.


Narrowing her eyes, Asami peered through the light snowfall. Winter so far north was more unforgiven and harsher than in the south. Those who lived in the more southern parts and coasts didn't know the true meaning of cold until they ventured to the northern parts. It was one of the reasons that it was rare that 'true born northern'ers' as some Sanosuke called themselves, to be heard joking about the winter. It was the deadliest of seasons. It didn't give life. It only took and then would wait three seasons before coming back to snatch away whatever it could. One of the reasons that some Sanosuke also used to claim their rulership on their northern jarldoms for those pompous Hojo and backwatered Alaricus couldn't withstand the cold. And if they couldn't fight the cold, what hope could they have of ruling the true north?

Exhaling slowly, Asami banned the thoughts of the cold from her mind. The sound of the others, men mounted on horses, broke her train of thoughts. Throwing a glance over her shoulder, Asami saw the small company of horseman. The rough ponies were much like the men used to the cold weather, able to proceed over the rough terrain with a decent speed.
Asami would, however, keep the group waiting in the cold. No complaint would find its way out over the lips of the men that accompanied her. Complete silent they would wait for the instruction of the woman, remaining wary of any sign of danger. Positioned on a tall hill, dotted by vegetation, they had a good sight over a large field ahead of them. Past the field was another treeline that led further down, further south.
Suddenly, a rider would appear from the treeline. He drove his mount as quick as he could over the field. Asami's group just watched as the rider approached them.

"They are further south. Not too far, established their camp in a very large clearing." The rider reported to Asami, pointing to the direction he came from to place an emphasis on where the camp was. "I don't think it is anything else but what might be a vanguard though." The rider concluded his report. Asami just nodded as she weighed her options.

She knew the Sato but what she knew was just a little, which complicated things. They were nomads that had an interesting history. For they were a nomad clan that didn't orientate much on militant endeavours. The Sato were quite unlike, let's say the Kusanagi, peaceful. Despite the known fact that two jinchuriki that had ever tamed their beasts had Sato blood in them.
"You," Asami threw a look over her shoulder to one of the riders, "Head back. Report to the jarl of Langanes that I have found the Sato. Hopefully, the next message will be a positive one."

The appointed messenger would steer his horse and gallop away without any word. Asami turned her gaze to the direction where the Sato 'vanguard' had been found. She honestly doubted that the Sato had something as a 'vanguard'. But perhaps it was something like a scouting part of a larger part? Cursing silently that she didn't know more about the Sato, Asami would spur her mount forwards. Followed by the other Sanosuke riders.


The camp was on top of a hill, which provided excellent defence as an oversight on the surrounding clearings and other hills. The tracks in the snow, that Asami and her group had found, had already made it clear that this wasn't a small group but a gathering of cattle, horses and people.
Riding over the field, she was certain that the Sato would have spotted her and her group by far. As the Sanosuke party started to close on to the base of the hill, they already saw people moving. Children and women that first had seem curious were soon replaced by men.
When she reached the base of the hill, Asami slowed down her mount. A better sight on the men, most of them weren't that heavily armed. Let alone armoured with heavy equipment, so far she could see. Raising a hand, she would speak up.

"I, Asami Sanosuke, come to request a meeting with your leader. We don't come with ill intent." She exclaimed, slowly lowering her hand. The tension was rising. The Sanosuke riders had a hand at the hilt or handle of their weapons, wary of any threatening movement of the Sato on top of the hill. But so too were the Sato more than visibly to react to any transgression committed by the Sanosuke. However, a minute later, a response came. They were allowed to climb and enter the camp as long as they would indeed come in peace.
Sighing softly, Asami would dismount from her pony. Holding on to the reins, she would start to climb the hill. Subtly she further scanned the looks of the Sato. Most of them had weapons such as spears or bow and arrow. Nothing too elaborate but certainly not impractical for hunting or defending themselves. She briefly wondered if it was true that they could ride a horse as well shoot an arrow in full gallop with decent accuracy. If so, hopefully, they could be coerced to join in with them.

Reaching the top of the hill, Asami would slowly grab the handle of the axe at her hip, resting in a ring. Pulling the weapon out, she would flip it and hold the handle towards the nearest Sato. The man seemed a bit nervous but understood the gesture almost instantly. Stepping forwards, he briefly locked his eyes with Asami's before taking the axe gently. The Sanosuke behind Asami would follow and the tension seemed to diminish by a bit.
One of the men stated that Asami could follow him to their leader.

Another Sato would take the reins of her mount, already softly talking to the animal to calm it down. Following the Sato, she would be brought to the centrum of the camp. Allowing Asami to throw subtle glances at the interior of the camp. There was no sighting of the women or children. Nor the elderly. Which was understandable but also what Asami considered a plus point. It proved that the Sato weren't idiots. Other than that, she wasn't able to conclude much other information from what she saw of the camp. The round tents were large and could possibly house a small family inside, sheltering them against the cold temperature and nature. Or perhaps allowing to be utilized as places to store supplies and what not.
Being brought to the centre of the camp, to a large tent, Asami could see some of the patterns that were woven into the fabric of the tent. She wondered if this was either the tent of their leader or one where religious matters took place.

There were some men in front of the tent. Armed as armoured in a better fashion, in terms of quality. Asami wondered if these men were just established warriors of the Sato, being the bodyguards of a prominent member of the nomadic clan. Perhaps even relatives or close companions that had earned their place with merit and proven loyalty.
Entering the tent, Asami found herself surprised at how pleasantly warm it was inside. The canvas that held back the cold was probably either thick or made out of various layers. Inside, she could see more of the construction and had to admit it was certainly looking sturdier than what it looked on the outside.
Only one man sat inside, at the centre as a small fire provided both some light and warmth in the tent. He wasn't dressed as what one might have expected from a nobleman. His appearance was even very 'common' like. A simple necklace made out of some rope hang around his neck, a small wooden emblem visible - the head of a horse.

"Lady Asami, please." the man gestured for her to take a seat. "Would you perhaps like something to drink or eat?" He asked, his tone being polite as respectful. "It isn't often that we are graced with the company of Sanosuke in our camps these days. I am honoured. I am Masanori of the Sato clan." He would bow his head slightly towards

Making a small bow with her head, Asami quickly eyed the man further. The only visible weapon that he had was a sheathed knife. But it wasn't broad or lengthy enough to be a knife which purpose was more aimed at fighting. Probably more for utility. Taking a place at the fire, Asami nodded slowly. "I would appreciate that very much." She replied. Watching the man rise up and grab two wooden mugs, filling them with a clear liquor.
Thinking about the name, Asami was quickly to deduce that this was actually the man she wanted to meet. Masaonori, the leader of the Sato clan. But this couldn't be the entire Sato clan, could it, she asked herself. If this camp was the entire Sato clan, then Asami wasn't so sure how much aid they could provide.

Masanori would turn towards Asami. A polite-like smile grew on his lips as he offered one of the mugs towards her. Sitting down, he would raise his mug towards Asami. "Skol," He said, though the Taika accent clear as he spoke the Chonobi word.

Surprised by the gesture, Asami was quick to follow. "Skol," she replied, raising her own drink. Taking a sip, she wanted to ask Masanori how he knew Chonobi. But the man beat her to it.
"Fascinating language, Chonobi. If you don't mind me saying so. I learned it as I frequently trade with the residents that live under the rule of the jarl of Langanes. And during my earlier years, I used to travel to the jarldom of Horga as Arkanes. Though I learned the basics of Chonobi from a few friends that used to sell their steel to guard caravans."

It became silent for a second as Asami took in the information. This wasn't just a friendly chat, she imagined. He was a political leader and she had her own agenda, which he likely suspected as well. If anything, she saw through the friendly chatter. Understanding the message, she slowly nodded.



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[fieldbox=Team 9 training - part 1, maroon]
Team 9 (Hiron Hon, Shikaroku Nara, Tomiko Hyuuga, Yiko Uchiha) with Kyoi Hyuuga and Karma Minami.

A collab between @Jason Targaryen , GlitchyBugger GlitchyBugger , Nim Nim , @ChromeHound and Gerontis Gerontis

Hiron rallies the team for a team training. When they come together, they are engaging in some training that isn't too heavy on the genin. A chance is provided to both Kyoi and Karma to pass on something that they have been trained in to the three genin. Afterwards, Hiron discusses something with Kyoi and Karma while the genin receive a combat training from Hiron's shadow clones.


Waiting on the training field, Hiron had his left hand leaned on the hilt of a short sword that rested in its scabbard. The dark grey clouds blocked the blue sky and sun, making the scenery with the leafless trees quite gloomy. There had been some snowfall but not enough more than a small layer.
Hopefully, the team would rally soon as Hiron had received news that two others would join his squad. Not in an permanent sense though. And while usually not being eager to lead a whole platoon of genin, he was considering it beneficial that it were a chuunin and a specialised jounin. If they were competent then they could perhaps help to train the genin, giving the progress for the team.

Yiko walked out into the clearing, backpack on hands in his pockets. He somehow had been the first on there, even though he took a more scenic route to get there. He was wearing his usually uchiha outfit, as well as a black and grey striped scarf that covered the lower have of his face and his neck. Picking up his pace a bit, he stopped a few feet from hiron and gave him a nod. “[COLOR=#006666]Hello sensei[/color]” Yiko greeted, before yawning a bit. He wasn’t sure what else to say, afraid that he might get scolded for saying anymore, especially the glare he got for his casual approach during their meeting

The Hyuuga came dashing onto the training field, panicked that she would be late to the first training with the group. As she drew close and stopped, she noticed only Hiron and Yiko standing there. [color=magenta][i]Thank Tian, I made it.[/i][/color] The girl thought to herself, taking a few moments to catch her breath. Tomiko had clearly been busy between the meeting and now, as one could see various scratches and bruises along her body from those training sessions with her father, and her own experiments of late. Many of which ended firmly with the ground. Once she caught her breath the genin gave a respectful bow towards Hiron then towards Yiko. [color=magenta]”Good Morning Hon-sensei, Uchiha-san”[/color] She said quietly, wearing a pleasant expression on her features.

Not too long after Team 9 was fully assembled at the field, Kyoi would arrive, flashing a brief grin to Tomiko as she looked at the other members that were present. As optional as the missive informing her of the temporary change of team and training assignment with said team was, it was likely for the best to show up and introduce herself to her temporary companions for the foreseeable future.
[b]”Good morning, sir. Kyoi Hyuuga, present and ready.”[/b] She would chime to Hiron, donning a warm smile and bowing politely. [b]”I’m quite proficient in medical ninjutsu, taijutsu and stealth operations, but I will help in whatever way you need of me.”[/b]

Barely a couple of moments after Kyoi’s arrival, another set of footsteps would indicate yet another arrival. Coming to a stop next to Kyoi, Karma would take a moment before speaking up [color=#FFFFCC]”Good morning everyone. Karma Minami, reporting for duty.”[/color] after giving her brief introduction, she would offer a polite bow towards all, but not say anything further.

Approaching the field, Shikaroku flipped the lighter open and closed. the small spark of light that came out when the lighter was opened offered him brief comfort. The air around him was cold and the light snowfall only served to emphasize that. Adjusting the collar of his jacket so that it covered more of his neck, Shikaroku pocketed the lighter. He could see that all of the others had arrived, including two people he was unfamiliar with. These must be the ones Hiron had mentioned previously. Stepping up to the group, Shikaroku arrived in time to hear the two newcomers introduce themselves. Nodding politely to them, the Nara said nothing further.

Waiting for the team to rally, Hiron raised his right hand as he would briefly rub his chin. The bitter cold started to become worse with a breeze passing over the area. The first to arrive was Yiko Uchiha. Returning the boy’s greeting with a nod, Hiron would wait for the others to arrive. Yiko was followed up by Tomiko Hyuuga. Simply returning the morning with a nod, Hiron noticed Kyoi and Karma. Turning half towards the approaching females, Hiron would wait till both had introduced themselves. Shikaroku Nara seemed to follow suit.
[color=maroon]”Mhm, I had the message. Now that everybody is here, time for business. You three,”[/color] Hiron shot a look at the genin, [color=maroon]”Five laps. Ten jumping jacks and twenty push ups. Now,”[/color] though speaking in a calm fashion, it was clear that he wouldn’t accept any belly aching.

[color=maroon]”You two,”[/color] Hiron turned his attention to Karma and Kyoi. He had read their profiles or what had been offered for reading, at least. The jounin wasn’t in the least interested in their personal affairs or such. What was most important for him was their capabilities and record. Kyoi seemed to have a somewhat clean record. Which surprised him, for she was both a Hyuuga and a specialised jounin? He had expected some dirt. Karma Minami did have some dirt on her profile, though. Being demoted and for what reason, oh. Hiron figured that she had learned her lesson as she had recently gained back her former rank of chuunin. But still, he kept it in mind.
[color=maroon]”Today I am going to delve into the basics with the genin. Hand sign commands. Learning how to listen. Matters you two have already been through, I hope.”[/color] Frowning, he would wait to see if they would or wouldn’t disappoint him.

The girl’s head seemed to whip around as she recognized the voice. Eyes wide as she broke out into a small grin upon seeing Kyoi nearby. Though she forced herself to focus back on the task at hand whenever Hiron started giving them their tasks. It wasn't anything terrible, though the Hyuuga fully anticipated the training becoming more difficult over time. When he finished she gave a simple nod before turning to start running the assigned laps. Though she did give a wave and a quick greeting towards Kyoi as she passed. As she went through the assigned exercises, Tomiko’s mind drifted to her last training with Aiko, where she had been tasked to exercise like this beforehand and seemingly only to tire herself out before a spar. Would this training be similar? She hoped not, she had been sore for half the journey back home after that. [color=magenta]”Focus, Tomiko.”[/color] She mumbled to herself as she continued through the tasks at hand.

Miko took obvious note of her presence, while it did brighten her day Kyoi found herself quietly concerned about how beat up her little cousin seemed, it wasn’t too bad by the looks of things so it was probably some training. Regardless she kept her full attention fixed on Hiron whilst he instructed the Genin and soon began talking to her and Karma.
Hand signs and communication? A cakewalk for herself at the very least, no doubt for Karma as well. As a simple response that would hopefully appease Hiron, Kyoi gave him the okay with a brief gesture, deciding there wasn’t any need to expand upon that with follow-up speech.

Seeing Hiron instruct his own team to do rounds before approaching them, Karma wondered what kind of instructions he would have for them. Upon hearing what he was going to do, Karma would motion with hand gesture that it is understood, and that she is ready to help. The team she was with prior to Team 7 had a lot of training sessions about the hand signs and having proper communication. While she felt the part of communications had faltered slightly upon her transfer to Team 7, it did feel as though it was now improving once more, so she hoped both her and Kyoi could serve as a good example for Hiron’s team, however he planned to approach the topic with them.

Yiko whipped around to see the new faces. [COLOR=#006666] 2 more people? Why? Was it to be more personal training with each of us? [/color] It had also seemed like Tomiko, the newest member of the team, knew one of them, judging by the sudden brightness in her eyes when Kyoi introduced herself. Without much thought Yiko went to doing Hirons orders. He tossed his bag to the side and got straight to work. Getting into a nice pace he began his run. Mainly focusing on his breathing while he ran.

Turning from the others with a brief nod, Shikaroku set out to follow Hiron’s orders. The laps themselves were not difficult and the Nara enjoyed the opportunity to clear his mind. It had been awhile since he had truly exercised. His injury was still not fully healed and it had stopped him from being able to train as normal. When he had finished the laps, Shikaroku got set to start the jumping jacks. Every time he raised his arms he felt a twinge of pain from the wound. Gritting his teeth, Shikaroku fought through the pain and completed the remaining jumping jacks. Lowering himself into position to start the pushups, the Nara winced. This was not going to be pleasant...

The response of Kyoi and Karma made Hiron nod as he was happy he wouldn’t need to go over something basic with a chuunin and specialised jounin. Considering something, Hiron threw a look at the genin. They were all busy and focused, so far he could see, with their warming up.
[color=maroon]”You, Kyoi?”[/color] Hiron turned to the Hyuuga. [color=maroon]”I want you to give them the handsignal training. Keep it basic and teach them five signs you find important.”[/color] The jounin crossed his arms out front of his chest, taking a step back so that the specialised jounin could start. [color=maroon]”Afterwards, I want you,”[/color] Hiron threw a glance at Karma. [color=maroon]”To teach them a sign or three.”[/color]

The immediate delegation of teaching a selection of handsignals based on their own perspectives of importance seemed rather interesting, it would likely help determine the kind of person they were depending on their choices. [b]”Understood.”[/b] Kyoi was quick to turn and approach the three genin as they were finishing their exercise.
[b]”I’ll be teaching you three some handsignals. First I want to ask, do any of you know the importance of why we have and use these signals?”[/b] Kyoi’s eyes would slowly trail across each member of the team, waiting for one of them to speak up.

Tomiko finished her exercises just as Kyoi approached the group, listening to the other Hyuuga with the hints of a smile on her face. [color=magenta]”Well they're there so we can communicate silently while on a mission, right? Don't want to give away your position if you're sneaking up on somebody. I also imagine its it's more difficult to understand what we are saying if he use the signals.”[/color] Tomiko answered quickly, fairly confident in her response as she fell silent afterwards and waited for Kyoi to confirm she was correct.

As expected, Miko was so eager to answer that she didn’t give the other two even a second to answer for themselves. At least if they didn’t know before they would now. [b]”That’s right, but what do each of you think is the most important thing to convey between one another when communicating with hand signals?”[/b]

Finishing his pushups, Shikaroku nursed his stiff shoulder. Returning to the group, he masked the pain as best he could, turning his attention to Kyoi as she asked her questions. Tomiko was the first to answer and Shikaroku remained silent, relieved that he would not be forced to answer. Tomiko, it appeared, was eager to impress. That suited him just fine, meant he would have less pressure. The older Hyuuga asked another question and Shikaroku sighed inwardly. He wasn’t going to get away with it that easily.

[color=purple][b]"It depends on the scenario."[/b][/color] the Nara said quietly after a pause. [color=purple][b]"Traditionally, I would say that the most important thing to communicate would be enemy positioning and your own team’s movement. However, they can also be used very effectively to warn for traps or dangers ahead when you are in enemy territory and silence is a necessity."[/b][/color]

Tomiko thought silently for a few moments before nodding. [color=magenta]”I am inclined to agree with Nara-san. Though I think enemy position and traps would be the most important to communicate. If a team is well trained in working together they should be able to handle it without needing too much communication. Right?”[/color] She said quickly, thinking about all those books she had read featuring teams doing exactly that. Hopefully she hadn't just made a total fool of herself.

After the workout was done, Yiko made his way to the rest of the group. Last as always, including on the answers as everyone else spoke up before he could get a chance to, yet he did not have a drive to answer all that badly either. “[COLOR=#006666] I agree with both answers, but I feel like its very important to communicate with your team where each person should move, and what phase of a plan should be executed, or which target they are gonna take down and so forth [/COLOR]” Yiko explained placing both hands inside his pockets.

The responses garnered from these three brought a smile to Kyoi’s face, looking to each of them as they made their answers, though briefly eyeing Shikaroku’s shoulder as he seemed to display some discomfort with it before speaking. [b]”Very good answers, all developing upon one another’s opinions in your own ways… Based on that, I’ll have you learn the handsignals that prompt you to rally up, take cover, back away, look out for something and eliminate a target.”[/b]

As she explained how to make each signal she would also display it, just to be sure they understood the gesture. [b]“First, rallying up is simple enough, whomever makes the signal should be looking towards the rest of the team whilst balling their hand up into a fist and moving it in a circular fashion.”

“Taking cover is a downward swipe behind you with an open hand, multiple times preferably to make sure the message gets across, whether the one making it is looking towards you or not isn’t of any importance here, but it helps for them to keep their eyes on whatever they deem enough of a threat that you need to get into cover.”

“The signal to back away normally requires the user to be looking in your direction, but works either way with their open hand raised more or less at head height, palm facing away from their body and moving as if they’re pushing something away.”

“Looking out requires the user to make a circle with their forefinger and thumb, lining the rest of their fingers up with their forefinger, like you’re trying to make a telescope with your hand, holding it over their eye and then pointing in whatever direction they want you to keep watch over.”

“Lastly you’ve got the eliminate signal, you make a flat hand and swipe it near your neck back and forth a couple of times, telling you to kill whomever your designated target is. Replicate each one yourselves just to make sure you’ve got it, alright?”[/b] With her instruction over, Kyoi would watch the three Genin replicate the signals as she had displayed. [b]”Right now, whilst you might not need to use them yourselves, understanding how each one moves and knowing what it means so that you don’t miscommunicate is important. That’s all I’ll be teaching you for now.”[/b] With everything said and done she’d give them a small bow, turn and return to Hiron, giving a confirmation that she was finished with a brief gesture.

Watching in silence as Kyoi gave the basic introduction for hand signals, Karma took a note of which hand signals she chose to show and teach the three, which seemed to go by relatively well. They all gave good answers, and then seemed to catch the hand signals that were taught to them pretty well too. It didn’t take long for Kyoi to finish teaching her part, and by the time she did, Karma knew how she wanted to approach her topic.

Walking up to the three, Karma gave them a small bow before she begin to speak [color=#FFFFCC]”As you just learned, Hand signals are important for communicating while working as part of a team, for different reasons. However, the hand signals you learned alone can sometimes be too general.”[/color] She spoke in a calm fashion, before looking at the three [color=#FFFFCC]”That is why we have the Hand Signs, which are the hand signals for numbers. Can each of you three think of a situation where having Hand Signs would be useful?”[/color] Karma asked, passing her sight between all three.

Tomiko decided to be the first to speak up this time around, thinking that the answer would be relatively simple. [color=magenta]”Wouldn’t it be useful for identifying the number of enemies? That seems like the most obvious answer, Minami-san”[/color] The Hyuuga said softly, figuring that she was on the right track with her answer thus far. [color=magenta]”I also think it might be useful if you’re trying to tell your team to split up. Like if you want a group of two to go one way or something.”[/color] She added before falling silent and looking between the rest of the team.

Yiko nodded his head slowly listening to what Tomiko had to offer before speaking “[COLOR=#006666] It would useful in that sense, I also think that it could also offer as a way to identify each target, like this is target number one, this is target number two, and so forth.[/COLOR]” Yiko answered. He felt as if giving each target an identity using hand signs would allow for dynamic and more efficient ways to handle enemies silently and left less of a chance for error.

Folding his arms across his chest, Shikaroku waited for his teammates to finish speaking. [color=purple][b]"They can also be used to signify distance. Whether that distance is to a target or a point of interest, you can use hand signs to direct the team."[/b][/color] One hand idly scratched his healing shoulder and Shikaroku chewed his lip as another thought struck him. [color=purple][b]"Formations are another way you can use hand signs. If you organize specific squad formations by number, you can quickly switch between them in the field with a small gesture."[/b][/color]

Karma nodded as each of them gave one or more possible ideas [color=#FFFFCC]”All those and more are possible situations and ways Hand Signs can be used. Now, I am going to show you the first five Hand Signs, being one to five. One thing of importance to note about Hand Signs”[/color] She said before beginning to show, raising her left hand with her open palm directed towards them [color=#FFFFCC]”You won’t always see the front of the hand to properly identify the Hand Sign. So knowing to identify each, from any side, is vital.”[/color]

Following this, Karma would close her left hand into a fist before pointing up with her index finger [color=#FFFFCC]”This is the Hand Sign for one.”[/color] She said [color=#FFFFCC]”Go ahead and do it yourselves now. Also make sure to look at how your hand looks from behind as you do it”[/color] She instructed, and watched as the three did so.

Nodding after they did so, Karma would raise her middle finger alongside her index finger, but keeping space between the two. [color=#FFFFCC]”This is the Hand Sign for two. Go ahead and do so yourself.”[/color] She once more instructed. Seeing the three did so, she nodded once more, understanding she wouldn’t have problems with instructing the remaining three Hand Signs.

She showed them the Hand Sign for three, which included the thumb, index finger and middle finger extended, with space in between, but the remaining two fingers staying besides the palm. She watched them repeat and then continued on to the Hand Sign of four, which included the thumb staying by the palm of the hand, and the other four fingers extending out, while staying spaced. After seeing the three do repeat once more, Karma showed them the Hand Sign for five, which is the hand being open, all fingers extending out, and none of them connected to another.

Once she watched all the three repeat the fifth and final Hand Sign, Karma nodded [color=#FFFFCC]”That’s good. Remember all the different ways and situations you mentioned, and keep practicing the Hand Signs.”[/color] She told them, before giving them a small bow and then heading back to Hiron, just as Kyoi did once she was done with her instructing.

The girl followed along quietly with Karma, practicing each of the handsigns as she went through in order to memorize them. Both her teammates had brought up good points to use these during, so she wanted to make sure she knew them. Tomiko remained quiet as Karma backed away, practicing the handsigns a few more times as she shot a look towards Kyoi, almost as if to seek confirmation she was doing it right.

Following along, Shikaroku remained quiet. It was very straightforward. The hand signs were the same he had practiced as a child when learning to count. With the exercise completed, Shikaroku turned his attention towards Hiron. Waiting for the Jounin to provide their next instructions. With any luck, they would not be practicing any form of combat today. If they were, he would be at a serious disadvantage with his shoulder still not fully healed.

The young uchiha did each step as instructed, it was very simple, yet it was something of great importance for perfect field communication. It was key to communicate without making a sound in the field. Yiko did the hand signs a couple more times mouthing each number as he did so when Karma went back to hiron. One thing he had hoped to come while training today was combat, something he wishes to refine, especially after the mission they just had.

Hiron had remained silent as he watched from his spot. No change in expression or composure as Kyoi and Karma would be given a chance to try to teach something useful to the genin. The whole affair wasn’t, however, just aimed at the genin but also at those two. Making mental notes, Hiron waited till they were done. Waiting a moment longer, he spoke up. [color=maroon]”Well, those were the signs that you can encounter. You each will get a scroll or so, later about the others. I expect you all to learn and memorise them. We will round today’s training with a small exercise.”[/color] Pausing, Hiron threw a glance at each of the genin. [color=maroon]”Each of you will be ‘given’ a shadow clone. Up to you on how to try to defeat it. If you don’t manage to defeat it within ten minutes or so, you have lost. Next training, you will be burdened with a heavier exercise.”[/color]

After finishing, Hiron conjured three said shadow clones. Each shadow clone of his would take a genin to another part of the field. The real Hiron crossed his arms out front of his chest and frowned at Karma and Kyoi. [color=maroon]”You two. How do you think your little training went with the genin?”[/color]

Tomiko quietly followed the shadow clone that she had been assigned to towards the part of the field it took her towards. Already she knew she couldn't beat it in a straight up brawl. On top of that, she had no clue how Hiron fought. Letting out a brief sigh, she tried to think of ways to gain the upper hand on the training field, which was rather open and plain unfortunately. Perhaps she could try blinding him somehow? That might allow an opening. Maybe use the new technique she learned from Aiko? Indecision sat with the genin as she noticed the shadow clone had stopped. Allowing herself a deep breath, forcing herself to focus. First, learn how he would react. Second, work from there to beat the clone.

With her plan in mind she pulled the bow from her back. Giving the clone a brief bow, to show respect she would wait a few moments to give it a chance to return the gesture, or not. Then she pulled an arrow and moments later sent it flying towards the clone’s chest. An easy attack to dodge, she was sure, but she wanted to see how it would react first.

Kyoi quietly watched Karma’s own lesson for the genin, briefly catching sight of Miko’s look towards her as she vied for some positive affirmation, of course she couldn’t show it right now but she was happy with how quickly her cousin had picked up on what was taught.

As Hiron focused his attention on herself and Karma, Kyoi felt it best not to raise a brow at the frown the man was wearing. Once each genin was more or less out of earshot to practice with one of Hirons clones she’d speak. [b]”They each seem to have picked up the information given relatively easily based on the explanations and demonstrations given. And they showed that they’re able to develop upon someone's input in order to come to a beneficial result.”
“I’m pleased that there was a show of enthusiasm and insight into the questions posed to them, as far as I could tell Tomiko seemed to be the most eager to make input yet at the same time somewhat nervous about the answers she made. The two boys seem more prone to waiting for everyone else to act before making their own choices, the other boy less so than the Uchiha. But when they do speak up their input proves to be valuable.”[/b]

Yiko raised an eyebrow at the idea of having to fight a Hiron clone, he wanted some combat practice, but this might be more than he could handle. Even if it was a shadow clone, even if the chakra was splitted, it might be too much. [COLOR=#006666]Fight smart, not hard [/COLOR] The younging told himself as he followed one of the clones that grabbed his attention.

Yiko had a slight insight of what he was capable of in his last mission with Hiron, but then again either person couldn’t use chakra, so again Yiko had no idea what he was capable of, but that also was the same case for Hiron. Yiko gave the clone a slight bow, [COLOR=#006666] Follow the plan, adapt when necessary [/COLOR] And like that Yiko snapped up, kept eye contact as he activated his sharingan, his eyes became a deep red with a single tomoe. He then quickly reached into his back pouch to throw two shurikens in Hirons direction, running at him as he did.


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[fieldbox="A Talk, cyan, solid"]

A collab done by Conman and Obli
Summary: Orun seeks out some of the team hes been put on and starts with Kazumo, hoping to learn more about the young hunter.
Collab Length: Small

Orun had ridden with the group silently throughout the day, and it had been quite the travel that day, a few pauses for resting the horses and meals, though the food was bland, and Orun had kept himself alert throughout the trip. Tireon had been none to pleased about the travel arrangements. A horse was to be ridden to the location, and in fact the dragon wasn’t too pleased about the fact that Orun had insisted the dragon remain unsummoned. It was unsettling for them both though. Orun had grown close to the dragon in the years they had been together, and it felt strange to not have the dragon’s saddle or scales beneath his legs as he travelled.

When they stopped for the evening, Orun was quick to pitch the tent he had with him. A small and simple affair, no more room than for a single man and with a bedroll laid out on the inside. Orun chose to take a moment to look over his gear once more, as if the stuff he had brought could have been damaged, nestled within a pack as they were. The armor was quickly found to be fine, though Orun did a detailed inspection, and it was found to be the same way for his ninja tools, the kunai, shuriken, and various other items fine as always. With a satisfied look, Orun would stash these in his tent, leaving his gear aside from his sword, and then look to the fire. There were currently a couple of things on his mind, but one stuck out. He had not actually introduced himself to anyone in the team he was assigned to. Since they were all deployed on the same mission, Orun decided that there was no better time than the present to meet the rest of the team. He would start with Kazumo.

Relaxing outside his tent for part of the night, he wanted to keep up the practice on the techniques he was taught by Aiko and Koike. Yet he didn’t want to risk using all his chakra on a mission of importance, so he opted to better master the Samurai sabre. Using his sword as the basis as the blue hue would grow slightly along the entire sword. That was a question he should have asked Koike while he was here, was how does one change the nature of the hue. Do they do a different string of handseals? How did one apply different chakra elements to get different results?

[COLOR=cyan]”Kazumo, right?”[/COLOR] Orun said, as he approached the tent that the shinobi was relaxing outside of. [COLOR=cyan]”I thought I might come and meet you, seeing as we are going to be working together in the future, perhaps learn a bit more about the man that might guard my back in battle.”[/COLOR] The telltale hue of chakra surrounded the blade of the sword Kazumo was holding. It was of Chonobi style, a contrast to the sword that Orun had at his side. [COLOR=cyan]”What are you up to there?”[/COLOR] Orun questioned, nodding his head toward the sword. Of course, he knew already, the channeling of chakra into the blade, it was a practice that some used to increase their capability in combat with blades. However, what Orun was curious about was really how proficient Kazumo was with it.

Just as the blue hue covered the entire blade, a sudden new voice spoke out to him cutting off his concentration along with the blue hue that vanished from his sword. Peering up from his seat at the man that he had too look at for a few seconds to remember that this was Orun. Who for the time being was going to study under Aiko on how to lead, who also wanted to learn more about him. Sheathing the sword he would place it at his side as he looked at the man.

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”I might, depends on if you do anything stupid. Yet go ahead and ask, I may or may not give an answer.”[/COLOR] he said as his first question was what was he doing there. Looking at his sword for a second he would glance back at Orun. [COLOR=#9a32cd]”Practicing a technique to better improve at it.”[/COLOR]

Orun did not give any visible reaction to the man’s implication. He certainly was a friendly one, that was for sure. [COLOR=cyan]”I wouldn’t be a jounin if I was an idiot during combat, so I doubt you have to worry much about that.”[/COLOR] He nodded his head towards the sword, deciding to take a more casual approach to the questions, plus the blade Kazumo had struck Orun’s interest.. [COLOR=cyan]”That is an exceptionally beautiful blade that you have there.”[/COLOR] The blade’s pommel was exceptionally beautiful. A weapon that had an equally impressive sheathe. He had seen the blade itself, and he could only assume that it was as wonderful as the rest of the weapon. [COLOR=cyan]”Few have the opportunity to have such a blade adorn their hip.”[/COLOR] He noted, before moving on. [COLOR=cyan]”So Kazumo, what brought you to the path of the shinobi?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”Oh don’t be so sure on that. You’d be surprised at the intellect some high ranked people.”[/COLOR] Kazumo said as Orun would go on to compliment his sword, to which he gave a head nod. [COLOR=#9a32cd]”Thank you it was a gift from a relative of mine.”[/COLOR] he said as Orun asked him next about what brought him to the path of a shinobi.

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”It was the honor my mother who was a shinobi as well. Figured it was better than being a hunter for the rest of my life.”[/COLOR]

Orun nodded in response, sharing a small chuckle at Kazumo’s comment. [COLOR=cyan]”Oh i’ve met a few of them.”[/COLOR] He replied simply. Kazumo went on to speak of how his mother inspired him to become a shinobi, many were inspired by their parents to become shinobi, though whether they were particularly good or not did not rely on their inspiration. [COLOR=cyan]”You were a hunter as well? That is a practice that takes patience to be certain. Translates well into this line of work.”[/COLOR] He tilted his head to the side. [COLOR=cyan]”What game did you typically hunt?”[/COLOR] There were many different kinds of game to hunt in the lands, though a few were more… coveted by local lords. He had learned that the hard way in his travels with Tireo. The dragon had a ravenous appetite at times. Orun had learned to send him away to eat from that period of time.

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”I am yes, and depends. If I needed to pay rent, then I hunted deer. If it was for myself then rabbits, birds, boars. I hunted a bear once with my father. Nothing that special, and maybe an odd one was a raccoon. So nothing exciting like wolves or pack animals like that. Guessing you were a hunter as well by that question?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=cyan]”In a way, I suppose I was. My family was taken by disease when I was younger, back when I was a genin. I left my home to travel for quite a long time after. I took very little with me. I had to learn to live off the land, and it was a very steep learning curve, to be certain. There were a few nights I went hungry.”[/COLOR] He rested a hand on his sword belt, hooking his thumb onto it. [COLOR=cyan]”I never had to hunt a bear though. Though I did have to fend off a wolf once with my sword.”[/COLOR] He paused for a moment. [COLOR=cyan]”When did you start hunting?”[/COLOR]

A self taught hunter? The way he described it, it seemed more like a child that got lucky to survive. Hostile predators that would eat him as much as he would eat them, poisonous plants, illness, allergies. Seemed like he got lucky, more so when he said he had to fend off a wolf. A lone wolf was easier to fend off than the entire pack. His next question was when he started hunting, a simple question. [COLOR=#9a32cd]”I learned about the woods at the age of four, and started hunting at six. I guess you could say I’m an expert when it comes to such, know most plants that you can and shouldn’t eat. Which to use for illness and allergies. Of course doesn’t mean I know everything. Just a good majority.”[/COLOR]

Six years old. It was not exactly an odd age to start with. He knew that many places that depended on farming and hunting, children were often brought up to hunt at young ages. Orun was silent for a moment while he took in the information. [COLOR=cyan]”So, what interests you Kazumo? Certainly you enjoy things that aren’t related to hunting and being a shinobi. Any hobbies?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”What does my interests have to do with watching your back in battle? I have them but I don’t see the point in telling them. You won’t need that information in combat.”[/COLOR] Kazumo asked as he saw zero point in telling his interest such as reading to someone when it didn’t matter when it came to combat.

[COLOR=cyan]”Ah, well I had simply thought to share things in idle conversation, to know of each other, interests, hobbies, and what propels one another in combat, it only helps to understand the mindframe of another person, makes them easier to work with. But, well if you are not comfortable with such conversation, that is fine.”[/COLOR] He shrugged, indifferent. [COLOR=cyan]”So then, at what ranges can you accurately hit a target then?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”My interest and hobbies have nothing to do with combat. What propels me is survival. I lose I die, sounds like a good enough reason to try and win or do you disagree? It’s not that I’m not comfortable, it’s just weird logic so far. You don’t need to know me on a friend level to work with me.”[/COLOR] Kazumo responded not seeing why he wanted to know him more personally on their first talk.

[COLOR=#9a32cd]”What ranges? I’m an archer, hitting the target is easy. I can land a decent shot at about sixty meters. Further than that and the target will probably live whatever arrow comes at them because it’s not going to be a kill shot.”[/COLOR]

Orun’s face didn’t change at the obvious dig at Orun’s methods. The details of who a person was and why they fought could prove important in knowing whether or not they would run in battle. Orun raised an eyebrow at the mention of survival. [COLOR=cyan]”Oh? Survival you say? Some might be concerned over that answer, as one could just as easily turn and run from a battle as much as stand and fight in it. That’s what i’m concerned over, not whether or not we’ll get along. I’m not interested in being friends, though that could be nice in the future. I want to know if you’ll hesitate when it come time to kill someone.”[/COLOR] Orun shrugged. [COLOR=cyan]”In my experience, the only way to truly trust a person to watch your back in a fight, is by getting to know them. All I know about you is your service record, and that doesn’t say anything about your convictions.”[/COLOR] Orun turned on his heel and took a step back towards the fire. He didn’t wait for a reply from the man. He was interested in trying to dig details out of him. Perhaps in the future they could get to know one another better.

Concerned? Survival was survival, if he stayed and fought or ran to fight another day. It was survival one way or another. If he was outnumbered he sure wasn’t going to keep fighting outnumbered. Yet he was concerned about his conviction to kill? If he did indeed read his service record then he needed to read it again. As that should explain plenty about his conviction. When the man turned on his heels and started walking away, Kazumo simply waved him off and resumed practicing his Samurai Sabre technique.


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[fieldbox=A Royal Meeting?, #9a32cd]
Kazumo Sarutobi and Astrid Hon | Team 8 and Grey Guard Associate | In the Empire of Akino, the territory of the House of Magnhild - Hon clan.

A collab between Oblivion666 Oblivion666 and Aliceee Aliceee

Kazumo approaches Astrid. The two talk about some matters, such as the operation they are sent on as well on a few members that are part of this operation. It seems that it clicks well between the two, starting off quite friendly.

A joint mission wasn’t quite what he was expecting to come next. Being teamed up with Team 4 who were all Chuunin was a slight relief, while slightly hoping they were more skilled than what he would consider some others he has known to be. Yet what came as a bigger surprise was one of the Team 4 being the woman he meet at the feast. Meilin Cho Nayami if he remembered correctly, he briefly wondered if they would still play their little game of lies.Yet while he did want to talk to her again, there was another one who was slightly curious to him. The Grey Guard Astrid Hon also the one in charge of this operation.

Spotting her last walking away from a campfire with another Team 4 member, Aoi if he was told correctly. Kazumo would walk up to the woman giving a bow of respect,
[color=#9a32cd]”Hello my name is Kazumo Sarutobi Sigeberth, I was wondering if you had some time to talk?”[/color] Kazumo would ask the Hon in Chonobi, a smile present on his face at the possibility of learning some more about the Hon clan that books would be able to privy him too.

Once back at her tent, Astrid was busy with inspecting a pouch. Sitting in front of her tent, the cold breeze nor the snow didn’t seem to bother the woman much. When Kazumo started to close in, Astrid was busy to arrange some small matters in the pouch. Her gaze moved up as she quickly eyed the Sarutobi, as he introduced himself. As she spoke, her accent was anything but hidden. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Well met, Kazumo of the Sigeberth lineage. I have some time to talk."[/COLOR] She spoke back in Chonobi, nodding after her response that he could take a seat as she continued her work.

[COLOR=#0059b3]"Astrid Hon of the Amund lineage. Now, what is that you desire to talk about?"[/COLOR] She asked, her gaze moving back to the pouch that she was busy with.

Smiling he would take his seat as she introduced herself. The Amund lineage huh? He searched his head but he couldn’t recall ever reading about that one. [color=#9a32cd]”Well I like to learn whenever I can, so seeing that you are part of the Grey Guard. I would like to know whatever you are allowed to share if you are okay with that. I’m also curious about your lineage, Amund. I don’t remember seeing it in many books I’ve read.”[/color]

It was visible on Astrid’s features that she was slightly surprised when he asked what she could share about the Grey Guard. She decided to start with her lineage. [COLOR=#0059b3]"It isn’t a big or important lineage. Certainly not as impressive as being a descendant of Sigeberth. My ancestor was simply a member of the Wolf Guard, serving the jarls of Magnhild. You could say that military runs through my family’s veins.”[/color] Astrid said. [COLOR=#0059b3]"As for the Grey Guard, I can tell you what I told that girl, Aoi.”[/color]

Thinking for a second, Astrid continued. [COLOR=#0059b3]"They are the equivalent of the shinobi, of the Hon clan. A specialist force that operates vastly different from how the regular shinobi operate. Much like the Woodland Ravens, I imagine. More organised to operate in the dark and not just out in the open as many shinobi tend to do.”[/color]

[color=#9a32cd]”Thats not always true, mine is simply more renowned. Events simply lined up well for Sigeberth, yet I consider serving the Jarls as part of the Wolf Guard rather impressive. Afterall being considered the best of the best by important figures is quite the achievement.”[/color] Kazumo replied making a mental note of the Amund lineage, as she told him a bit about the Grey Guard he could only chuckle at the small amount of information given. He expected as such yet thought he might get a bit more than that. As expected of a Grey Guard, silent when they should be.

[color=#9a32cd]”From what I know I would even consider them superior to most shinobi I know. Some that I know like to consider their own opinions far more than what they are told. Is the Grey Guard a more open enrollment? Like you sign up and they thus test you too see if you can be part of their ranks?”[/color]

A polite smile was flashed in return as Kazumo made his first comment. Conducting further inspections to her gear, Astrid listened to what Kazumo further said. The question was met with Astrid shrugging lightly. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Who knows? I am not allowed to give too much information regarding the Grey Guard. Not even to a descendant of Sigeberth."[/COLOR] She answered. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Besides, what makes it that you are interested about the Grey Guard in the first place?"[/COLOR] The woman decided to ask back.

Even that was a secret huh? They were a very curious group indeed, it almost pained him that he couldn’t know more about it. So when she asked why he was interested he gave a small smile. [color=#9a32cd]”I like to learn about things that I find interesting and important. So while I knew they were a secret bunch, wanted too see if I could learn about anything that I couldn’t find in books.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"I can’t blame you, not at all. It is better to be curious than to be ignorant, is what I was always being told."[/COLOR] The woman inspected one of her pouches but seemed content with how it was organised. Turning what seemed to be her full attention on Kazumo, Astrid spoker further. [COLOR=#0059b3]"So, what made you decide to enter the shinobi force? I imagine that somebody with your position has a lot of freedom of choices to make, don’t you? Being the Empress relative and all."[/COLOR]

Seemed it was her turn for questions, which was only fair. Yet she wanted to know why he enlisted? [color=#9a32cd]”Well honestly being related to her was a surprise to me as well. We actually found out at the same time. As for why I signed up is rather… different to what it is now. I wanted to do more than live my life as a hunter, so I decided to serve the country as a shinobi. It was also a way to honor my mom who I didn’t get to know very well. Yet now I serve to help her majesty the best I can, guess you could say she inspired me to be more than I thought I could be.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"I am sure that you’ll make her proud."[/COLOR] Astrid replied, flashing a faint smile. [COLOR=#0059b3]"I keep hearing tales of how she inspires people. I am personally intrigued to meet her but it isn’t granted to everybody to just approach her. But I take it then that you know a bit on how to hunt? Seems like a most valuable experience as set of skills for a shinobi. Not many regular shinobi that I have served or know are capable of sporting the stealth a hunter requires on the job. What kind of game do you usually hunt?"[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”I can only hope so.”[/color] he said softly as she would ask about him hunting and what form of game he hunted. [color=#9a32cd]”I do but not as much as I would like to has of late. It’s funny that I joined to get away from the hunters life yet miss it all the same. As for what i hunt it depends really. Usually I hunted Deer as this butcher I knew paid me well for them, so I could usually cover rent that way. Sometimes rabbits, some bird, a boar once, and a bear once. Although I did that one with my father.”[/color]

Hearing the first comment in a softer tone, Astrid’s eyes half closed as she seemed to think of something but decided to not continue it. Upon learning what he had hunted as well missing it, Astrid chuckled. [COLOR=#0059b3]"It seems that is how things seem to work. You first want to get away from it, only to later miss it. I wish that I could get some good venison now. Instead of bland rations. But,"[/COLOR] a smirk grew on Astrid’s face, [COLOR=#0059b3]"Fear that is the military life, eh? Got to sacrifice something for glory and the approval of the gods and ancestors."[/COLOR]

Hearing that she wanted some venison caused him to chuckle briefly as he gave an apologetic smile. [color=#9a32cd]”I’d offer to go and hunt some, but considering the situation at hand, that might not be wise. Most of the game is probably quite a bit away from this spot too, with all the noise and what not. Perhaps after the operation though I can hunt something as a sort of celebration of a job well done. After all after glory, Im sure the gods would be disappointed if we didn’t.”[/color]

A chuckle escaped Astrid as she nodded. [COLOR=#0059b3]"They would indeed. A proper victory requires a proper celebration. I hope that I won’t be whisked away right away after the mission ends. After all, my time with you lot is limited. That and I don’t intend to stick around with regular teams. I have taken a liking to work more on my own these days."[/COLOR] The woman further added.
Throwing a glance to their side, she would ask something.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"Though I am not opposed to others joining in a celebration. I doubt that the Taika on this operation would likely join us. Or would you think otherwise?"[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”I hope as well, be a shame to leave a celebration without enjoying a least a meal of it. Yet I also understand that duty calls at times, and thus you can’t help it if you aren't able to partake.”[/color] Kazumo said knowing all too well on some matters having to be postponed for other obligations in life. Although she asked if any Taika would join on the celebration, to which he shrugged. [color=#9a32cd]”It’s possible, its food after all. If they want to eat rations though then thats up to them. I think they would join though.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"I hope they don’t mind some good proper drink then. If this mission succeeds, we can go to the nearby settlement. Perhaps batter with the locals and see what we can get. Water is sweet and all but something stronger will go better with venison. Or perhaps we get lucky and you might hunt down a boar.”[/color] Astrid half-thought out loud as she responded back to Kazumo. She threw a glance at the other side of the camp, to the fire.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"I wonder if we have anybody with a good voice. A proper victory celebration earns good drink, food and song.”[/color]

[color=#9a32cd]”Not all Taika drinks are bad. The Agnarr seem to rather enjoy Bloody Victory. Yet speaking of Boar’s reminds me of a fun time. A moment I cherish. Might sound rather corny but it was the first time I ever went hunting with her majesty. She was new to it so we didn’t catch anything huge, yet it’s a memory I will cherish.”[/color] Kazumo said with a faint smile as he chuckled to himself before she wondered if anybody with them had a good voice.
[color=#9a32cd]”Satia Cho can sing from what i remembered briefly. Although I don’t know if she’s too shy to sing. Although I’m sure you get anyone a certain amount of drinks and they will sing.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"If we go stereotypical, any drink would make an Angarr happy."[/COLOR] Astrid commented, the amusement ringing clear in her voice. Listening to Kazumo telling the tale on how he hunted with the empress, Astrid softly whistled. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Always good to have memories you cherish. Even if they don’t seem that impressive for you. I do imagine that a lot of people would be willing to give up a lot to hunt with one of the most influential or powerful known leaders."[/COLOR]
Hearing that one of the group could sing, Astrid slightly frowned. Throwing a look at the direction of where this Satia might be, Astrid cupped her chin with her left gloved hand. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Ah yes, the daughter of a thegn. Not sure if it is proper if we try to intoxicate somebody like that to make them sing. Else, we just got to make due with what we got. If enough people sing, nobody will notice how bad it sounds, right?"[/COLOR]

Chuckling at his own thought after her comment of people would give up a lot just to hunt with a influential or powerful figure. It sounded serious but it was rather funny. [color=#9a32cd]”Well as a hunter I’d rather know if said person could hunt, otherwise it could be a rather fruitless day. Yet when it comes to family, I’m okay with it being fruitless I suppose.”[/color]
When she mentioned it might not be proper to intoxicate the daughter of a thegn he could only shrug. [color=#9a32cd]”She might do it willingly, otherwise we may have to pray that everyone singing doesn’t sound bad. Can’t be too hard to get everyone to sing on sync right? Mostly drunks, they can easily sing in sync with people.”[/color] Kazumo said with a small smirk as they might have to make due with some rather… crude singing after the operation was a success.

[COLOR=#0059b3]"I suppose so, yeah. I wish I could talk more about hunting. But I have never been in the need to hunt for animals. People, however? They tend to be my kind of game. Easier to manipulate, from what I can guess."[/COLOR] Astrid replied back, the amusement still present despite the humour turning slightly morbid.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"I suppose it won’t be too hard. But frankly? I am at the moment not keen to share a drink with just everybody. So far I spoke with that Aoi girl. She seems quite okay. Yumi, I worked with earlier today and she is decent as well. You? Well, so far so good. Then again, I suppose treating nobility good might pay off well later."[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”Well in a way you can say people are dumb compared to animals when it comes to other people. Animals instinctively fear and flee people when they get too close. People… well as long as you aren’t coming at them with a weapon, they for the most part listen to you. Some easier to deceive, others can take some work.”[/color]
When she spoke of whom she talked to he couldn’t help but smile but sigh at the same time at comments of his nobility coming into play. [color=#9a32cd]”I should really start getting use to that nobility thing. Although I only spoke with Orun, Meilin and you. Orun is…. Well maybe I just need to talk again with him, although he needs to stop trying learn everything about me in one conversation. Meilin is really interesting, can’t say why but even though her comments would drive others off. It makes me want to talk more with her. You are nice to talk with too, it’s almost easing in a way.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"People are dumb."[/COLOR] Astrid said, chuckling softly. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Animals? They are somewhat redeemable for they do what they must. No stupid idling or thinking they are betters than others. Not as deceiving or malicious as humans tend to be."[/COLOR] The woman paused for a moment, letting out a sigh softly.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"You probably should. Related to an Empress? A descendant of the legendary Sigeberth? Student of Aiko Cho-Hon? I would believe it if you were going to tell me that you also shit gold. Though that might mean I have to keep an eye on you, whenever you need to use the privy."[/COLOR] A smirk grew on the woman’s lips, certainly when he stated that it was nice to talk to her.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"Thanks. I like talking."[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”Animals are charming that way, It’s all instinct something they are born with. While we are like an empty canvas, changing depending on what happens around and to us. Yet that’s a topic that I won’t bore you with. Possibly when we are less busy we can talk about trivial things.”[/color] he said chuckling, before he snorted at her comment of him shitting gold.
[color=#9a32cd]”If I could shit gold, I sure as hell wouldn’t need to be in the military. Yet I’ll make sure to inform you if I ever do happen to land gold.”[/color]Kazumo said with a smirk before nodding at her in agreement.
[color=#9a32cd]”I do too, simple conversation can go a long way. Hell even discussing something not even related to the other can be nice. Although after the operation it will probably be rather difficult to speak with you again. Grey Guard and what not.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"You better. Wealth is something that won’t cause me to betray my oaths but some more to spend? Always welcome."[/COLOR] Astrid said in response. When Kazumo stated that after the operation it would be rather difficult to speak with her again, the eyebrows of Astrid slightly perked up. [COLOR=#0059b3]"Aaww, you aren’t growing attached to me, are you now boy? If I can give you one golden tip. Don’t grow attached to other operatives. Best way to survive, if you ask me. That and you can always try to write me letters, I suppose."[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”Wouldn’t say attached, just not everyday I talk to someone who isn’t…. Well the nice term is odd. I’m not that bad though, not about to start inviting you to birthday parties after one conversation. That and I hardly trust some people on my team, so more so intrigue you could say. Yet letters work too though, but do note I aint shitting gold anytime soon. So don’t go quitting your dayjob just yet.”[/color]

A chuckle resonated from Astrid as she nodded once. [COLOR=#0059b3]"I hear you. Good thing though. I am not that fond of birthday parties. And besides that, I never seen much benefit from being friends with everybody on a team you’re with. I put much more stock in competence and trusting on that. I rather have somebody I personally dislike but can trust that they know how to do their job in a competent fashion than some likeable idiot that will wind up fucking over the mission."[/COLOR]
Shaking her head slightly, Astrid threw another look at the visible members of the operation they were on. [COLOR=#0059b3]"And if my experience has taught me anything, I don’t trust teens on missions like these at all. Too glory-hungry or cocky because they think they are chosen. If anything, they are chosen to just weaken it for the real pro’s. Nothing more."[/COLOR]

[color=#9a32cd]”I can agree with you on that, never really had one on my team that I would consider a friend, or well reliable either. Yet they can get some things done so they have uses, although I do sometimes wonder what it’s like when the entire team is reliable. Pretty sure it makes missions much easier.”[/color] Kazumo said with a shrug as she gave her opinion on what younger members were useful for on operations like these. Letting out a whistle followed by a chuckle he couldn’t help but smile.
[color=#9a32cd]”Damn that was pretty brutal. Yet I can see what you mean. I have a few worries about a couple of them… Hopefully it doesn’t screw over the others. For the most part though it seems like reliable cast. Team four looks like they can be counted on at least.”[/color]

[COLOR=#0059b3]"When an entire team is reliable? It feels as good as being able to sleep in the open without having to worry that somebody will jump out to try to slit your throat. Or steal your food."[/COLOR] The woman said, scoffing lightly. [COLOR=#0059b3]"And agreed. Reliable but looks can be deceiving. Let us hope that their looks are pretty accurate. Anyways,"[/COLOR] slowly getting up, Astrid nodded towards Kazumo.
[COLOR=#0059b3]"I am going to take some rest now. I suggest you do the same. Tomorrow, we got to travel once more and I doubt that there is much room for pauses. It was a pleasure meeting you and an even bigger to have spoken with you, Kazumo Sarutobi of the Sigeberth line."[/COLOR]

She wasn’t wrong they could look skillful all they want, it all mattered in the moment if they were reliable. Then again it wasn’t long ago when he wasn’t very reliable at all, so he wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Some people though never learned from their mistakes though. When she mentioned she was going to rest he would nod as he stood up. Smiling although he shook his head at her thinking it was a pleasure to have spoken to him. He really was going to have to get use to that comment from others.
[color=#9a32cd]”Same to you Astrid Hon of the Amund Lineage. Hopefully next time we chat it’s during our celebration.”[/color] Kazumo said as he would give her a wave goodnight before returning to his tent for the night.


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[fieldbox=A talk, burlywood]
Dagrún Hon and Meilin Cho | Of Team 4 | Akinian Empire, in the region under control by the House of Magnhild.

A short collab between Oetje Oetje and Aliceee Aliceee

Meilin approaches Dagrún and engages her in a conversation. The two discuss briefly about the dynamic in the team and furthermore about Dagrún's past and future ambitions. There seems to be a click between the two young women as they wish each good night, preparing for the long day that they face when the sun will rise up again.

Meilin felt a bit nervous. She had postponed the idea of approaching Dagrún and talk with the Hon regarding her behaviour towards Aoi. Meilin had seen some of it but she wasn’t sure if it was all done with ill-intent. She didn’t just want to jump ship and scold Dagrún for what was perhaps not what it seemed like. Then again, Meilin didn’t want to seem to push Aoi aside for Dagrún. Pondering on how to approach the subject, Meilin found out that Dagrún was taking care of the horses. Which was a perfect chance to talk with her, seeing that everybody else was either at their tent, task or at the campfire.
The cold wind that traveled over the landscape caused a shiver to run down Meilin’s spine. For a moment, she considered to mould chakra and slightly transfer it to fire nature to warm herself up. But she decided against it.
Approaching Dagrún, who was brushing a horse’s neck, Meilin spoke up in Chonobi.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Hey Dagrún, how are things here.”[/COLOR]

The blonde Hon whispered to the animal she was tending. Frankly, she didn’t mind horses but wasn’t a big fan of them either. They were proud animals but still different from the usual animals she had grown up with. Already hearing the soft sound of snow crisping as somebody approached her, Dagrún turned half around as it turned out to be Meilin who had decided to approach her. Flashing a smile in return, Dagrún further patted the neck of the horse she was tending to. [COLOR=orange]”Good so far. This pretty lass is being a real sweetheart. So I can’t complain. How are you doing, captain?”[/COLOR]

Meilin flashed a smile in return. More so when Dagrún called her captain. There was a second that Meilin considered to not talk about the dynamic between the Hon and Miyazato.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Good. A bit cold but that can’t really be helped. There is something that I wanted to discuss with you, though. If you wouldn’t mind.”[/COLOR] Meilin started, her eyes locking on Dagrún’s.
She tried to hide any sign of her nerves rising and becoming a tad restless.
[COLOR=burlywood]”It is about you and Aoi Miyazato.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]”Well, I suppose if there were any striking lads in camp that the cold could be less of a problem, captain.”[/COLOR] A wink followed the response of Dagrún as she then shoot a glance towards the campfire. [COLOR=orange]”Sadly, I can’t think of any that really suits either of us. Then again, I know little of the guys. And it is of course, not proper fashion and all that.”[/COLOR] An amused tone rang clear through Dagrúns voice. When Meilin brought up Aoi, Dagrún’s right eyebrow slightly perked up. More so out of curiosity than anything else. [COLOR=orange]”The blue-haired girl? What about her?”[/COLOR]

The comment of Dagrún broke the calm expression of Meilin slightly as she tried to hold back a snicker. She tried to remain serious but almost had broken off from the topic, again. When Dagrún inquired what about Aoi, Meilin started.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I don’t want to sound like I am judging you or scolding you. But Aoi has gain the idea that you’re out to torment her. The comments that you made to push and annoy her. I hope that this isn’t the case. For I can’t tolerate any misschief among ourselves to the extent that it will ruin the team’s cooperation and effectiveness during missions.”[/COLOR]
Pausing for a second, Meilin continued.
[COLOR=burlywood]”If you thus wouldn’t mind, could you perhaps not joke with Aoi?”[/COLOR]

Dagrún stared at Meilin, remaining silent as she listened to her team leader. Slowly nodding, a soft smile crossed the Hon’s lips. [COLOR=orange]”Of course, captain. I will try to not push her buttons anymore. Though none of what I said in the past were to just to mock her or anybody. I figured that I could just be myself.”[/COLOR] The smile vanished as Dagrún glanced at the horse. There seemed to be something that she wanted to say or bring up, but ultimately decided against it. [COLOR=orange]”I apologise if my behaviour brought you any problems. I will try to adjust better, captain.”[/COLOR]

A rise of guilt builded up in Meilin’s gut. She saw the signs that Dagrún wanted to say something but didn’t. Why was this all so annoyingly difficult? Was it truly because that they were of different cultures? Meilin’s left hand slowly clenched to a fist.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Thanks Dagrún. Now, can you perhaps explain why you are here and not at the campfire? It is quite cold here.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]”Ah, I can indeed, captain.”[/COLOR] The smile of before found its way back to Dagrún’s lips. She turned for a moment to the horse and gently ruffled through the animal’s manes. [COLOR=orange]”Where I grew up, I worked with some animals, you see. But horses? Not so much. The region that is under control of the House of Dowhon isn’t much suited for horses. It is rough, cold and quite unforgiven. To paint you a picture,”[/COLOR] Dagrún snickered for a moment. [COLOR=orange]”I am used to cold winters like these, you see? It reminds me even a bit of home.”[/COLOR]

With the topic changing and Dagrún opening a little, Meilin’s curiosity grew. To the point almost that she forgot about the cold.
[COLOR=burlywood]”It sounds like a very interesting place. Would you be willing to tell me more about it?”[/COLOR] Meilin continued right after her own question, hoping to keep the conversation going. [COLOR=burlywood]”I could tell you where I originate from. But frankly, I was born in Keishi. Not as interesting as the fabled lands of the Dowhon.”[/COLOR]

A soft laugh escaped Dagrún as she decided to drop the brush and place both hands on her hips. [COLOR=orange]”Fabled lands of the Dowhon? Lass, you wouldn’t be find them so fabled once you grew up in them. But I must say that they are quite pretty. I miss seeing the sun rising and casting light on the various valleys that we hold and grow our crops in. The woods that are dangerous, mysterious as yet where we honour Valdar with hunting game.”[/COLOR] Dagrún thought about something before speaking further. [COLOR=orange]”Perhaps one day when we get a break from all of this, captain, I can show you around. I am certain you will fit right in with us. Perhaps a nice tattoo or two though. I could give you one later. You got very nice eyes. Perhaps something to accent it would make you quite the charming lass, that will be desired by many, aye.”[/COLOR]

Smiling as well, Meilin wondered if the woods of the Dowhon resembled something as dangerous and mysterious as the Blackroot Vale. The suggestion that Dagrún made, that they could perhaps one day head to Dowhon surprised Meilin.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I would be both honoured as happy to go with you. I would be lying if I say that I am not curious about the lands of your kin and House.”[/COLOR]
When Dagrún began over her appearance, Meilin wasn’t sure if the cold could stop her cheeks from gaining a soft red tint. A soft laugh now escaped Meilin as she raised her left gloved hand to rub her neck.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Thanks. I will consider it. Though I didn’t know you could set tattoos. Is it a common practice in the Dowhon lands?”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]”Good. So far, you have been quite the pleasant companion, captain. If you don’t mind me saying that.”[/COLOR] Grinning for a moment, the blonde woman would shake her head afterwards. [COLOR=orange]”No. Not everybody that lives in that region knows how to set a tattoo. Most places have their own tattooist that set the marks. I learned it from my uncle. I was even allowed to mark my mother with a small tattoo as she then graced me with a line.”[/COLOR] As she spoke, Dagrún would undo the jacket she wore and rolled up the sleeve of her right arm. There were various blue lines that resembled figures or signs. [COLOR=orange]”See this sign? It is that of Audhild. My mother made that, in hope that Audhild would watch over me, being so far from home.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=burlywood]”I appreciate it, Dagrún. I certainly don’t mind compliments.”[/COLOR] Meilin replied, unable to resist to smile at this point.
As Dagrún began to speak and even put out her jacket, Meilin wanted to say that it was too cold to go without a jacket. However, she was too curious as Dagrún showed the marks that covered her right arm, all seemingly being apart from each other but also being their own thing. Hearing the origin of one of the tattoos, Meilin was amazed. And envious, but she was quick to push that feeling away. Such practice really shed another light on the Dowhon, who were rightfully feared as fierce warriors, even among their fellow Chonobi.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I am amazed. It would be a honour,”[/COLOR] Meilin said as she looked at Dagrún, [COLOR=burlywood]”To wear a tattoo set by you, Dagrún.”[/COLOR]

Rolling her sleeve down, Dagrún grinned once more. Patting Meilin’s shoulder, the blonde woman nodded. [COLOR=orange]”Then after this mission, I will set the most beautiful tattoo you have ever seen, captain. The gods themselves will recognise the marks and be more than eager to extend their favour to you then. Hmmm,”[/COLOR] she considered something as she would pick up her jacket, to put it back on. [COLOR=orange]”I will also then offer this to the others of the team.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=burlywood]”Sounds like a deal. I will keep you to that, Dagrún.”[/COLOR] Meilin replied.
Hearing that she would offer the same to the rest of the team, Aoi instantly crossed Meilin’s mind. She wondered what Aoi would do or say in response to that offer. But she decided to not worry about it.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I think it is a very nice gesture. But I am going to head to my tent now. Good night Dagrún. Rest well.”[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]”Aye, captain. Make sure that you won’t fall to any enemy steel. It is less fun to mark a corpse, after all.”[/COLOR] The blonde woman joked as she then nodded. [COLOR=orange]”Good night, captain.”[/COLOR] Watching Meilin walk away, Dagrún turned back to the horse. It produced a soft whinny sound as if it tried to coerce Dagrún to continue brushing its neck. Picking up the brush, Dagrún wiped the snow off it. [COLOR=orange]”Very well, lass. A few more strokes and then we are going to call it the end of it.”[/COLOR] Continuing so, Dagrún softly started to mumble something. Towards the deity, she held closest in reverence, Signý.


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[fieldbox=A Crystal and a Magnet Walk into a Bar, #5900b3]
Aoi Miyazato, of Team 4, and Yumi Hasewaga, a Scholae| In the Empire of Akino, in the region under control by the House of Magnhild.

A collab between FrostedCaramel FrostedCaramel and Lesli Lesli

After the camp has been set, interaction occurs between Aoi Miyazato, a chuunin of team 4, with Yumi Hasewaga, one of the first Scholae of the Empire. The two engage about various topics and a good base for future interactions has been set.

Aoi was idly rubbing her sides as she sat in front of the fire. The warmth of it was barely noticeable over the cold wind moving through their camp, and she was beginning to think it’d be better to go back to her tent and curl up underneath the sleeping roll she’d brought. But she wanted to stay and think a bit longer before she headed to sleep for the night, her conversation with Astrid had gotten her mind running on paths that simply didn’t make sense to her when it came to the Hon. She wanted to believe the stereotypes she’d been told, and the reinforcement she’d received from Dagrύn but Astrid had managed to shift everything she thought she had known so easily. It stung a little as she realized that Meilin had once done the same even though it had taken more time, and she had so easily turned on her from one sour interaction. She shivered and watched the flames crackle as she noticed the ever expanding ring of melting snow around the fire that had yet to reach her. Aoi stretched out her gloved hands toward the ring of melting snow for any sliver of heat she could manage from it and simply sighed as there was no more than she was already receiving.

With her tent set up, Yumi had checked her gear again. She wasn’t entirely certain how many times today she had checked it. She knew, however, the reason why. Being back ‘alive’ felt good as bad. To operate in a different way than either the regular ANBU or the Ghost ANBU was refreshing but she did miss some of the harsh and disciplined attitude. The sight of genin and some chuunin didn’t do much to comfort her and caused her to frequently review if she was ready if they would have to face some danger. Luckily, so far one could call it, the only danger that seemed present was the troublesome winter cold. Trying to stay warm, Yumi once more wished that she had a nature release that could allow her to gain some warmth.
Done with her tent, reviewing her gear and grabbing a bit of her own rations, she threw a look at the campfire.

If anything, Yumi didn’t feel the allure of mixing in with the other folk. But to waste time away, in the cold even, didn’t seem much of a pleasure either. Walking to the campfire, she would spot a free spot next to a young woman with blue hair. The meeting at Magnhild had been brief and lack of interaction had made Yumi forget the other’s name.
[color=#5900b3]"I hope you won’t mind,"[/color] Yumi said, trying to sound polite as she took place next to the other. Folding her legs, the warmth of the campfire made her feel content about her choice. Deciding to throw a subtle look at the young woman next to her, Yumi decided to speak further. [color=#5900b3]"I will apologise but I haven’t been able to memorise everybody’s name. Yumi,"[/color] Flashing a smile, Yumi extended a hand towards the other.

Looking up to the voice of the woman Aoi would smile as she quickly looked her over. Brown hair and brown eyes on a relatively pretty face were it not for the cold she was sure the woman would have been far more striking. She shook her head and motioned to the spot as the woman sat, [color=#007dba]“No no, of course not go ahead…”[/color] she said as she watched, [color=#007dba]“It’s what they’re there for anyway.”[/color] Aoi laughed awkwardly as she realized it was the second time tonight she’d been asked to take a seat she had no claim over.
As the woman apologized for not know her name Aoi would smile and shake her head again, [color=#007dba]“That’s alright I don’t expect anyone to that doesn’t already know me. Miyazato Aoi,”[/color] she offered a hand to the stranger, [color=#007dba]“Chuunin of Team Four. You are?”[/color]

Shaking the hand of Aoi, Yumi would respond in return.[color=#5900b3]"Yumi Hasegawa, member of the Scholae."[/color] It was odd to introduce herself, with her real name. In the sense that it felt actually good. Pulling her hand back, Yumi would break a piece of her ration. Some dry bread, not the most luxurious of food but it was better than nothing.
[color=#5900b3]"Makes two of us then. I don’t know anybody else really than perhaps the team leaders. And that is just from either reputation or the meeting, prior to when we left."[/color] She added before biting and chewing on the small piece of bread.

Yumi Hasegawa? The Yumi from the meeting that Meilin had spoken of, a member of something called the Scholae that Aoi had never heard of before Meilin informed them of the mission. Which meant she was high up in the operation, just as Astrid was. She moaned internally at having to entertain two high ranked Shinobi without making herself seem the fool before she’d smile and laugh a little at the final thing Yumi had said, [color=#007dba]“I don’t have a reputation so it’s not surprising.”[/color] she added as she would bring her hands back to her sides and rub slowly. She wanted to ask questions. To figure out what the Scholae was and why there was one of them here, but she figured starting with more normal things to tell people would be the better option, especially if the Scholae turned out to be some extremely secretive organization.

She leaned to her side away from Yumi a bit and raised an eyebrow at the woman, [color=#007dba]“If you don’t mind my asking, where do you call home?”[/color] she said before lifting her hands from her side, [color=#007dba]“Unless you don’t want to talk about something like that I’d totally understand you don’t need to say anything if you don’t intend to with me I’m just trying to be talkative in the cold…!”[/color] she blurted out as she realized that a Scholae, whatever it was, may have been as secretive as an ANBU or a Sworn Sword in many ways.

Chewing on her bite, Yumi felt how the warmth started to a much job of warming than the activity of the day. Her own thoughts were disrupted by the question that Aoi provided her. Throwing a sideways glance at the blue-haired chuunin, Yumi would first clear her mouth before she responded. In a way, Aoi reminded Yumi of Tsubasa. Perhaps when Tsubasa had ventured as a Ghost ANBU.
[color=#5900b3]"It is okay. I don’t mind to converse. But home?"[/color] A frown dawned on Yumi’s brow as she considered the question. Truth be told, she wasn’t sure of what she could call home. The answer of ‘the Empire’ was rather odd.
[color=#5900b3]"Konohagakure. I lived there for most part of my life and grew up there."[/color] Was the answer that Yumi provided. [color=#5900b3]"What about you?"[/color]

Relief overtook her as Yumi said that asking where she was from was alright and Aoi let out a small breath that she had been holding as she waited for the answer to come. She turned her head to the side a little as the Scholae mentioned that she was from Konohagakure, that it was where she’d grown and lived most of her time alive. She envied her a little. Astrid as well. Growing up in a city must have been quite the experience when compared to the boring mountain life that Aoi had been given by her circumstances.

[color=#007dba]“I currently live in Konohagakure, but my home is located to the North of it. In between Hanta, Hon, and Tokugawa lands…”[/color] she thought for a moment how to explain the location before she gave a smile as she figured it out, [color=#007dba]“There’s a Mountain that stands solitary about three hours North of Konohagakure. That’s where I’m from.”[/color] she nodded and watched the woman intently to see if she too knew of the place or not, determined to not be as surprised again if she could help it.

Taking another bite, Yumi listened to what Aoi said. It didn’t ring a bell with Yumi as she tried to think of any particular site of interest she had been in, that was located between those three clans. Judging from the interactions that had transpired between those three clans, she did wager that such a home could have quite some intriguing history as well.
[color=#5900b3]"It doesn’t ring a bell with me. Could you be else so kind to give me the name or is it like just a small hamlet near the mountain?"[/color] Yumi asked to keep the conversation going. [color=#5900b3]"I haven’t been much to that area, so I would like to know more of what lies north of Konohagakure or about the land between those three clans. I dare say that it likely is quite interesting to be in the center between such clans, no?"[/color]

Unsure if she was relieved that Yumi didn’t know of the area like Astrid had or because she was finally feeling the warmth from the fire Aoi would hummed to herself as she’d think of a better way to explain it. [color=#007dba]“Well my family keeps watch over the Amagi Fire Shrine, I’m not sure if you follow the Way of Fire but that’s the name of it, it’s on that mountain and why I grew up there… Otherwise the town at the foot of the Mountain is known as Miase Village. It’s small and cozy by all accounts.”[/color] she said as she’d bring her hands to her lap. She’d never quite thought of the fact that she lived smack in the middle of three clans, it’d been a rather normal thing to meet people from two of them and travelers moving to one or the other. So normal it’d never struck her as odd or interesting in the slightest.

[color=#007dba]“Now that you say it, it was interesting. We had travelers from the Tokugawa and the Hanta rather often at the Inn that my family kept, and others from all over the Empire traveling between clans for business or pleasure… Although we had very few Chonobi, despite the Hon being so close. I figure they kept to the Chonobi lands for familiarities sake.”[/color] she said with a nod. [color=#007dba]“But yes. Interesting it was.”[/color]

Aoi stopped dumping information about herself and decided to turn it back to Yumi if she’d let it, [color=#007dba]“And you? Growing up in a city like Konohagakure? It must have been quite something, far more interesting than my backwoods childhood I’m sure.”[/color]

Yumi nodded as Aoi mentioned the particular faith. Not that she put much stock into religion and going to temples. She kept a more personal relation with her faith. Hearing about the place, Yumi cleared her mouth and took another bite. The rather dry food was anything but tasteful. It did, however, fill well. A faint smile crossed Yumi’s lips. [color=#5900b3]"Or you just never noticed them to be Hons?"[/color] Remembering her own experiences with members of that clan, Yumi decided to not add that to her response. Certainly not when Aoi returned the question on how it was to grow up in Konohagakure.

Briefly Yumi felt the need to stand up and go to her tent. She didn’t want to talk about her childhood. The demons of the past hadn’t troubled her for a long time and she was sure she didn’t want to confront them now. [color=#5900b3]"It was okay, I guess. Not that exciting or amazing. I lived like many other kids on my block. Played while we were young and had the chance. But it was discovered I had a talent for chakra, so I got enrolled into the Academy instead of joining like the weaver’s guild as an apprentice. Or the baker’s, perhaps."[/color]

Aoi shook her head in disagreement as Yumi stated she probably just didn’t know they were Hons when they stopped at the Inn, [color=#007dba]“I can’t say they hide very well from my experience. The accent is normally a dead give away, or the tattoos and the dress. Unless they were parading around in Taika or Yakimara dress I doubt it.”[/color] Aoi scratched at her side uncomfortably as she continued, [color=#007dba]“We had a few, though most weren’t keen on being with us. Rules of the Inn and such may have been a little unfair to them, not on purpose just… different cultures and all.”[/color] she admitted with a bit of a red tint to her face.

When the Scholae fell silent she suddenly felt as though she’d offended her on asking about her childhood. It had been alright to ask where her home was so it had only been logical to continue to what it was like growing up there. She was about to apologize when Yumi began to talk, stating her childhood was nothing spectacular, and that when it was found she had ability with chakra she had been sent off to the Academy rather than doing something more mundane for society. [color=#007dba]“Makes two of us that does.”[/color] she said without thinking and quickly attempted to rectify any sort of misunderstanding, [color=#007dba]“Sorry. The uh, being sent away because of our ability with chakra I mean.”[/color]

Yumi just nodded. She could understand that sometimes differences could generate clashes. She wanted to say something about it but decided against it. Certainly when Aoi stated that it made two of them. If anything, Yumi didn’t think that make two of them. At least, she hoped that for Aoi. To go through the same as she did was something she couldn’t even wish for most people she had or still disliked. [color=#5900b3]"Sent away, huh? That makes it sound harsher. Though, for me, I guess it was easier. I still could go back at the end of every day. I guess that is perhaps one of the few perks of living and growing up in Konohagakure."[/color] The ghost of a smile dawned on Yumi’s lips. [color=#5900b3]"But now you’re a chuunin. How do you experience your service in the military so far?"[/color] She decided to ask, trying to steer the topic slightly away.

Shrugging Aoi would just frown a little, [color=#007dba]“At the time it wasn’t what I wanted. So you could consider it to have been harsh. But I couldn’t exactly fight it, I was just a little kid.”[/color] she said as a smile would grow on her face when Yumi moved on to the fact she had been promoted, asking about her time as a Kunoichi. [color=#007dba]“Well… I’d say I’ve enjoyed it, or well, enjoyed is maybe the wrong word? Felt as though I can matter her maybe describes the feeling better… I’m not sure what I mean.”[/color] she admitted as she’d continue on, [color=#007dba]“Though I missed some things I wish I hadn’t. Right after I was promoted actually. Passed my second Chuunin Exam and had to go on hiatus for my family, I like to think if I hadn’t things would be different for the better.”[/color] she was beginning to sound dejected as she spoke, the feeling that she had failed her country and her duty creeping into her mind before she forced a smile, [color=#007dba]“Though nothing I can change about that now, just need to work to do my best right? How about you? You’re a Scholae… Though admittedly I’ve no idea what that is, but it’s got to be important, how have you found your time as a Kunoichi?”[/color]

That was something that Yumi could relate to. She hadn’t wanted it either. Kids would often play ‘Shinobi’ and play as if they were famous names such as the past Kages or whatever famous person they could remember or heard about. But to actually become a shinobi wasn’t what Yumi had desired. Listening further, Yumi would take another small bite of her ration. Chewing on the dry food, she regretted to not bring her water flask with her to the campfire. There was some curiosity on why she had to go on a hiatus but considered that to be personal. Not to mention that asking about one’s family could return the question. A topic that Yumi prefered to avoid more than even her time in the ANBU. [color=#5900b3]"Mhm. But hmm,"[/color] frowning as she would look back at the fire, Yumi would become silent for a few seconds.

[color=#5900b3]"Well, I served first underneath the command of Kanajiro Hanamoto. One of the revered war heroes of the Great War. A true veteran with skill and honour,"[/color] there was a sliver of amusement and Yumi hoped that her sarcasm wasn’t easily picked out from it. [color=#5900b3]"Turned out that he wasn’t that great of a teacher or mentor, though. But I suppose it is always impressive to have served with a war veteran like him."[/color] She paused as she considered how to formulate how her career had followed afterwards. [color=#5900b3]"Other than that? I have met other great names and worked alongside them. I suppose that I have seen the ups and downs of what it means to be a shinobi. Now as a Scholae, I am not entirely certain. I suppose that it is a positive development,"[/color] still staring into the fire, Yumi once more frowned. [color=#5900b3]"Though overall? I suppose that I likely would not picked another job."[/color]
Glancing at Aoi, an amused smile crossed Yumi’s lips. [color=#5900b3]"I would make for a horrible baker."[/color]

Yumi served under a decorated war hero? It must have been quite something, even if he had turned out to be a terrible mentor and teacher Aoi yearned to have been able to hear his stories of the Great War. To know what it was like from a first hand account would be something. The fact that Yumi didn’t seem to have anything more to say beyond meeting some more great names and fighting with them left a few options open to Aoi’s creative mind, and although she was sure that the woman likely just didn’t want to speak about her other teams in more detail she couldn’t shake the possibility that it was because she wasn’t allowed to. And now she was part of something called the Scholae and knew little about it as well which only served to make Aoi more curios with the title and what it really entailed as well as what it most likely meant for the woman's past.

She couldn’t help but to laugh when Yumi jested about making a poor baker and even chimed in her own thoughts on what she might have ended up doing were she not sent away, [color=#007dba]“I’d likely have enjoyed what I was set up to had I not been sent off to the Academy. But I’m sure now that it wasn’t evert really meant for me. This was.”[/color] she spoke genuinely. She wondered exactly what it was that made Yumi special, that got her into this Scholae, or even set her path as a Shinobi. But if she was being honest with herself she didn’t want to pry any further into her personal life than she already had. She wondered a second if asking about a chakra release really counted as being too personal in their line of work.

[color=#007dba]“I guess moving away from that stuff, I could tell you a little bit about what I can do, even as just a Chuunin.”[/color] she gave a meek smile as she felt anything she could say would be easily outshined by the woman at her side, [color=#007dba]“I use a kekkei genkai. It’s called Magnet Release, can manipulate metal and use it to fight although I tend to only use it in a pinch… I’m much more accustomed to just hitting people with my fists.”[/color] she said with a laugh.

[color=#5900b3]"That is good. Really,"[/color] Nodding, the hint of a smile remained present on Yumi’s lips. To feel where you belong, that was likely a drive like no other. [color=#5900b3]"Usually, people that I spoke with say that they are in for the glory, money or just trying to find their way. I haven’t actually heard anybody state before that they were meant for this occupation."[/color] Listening further to what Aoi said, Yumi’s curiosity would be further piqued by what the chuunin told her.

Magnet Release? Yumi had heard about it. Though those reports and rumours were very few in numbers and she had never seen anybody work with Magnet Release. Despite her long list of working with other operatives and such. There was one person that did come close to it but that was likely very different than actual Magnet Release. The ability to manipulate metal did make her think of some Hyuzu that had an ability as well to work with metal. Intrigued, Yumi considered how to reply to that. [color=#5900b3]"I see. More of a hard-hitter, huh? I imagine it is pretty handy to manipulate metal, even outside of a fight."[/color]
A question did come into mind and it did serve to steer the topic into a perhaps more favourable direction for her own. [color=#5900b3]"You mentioned you were set up for something else? I hope I don’t intrude too much with asking what that was. Unless it was a baker, then I have to apologise for my weak comment of before."[/color]

Aoi couldn’t help but to blush as Yumi spoke good of the fact that she was apparently the first person she’d ever met that felt they were meant to be a shinobi. That they’d ended up exactly where they needed to be. She shook her head and smile at the Scholae, [color=#007dba]“I’m sure you’ve met others that feel this is what they were meant to be doing.”[/color] she said trying to dispel any sense of accomplishment she was getting from the simple words of the woman. She was proud beyond measure that such a thing had been said of her, but there was a part of her that was wary of the woman before her, that she was simply playing along on an intricate social game she may have by now perfected in whatever she used to do between her first sensei and becoming a Scholae.

Aoi would hum agreement as Yumi spoke, her words ringing rather true to what Aoi considered to be her specialty. [color=#007dba]“It comes in handy in many different ways.”[/color] Aoi agreed before stopping to think on the women's final question. Although her baker comment was once again funny, she couldn’t help but to feel as though she was leading the same conversation as the one she had had with Astrid Hon. Talking of what she might have done had she not been a kunoichi, giving Yumi another point to simply ask about her and most likely keep the conversation from herself. But she couldn’t simply deny the request, it wasn’t as if she had anything to hide in this particular topic. [color=#007dba]“I was set to be a Shrine Maiden for my families Shrine. It’s a job that is largely passed from mother to daughter so it was a natural progression before I became a Kunoichi.”[/color] she nodded.

[color=#5900b3]"No, not really.”[/color] Yumi responded, the friendly tone still present. The light blush did not go unnoticed by Yumi but she didn’t think too much of it. Perhaps Aoi wasn’t used to a higher ranked to be this polite? It would have certainly gotten on her nerves when she had been a chuunin.
[color=#5900b3]"A shrine maiden? That is a new one to me.”[/color] Yumi said as she would then explain herself. [color=#5900b3]"I haven’t met that many priests or maidens. It has probably been years since I have seen the inside of a temple, if I am honest.”[/color]

Shrugging where she sat she’d turn a smile to Yumi, [color=#007dba]“What? Don’t think it’d have fit me?”[/color] she joked, [color=#007dba]“But you can count that streak broken, I’m by all rights a Shrine Maiden, I just don’t carry out the duties. Think of me as on a sort of permanent hiatus from that.”[/color] she said as she’d lean forward toward the fire. She didn’t want to get drawn into a conversation on herself, or on her religion. She wanted to ask Yumi more about herself, to try and figure out what made her so special to become something even she wasn’t sure of. [color=#007dba]“You said your faith is more personal, earlier, It has me curious… Do you mean you follow what you believe true rather than something more structured by others?”[/color] she asked.

[color=#5900b3]"Ah, that is one way to think of it,"[/color] Yumi replied in return. Taking another bite of her rations, she enjoyed the brief moment of silence. Her gaze moved over the camp as she considered who she actually wanted to learn more about. But for now, she was content on how things were as how they were going. The question of Aoi pulled Yumi out of her train of thoughts. It remained silent for a second as Yumi cleared her mouth before replying back.
[color=#5900b3]"Yes. I don’t have much trust in other people. I prefer to pray and communicate with God in a personal way. If he truly loves us, then we can communicate with him in all possible ways. Some prefer to do this at temples, priests or maidens. I just,"[/color] lightly shrugging, Yumi rested her gaze back on the fire, [color=#5900b3]"Like to practice what I believe is right."[/color]

Sitting and waiting for Yumi to respond Aoi would begin to fiddle with the fingers of her gloves, tugging lightly at the material as she waited anxiously for a response. Although she wasn’t very afraid of having talks on her own religious views, she wasn’t sure how Yumi would respond to a complete stranger asking what Aoi considered to be a very personal question. The response wasn’t far from what Aoi could say she believed. It’d been quite sometime since she’d been to a true worshipping service, and she did most of her prayer alone like anyone did, but she held confidence in others ability to lead her through worship unlike Yumi did. Even with that there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the woman's approach to her faith. God worked in mysterious ways, and he surely didn’t hold anyone in anguish for not attending priest-led services.

She shook her head as if to let Yumi know there was nothing wrong with how she practiced her faith, [color=#007dba]“God listens no matter if you’re being led by a priest or on your own.”[/color] she spoke as she turned her attention back to the fire, [color=#007dba]“No one can force you to share the same views as them when it comes to faith. That’s why it’s your faith, not theirs.”[/color] she turned her gaze away from the fire and back to Yumi, the bright afterimage of the fire visible whenever she blinked.

Subtly nodding, Yumi remained silent. She hadn’t much to say regarding it further. Last time that she had made a prayer, after all, was quite some time ago. Hopefully, did Leo hold a better relation with God than she did.[color=#5900b3]"Let us hope he keeps on listening and watching over us with this mission. So far he has kept me somewhat safe."[/color] Turning her head to throw a sideways glance at Aoi, a faint smile crossed Yumi’s lips.
[color=#5900b3]"Else, we got to rely on our luck and skills. Always have been a good plan B."[/color] Yumi half-joked. [color=#5900b3]"However, I suppose we should get a rest soon. Tomorrow, we will need to travel another lengthy distance, through the snow and cold."[/color]
Inhaling slowly, Yumi nodded as if she needed to convince herself. Then she slowly got up. Glancing at Aoi, Yumi made a small bow with her head. [color=#5900b3]"I wish you a good night, Aoi of the Miyazato."[/color]

Aoi smiled and nodded her head to Yumi’s hope that they would continue to be watched over as they had been in the past, [color=#007dba]“I’m sure He is.””[/color] Aoi said as she would then snigger at the Scholae’s joke. She shook her head and waved a hand at the woman, [color=#007dba]“But I must say your skills are a good plan A given your current... mysterious position.””[/color] she said with a small laugh before she’d stand up as Yumi did. She wasn’t exactly keen on ending the conversation, she had so much more to ask, but if the woman wanted to part ways there was nothing she would do to stop it from happening. [color=#007dba]“You as well Miss Hasegawa.””[/color] Aoi returned with a small bow of her head. She stood a while and listened to the sound of the crackling fire before finally leaving the campfire behind her.


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[fieldbox="Meeting with Neji, cyan, solid"]

Collab Length: Very Short

Summary: Learning from how he approached Kazumo, Orun decided to take try the same approach with Neji in a slightly different way, making it clear he wanted to get to know the boy a bit better. While Neji is more open and conversation is going well, Orun realizes how late it is and decides it is best to get his rest. So he makes his exit, along with a promise to continue the conversation later.

Orun, now finished with his conversation with Kazumo went to fetch a canteen from his tent. The outcome of the conversation had been less than desirable. When he was finished, he looked around the campfire again. There were a few more that he needed to meet before he was done, Satia and Neji, and he decided that it would be best to meet with Neji first, Satia could come next. From the description that Aiko had given Neji when Orun had met with her, he was most certain that it would be an interesting conversation…

Neji sat by the fire as he tried to stay warm. He had his jacket on and hood up as the cold night continued on. He held his canteen in his hand as he took a swig of water. The day had been a long one, they had been traveling for most of the day through the snow and bitterly cold winds. Once they decided to camp for the night, they all set up their tents and Neji had made the fire for all of them to use as warmth. Neji had set up his spot to sleep in the tent and then had come out to try and warm himself up for a bit. They had set up a schedule of who was to be on guard and who could rest.

Neji was sitting on a log by himself near the fire as Orun, the newest member of their squad approached him. Neji hadn’t really had a chance to meet him yet, all he knew about him was that he was from the Hyuzu clan and that he was a specialised jonin, which meant that he was now second in command on their squad behind Aiko. Neji wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about that. With both him and Kazumo now being chunin he was surprised that they would have another higher ranking shinobi join the squad, though since he himself and Satia were lacking experience Neji figured that it did kind of make sense to bring in another member for the squad. Neji watched as Orun approached him, wondering what he wanted to discuss.

Orun gave Neji a small wave as he approached. ”Neji, right?” Orun took a seat next to the boy on a log, warming himself to the fire. ”It’s nice to meet you. Would you mind chatting for a while? I prefer to know a bit about those that might guard my back in a fight.” Orun stretched his legs out at the fire, relishing the warmth that the crackling wood provided as it burned. He unclipped the sheath that hung at his side from the small rings attached to the black leather, and laid it across his knees. The small blue gems that made up the eyes of the fierce dragon on the hilt of his sword shone in the firelight.

Neji would watch as Orun and his dragon would walk towards him, Orun giving a small wave and then asking if his name was in fact Neji. Neji would nod which would give Orun a signal to continue the conversation. Neji would listen as Orun sat next to him on the log while the two warmed up by the fire. Neji figured it would be good to get to know the new second in command of his squad. ” It’s nice to meet you as well Orun.” Neji would stick his hands out to towards the fire to try and warm up some more.

”So Neji,” Orun began. He would start with some easy questions that the boy would be likely to answer. ”Why did you end up joining the shinobi corp, and what motivates you to stay in it?” Orun finished his question. He regarded the boy curiously as he asked the question. It was one that Orun intended to ask everyone he spoke with on the team. Motivation was a powerful thing. It could decide whether a man decided to stand and fight in a battle, or flee in terror. Which is why it would be the most important thing that Orun would learn about each of them.

Neji would sit there as he continued to warm up by the fire, the brutal cold from the wind was almost unbearable. Orun would start with a pretty straightforward question, why did Neji become a shinobi and why does he continue to stay in the shinobi corps. Neji thought on it for a moment, but he already knew his answer. ” Well the reason I wanted to become a shinobi is because I wanted to be like my older brother Nadaki. I saw him become a shinobi and move through the ranks pretty quickly, and well I wanted to be like him. The reason I stay a shinobi is because I want to protect the people I care about. I know I can’t protect everybody, but I will try like hell to do so.” Neji turned back towards the fire as he watched some snow fall from the sky and instantly melt as it hit the open flame. Neji would turn his attention back to Orun.

Orun chuckled a little. ”Ah, an older brother, following the footsteps of an older sibling, eh? So many seem to want to become shinobi like their parents, or their brothers. To protect people is a noble goal. Certainly in the right line of work for it.” Orun rubbed the hilt of his blade, feeling the textures of the pommel, like he was removing some sort of invisible imperfection in the metal there. ”What do you enjoy doing, aside from stuff related to your job. You must have some hobby, no?” He studied the boy for a moment.

Neji smirked for a moment as Orun talked about Neji wanting to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and how a lot of shinobi want to follow in their parents or siblings footsteps. ” Well you can’t blame most people can you? We join the academy at the ages of seven or eight, most of us become genin at twelve or thirteen or fourteen. Of course when were that age we see what are our parents and siblings do and want to emulate them.” Neji would stare into the fire as he thought about his brother Nadaki, many of the things that they did together when they were young. Neji kinda zoned out as he stared into the bright flames of the fire. He would snap back into focus as Orun would ask him about his hobbies. Neji would chuckle as he tried to think about his hobbies. ” Well I haven’t had much time to even think or do any hobbies, we’ve been away from Konohagakure for a while now, but I like to play sports in my time away from being a shinobi, I also like to spend time with the people I care about”

Orun nodded. Sports, very interesting indeed. Orun had never had time for sports when he was younger, though his friends had wished otherwise. The chance for sports was lost to him now. Not that he really regretted the decision. He was always a bookworm when he was younger, not really interested in much outside of the pages of a good story or the excitement of becoming a shinobi. ”Sports?” Orun questioned, latching on to that particular piece of information that he had been given. ”What kind of sports? There certainly are a few you could be playing.”

” Well mostly soccer, as a child I would play games of soccer with a lot of the other children my age, I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself.” Neji chuckled as he thought back to some of the games that he and other children of konohagakure would play. ” There were other sports we played as well, but soccer is what we usually played. Once we all got into the academy we played less and less, having to try and focus on becoming shinobi.”

Orun nodded in response. That was the way the academy went. Young children were given more and more to do until they had little time to play games, and then suddenly they were shinobi. As Orun examined the practice mentally, he realized what a cruel move it was, encouraging children to enter the military. He wondered for a moment why it was they still kept up the practice too, certainly they had plenty of shinobi? Could they not wait until they were older to train them? He shrugged off the thought. It wasn’t as if they were forced to join the shinobi corps after all. ”That is just how it goes with the academy I suppose,” He said. ”But It is good you still play soccer, after all, sports keep one He watched in silence as the fire crackled and the wood burned. He suddenly realized how tired he was from the day, and how late it was. Given they likely had an early start tomorrow, he figured it best to go get some sleep. ”I know this is rather abrupt Neji, but I really must get some sleep. I apologize, but we’ll have to carry on this talk later, perhaps tomorrow evening. Thank you for talking with me, if only for a little while.” He nodded to the boy, and, when he received no response shrugged and went off to his tent to sleep.


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[fieldbox=I believe, burlywood]
Aoi Miyazato and Meilin Cho | Team 4 | Akinian Empire, in the region under control by the House of Magnhild.

A collab made between FrostedCaramel FrostedCaramel and Oetje Oetje

The following collab details the interaction between Aoi and Meilin. An apology is exchanged but it doesn't seem to have a big positive impact. The tension before is still there and causes some more friction.

The talk with Dagrún had gone well. Walking away from the waggon, Meilin was pondering on the talk. There were various points that she could relate very well. But she wasn’t sure how to bring or explain them to Aoi. If anything, Meilin was still angry at Aoi and how she had behaved. That she was angry was one thing but trying to use somebody’s face as an outlet? It made the young woman consider to just return to her tent and rest out. The only problem was that she had it too cold to be drowsy.
Glancing at the campfire, Meilin considered her options once more. Deciding to first head to her tent, she would go through her bag to pick some rations.

Still sitting at the campfire Aoi was finally beginning to feel the warmth of the Flames fighting off the incessant cold. After her talk with Yumi she'd found herself alone again at the campfire, and although she'd had half the mind to go curl up and head to sleep she'd decided to stay to continue to think on everything that had been going on. It was easier to be warm then to be cold and think after all. She noticed Meilin off in the camp as she moved over to her tent, and tried to figure out if it was a good time to approach her or not.
Standing up she'd walk toward Meilins tent and stop outside the flaps, the sounds of Meilin rummaging through her stuff for something easily audible so close. She placed a hand against the canvas flap and pushed it in softly, “Meilin?” she said quietly, almost as if she were doubting her words as she said them, [color=#007dba]“Do you have a moment?”[/color]

Hearing some sounds, somebody approaching her, Meilin threw a glance over her shoulder. Spotting that it was Aoi, Meilin turned back to her rucksack. A second would follow before Meilin responded back to Aoi. The tone being neutral.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Yes, one moment,”[/COLOR] she said, using the said moment to briefly reorganise her thoughts and cool herself. Slowly she would straighten her back and turn on her heels to face Aoi. The campfire behind Aoi didn’t do much to lighten the facial features of the blue-haired girl, which did slightly annoy Meilin as she felt that she was at a disadvantage.

Fidgeting at the edge of the tent as Meilin told her to wait she'd feel a knot growing in her stomach as Meilin turned around, [color=#007dba]“I uhm.”[/color] She began and immediately felt her face flush red as she stumbled so early on. She was sure Madoc would be shaking his head right about now at her early failure in apologizing, [color=#007dba]“I want to say sorry. Actually this time.”[/color] she said again finishing what she'd meant to say first. Looking down at her hands and fidgeting with her gloves she'd look back to Meilin, [color=#007dba]“I was wrong I know it. I lost control over something I shouldn't have and this is me apologizing.”[/color] she said softly as she realized she was holding open the tents flap.
[color=#007dba]“Can I come in?”[/color] she asked as she turned to look back at the fire and then to the Cho.

Remaining silent, Meilin didn’t hint any expression with her facial expression. Not until Aoi apologised. Despite trying to resist, Meilin’s features became softer as so her stance became less firm. For a moment, she wanted to refuse Aoi from entering. But instead nodded. [COLOR=burlywood]”Yes, you may.”[/COLOR]
Deciding to settle down on her rear, Meilin would search once more for something in her rucksack. Pulling out a small stick, Meilin would hold it with her right hand. Snapping the fingers of her left, she would ignite a small flame to bring some light in the tent.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Apologies accepted.”[/COLOR] Speaking in a slower pace, Meilin would be careful to formulate what she was going to say.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I am still angry at you. I thought we,”[/COLOR] pausing Meilin shook her head as she locked her eyes on Aoi, [COLOR=burlywood]”I still see you as a friend. But never try to hurt me like that.”[/COLOR] Waiting to see how Aoi would respond, Meilin already started to see on how she could organise what she had learned from her talk with Dagrún, to portray it to Aoi.

Stepping inside Aoi watched curiously as Meilin grabbed a stick from her bag and set it alight with a small snap of her fingers. She sighed softly as the Cho began to talk, and a heavy feeling of guilt began to set in on her as she listened. She'd shake her head as Meilin spoke, [color=#007dba]“If you don't see me as a friend anymore I won't hold it against you… At this point, you have more reason to doubt me than ever.”[/color] she admitted as the knot in her stomach began to twist and turn. [color=#007dba]“But I won't. Not again, not like that.”[/color] she agreed softly.
Her eyes wandered away and she briefly wondered if she had any sort of a chance to make Meilin see her side of what had happened, at least before she tried to beat the hell out of her. Swallowing she'd turn her gaze back to the small flame and up to Meilin, [color=#007dba]“I still think you aren't seeing the whole picture. Unless you've changed your mind since we last… Conversed. But it doesn't change the fact I was wrong in my actions to it.”[/color] she fidgeted with her gloves some more and shifted slightly where she stood.

Hearing what Aoi said provoked a frown from Meilin as her lips slightly parted but she would let Aoi finish speaking. When Aoi brought up that she perhaps didn’t see the entire picture, Meilin felt a twinge of irritation. Tempted to tell that Aoi also didn’t see everything, Meilin resisted as she simply nodded at first.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Would you mind to please sit down? You standing and just pulling your gloves is anything but calming.”[/COLOR] Meilin responded with first. Waiting for Aoi to sit down, Meilin would raise her left hand to gesture the other to wait before speaking up.
Turning once more to her rucksack, Meilin rummaged through its contents briefly. Before pulling a folded paper. Slowly she would hold it up and offer it to Aoi.

[COLOR=burlywood]”When I went to the library, I decided to check if there was any chance that a message had came from Konohagakure. I had, after all, told my siblings where I was heading. And that I would see if I could bring something back for them. I got a response from each. Likely with aid from Jin. But you might want to see that drawing.”[/COLOR] Meilin instructed, waiting for Aoi to open it.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I still see you as a friend. Even if I am upset with you trying to punch my teeth out before. You also risked a lot for me.”[/COLOR] Pausing, Meilin’s eyes lowered as she glanced at the drawing before looking back at Aoi’s face.
[COLOR=burlywood]”I still haven’t forgotten what you did in Hanaguro, just because I asked you.”[/COLOR]

Nodding quickly Aoi would follow Meilin’s wish and take a seat, being sure not to get snow and mud from her boots on anything that Meilin might not want dirtied as she did, [color=#007dba]“Sorry.”[/color] she said as she would place her hands in her lap and make a conscious effort to not fidget with her gloves anymore than she already had. She watched as Meilin went back to sifting through her bag and pulled a folded paper from within. Aoi reached for the paper, stopping briefly before extending her arm fully and taking it. She was going to ask Meilin what it was before opening out of fear, but stopped when the Cho began to talk.

Unfolding the paper she’d take a moment to understand what she was looking at in the pale flicker of the light from Meilin’s makeshift candle. It was a picture. A crude one, made by a child. That or Meilin was actually terrible at drawing. There was a figure that after a second Aoi recognized as Irene, shorter than the other figures and with a distinct lack of an arm, followed by the much taller brown haired figure that was probably Meilin and a blue haired one that could be none other than herself. She hadn’t really been listening to Meilin as she tried to decipher the art, though she knew enough to understand that this had come from Irene herself.

[color=#007dba]“I know.”[/color] Aoi admitted as Meilin went on, [color=#007dba]“I know you didn’t forget. At least I know now. Just before I was so upset… I wasn’t thinking.”[/color] she said quietly as she’d hand the picture back to Meilin, [color=#007dba]“Look Meilin, I don’t know what the Hon was doing the way she was acting toward me. But it was far from alright. I don’t know her, she can’t just brazenly act so demeaning even if it’s a joke or she’’s trying to lighten the mood…”[/color] she trailed off a second and came back, [color=#007dba]“Our people. Our history is so far from mended, it’s hard to see it as a jest if that’s truly what she was doing.”[/color] she gave an apologetic frown, [color=#007dba]“At least for the time being it’s too hard.”[/color]

Taking the drawing back, Meilin would put it back in her rucksack. Listening to Aoi, Meilin wanted to say that she shouldn’t need to apologise further. Then Aoi, however, began to talk once more about Dagrún, not using her name. With Aoi bringing in history, Meilin inhaled slowly as she briefly looked away, considering what she should say in response.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Our people,”[/COLOR] she began, on a softer tone, [COLOR=burlywood]”Our history.”[/COLOR] Becoming silent, Meilin shot a look at Aoi.

[COLOR=burlywood]”Am I responsible for what my ancestors and folk did to various people? Can I uphold you to what other Taika did to mine?”[/COLOR] Meilin asked, but she wouldn’t give much time for Aoi to respond. [COLOR=burlywood]”And before you think I am upset, I am not. But if you are going to talk about people and history, I fear you got the wrong person Aoi. If you think that there is no mending, then can we be friends?”[/COLOR]

[color=#007dba]“That’s not--”[/color] Aoi began before Meilin continued. She bit her tongue and fought the temptation to cut off Meilin as she would let her finish. [color=#007dba]“That’s not what I mean and you know it.”[/color] the annoyance in her voice evident as she spoke, [color=#007dba]“You know what I mean by that. I can’t just put the pasts of our people behind me and act like they don’t sway me one way over the other and neither can you no matter what you might say or think. You did it in Hanaguro to Madoc and me, didn’t trust us because of our blood. Tell me, Meilin,”[/color] she placed a hand on her chest, [color=#007dba]“were we Chonobi would you have trusted us then? I’d like to think you would have,”[/color] she shook her head and gave a small laugh, [color=#007dba]“Were I Chonobi now would you be showing me the same favor that it seems like you’re showing Dagrún over this?”[/color]

She put her hand down and followed it with her gaze to watch the ground for a short time. She sighed and looked back up to Meilin, [color=#007dba]“To act like I don’t think there’s mending is wrong. But certainly, it’s hard to mend when I’m being belittled and put down by a stranger.”[/color] she took a breath and managed a smile, [color=#007dba]“Look I don’t want to argue, I realize it’s exactly what I’m leading us to… Hell it might be exactly what we’re doing and I hate it. But that wasn’t the point of bringing that up, the point was that there’s a perception. An expectation of our people and how we interact under different circumstances. It’s hard to see past a Chonobi that I don’t know saying things like that with me and just placing it away as a jest. And it’s hard to not see how you’re treating this as favoritism of Dagrún over me because of out blood.”[/color] she had quieted down and appeared far more calm from before.

[color=#007dba]“I shouldn’t have beat you like I did for this. I’ve already apologized for that. But I need you to offer more than words of our friendship over this. I don’t know what I want from this… Maybe just an explanation from Dagrún, and a realization from you that you aren’t being fair here even if I didn’t help you to stay fair with what I did…”[/color] she was gripping at the cloth of her pants as she spoke, her mind finally seemed to be clear, but she couldn’t help but feel like what she was saying wasn’t going to be taken well in the slightest even though she was trying her best to deescalate what she herself had done.

Meilin wanted to give an answer in return. To state that it wouldn't have mattered. It hadn’t mattered with Sen, had it? But that was an argument that wouldn’t uphold much sway nor would continuing this topic be something Meilin would be eager about. It, however, stung that Aoi brought up all over again. Maintaining a calm composure as expression, Meilin would let Aoi finish. She wanted to respond that an apology for an attempted beating or even worse wouldn’t just be forgiven, let alone forgotten by some mere words. But that would just make matters worse.
[COLOR=burlywood]”You have been heard, Aoi. I suggest you get some rest as I am intending to get mine.”[/COLOR] Speaking with a calm tone, Meilin locked her eyes on Aoi. Refraining herself from saying the words and sentences that were crossing her mind.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Good night.”[/COLOR]

Nodding slowly as Meilin responded that she had been heard Aoi couldn’t help but feel as if she hadn’t, as if Meilin had been almost purposefully avoiding trying to solve the issue. She calmed her mind and gave Meilin a nod, ‘It sure doesn’t seem like it.’ she thought to herself as she would then talk, [color=#007dba]“Alright.”[/color] she began as she’d shift slightly where she sat, [color=#007dba]“Alright Meilin, I believe you.”[/color] she said as her mind tried to fight back the want to scream that she felt as though she was being lied to.

The fact that Meilin wanted her to leave was icing on the cake to Aoi’s idea that Meilin simply didn’t want to have to deal with the issue, that just saying it was alright instead of actually making it alright was all she really intended to do. She felt her frustration beginning to rise as she thought about how little she’d accomplished with this talk and released her grip on her pants to ball her hands into fists. She sprang forward at Meilin and brought her arms up, moving quickly to not give the girl a chance to move in the close confines of the tent she’d wrap her arms around the Cho and pull her toward her chest, [color=#007dba]“I don’t like being the issue all the time.”[/color] she said quietly before she’d release Meilin from the hug and back away from her, [color=#007dba]“I really don’t.”[/color] she said before standing up and pushing the tent flap out of the way. Stopping for a brief moment she turned to look back at Meilin, [color=#007dba]“Goodnight.”[/color]

Staying as she was, Meilin wondered if Aoi did believe her. This whole situation was a real pain in the ass right now. But she figured it wasn’t fun for anybody involved. When Aoi sprang forwards, Meilin’s hands shot up. More out of instinct and reflex than anything else. Finding herself in a hug, slightly uncomfortable, Meilin’s lips parted to say something. Hearing what Aoi, however, said caused her to become silent. Looking at Aoi, Meilin wasn’t sure what to say or do.
[COLOR=burlywood]”Goodnight,”[/COLOR] was all that she could manage to return as a reply. With Aoi leaving, Meilin would try to get some sleep. Even though she couldn’t shake off some thoughts.


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[fieldbox=Obsidian Blood]
Empire of Akino.
Hon Clan lands.

Obsidian Blood

Performed by:
Team 4,
Team 8
Jounin Astrid Hon.
Scholae Yumi Hasegawa

The second day that the two teams, accompanied by the two operatives going by the name of Yumi Hasewaga as Astrid Hon, wouldn't be much different from the first. Much as the first day, the group would move in a similar formation. Team 8, under the leadership of Aiko Cho-Hon, would move as the vanguard. Scouting for possible threats and problems, both on and alongside the road.
The rearguard would be once more formed by Yumi Hasewaga and Astrid Hon while Team 4 handled the wagon. Though making some good progress over the road, the group was forced to seek some shelter from the weather which tormented them with heavy snowfall and cold gusts. Limiting their sights and being a nightmare to transverse in.

The snowstorm would hold on for some hours and force the group to try to catch up with their lost progress. Fewer breaks were allowed as everybody had to struggle through the layers of snow that painted the scenery white. By the time that the sky started to darken, the situation became tenser with the sounds of howling in the distance. No sights of predator animals would be caught but as camp would be built, Astrid would give the warning that they would need to be extra careful and watchful. For during harsh winters like these, attacks from all kind of starving animals weren't unheard of. The campfire would be once more be the task of Neji Uchiha whereas some others would be rallied to remove some snow so that the tents could be set. The horses and wagon would be moved closer to the campfire as instead of four, six people would be set on watch.


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New Team 11 Introduction Chu Omari, Sairento Shi and Yoshikuni Sadako
A Collab between Conman, Jason and Nim

The first meeting between the new Team 11 members, led by Chu Omari. The meeting involves introductions, a small show of certain skills, and finally, explanation of expectations.​

Chu stood in the practice fields, arms crossed, and waited. It was early in the morning, just past dawn. He had sent out the messages last night, only a day after he had received his new assignment. Working with Ferra had been a pleasure, but he was certainly happy to receive his own team. If he did well here, it would only further his goals in the future. He had two shinobi assigned to his team. Sairento Shi and Yoshikuni Sadako. The pair were both solid operatives, from what he had found. He was nervous to begin with, after all this was his first meeting as a team leader.

Approaching the training field, Kuni hummed to herself. She was wondering why they suddenly transferred her to a new team, but figured the higher ups must’ve had their own reasons. Perhaps this new team was a way of keeping a better track on the Jinchuuriki, seeing the recent occurrences, or maybe they just needed to fill in a lacking team. Regardless of the reason, Kuni had hoped things will be alright for Team Etsu before spotting someone standing in the field she was told to go to.

Arriving next to the young man, Kuni offered him a smile ”Good morning! Yoshikuni Sadako, reporting for duty! You must be Chu Omari, right?” She quickly asked before she continued talking ”I’m looking forward to working with you! And you can call me Kuni. Most people call me Kuni.” She added the last bit quickly, as a small by the way. She understood not everyone would do so, seeing more official and higher rankings didn’t, and yet, she still wanted to present the offer to everyone.

Sairento arrived not terribly long after Yoshikuni, approaching quietly before stopping to give a polite nod of the head towards Chu. Kuni on the other hand, got nothing more than a glance. ”Sairento Shi, reporting in.” He said calmly, not particularly feeling the need for a long winded intro. After his last mission, the man had been disgracefully dismissed from the ANBU, and then promptly demoted to Chuunin. An insult if there ever was any, he thought at least. Then being assigned to this team only added to the injury. The brat from Ferra’s team, and the Jinchuriki. Not a good mix. Letting out a small sigh, he pushed his thoughts to the side. His own feelings on matters were irrelevant anyways.

Chu nodded in response to Kuni, the young woman gave up a smile, and seemed to add quickly that most people called her Kuni. ”It is nice to meet you, Kuni. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Chu did not particularly care one way or the other about the girl’s status as a Jinchuriki. Of course he was wary of her abilities, and her limitations, with the chakra spirit that was leashed inside her, but he saw no reason to fear anything that might come of it. He was quiet as Sairento made his way onto the field. The man reported, in the same way Chu remembered him having done so during the Housha incident. Certainly, Chu had no liking for his attitude toward Ferra, but he had grown a certain respect for his combat abilities. The man would be a great asset with the team. Chu thought he heard a small sigh sound from the man.

”It is good to see you are in good health following the fighting in the Housha compound.” Chu crossed his arms. He looked from one to the other. ”Since we will all be trusting each other with our backs during fighting in the future, I believe it would be best if we all learned a bit about each other. To begin with, we will all share what team or assignment we came from, as well as what we think your most important ability is, whether that is a skill, a technique, or a fact about yourself is your choice. I myself came from team Arkos, and my most important ability is my ability to pick a strategy appropriate to the situation.” He nodded his head to Kuni. ”You’re up.”

While she noticed Sairento only gave a polite gesture to Chu, Kuni ended up figuring it might be because the two had already known each from before, as Chu had mentioned. Listening to the Squad leader’s words, Kuni nodded lightly. Having such an ability was good, and she knew well that she was far from knowing how to choose the best strategy for different situations.

Hearing it was her turn, Kuni turned to look at both ”I have been for most of my service in the previous incarnation of Team 11, led by Eiji Emiya, and very briefly been in Team 22, led by Etsu Yabut. As for my most important skill, I can safely say it is my skill in Earth type Ninjutsu.” She said, and then turned to focus her sight on Sairento.

The main briefly wondered why Chu felt that to be his most important ability. Shouldn’t any leader worth anything have such an ability? Either way, not really his place to critique others like that. When it came to being his turn, Sairento sighed as he wasn’t particularly fond of the reason he was moved to this team. ”From the ANBU. My most important skill is stealth.” Was Sairento’s brief reply. He gave no sign of distaste for the others, but rather simply felt that there wasn’t too much of a point in a long winded explanation.

Chu silently listened to the pair, absorbing the information. If Chu was annoyed by Sairento’s short answers, he didn’t show it. When they were both finished, he nodded. ”Next, I would like us all to know a bit about what techniques we are capable of.” With that, Chu would turn towards fifteen targets that were a bit away from the group, just around sixty feet away. They were thin targets made out of brown wood that would easily be pierced, painted over with red paint. ”Those fifteen targets, there are five for each of us. Take five out in whatever manner you deem fit. Simple or flashy, so long as it doesn’t destroy the field, if you please. The only stipulation is that each way you take out a target must be different.” He nodded towards Kuni. ”I went first last time, so you’ll go first this time.”

Five targets for each of them, and each one needed to be taken out differently. Stretching her hands ”Okay, here I go then.” She said with a smile before suddenly sinking and vanishing into the ground. A couple of moments later, the rightmost target would sink and vanish into the ground. A Kunai would pop out of the ground and seemingly go through the ground towards a second target, before piercing the bottom of the target, making it fall down, and then Kuni would jump out of the ground and throw the kunai at the target, to essentially take it out.

Landing on the ground, she would form a few handseals before beginning to charge towards the next target and then jumping forward with an earth fist she had formed around her right hand. Slamming it into the target, she watched it shatter as the earth fist also crumbled. Forming a few more seals, she tapped the ground with her right foot, making the ground break apart beneath the fourth target and letting it drop down into the newly formed crevice before suddenly closing. Looking at the last target, Kuni formed a few more seals and held the last seal, watching as an earth hand formed from the ground next to the fifth target before forcing it to the ground.

Letting go the seal, Kuni made her way back to Chu and Sairento while offering them both the same smile as before ”Hope that filled the requirement of taking each target out differently!” She said as she turned to face the remaining targets, wondering what she will see from the other two.

An easy enough exercise, but one that Sairento was a little unsure of participating. However, that didn’t matter as it was what he was told to do. Waiting until the jinchuriki had cleared out of the way, Sairento sighed as he rapidly wove handsigns before sweeping an arm in front of himself. Immediately currents of wind that were sharp as knives leapt forward and cut one of the dummies clean in half, however the man was already moving on to the next attack. Already having woven the three handsigns a whip of water lashed out and cracked around the ‘neck’ of one of the other dummies. Immediately followed by a single seal as the same water collapsed into being a clone of Sairento.

This clone then turned in a mere moment its blade was dawn and cut through the air to strike the third target in nearly the blink of an eye. At this same moment, small shards of chakra condensed air slammed into the fourth target, shredding it. Then the final target wound up with a Kunai buried dead center in its chest mere moments later as the water clone collapsed. ”A bit more flashy than I would usually opt for, but those dummies wouldn’t know the difference. And, admittedly, its a little fun to unload with the techniques sometimes.” He said calmly, making a clear effort to seem a little bit more friendly than before, as it occurred to him that perhaps it might put things off to a bad start with these two. An issue that could easily enough be avoided by simply being polite.

Chu was impressed by the pair, not only did they take out the targets, they took them out rapidly. Though it was of course to be expected from a former Anbu. Chu had seen a little of the fighting capability of the man before, but this was a bit clearer of a demonstration. Chu nodded to them both. ”My turn then.” Chu stepped a little bit in front of the pair, then formed a few handsigns, then spat a bullet of water at one of the targets, knocking the head off. He was swift to draw a scroll out next, which then he unfurled, the scroll activating as he did so and depositing a large amount of water around him. Chu formed several more handsigns and seven rods rose out of the deposited liquid and shot out at the second target, impacting it and exploding into little water droplets, which then broke little holes into the target all over. Next Chu formed more handseals, and small pillars of water shot out of the ground and punched holes in the third target. Chu then formed three handseals and then breathed in before spitting out a condensed stream of water that hit the fourth target, blowing it over. Finally, he formed a final handseal and a water clone rose up out of the water he had just spat at the other target, and it delivered a single blow with a knife to the back of the “neck” of the final target.

He turned back to face the pair. Yes, he was confident his belief of earlier was true. The shinobi that had been assigned to his team were two solid operatives. ”Next exercise, though this one may perhaps test your patience.” He pulled off the ring that rested on his right hand, presenting a polished gem that seemed to absorb light. ”This is Elfrine, a gemstone that is capable of storing chakra, so that one may retrieve it later. It takes a concentration and decent enough control over your chakra to be able to use, but I am confident both of you should be able to store and retrieve chakra. Both of you will do just that, store a small amount of chakra, and then retrieve it.” This test was not really for Sairento, though it would be good to know his control over chakra, but more for Kuni. He was interested to know how much control she had over her own chakra. ”All you need to do is concentrate on focusing your chakra into the ring, the same way you might walk up a wall with chakra. Then, you must focus on pulling the chakra from the same source.” Chu would demonstrate as he placed the ring on right hand and concentrated on the item. For a moment, nothing happened, but after about a ten seconds, the ring glowed slightly blue with a hue of chakra, and the gem seeming to suck in the stuff greedily. After about another ten seconds, Chu stopped, then held the item up for the others to inspect. The gem was tinted slight blue now, though it still seemed to absorb the light around it. Chu then concentrated again, this time, the blue chakra moved out of the ring and into his hand. When he was finished, he held the ring out to Kuni. ”You try.”

Watching the other two take down their clones, Kuni briefly wondered if she should’ve used a clone as well. Shaking the thought out of her head, she was impressed by the skills both of them showed. Sairento certainly seemed to have decent skills, which was expected from someone who had served in the ANBU. She was curious as to why he was moved onto a regular team, but decided not to delve into the matter. Keeping a low profile also meant, to her at least, to try and keep things as best as they can be, and if this was a case of demotion, then perhaps Sairento wouldn’t want to talk about it. Could be a lot of reasons, but she decided to leave it up to Sairento, if the man ever decided to share it with her.

Kuni watched as Chu showcased the Elfirne gem, which was on a ring that he previously wore on his finger. After introducing the gem and informing them of what they needed to do with it, he also demonstrated it. When Chu held out the ring to her, Kuni took it and then closed her eyes, letting her focus go to the ring solely. A couple of moments would pass before she opened her eyes, and the gem on the ring would shortly give off a light blue hue. Closing her eyes again, another moment would pass and the blue hue from the gem would fade from the ring, seemingly going out and upon touching Kuni’s skin, vanish. Opening her eyes again, she turned slightly and offered the ring to Sairento.

Sairento accepted the ring from the Jinchuriki after having watched how both she and Chu had seemed to easily enough use the ring for its intended purpose. Looking over the ring with a critical eye for a few moments, Sairento let out a small sigh before reaching out and touching the stone lightly. Closing his eyes, he focused on the stone and soon afterwards it gave off a nice, light blue hue like it had for the other two. Allowing himself a small smile, he nodded before continuing on to touch the ring once more and watch as the light went out again. He then approached the Omari and offered the ring back to him, hoping the little exercise had given him what he needed to know.

Chu took the ring and slipped it back onto his finger, then nodded, satisfied. The tests were at an end now, he had a basic understanding of their skills, those in person that was. Now was the interesting part. He looked to them both. ”Lets go over my expectations for this team before we move on. I expect a couple of things. First off, that you follow my orders. You’re both experienced shinobi, so I know I can expect that you would execute them good manner, whatever that might be, I don’t think I will have to babysit you through them like genin fresh from the academy. Second, that you report on time. We will be training together often, and I do not wish to waste time while waiting for anyone. From here on I will expect that you meet me at the field at the appointed time. Third, as we are all experienced shinobi, it should go without saying that some of us have skills that the others may not. We are going to be working on sharing those skills, so keep your mind open to learning. Fourth and final, there have been recently some questionable actions from the shinobi in this village. Let me be very clear. We will be a shining example of what a team should be. I don’t want to be a blip on the Jounin Commander’s radar unless that is because we are so excellent at our jobs that he knows he can rely on us. I will not tolerate collateral damage. Objectives will be achieved in ways that minimize any casualties, except where allowed. Reprimands will be severe for failures such as one that recently took place with the child in the marketplace.” He sighed, and a smile touched his lips. ”On to lighter topics. I am going to go ahead and call an end to the team meeting here for today. But a couple of things before that, first off, next meeting we have we will go over stealth tactics with Sai leading the training. As Sai already told us, he was Anbu before this. We will meet tomorrow morning at six and train until the afternoon. Any questions before we conclude our meeting?”

As he went over the expectations he had from them, Kuni nodded along with them. They were certainly reasonable expectations, and ones that she didn’t really see any problems with. Upon mentioning what recently occurred and staying under the Jounin Commander’s radar, Kuni would nod again, although she knew that if she ever got on the Commander’s radar, she would be in even bigger trouble than just dealing with the Amegakure Jounin Commander, something she wished to avoid, unless it was for any good reasons. Chu moved on to inform them of the next session’s topic and time, before asking if they had any questions. Kuni shook her head lightly, indicating she had none. So far, he was very clear about everything, and managed to get his points through in a rather good fashion.

Sairento raised an eyebrow as Chu seemed to decide he would lead the next training without any prior warning. Not a big issue, as Sairento understood that it would be rather useful to the team. ”Very well.” Sairento said, already thinking about what topics he would train them on. As for questions? The man had none, the Omari had been rather clear with his expectations and all that for the team. ”No questions here.” He said simply, feeling like there was no need to elaborate on anything.

Chu nodded to them both. ”Perfect, I will see you both at six am sharp tomorrow. Do not be late, you will make up the time if you are. Dismissed, both of you.” With that, Chu turned away and started towards the dummy targets they had taken out, turning to the task of cleaning up the fields.
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[ Team 9 - Konohagakure, the Imperial Capital of the Empire of Akino ]
- At one of the training fields -

A collab between GlitchyBugger GlitchyBugger , Nim Nim and Gerontis Gerontis .

The training of Team 9 comes to an end. While Hiron instructed his genin to do some training with a shadow clone of his, he discusses some of the training with Kyoi and Karma. Ending the talk with giving both of the young women a task, that they have to see to it if they don't want to be facing Hiron's discontent.

Hiron had remained silent as he watched from his spot. No change in expression or composure as Kyoi and Karma would be given a chance to try to teach something useful to the genin. The whole affair wasn’t, however, just aimed at the genin but also at those two. Making mental notes, Hiron waited till they were done. Waiting a moment longer, he spoke up. ”Well, those were the signs that you can encounter. You each will get a scroll or so, later about the others. I expect you all to learn and memorise them. We will round today’s training with a small exercise.” Pausing, Hiron threw a glance at each of the genin. ”Each of you will be ‘given’ a shadow clone. Up to you on how to try to defeat it. If you don’t manage to defeat it within ten minutes or so, you have lost. Next training, you will be burdened with a heavier exercise.”

After finishing, Hiron conjured three said shadow clones. Each shadow clone of his would take a genin to another part of the field. The real Hiron crossed his arms out front of his chest and frowned at Karma and Kyoi. ”You two. How do you think your little training went with the genin?”

Kyoi quietly watched Karma’s own lesson for the genin, briefly catching sight of Miko’s look towards her as she vied for some positive affirmation, of course, she couldn’t show it right now but she was happy with how quickly her cousin had picked up on what was taught.

As Hiron focused his attention on herself and Karma, Kyoi felt it best not to raise a brow at the frown the man was wearing. Once each genin was more or less out of earshot to practice with one of Hirons clones she’d speak. ”They each seem to have picked up the information given relatively easily based on the explanations and demonstrations given. And they showed that they’re able to develop upon someone's input in order to come to a beneficial result.”
“I’m pleased that there was a show of enthusiasm and insight into the questions posed to them, as far as I could tell Tomiko seemed to be the most eager to make input yet at the same time somewhat nervous about the answers she made. The two boys seem more prone to waiting for everyone else to act before making their own choices, the other boy less so than the Uchiha. But when they do speak up their input proves to be valuable.”

Seeing the three genin go off with shadow clones to different directions, Karma silently wondered how they will fare before turning her attention to Hiron’s question towards her and Kyoi. As Kyoi gave her answer, Karma pondered briefly before giving her own response, once Kyoi was done ”I think the training session went overall well, as they have indeed seemed to pick up the information presented to them properly, and the answer they each gave to my question was also a good one. It is true the Hyuuga seemed almost too eager to answer, but the fact the other two took their time before answering also seemed like a good quality to me. Taking their time and thinking things over. On how I taught the topic, I think I could’ve perhaps tried to ask them another question, to push their thinking outside the box further.” She answered, looking at Hiron and waiting to hear if he had any kind of constructive criticism.

Listening to Kyoi first and then to what Karma said, Hiron remained silent. Letting a silence plague their answers, the jounin didn't betray any hint of what he thought about their answers. Slowly, he started to nod three times as he glanced at the direction of where the exit of the training field was located.
”To be frank. I give no fuck if they picked it up or not. I expect them to follow orders. To do what I or any superior tells them. You did do a proper analysis of the kids, though. I do, however, suspect that Tomiko’s eagerness is sparked by you. But that is basically from how she is constantly looking at you, as if she almost pissed her pants and requires you to help her get a new pair.” The man spoke with a calm but slightly cold tone, as if he was displeased about something. ”All and all together, you met up to my expectations of a specialised jounin. You didn’t give one more attention than the other. You were direct in your explanation and gave them something useful to cover.”

Then Hiron turned his attention to Karma. ”You, on the other hand,” his eyebrows slightly perking up. ”I figure that they already know how to count. If not, then I will have each and single of them go back home and just think more about what they did when they were in the Academy. Only to make sure that they are properly flogged before discharging them from service. You don’t lack the didactic abilities but I can’t approve of your teaching seeing it was as useful as a bucket filled with piss.”
Letting his words sink in, Hiron threw a glance at how each genin was doing. A scoff followed.

”Two of them will fail this coming training. A sane person wouldn’t tangle for long or desire to fight till the death when they can run, not against an opponent that they know is far more experienced, trained and has more abilities than they have. I am going to each assign you both a genin and expect you to educate them in combat tactics. If by the next test your genin won’t make it. I will have you both demoted to genin. And before I hear any belly-aching,” Hiron shot them both another frowned look. ”I suggest it is better to not question my capability to get that arranged. Nor how fair this all is. You both know how messy it gets on a mission, certainly when killing or violence is getting involved into the mix. You are also going to get their full record and sufficient time to work with them. Any questions?”

Hiron’s judgement of Tomiko was about as accurate as Kyoi expected, while she didn’t want to really admit the fact, she knew Miko was overly eager to please and impress when it came to herself. Their upbringing and her own personality didn’t exactly help, she had coddled Tomiko quite a bit when they were younger after all.
That was definitely something for her to work on with her young cousin in the future. Quietly she’d wait through his thoughts on Karma’s portion of the genin’s education, as harsh as they were he wasn’t wrong about the fact that teaching them numbers was a poor choice to make. Kyoi kept as straight a face as she could in the following instruction, not showing much of an expression as he essentially threatened to have them demoted if they didn’t get their respective students performing how he wanted them to.
Once he was done talking, Kyoi gave a short nod. ”Only one question, sir. Are we permitted to use any method we believe appropriate to reinforce the seriousness of their situation?”

Karma remained silent as she listened to what Hiron had to say about both Kyoi and her teachings. While it felt it came relatively close to a praise for what he said to Kyoi, it also felt like he came down hard on her for something he did tell her to do. He had told her to teach them a few Hand Signs. Not Hand Signals, with the difference being that signs were, in fact, numbers. She followed his instructions to the letter, and then he came down at her. But Karma decided to remain quiet as Hiron kept on going, explaining what further tasks they will have. Once that was done, and Kyoi asked her question, Karma shook her head lightly to indicate she had no questions of her own. She had half a mind to complain to the world about what she thought was a wrong and unneeded criticism about doing what she was told to do, but decided to stay silent for the time being. Last time she came with complaints about someone else, after all, she was demoted and nearly jailed. Although then she had also left behind her team, she did not think anyone would be happy to hear her complaining about a team she was only temporary a part of.

”You are indeed,” Hiron replied back to Kyoi. ”I don’t care what you do. As long as they become of better use for future missions and fights. If you feel the need to beat them? Go for it. To teach them humility? By all means. They aren’t supposed to be your friends. I rather trust competence than something as vague as friendship.”
Waiting for a second, Hiron nodded subtly. ”You both may take your leave. How early or late you want to pick up the training? That is all up to you. I don’t even care if you order those maggots to wake up in the middle of the night to try to gear up as fast as possible for just an imaginary ambush or attack.” Having that said, he would nod once more, subtly signalling that they could take their leave.

Hearing Hiron’s response to Kyoi’s question, Karma nodded lightly. After saying the last bit and giving the subtle nod, Karma would give him a bow before beginning to walk away, already thinking on what kind of lesson she would teach whichever Genin ends up being under her.

”Understood, sir.” With a quick bow, Kyoi soon turned and followed Karma’s lead. She already had an idea in mind, but she would first have to review the capabilities of whichever student she was given, hopefully it wouldn’t be Tomiko, she hadn’t been watching the genin as they sparred with Hirons clones so only time would tell who she had to train.


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Long Knife - Part V, Orange Yamada Suzu "Rabbit"| Claw Country, Outskirts of the City of Yakurao

Suzu escapes Yakurao with her mark, Captain Hitaro, and has a run in with the friendly neighborhood Resistance.

WARNING: There are mature themes held within, read at your own risk.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Getting out of Yakurao had been easier than Suzu had expected it would be. After changing into a guard uniform and throwing Hitaro over the back of a stolen horse form the guard post she’d simply rode through the city, its inhabitants leaving her alone as she went and the guards that passed seemed to be in too much of a hurry to the site of a resistance attack on one of their own posts that they paid her no heed. She’d passed through the large square from earlier in the day in almost complete silence, the sounds of the horses hooves the only thing to let her know she hadn’t gone deaf as night set in and the mandatory curfew loomed over Yakurao’s inhabitants.

Passing out of Yakurao’s gates had gone almost exactly the same as entering had gone. The local guards not paying much attention to her as she passed through, though she garnered a bit of a questioning gaze from one of the men, no doubt wondering what sort of suicidal Legionnaire was about to travel outside the gates past nightfall.

Only fifteen minutes had passed since she’d left the gates of Yakurao and the snow had begun to set in, lightly at first but growing heavier with every passing minute. Suzu pulled the scarf around her neck up and scanned the edges of the road. The snow drifts were easily large enough to hide a man behind even from her perch atop the horse she could barely see over the tops of them. The visibility had dropped to only a few meters at best, and when the wind picked up it would drop to no more than a half meter in front of herself, barely enough to make out the very nose of the horse she rode on. She felt suddenly vulnerable as she realized she hadn’t actually taken any weapons from the outpost. ‘Rookie mistake.’ she thought as she searched the horses saddle for anything to arm herself with.

Coming up empty she sighed and watched her breath escape into the cold air before turning back to check on her charge. Giving him a shake she shook her head and placed the heel of her boot into his flank hard eliciting a groan of pain she turned back to watch the road content in the fact that Captain Hitaro still lived and breathed.

The wind kicked up a particularly large snow drift in front of her and the horse reared back, frightened by the howling of the air or the sudden drop in visibility. Suzu leaned forward and stroked at the side of its neck and whispered reassurance into the animals ear, but when the drift died down and the beast wouldn’t move she sat upright to find their path blocked by half a dozen men in tattered white camouflage with weapons brandished to face her.

“I don’t want any troub--”

“Shut the fuck up and get down from the horse, you think you’re in a position to talk right about now?” a voice cut her off as the closest man took a step forward and motioned with his sword for Suzu to step down to their level.

Suzu eyed the figure clad in white in front of her and decided it was best to follow their instructions. Swinging a leg over the back of the horse Suzu would drop to the ground with an audible grunt as the pain of her earlier beatings bloomed in her side with the jarring landing. She took a knee as the pain spread and gasped in air, all the while the man in white at her front moving closer to her.

“Face in the dirt, now!” the man yelled as he reached a hand out and grasped at her shoulder. He pulled hard and sent her sprawling into the snow in a small puff of white. “The fuck you doing all alone out here Lieutenant?” the man asked as he placed his boot in between her shoulder blades.

‘Lieutenant?’ Suzu thought the title was odd before realizing she was wearing an enemy uniform so graciously borrowed from her earlier fiasco, she took a deep breath and scolded herself internally for being so careless before realizing that the fact she’d stolen an officer uniform was likely the only reason she was still breathing right about now. “Just going…” she winced as the boot became heavier, “For a ride.” she replied defiantly. The boot pushed harder and she felt it becoming harder to breath as the pressure on her chest increased.

“Oh haw haw” the man replied, “We got a joker here, haw haw haw.” he said mockingly to his comrades, a few of which joined in with mockingly slow claps and faked laughter. She could feel the man as he leaned down, the shifting of his weight sign enough of his movement before a hand reached under her shoulder and took hold of her armor. She was rolled over rather violently before the mans boot was at her neck, pressing just enough to give the hint that he could very easily kill her if she tried anything unwarranted.

“Talk now Lieutenant, it’s in your best interest, trust me.” the man said as he stared down at her. Around her she noticed the others beginning to pick through the saddle of the horse as she was being dealt with. One of which took a sudden step back from the tarp draped over the rear of the animal with a look of confusion across her face.

“Cap, we got a body here.” the girl said as she regained her composure and took a step forward grabbing at the tarp and tearing it off of Suzu’s charge. “Holy shit.” she said beneath her breath as she appeared to recognize Captain Hitaro, a few of the closest fighters seemed to echo in her sentiments as they cursed softly or stared in disbelief.

“It’s Hitaro…” the girl said as she pulled her mask off as if it were changing what she was seeing in front of her. The boot at Suzu’s neck got heavier and the man leaned over her, “Just what the fuck are you up to Lieutenant? Huh? Give me some answers right goddamn now!” he exclaimed as Suzu swallowed in discomfort as the boot grew a fraction heavier and turned her gaze to the mans face above her.

“Just taking a friend for a ride.” she stated, the mocking tone of her voice evident to the man as he instantly stepped a bit heavier on her neck. She began to slowly move her hands to her stomach as the man began to lose what little patience he had to begin with.

“You know what happens to Fang out here? After dark? You end up missing. Dead. You must be new around here, but trust me woman we’re not.” he said as he motioned to his friends who had stripped the horse of saddle and items and were tying a rope about its neck to lead it somewhere else. She raised an eyebrow at the fact they’d stripped everything from the horse instead of leaving it all on the horse for easier transport, they must have had other horses or a wagon nearby, concealed by the heavy snowfall.

“Fine fine.” Suzu said reluctantly, “I’ll talk.” she finished. The boot became lighter at her neck and she smirked, they hadn’t been in this a very long time, and if they had? Well they’d survived off of pure luck not any amount of skill or experience. Her fingers came together quickly and a glow of white-blue light suddenly cast everything in long eerie shadows that Suzu couldn’t see from her position on the ground.

The boot at her neck suddenly became very heavy and Suzu gagged as she felt her neck being pressed into an unnatural shape from the force. The force let up suddenly as her hand passed through the man's leg at shin level, the ball of lightning held in her palm cutting through the man's leg with ease as it passed over her head and left a noxious smell of burnt flesh in its wake. The lightning continued to jump and crack in her hand as the man toppled over in agony and out from above Suzu. She gagged and coughed, wiping at her face as the severed leg had spilled its contents into her eyes and mouth as he fell. Had she been able to think clearly at the time she would likely have thought it ironic she had gone from choking to death to drowning in another's blood within mere seconds of each other.

The lightning left her hand with a pop as she turned over in the snow and grabbed a handful of the white powder to wipe across her face. She opened her eyes to a tinged red world accented by dark blotches and a surprising lack of air to breathe. The shouts of the others snapped her back into the situation at hand and she stood to face them as the closest of the group slashed out with his sword at Suzu’s flank. With a twist of her body the sword missed for the most part, only glancing off of the stolen armor she wore as the mans swing continued around as he tried to reign in the slash. She moved forward and landed a punch into the man's throat with a solid crack that could have been heard for a hundred meters were it not for the snowstorm about them.

The man grasped at his destroyed windpipe and tried to breathe as he fell back into the snow making a series of odd sucking noises. Suzu dropped to a knee as another sword slashed for her head and she reached for the fallen sword in front of her. Extending as far as she could she tried her best to ignore the pain growing in her ribs as her hands found purchase on the grip of the sword. She fell to her side in time to dodge a cleaving blow from the second attacker and sprung herself to her feet with such force that the sword held out in front of her passed clean through the bottom of the man's mouth and out the top of his skull. The man made no noise as he fell away limp, but he managed a victory even in death as his skull wrenched the sword out of Suzu’s hands and into the snow as the third member of the group came at her with two curved swords the likes of which she’d not seen in the Northern parts of the continent.

The steel flashed from the side of her vision and she raised a gauntleted arm up to meet the first blade as it came in sideways for her. She screamed out in pain and rage as the sword lodged itself squarely in the leather of the gauntlet and then into her forearm before she spun her arm wildly in an attempt to pull the weapon free of its owner. It didn’t work.

The sword was pulled clear in a spray that; Suzu noted; left large blotches of the snow dyed an oddly entrancing shade of red. Suzu focused back in on the second sword as it crossed in low at her stomach to be quickly followed up by the first at neck height. Falling back into the snow in time to watch both blades pass uncomfortably close to her Suzu lost vision for the breath of a second as her ribs fought back in protest to her movements and the sudden fall. Reality rushed in quickly, the image of the two blades coming down in a stab toward her moving in slow motion as fight-time took over her senses.

Suzu could smell the blood that littered the snow around them, the sweat from the man in front of her, she could make out every scream and pitch change of the first man as he bled to death from his severed leg, the horse as it whinnied and moved at the scent of the blood suddenly filling the air. She could hear her own heart beating and feel every drop of blood escaping her forearm in unreal clarity. She wondered how long it had been since she’d been overtaken by the surreal experience that some she’d worked with called “fight time”. The closest she could get was the fight in the bar with Meilin, though it hadn’t fully kicked in then… perhaps if the ANBU had taken a minute or two longer.

Suzu’s thoughts were cut short by the ever approaching blades. She pushed herself as hard as she could to the side, sliding herself out from beneath the blade that would have pierced her heart and placing her shoulder beneath the farther blade. Suzu screamed as the blade plunged into her shoulder and she felt it hit at the bone beneath. With an almost beastial howl she brought her body up, the blade slicing farther still into the meat of her shoulder as she reached her other hand out and for the mans face.

They collided and the sword tore from her shoulder and out of the man's hand as they tumbled into the snow with their roles reversed. Suzu leaned down and plunged her cold hands into the mans face, pressing as hard as she could at his eyes as the man screamed profanities at her. There was a sickening pop beneath Suzu’s fingers and she continued to push as the man thrashed and convulsed beneath her. When he stopped moving she pulled her fingers out of his skull and turned to face down the final member of the group.

“GOD WHAT THE FUCK” the girl yelled as she raised her own sword and began to charge straight for Suzu. It was a sloppy charge, far too choreographed. Suzu easily dodged the inexperienced girls swing and stood up inside the arc of her arm as it continued its swing. The girls arm came to a sudden halt against Suzu and the girl managed a scream before Suzu slipped her hand around the girls throat and up her face as she brought her teeth to bear. It was harder than Suzu had expected it to be, but with the adrenaline pumping through her and the fact that the girl still had a sword in her hand she willed herself to move past whatever sliver of her mind repulsed her enough to not bite hard.

Stood in the relative center of the road Suzu slowly sank to her knees as she panted and clutched at her forearm in a vain attempt to stop the blood so freely flowing down her hand. Stripping the gauntlet from her forearm with a shock of burning pain she’d drop it in a rapidly darkening patch of red in the snow as she grabbed at the dead girl in front of her. Pulling a dagger from the girls belt she’d cut a long strand of the girls pant leg off and quickly wrap it around her arm, using her teeth to pull it tight she’d let out a muffled scream before continuing to wrap the cloth about her wound.

The rest of the trip back to the Zero Teams hideout was quiet. No one bothered her as she rode along, half slumped over and barely conscious in the saddle of the horse as it lazily moved down the road. By chance Suzu had no trouble entering the small village as the guardpost at the edge of the town was manned by ghosts that simply waved her past. She’d offered them a polite smile and a nod but they either didn’t seem to care about returning the courtesy or had better things to do.

She’d rode the horse into a dilapidated storehouse that’s doors were half open, the only inhabitants of it being s snow drift half Suzu’s height at the door. Depositing her charge in a bale of old stale hay to hopefully keep him warm and getting rid of the rest of the armor she’d taken from the guards in Yakurao Suzu had began her delirious walk to the Zero Teams base of operations.

Every turn she made she was forced to stop and use the walls around her to keep herself standing as her head swam at the change of direction, every breath she took threatened to put her on her knees, and she had to keep stopping to let slow moving groups of ghosts pass her by as they headed to somewhere only they knew the location of. One had even told her something that she was sure was incredibly important but she couldn’t remember it no matter how hard she tried.

Throwing the latch to the building the Zero Team used as their home Suzu stumbled over the boundary of the door and came to rest on the floor with a crash. She lay there for a while, long enough for snow to begin to cover the hallway in front of her before she noticed a ghost she could swear she knew. A young girl, no older than eighteen or nineteen, made her way up to her and crouched down. The girl spoke but, Suzu couldn’t hear the words. Though this time she knew what the ghost was trying to say. It was disappointed in her.

There was warmth growing by her arm where she’d taken the blade, and the rest of her side was becoming cold as she lay on the floor. She looked down to her makeshift bandage, soaked through with blood and spilling what it was supposed to be holding back onto the wood floor at her side. She groaned and turned back to the ghost knelt in front of her to watch it’s lips as it spoke. She felt an odd sense washing over her as it became evident just how disappointed the ghost was in her. How she’d performed so poorly today. She tried to tell it everything was fine, that she’d be alright, but couldn’t bring herself to lie to the girl. Suzu reached out with her hand for the girl, only for it to land in the hand of Atlas as the ghost disappeared.

“By God what happened Rabbit?” Atlas said as Eros appeared behind him and passed by to kneel down at Suzu’s side. She felt their arms reach under her and screamed in pain as they lifted her from the wood flooring and began hauling her up the stairs. Eros shoved a stick into her mouth as she continued to yell out and then she lost sight of everything.

She woke abruptly and spoke without thinking, “I went for a ride.” she said to Atlas who was leaned over her arm threading a needle in and out of her skin as he sutured her arm closed. Atlas stopped what he was doing and looked up at her through the glasses he was wearing. She hadn’t noticed before but Atlas was far older than he had originally seemed, something about the way his eyes ached at the sight of her and how his brow came to a furrow just spoke of an age far greater than she had originally thought.

“Well rides over.” he stated matter of factly before turning his head to get back to work, “Save your strength for now, tell us what happened in the morning when you can.” Atlas said and then began to say something before stopping to cut a knot of thread in her arm.

“Eros followed your blood trail, got rid of it, and he got your mark too. He’s tied up in the closet and taken care of for now.” Atlas said with a sigh as he finished his work, “Drink this, then get some rest. I’ll be right here if you need something.” Atlas said as he held a glass of white liquid up to her lips. She took it down greedily, not realizing just how thirsty she was, and not realizing what she had drank until it was far too late. Her head spun for a brief moment and eyelids became heavy as they began to shut against her will. She watched through her eyelashes as Atlas took a seat at the table on the far side of the room and watched her as she lulled off to a drug induced sleep.


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Team Etsu - Rounding it up
Amegakure, the capital of the Rain Province of the Empire of Akino.
Team Etsu.

A collab between Nim, Celestial, Alice, Zane and Oetje.

Etsu rallies her team. They aren't entirely sure what the purpose of the rallying is. But then Etsu reveals her ambitious goal that will get some heat on them. From this collab on, Team Etsu declares full-on war on the Insurgents of Soru and their Zealot allies. On the corruption in the Police corps within Amegakure. And against the Fang operatives that sneak into the country, alongside the stream of refugees from the west!

Following Etsu, Rini didn’t think of much. She kept her focus on Etsu and what this mission could entitle. There were moments that she briefly thought that this could have been a wrong decision. That this could mean her end. Trying to remember all that she had experienced and trained for, Rini would continue to walk behind Etsu. As the woman lead them and then started her briefing, Rini felt how her face became pale. A cold shiver ran down her spine.
They were going into the Police corps headquarters to get a hold on the commander? That could be considered more than just trespassing the law. That was wrong on so many levels. For a moment, Rini wondered if their team leader was immensely brave or insane.
”I assume getting in won’t be a problem. How about us all getting out?” She decided to ask Etsu.

As she followed behind Etsu, it still weighed on her mind just how secretive she was. Which wasn’t a bad thing but to bring them along, especially new genin on what could possibly end their careers just as quick as any death. Hopefully it was low risk, she couldn’t help but want to leave just like kuni did. If this backfired and her brother found out, who knows what would happen to them. She shot looks to the new genin and just silently prayed nothing would go wrong. As they arrived at the police barracks her heart would sink even further as Etsu explained what they would be doing. This was one hundred percent crazy, taking the police commander hostage?! She further cemented that they only had one shot at this, then she basically asked if they had any excuses on why they couldn’t do this. Rini asked if they had any way of getting out, but Kitana decided to ask a different question. ”We have two genin on this team and one of them is fresh out of the academy. Don’t you think that such a high risk task should be done with more experienced people?”

As Megumi followed the other's she tucked the mask away out of sight for the moment. If she had to wait to wear it she would. He eye's looked at the building and when Etsy explained they would be taking the police commander she bit her lip. So this is what she meant earlier. Looking over at Kitana she shrugged. "Why underestimate us? Sure we are Genin but as my higher up shouldn't you want me to learn and get experience? I am happy you are concerned with our level of experience but if we just sit back we won't ever get better. Plus if things get chaotic I can do some quick healing. I am a mednin ya know." Megumi grinned and held her arms behind her back. Sure she was nervous but if she let it be known then it would only hinder the other's concern. If this went well then she would truly be getting needed experience. Even if it was a bit on the illegal side. Morally she kept telling herself this was for the greater good. It had to be.

”The way out might be a tad tricky. But if we manage to get in and close to our target, it won’t be that nasty. Just a matter of speed..” Etsu answered back to Rini’s question.
Turning her attention Kitana, waiting for a second as Megumi decided to answer.
”Optimistic attitude, huh?” Etsu remarked, not hiding her amusement regarding Megumi’s answer. Gesturing to Rini, Etsu decided to just answer back to Kitana.
”Rini here is likely on chuunin level. Trained by ANBU and the Third Amekage. Not to mention performed rather well during the Ironblood tournament. That makes me not concern her. Certainly not the fight she put up before.”
Then the jounin threw a glance at Megumi.
”To be fair, there is a difference in getting experience and being put to risk. Getting experience is done step by step. Certainly with the likes of genin who have no idea of how to react to certain situations. Regardless of your ability, I hope you won’t try to strive to do anything rash. Cause I don’t have any problem with leaving one of you behind,” Etsu further said as she shot also a look at Rini and Kitana. Letting that warning sink in, she would nod once more. She decided to not question the new genin’s ability further. Wouldn’t help anybody anyways.

”Now, just stick with me and good grief, don’t act like you all got some sticks up your bums.” Etsu instructed them.
Taking the lead, the jounin would walk calmly towards the complex that was the headquarters of the police corps within the city. There were guards on the patrol but none of them seemed concerned with the appearance of the shinobi team. Etsu, however, was aware that they had sensors. Checking in on if they weren’t using any concealment techniques or anything that could raise some concern.

Entering the building, Etsu would speak with an officer. The conversation was short and soon the jounin was walking down a hallway. Various members of the police corps walked past but didn’t seem to concern themselves with the likes of Etsu’s team. Most seemed to be ready to move out. The team would hear something about civilians getting unruly in a nearby district.
”Hm, good.” Etsu thought to herself.
Soon enough they would stand before a door that seemed locked. Pulling something out of a pouch, Etsu gestured to her team to stand on watch.
”If somebody comes, whistle softly. Don’t act weird by coughing out your lungs. This shouldn’t take me too long.” The jounin ordered as she would start to pick the lock of the door that barred their way.

Rini remained silent. She hadn’t felt that confident at the start of this all. But now she was certain that this could be the end of the line for her. Following Etsu, Rini had the idea that each guard and member of the police corps was on to them. That they were just waiting for them to make one wrong move and then to just pile up on them. As Etsu did all the talking, Rini wouldn’t just idly watch and do nothing. She tried to map out how they had entered the building. What places she wanted to avoid if it came down to a running. For a moment, Rini shot a glance at Kitana. She wanted to ask the chuunin something but decided against it.
They came to a point where Etsu ordered them to stand on watch as the jounin would pick the door’s lock. Standing with her back to Etsu, Rini stayed sharp. She didn’t see anybody that approached their spot or would see what they were doing. For all it seems, nobody seemed to suspect anything bad from them. Perhaps this mission would go well?

The words of the new genin didn’t make her more relieved, if anything it worried her more how she wasn't being cautious about this. ”I don’t think you understand the situation. Experience is one thing. A dangerous task right out of the gate is another.” Kitana replied yet Etsu seemed dead set on doing this and it only unnerved her more. They get caught and they without a doubt set in motion for more people to hate them more than they did. She could only pray that things went without issue, otherwise they risked being labeled as Missing Nin and that would be the best case scenario if they weren't caught.
As they walked in the station full of guards that at any fuck up would descend upon them in greater numbers than they could handle. She felt the scar on her face throbbing for some reason, her eyes perking up as she heard the guards talking about civilians getting unruly. That would be where her brother would be trying to mend the situation. They arrived at a door where Etsu told them to keep watch and whistle softly if anyone was coming. After she said that she went ahead and started lockpicking the door which only solidified that they were indeed doing this.

Megumi shook her head. “I won’t be rash, my life has been taught patience and thinking.” As the woman spoke about easily leaving anyone behind she took it as note to not get too attached. Even if she wanted to be friends with her team she never understood the thought of not caring. And she most definitely couldn’t respect someone whom would easily let their team be left behind. Maybe it was the thought of her parents doing what they could for others even at the cost of their own life. Would she leave them? Probably not. It just wasn’t right. For now she remained silent as they headed into the building. As they passed others she would smile and follow Etsu. Upon getting to the door she looked around making sure no one was approaching them. Fidgeting with her fingers she stood silent, ready to continue this mission.

Nothing happened so far. Until Etsu made a soft whistling sound. Rising up and straighten her back, the woman threw a look over her shoulder at her team.
”Okay, now let us go. This is still the easy part.” Etsu explained as she gestured for the girls to move into the hallway, passed the door that had barred their entrance.
Closing the door slowly behind them, Etsu would take the lead. In a confident stride, she would lead the team further. There were some police officers and guards around but none seemed to worry much about their presence. One or two would throw a glance at them but focused back on their task.
Venturing further into the department, Etsu was wondering if the girls weren’t acting too nervous. There had just to be one officer that considered them to be odd and halt them to ruin their plan. But as they kept progressing, they weren’t stopped by anybody.

Reaching a hallway, Etsu spotted two guards up ahead. Considering something, Etsu turned half around to her students.
”Rini, you’re going to be on watch with your sensory. Kitana, you will lure the guards away. Stating that there is some unrest outside and they need as many as possible out on the street. Megumi, I want you to go around the corner. Place this below a table. Away from the direction of where we are right now.” Producing a small ball with a small fuse. Holding it subtly towards Megumi, Etsu continued.
”Light the fuse. It will produce a horrible stink and gather attention. Once you light the fuse, you got about fifteen seconds to get away. Well, chop chop girls.”

Hearing the soft whistle from Etsu, Rini turned half around. The jounin had picked the lock and now they had to follow the woman, once again. With each step they got closer to their goal. But also further away from any potential chance to just get out without repercussions. If anything, Rini’s instincts were telling her to book for it. To just get out before she would be trapped and forced to deal with all kind of nasty scenarios. One of them being to hurt and fight against the police officers and guards in the complex. That would surely not look good on her record.

When they reached a hallway, Rini received her orders. Though she wanted to use her sensory, she realised the danger. If she would, it would leave a small footprint of her chakra signature. They would be able to figure out in time who she was and could use it to hunt her down. Or get to the others.
”Etsu-sensei, but what if they use it to track my chakra signature down? ” The genin asked, trying to hide that she was anything but calm about it.

This unsanctioned mission just kept progressing further, and more and more she regretted not walking away like kuni did. Yet at this point it was too late to back out now. It would be awkward if she left without the others. She really hoped Etsu was right about this and they weren’t about to fight against the police for no reason. The city already disliked them as is, anything her brother was doing to make the situation better would be going up in flames.

When the next set of orders came out, they didn’t make her feel any less tense. If anything they increased her worries. The order given to Rini would def leave trails, even if she got some of the police out. ”I’m honestly curious about that as well. Are you hoping the distraction is enough for them to not notice?” Kitana asked as this was the kind of situation where any fuck ups was their defeat.

Following behind the others Megumi listened to each order given to them. First was Rini, something simple with watching them with jutsu. Next Kitana was told to get the guards away by telling them about a situation, which wasn’t happening. Surely they would notice and just come back immediately. Looking at the stink bomb held out to her, Megumi took it in her hand and listened to her task. ”Maybe I can place multiple bombs in multiple places? Should that help thin them out so they don’t sense Rini? I can place them on opposite ends. But I also may get seperated by the time both are planted.” Glancing at the ground she hoped this would be successful, and if she got caught and not them wouldn’t that give the others time to complete the mission? ”I uh.. I can also use some chakra to add little hints of mine while I am moving to distract them from yours Rini. If anything they would just think its a prank by a kid because all they are, are stink bombs.”

Etsu listened to her students. There wasn’t much time and she certainly didn’t want to risk having a discussion being brought up. Despite she had already considered the problems, there was little that she could do about that. But right now, she doubted that she could just make Rini do it without Kitana rising up in protest.
”Valid point. Just be on the lookout then. If trouble does arise, try to warn Kitana with clicking your tongue or cough really loud. Try to do that with also watching if the way we came from isn’t too occupied by officers.”
Then Kitana gained a reaction back, shorter than what Etsu had given Rini. ”Yes, so go. The longer we linger, the less chance we have to get out.”
Turning to Megumi, Etsu shook her head.
”Don’t use your chakra. And I doubt they will consider it a prank. Now, go. Do your tasks. Once completed, move to the door where we came before. If I am not there within fifteen minutes, Kitana will take charge to move you guys outside. Then forget about today and never speak of it. Go.”

Megumi nodded as Etsu answered them and told them to go on with their tasks. Slipping the ball into her pocket the genin moved away from her team. Once she felt she was far enough away Megumi lit the bomb and slid it far under a table out of reach and sight unless someone were to get on the ground. Once it was set she moved towards the door they had came in from. Standing silently she made sure to act natural as she waited, the last thing she would want to do is get attention from anyone who may be about. Looking around Megumi was slightly nervous as seconds passed and her team was still out of sight, of course it hadn’t been long enough to worry, she still did. Her first mission was already tough and she didn’t want to let her new team down, nor watch them get caught and possibly hurt.

Rini didn’t feel more secured as her task was slightly modified. But she wouldn’t argue or complain. It was too late for that, anyways. She would throw a glance at Kitana, Rini would then throw a subtle nod. After doing so, she would take up a spot from where she had good sight on the entrance they had came from as well where Kitana had to move. Despite her guts telling her to get out, Rini steeled herself. Watchful, she saw that most people that were visible were attending to their job. The prospect of some shinobi didn’t seem to bother them. Which was likely due to them not being an odd sight into the building. Perhaps even seen as the messengers or simple lackeys of the Amekage? Rini tried to not split her head over it as she stayed on watch.

Oh this was one hundred percent crazy if her brother ever found out about this, they would be on the chopping block so fast. Running a hand through her hair she just nodded at Etsu as Rini would be setting up, or for all she knew performing her sensory. Megumi then ran off to setup the stink bombs, which left her to get as many guards out as possible. She really hoped that their sensei wasn’t going off some rumor or just losing her mind. They were literally placing their lives and possible status in her hands. Heading back to where she saw the most guards on stand by, she did her best to look visibly shaken which was easier to due with the whole possible consequence on her mind.
”Guards! Outside in the middle plaza! There are civilians gathering getting riled up! The Jounin Commander is also there! It looks like it’s starting to get out of control!”

As her students dispersed, off to their own tasks, Etsu waited. Though she had some concern regarding on how well things went, seeing she was working with two genin and two chuunin, there was no turning back. Then things started to get going.
The warning that Kitana made, alerted the guards. The warning wasn’t questioned in the slightest as some immediately moved to work. Curses were grumbled and grim expressions covered the men’s look as they made a move. The stink bomb that Megumi planted did its work well. It started to slowly spread an uneasy scent that drove some people from their work, starting with a small tease towards one another about being the nasty culprit. However, the scent became increasingly horrible. Causing the few people to rather walk away than to take a look right at it.
With Rini being in place, Etsu hoped that she and Kitana could get away quickly. Now, it was her turn to dirty her hands.

The office of the police commander was unguarded and there was too much going on that should keep people away. Opening the door, the chief in command was behind his desk. Unaware due to the thick walls, that were meant to keep in the warmth but also dampening the sounds of the activities outside the room. The man looked up as Etsu moved in. The woman closed the door behind her, her eyes set upon the police chief. The soft smile slightly turned as one of Etsu’s hands slide towards a pouch. The man in command of the guards that policed the streets of the city suffered the bite of age, his hairs already greying, both visible in his short trimmed beard as haircut.

Without needing to ask, the man understood that this wasn’t going to be a nice exchange of words. Dropping the papers, he seemed to reach to something beside his chair. A kunai would hit its mark, the man’s shoulder. In a rapid pace, Etsu moved forward. Running across the room, she saw that the chief grabbed a sheathed sword. Before he was able to fully draw it, the woman slide over the desk and managed to land a kick in a fluid motion.


A portion of the guards were on their way back as there hadn’t been any riot. There had been various disgruntled figures but nothing that could really be described as a riot. Arriving back in their previous department, they would come across various higher ranked guards sealing of the area. The stink bomb had been founded and the chief in command had apparently been found hanging in his office, a piece of rope tied around his neck with a stab wound present, at his right shoulder.

Soon enough, word would travel towards the Amekage office regarding the new developments as various officers would dispatch more force to guard the streets while investigating the crime scene.


Flexing the fingers of her right hand, Etsu whistled an old tune. It was one that she had picked up with her service in the Fire province, before she had been dispatched back to the Rain together with some of her colleagues and friends.
Finding the genin and Kitana didn’t prove that difficult. Moving them away from the soon to be turbulent area, Etsu expected that the guards would arrest anybody that looked suspicious. And in these times, everybody that could even slightly pass as a shinobi would be considered suspicious. Once she considered them safe, in a dark and narrow alley, the jounin turned to the group.

”Well, that happened fairly well. I suppose that soon enough, the local authorities will be on the hunt for anybody responsible. Now, I need you lot to lay low. Soon enough, you will receive more instructions from me. For now, I advise you to pack a bag,” the woman’s tone shifting from friendly to a more stern one, ”If somebody asks, tell them that I want to train you lot in how to survive a week outside the comforts of a city. Make sure you got some food, tools and necessities. Anything that doesn’t help in the slightest should not be taken with us. Don’t worry though,” Etsu’s eyes would move from the girls to the direction they had entered the alley. Bells were ringing in the distance, as ominous heralds of that their deeds were known to the city.

”Things look grim. But we will soon see some changes. Now, go. Remember, don’t tell anybody. If I find out, I will have to take measures. Go, come on.”


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A Request for Advice
- Empire of Akino -
In the Hon Clan lands, Operation Obsidian Blood.

A collab between Oblivion and Lesli.


Madoc Yamanaka approaches Aiko Cho-Hon, requesting some of her advice on an idea that has been brewing in his mind. Matters like genjutsu are also being discussed as some word of advice on stealth.


It had been rather quiet the last few days for the blonde male, not having anyone talk to him was a rather pleasant silence, especially after the past few headaches he was subjected to. Which also made him wonder how that whole ordeal was going, yet he had this feeling that he would know soon enough how it transpired. For now though he still had his own idea to work on, which would be a chance wasted considering who was part of the operation. Aiko Cho-Hon a master at genjutsu, he briefly wondered if she would even help him or if what he wanted to know would even help himself. Only one way to find out and since the camp was made, now would be the best time to find out.

Making his way over he couldn’t help but look at the others that were part of the operation, a couple of them looked rather young to be on an operation like this. He could be wrong though, young people could always surprise him. He debated seeing the others on his team but right now it felt like they had their own dilemma to fix. Spotting Aiko he would walk over to her and give a bow.

”Greetings Lady Cho-Hon. How are you this evening? I was wondering if I could ask your advice on something?”

With camp being set up, Aiko had taken a step back to see how things were going. Her team was doing fine, so far. They did their tasks without much complaints and the bitter cold would discipline them. The conditions in which they operated weren’t kind but Aiko didn’t do much to improve it. It wasn’t like they had much options to make the weather conditions more favourable. With now having a small break for herself, Aiko dedicated a brief window of time to attend to her gear. Making sure that her weapons wouldn’t get stuck due to the cold, freezing the steel in the scabbard.

However, she noticed that somebody was approaching her. Recognising the young man as Madoc Yamanaka, Aiko would cease her activity in a slow pace. Returning the bow of the young man with a subtle nod, Aiko couldn’t help but grow curious on what this Yamanaka wanted her advice on.

”So far, my evening is going well. As far as it can go, with this cold and weather.” A small smile decorated the woman’s lips briefly as she paused. ”And of course. With what can I help you?”

Giving a slight chuckle about the weather being the only issue, he could understand that although he preferred colder weather to the heat. Yet cold did have a limit with how cold it could be. When she asked with what she could help, he thought for a few seconds on how to word it.

”Well It’s to a technique I’ve been trying to create, but had little progress so far. The gist of the idea is for my clan’s mind techniques, which I know you can’t aid there. Yet I wanted to do something else besides possession. The idea is for something along the lines of a genjutsu but more so one that the enemy couldn’t break. Since you are an expert on genjutsus, I was hoping in a way you could teach me about genjutsus.”

He paused for a bit to let what he said ponder for a moment before speaking again. ”Since a genjutsu affects people’s senses, well the subtle ones anyway. I figured combining the basis of that with the Yamanaka mind techniques, would create what’s basically a real genjutsu that can’t be fixed, unless of course I stop it or get knocked out or killed. Sorry about unloading all that on you at once.”

Aiko was slightly amused. She knew little of the Yamanaka techniques indeed. What they could do perhaps but that was the extent of her knowledge of the Yamanaka hidden. When Madoc moved to bring up that he wanted to develop a genjutsu that couldn’t be broken. The dream of any genjutsu user, she thought to herself with slight amusement. ”I see. Nothing too out of the world. Only problem is that every genjutsu can be broken. Some are just harder to deal with than others. I imagine you meant that the target or victim can’t just break out with the traditional concept of combating genjutsu. In that case it largely depends on how you construct your genjutsu.”

She paused, unsure how much knowledge the young man had regarding genjutsu. Whereas she found it interesting that not many chose the path of studying genjutsu, she had little knowledge regarding what the members of team 4 were capable off or orientated on. ”Let start with the beginning. The concept is clear. You want to combine a Yamanaka technique with the aspect of genjutsu, hampering a victim’s sense. What kind of Yamanaka trick do you wish to use and what sense do you want to target?”

Seems like he explained it poorly, he wasn’t interested in using genjutsu but more so combining parts of it with his mind techniques. Yet maybe she did understand? Hmm well its not like she could guarantee it would even work. She doesn’t know how to use the Yamanaka secret techniques, so she couldn't promise him what he wanted.

”It’s as you said, I know genjutsu’s themself can always be broken one way or another. This is more so using the basis but combining it with the Mind techniques. Sorry if I’m explaining poorly, even I’m unsure of how to word what I want properly.” Madoc said with a sigh as it was troublesome on how to go about it.

When she asked what sense he wanted to target he thought about it. ”Well I was hoping whatever sense I targeted at the time, It would be a technique that affects the brain. Since that’s what processes everything and send the information out. I was thinking that anything would be of help. Perception, hearing, sight. The senses you know? Thing is I can place my conscious in someone else's and therefore affect their brain that way. Yet once I leave that’s over with. So I want to basically do that without leaving my body. I got the gist of that, it’s the sense part that I can’t seem to get a grasp on.” Madoc said as he spun the heart in between his index and thumb as he stared off in the distance trying to think.

”Hence why I thought knowing more about Genjutsus and how they affect people’s sense might aid me. What I’m looking for isn’t a genjutsu. It’s very much a real thing happening to their senses, like the Nara shadow binding. Something the enemy can’t stop once it has hold, something only the user can stop.” Madoc said hoping his explanation this time was good.

”Yet for simplicity sake, let’s go with hearing for now.”

As Madoc explained it more, a soft ’oh’, escaped Aiko’s lips as she thought about the idea. Truth be told, she wasn’t too sure if it would work. The major problem her inexperience and lack of knowledge on the Yamanaka techniques.

”I fear that I can’t be much of aid but perhaps genjutsu can give you a step into the right direction.” the woman began as she started to ponder on the subject. ”In essence, genjutsu works just like ninjutsu. There is chakra control and shape control, basically. Represented further by the idea of Yin and Yang chakra. Most techniques and fields dabble in the tangible, the Yang aspect. Whereas genjutsu go more into the Yin. Being intangible, in short. When a genjutsu hits a person’s senses, it clouds and obstructs that sense. Hearing for example? A genjutsu targeting hearing alone can be a huge problem.”

As she explained this, the jounin would weave a few handsignals before brandishing a senbon. While the lips of the woman moved, continue speaking, the sound would start to slowly ebb away. A loud ring was all that Madoc would briefly hear before Aiko snapped her fingers and put the senbon away. ”Like that. The problem is that there is always a weakness. Perfect genjutsu isn’t really a thing. For example, the attack I just did on your hearing? It was more of a small barrier genjutsu. Moment you step out of it, you would have regained your hearing. I doubt that there is a way to lay a more settling presence within a person with your Yamanaka techniques. However, that is just because I don’t think it is wise to leave something of yourself when your leave their body. But I don’t know enough on the whole techniques to provide much of an answer if it is possible or not.”

Aiko thought about it but found the idea interesting and dreadful at the same time. For a person to enter and gain hold of another was quite useful. But if they could leave a part of themselves in the other person who was more at risk? The target or the Yamanaka? Some more thoughts ran through Aiko’s mind but she didn’t want to pay those extra heed.

He figured she couldn’t give him that much aid, yet any tips were just as helpful. It was after all the only lead he could go off of, so as she started to explain where Yin mostly applied and where yang mostly applied. So Yin would be a major factor in what he might need. So the senses were more Yin affected? It made him wish he had took genjutsu more seriously back at the academy. Yet for now she would focus on a simple example based of hearing. Watching her weave hand signals then pulling out a senbon. He obviously looked confused before a more pained expression showed as a loud ring would be all that he heard.

As she snapped her fingers and put the senbon away, the ringing would also vanish as well. Causing him to rub his chin as she explained that the genjutsu she just used was rather small, if he had left the barrier the genjustu wouldn’t work. Still to pull it off so quick and in front of him without him seeing anything. That was exactly what he wanted.

”That’s part of what Im trying to figure out. Which is where I was thinking, that if I sent some of my chakra into their system. It could work that way no? Maybe apply the chakra with some Yin chakra. Maybe that would perhaps work? One technique allows such, where Im able to control them without leaving my body, but other than that I can’t do much. So maybe something along that line mixed with infusing my chakra with Yin chakra and inputting into their brain, maybe that would get the result?”

Listening to his reply, Aiko thought about it. Slowly, she would nod as she would reply back. ”I think it is quite possible. If you already know how to control a victim without leaving your body, that is a good step. Obviously, you want to inflict more. By learning on how to apply the effects of genjutsu, you could achieve that. However,” the jounin flashed a small smile. ”That will mean that I will need to learn more of how you apply such chakra. And I am not certain in how far I am allowed to learn your clan’s techniques. So I advise you to sleep a night over it. Curiosity can be a bad advisor, after all.”

So far it seemed like it would work but then came the problem, for her to be of more aid. She would need to learn how he does the Yamanaka techniques. Which while he could care less for sharing, his clan would say otherwise. Grumbling to himself on that matter, it felt like he hit another roadblock. He had more ways to progress but it would still be slow and tedious.

”Well that was the main reason I came to you… now it feels like I bothered you for no good reason. Although you gave me plenty to go off of…. Well one thing you could aid me in….” Madoc stopped as he looked around wondering if this would even be possible.

”I’m the type that rather not fight people with their…. Willing compliance. So since I know you are rather good at being sneaky. Any tricks you may be willing to share?”

Her reply didn’t seem to bring much joy with the young man. For which she understood. But being a clan leader herself, she understood the importance of techniques, certainly Hidden ones, to be within a clan. Not that things always could be regulated if there wasn’t enough discipline placed within those with that knowledge. Just one person had to talk and that was it. For a moment, Aiko wondered if the Yamanaka were as ruthless as her own clan when it came down to hunting down anyone who passed on knowledge that shouldn’t have been given without permission. The friendly and soft image of the Yakimara didn’t make her believe it but she knew better than to rely on public images.

”Don’t worried. It isn’t like my agenda for this week was filled up with much importance,” she raised and spread her left arm, gesturing to the situation they were in now as a soft smile briefly touched her lips. When Madoc continued, Aiko listened. His second request was almost immediately answered. ”Don’t get caught?”

Waiting a second, the smile returned as she would give a more serious answer. ”But tricks? I suppose I got some. Of course, it all depends on the situation. In a fight that people know you’re an enemy, I can give the advice to not appear as a big threat. Makes it easier to use stealth to bring them down. If not in a fight? Always be watchful of the terrain and surrounding. A mistake that a lot of people make is to not watch the surrounding. And I don’t mean if there are any possible enemies walking around. Or chances of being caught while being stealthy. I mean, the light of the moon at night. On how thick the walls are, so that the sounds of the street are blocked out. Matters that seem too far fetched or not too much of a factor but can very well be the difference between success and well, being caught.”

He had to resist giving her a smartass reply back, not cause he wasn’t sure it would offend her. Just smart not to be a smartass to a clan that could make him vanish and bribe people not to ask questions. ”So that’s what my problem has been…. Must be my shoes.” Madoc joked before she would humor his question with a real answer this time. Some he knew like not appearing as a big threat. He left to the others that like to smash the shit out of people for fun. Although he never took wall thickness into consideration, he just never stomped around like a madman. He assumed the moonlight was about shadows.

He wanted to say that most matters he would know were legit or not based on his mind reader, yet since that was on a downlow technique or at least he hoped it was with how much its been told as of late. So he nodded to what she said as he rubbed the back of his head. ”Honestly I just avoid people in general with my sensory, and if I do then I have the base understanding on how to be quiet when moving. Will say never took wall thickness into consideration….. Well out on the streets that is.”

A chuckle would be produced by Aiko as Madoc came with his first answer. ”That is also possible. Gear can be very important.” She said in return. When he spoke of his sensory, Aiko softly clicked with her tongue. ”A good way to stay out of trouble. Till you are being chased by somebody who can use the same trick, following the hints of chakra you leave behind with your sensory. Hmmm,” she glanced at their right, to the campfire. ”It is obviously not the time nor the place to help you with this matter. However,” turning her attention back to Madoc, Aiko’s tone became more serious, yet holding a modicum of friendliness in it, ”Say that we survive this mission, I will be willing to help you become better at stealth. Seeing that I am partly responsible for team 4, it is in my best interest to see to it that you lot can improve and hone your skills further, no?”

”Well I would say what are the odds of that but probably wise I assume people are capable of that. Granted I haven't met anyone who could do such yet, but it’s not exactly like sensory is for specific people.” he said with a shrug as that kind of situation never happened to him yet, but he had some ways of dealing with some people tailing his scent.

His eyes widened a little at her saying if they survive this, that she would be willing to aid him in becoming better at stealth as it was in her interest to aid them in improving.

”If we survive indeed, going to be a whole new scenario for me. Never have I sought out someone to kill before. So I’d be dumb not to accept that offer. Although I don’t know about the others. Unlike you and I who have the same chakra nature, they seem more physical confrontation. Aoi and Dagrun do at least. Meilin seems like she would take up some stealth lessons.”

”Indeed. Same can be said about stealth, after all.” A wink followed after her answer as she seemed pleased with his second comment. ”Good. I will, of course, extend my offer to them as well. I am curious to learn more about you lot. But in time. Rushing to please my curiosity has never led to anything good.” For a moment, Aiko did pause. Briefly wondering about something.

”But good. Take it easy till your shift comes and need to stay on guard. If you are willing to extend some knowledge, I will see if I can use that to help you with what we discussed before.”

Standing up and stretching his arms he would chuckle and nod. ”Heck I might teach them sensory. Make my job a lot easier if they didn’t need reports on everyone's locations. Yet as you said going to go relax before my shift comes. Thanks for listening, and I may or may not get back to you on the idea I had. Rather figure out if I will go brain dead first. Goodnight.” Madoc would say bowing before he would walk off to his tent awaiting his shift. He had a good bit to think about after all.
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Packing For Survival

Megumi Omari

As the mission had concluded the team were given instructions on what to do now that the deed was done. They were instructed to pack a bag so they could survive outside the city until things were to calm down. Though they could not tell anyone the true intentions of them leaving the city and simply had to state it was for training. How could she not tell Chu and explain to him the situation? It would look odd, or maybe normal. She was unsure at the time as she made her way home. It took little time for things to spread about of the events that just had occurred. Once home she began to write a note to Chu explaining she would be gone for a bit for training and to not worry. For now she avoided as many people as she could and Megumi had begun to pack her bag.

Making sure she had adequate food was her first priority. Next came her tools. Senbon and other weaponry were stashed away in her bag. Simple small gear that took no space and was lightweight. She knew packing light would be better than packing so much it overflows. Lastly any necessities she needed. Looking about and considering what she would need she took a towel and soap. In case they needed to bathe at some point she would be able to dry off and get any grime off. An extra set of clothes were pushed into the bag and finally things seemed to be set. Now all Megumi had to do was wait for further instructions from Etsu. Of course when and where she would get them eluded her. Taking her bag and her sword she set off out of her home, again avoiding as many people as she could. Making her way through the city she found herself in the less populated parts of town just walking about. Before they would be gone for a bit she wanted to get some air and think, take a stroll and hopefully by the end of it they were contacted on their further instructions.

Had she really done this? It seemed almost unreal as she pondered on what her team had just done. It wasn't the best thing for a genin to get involved in, especially because if they were caught she would be dead or locked up for the remainder of her life. Some start to her life as a Shinobi. Secondly could she fully trust Etsu? Of course her choice was to go with them when she could have left. What exactly was their team made to do? Not every shinobi was given the task to do something illegal, so what exactly was the means of them being the ones to be given the mission? Why not the Anbu? Or a team of Jounin? It felt ominous the more she thought about it and Megumi felt they were just being used, expandable pawns, easily manipulated. Or maybe she was just overthinking it all. Why risk inexperienced genin when someone with more experience could handle the situation with grace? Shaking her head Megumi found herself a bit lost as her eyes wandered the area she was in.



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A talk between a Taika and a Cho(nobi)
- Empire of Akino -
In the Hon Clan lands, Operation Obsidian Blood.

A collab between FrostedCamel and Lesli.


Aoi has been assigned to guard duty, for the first round. As the bitter cold sweeps around her as in the distant howling can be heard, she is joined briefly by Aiko Cho-Hon. The latter seems curious about Aoi and the two engage in some talking..


The second day of traveling had come and gone slowly. A terribly cold slog through the snow coupled with the sudden arrival of a snow storm had slowed them to a stop and forced them to try and make up lost time once it had passed. Even though she rode on horseback it was tiring. The biting cold, the constant howl of the wind and the sting of the snow whipping across her face was enough to make the trek miserable, and her mind did nothing to help the situation. She couldn’t help but to stress over everything that had gone on between Meilin and her, wondering whether there were some way to salvage what she had done wrong, if there were some way to make Meilin take a look at the situation from her side, to just get things back to what they were.

They had set up camp not long ago, and Aoi had finished her tent before any of the others much like the first night. Her sour mood keeping her from helping anyone else she’d sit out front of her tent on a small mat atop the snow as she’d watch the camp grow around her. She was to be on watch within the hour and thought it’d be smarter to stay cold rather than warm up in her tent and never want to leave. She shivered and watched as her dragons breath whirled away from her with each breath.

The howling of the wolves in the distance was slightly off. The animals wouldn’t show themselves but it almost seemed as if they were slowly surrounding the camp. While wary of this being a very likely scenario, certainly with the current season, Aiko didn’t deem it yet a too likely scenario to constantly trouble her mind with it. The campfire would hold back some of the animals interest, for that was in their nature: to avoid fire. Unless there was some more intelligence to the creatures, which could make the scenario far more sinister. Spotting one of the members already done with setting up camp, in a much faster pace than the others, Aiko weighed her options.

Deciding on approaching the blue-haired young woman, Aiko tried to ignore the blasted cold as her boots cracked the snow underneath her weight. ”Cold isn’t it?" The jounin said, deciding to just open the conversation in a most casual way possible.

Peering out at the edge of the camp as the sounds of the wolves bellowed out once more Aoi would find herself more than a little apprehensive about the idea of standing watch with the animals out there, the image of them simply prowling just beyond the absolute edge of the fires reach and slowly moving closer as the fire died down only serving to further build the apprehension within her. She was so focused on the dark edge of the camp that the crunching of the boots nearing her was barely registered in her mind as she continued to peer out. She nearly jumped to her feet when the voice called out to her, her head turning suddenly to face the voice and her body tensing to spring up. Aoi took a quick breath as she realized it wasn’t a wolf that had figured out how to talk and quickly rose to her feet to greet the woman.

“Very cold.” she agreed as she’d offer a slight bow to none other than Aiko Cho-Hon, “Lady Cho, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” she said as she rose from the small bow. She couldn’t tell if her heart was attempting to beat its way out of her chest from being startled by the woman or the fact she was face to face with the head of the Cho Clan. She lamented in the fact that powerful Chonobi seemed to enjoy scaring the ever-living piss out of her as she remembered the Empress at the feast.

A small smile graced Aiko’s lips briefly as she made a small bow with her head in return. Her attention seemed to divert to the darkness that lingered beyond the reach of the campfire’s reach. The night turned back to silence, no longer plagued for a moment by the howling of the predators in the dark. Though the thick jacket provided some comfort, Aiko still crossed her arms in front of her chest as she would slightly turn to Aoi. ”You were quite fast with setting up that tent. Experienced camper or been on much missions like these?” The woman decided to ask, only to add something to her question. ”And please. Aiko. Politics don’t really matter right now. Doesn’t help to get rid of the cold or snow, no?”

The sudden ceasing of the wolves cries in the dark was almost uncanny to Aoi, as if they had decided to give over their stage to the true Alpha among the woods tonight. She turned a bit surprised to look to her tent and then back to Lady Cho with a slight blush about her cheeks, “Perhaps experience is the best way to describe it.” she said as she’d wonder a moment why the woman had decided to even approach her.

She began to shake her head in protest to the woman’s suggestion that she use her first name but stopped herself from doing so as she realized that there was no reason to go against the wishes of someone so powerful. Even if it seemed disrespectful to Aoi to use her first name it had to be far more disrespectful to go against her word. “I guess it doesn’t… Aiko. Alright,” she managed to part her lips into a smile, “I’m Aoi. Though I imagine you already knew that, or had an idea.” she said before dropping the smile to suck at the fissures in her lips where the wind had taken its toll. “Were it up to me, it’d be Summer already.” she half heartedly joked before falling into silence.

”I actually didn’t. I must apologise because I should have inquired about your name right away.” The jounin said, a more apologetic smile briefly being shown before the cold seemed to take away the smile. The gloved hands rubbed her own arms as Aiko spoke up. ”I do have the idea that you’re not the genin of Team 4, no? Seems more like that is the small girl that I have seen before.” Casting a glance for a second over her shoulder, Aiko turned her attention again on Aoi.

”I prefer Spring myself. Having grown up in the hills to the west, spring is the best. Nothing more beautiful than to see how the meadow comes back to life.” Pausing, Aiko chuckled as she nodded to the direction of where more howling started to originate. ”Though given, I suppose winter can have its charm. But I rather admire it from the safe and warm confines from home.”

There was a brief flash of something stronger than disappointment as Aiko stated she hadn’t actually known who she was, as if something inside of her was telling her she should have expected to not be known by the Chonobi in front of her, that she wasn’t worth the effort or time to remember, though the comment about not knowing Dea; a fellow Cho; did help to bring the girls mind back to a slow simmer. She forced a smile and waved a hand at Aiko signifying it was alright she hadn’t known, “You have more important things to be concerned with than me it’s okay.” she said before nodding, “Team Four is correct, Chuunin as well.” she confirmed.

The woman talking of her home brough the want for warmth closer to the list of things Aoi would kill for at the moment but she couldn’t pretend to even picture what the Cho was talking about. Spring in the Mountains was nothing like that in the valleys and across the meadows and floodplains of their country. She frowned briefly before giving a small nod of her head, “I’m sure the meadows are stunning during that time of year. But no matter how much I wish it were then it isn’t now, though I too would enjoy to watch this weather from somewhere more covered… And warm.” she lamented as she brought her hands together in her gloves to wring out her fingers for any ounce of feeling she could muster.

Hearing that she was correct seemed to briefly bring back some warmth back to the woman’s facial features before a cold breeze drove it, once more, away. ”Perhaps. Though I don’t want to appear arrogant. From what I understand is that you lot are currently moving out without the support of a more experienced member. Not that I consider myself the most feasible but,” she spoke a bit slower, almost cautious, ”If there is anything I can do to advise or aid you lot, I would love to help in any possible way. Sadly, I can already spoil to you that I haven’t mastered the basics of Fire release. So the cold? I can’t do much about that.”

Pausing for a moment, Aiko decided to bring up a question. ”I hope you don’t mind me for being curious but what is your opinion on the other team? And please, don’t refrain yourself because I am leading them. As the team leader, I can already tell you that they are far from perfect.”

As Aiko mentioned that the team was being led by a more experienced member Aoi couldn’t help but feel her thoughts sour as she figured it had to be Meilin she was speaking of. “If you mean Meilin then you’re probably right, though I can never shake the feeling that our Yamanaka is hiding his level of experience from us.” she said with a shake of her head before she’d stop and mull over the woman’s offer. Assistance would always be welcome as far as Aoi was concerned, especially when the leader of their team was no better in a brawl than she was and no more eager to help a teammate than a dead rat was to escape from a trap. “Though I can’t say for my teammates, I for one would welcome any sort of training you’d offer…” she said trailing off at the end as the realization of the immense skill and experience that had just offered itself up to better the team. She wondered a moment if they’d have been treated differently if Meilin wasn’t the team leader.

Shaking her head she’d almost laugh at Aiko’s comment on Fire release, “No worries here I can’t use Fire either.” she said before bringing a hand to her mouth as she tried to dredge up any sort of thoughts she could on Aiko’s team.

“Nothing comes to mind sadly. I haven’t had the time or the chance to talk with any of them. They seem to keep to themselves, though I can’t say I’ve actually tried to approach them myself.” she admitted as her gaze peered away from her as if she was a child admitting to stealing a cookie before dinner.

She just nodded, slightly intrigued on how skilled the leader of Team 4 was. It was refreshing to hear a different opinion, even if it was briefly than what she had heard before. Upon hearing that Aoi had no experience yet with her team, Aiko made another mental note. She had hoped that by now her team would show some action, trying to learn from others than just her. Hiding her disappointment behind a shiver, due to the cold, Aiko nodded. ”They are a bit slow at times. I am still trying to push in some intellect and what not into them. But it is a long and sometimes tedious process.” The jounin tried to half-joke, as it wasn’t too far from the truth.

”I was kind of hoping that they would grab the chance to meet and interact with you lot. I remember when I had signed up for service. The mentality has perhaps changed in the Academy or just something that has made some just, so,” searching for the right word, Aiko thought she had spotted something moving in the dark. But it was nothing what she first imagined. ”Aloof? I suppose that is one way to describe them, partly.”

Aoi wasn’t too sure what to expect of Aiko’s team the way that she talked about them. They were slow? Mentally? Or just socially? Where they slow in the head or the body? Bad fighters or bad thinkers? She didn’t dare to ask as the woman continued to talk on them. She settled on that they were slow in the head as Aiko seemed to be trying to drill some intellect into them, though what exactly that meant Aoi wasn’t sure beyond maybe some more common sense and whatever else the woman considered to fall under “intellect”.

She swallowed as she realized that Aiko was very likely talking of Aoi’s own generation of Shinobi. “Aloof works yeah.” she said a bit in awe of the truth she had just been given by the woman on her very own team. “I guess there are some that are more aloof. Though I think it just depends where you look, and how hard to look too. I like to think that I take this rather seriously while keeping myself… open? Open to things around me. Though I’m a terrible judge of my own character if I’m being honest…” she admitted as she brought a hand just above the opposite elbow.

“Do you have any of them you recommend I go talk with? I’m not opposed to seeking them out,” she turned to stare into the dark as the wolves howled once more, “though I do have to go stand watch in a bit, which might make it harder to talk with them…”

”That is good. Both of trying to be open as knowing your own flaws. My biggest flaw might be that I like to talk too much.” The sentence would be followed by a chuckle, as if the joke held a deeper meaning to it. When Aoi asked if she could be recommended any of the members of team 8, Aiko pondered. ”I would suggest Kazumo Sarutobi. He can be a tad distant. Has to do with his previous experiences on the team. Currently the member with the longest work history in the current team. Perhaps Neji, though,” wrinkles would appear on Aiko’s brow as she paused. ”I don’t know. The age difference might make it less interesting. Same reason I can’t recommend Orun. I need to see how he first settles down in my own team. Same with Satia, though she is close to your age,” the woman paused once more. A smile followed.

”That is, if I am guessing your age right.” Aiko further said. ”But if everybody makes it out alive, I am certain there is some time to approach them after the mission. Perhaps in a warmer surrounding than we found ourselves in at the moment.”

Aoi offered an awkward smile as she didn’t get the joke that seemed to be behind Aiko’s comment about talking too much. When she began to go over her team and offer suggestions Aoi felt the want to decline to approach Kazumo grow as the man's last name was stated. She had no desire to pursue more Chonobi at the moment, even Aiko was putting a strain on her frustration without doing anything to necessarily deserve it, and if Kazumo was in fact hard to approach it probably wouldn’t be among the best of ideas to talk with him. “Kazumo sounds like he might be worth pursuing.” Aoi said of the stranger as she did her best to fake interest in him.

The one by the name of Neji was too young for her to get along with? She wasn’t too sure what that could mean other than he was apparently closer to what she could only guess was Dea’s age if she had to guess. She wrote him off as well. And whoever Orun was had the same issue. She wondered if anyone in Aiko’s team was approachable as she fought back the want to roll her eyes at Aiko for giving such unhelpful suggestions on who to talk with.

“I guess that depends on what you think my age is then huh?” she asked as a small smile grew on her lips, “Though I’m partial to believe you might be cheating with some outside knowledge. Could give it a guess though?” she smirked out.

”I guess so. I imagine that you’re nearing your twenties. Having far different interests than what the Uchiha on my team has. Unless,” the woman slightly frowned, ”You’re quite interested in the matters of militant nature. Then you might find quite a conversationalist in Orun or Neji.” The woman said. Becoming silent for a moment, the jounin continued to rub her arms as she threw another glance at the darkness.
”Though, I must imagine that my viewpoint and thoughts will be different to yours. I can safely say that each of my students aren’t typically rude. At least, not intentionally.” Trying to remember any instance that had occured in the past, that could prove her wrong, Aiko couldn’t think of any moment that any of her current students had been particularly nasty. ”Have you eaten though?” The woman suddenly brought up.

“Close.” Aoi said as Aiko continued on with talking. She tilted her head slightly as it came to light that Neji and the other one name Orun were apparently militant focused, and she almost missed the question laced into the comment by Aiko. She took a small step away from Aiko and back towards the darkness of the wood behind her, “I’m interested in many things.” she said as she kept them off her list of members of Team 8 to approach.

With the statement that none of the team had ever seemed to be overly rude to her Aoi wished she couldn’t lie the same thing about Team 4 but knew she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight faced lie going with Madoc on the team. She found herself staring, puzzled at the sudden change in questions from Aiko before she slowly began to nod her head, “I haven’t eaten yet, I was planning on doing it either before or during my watch. Keep myself warm.” she replied, wondering why Aiko had asked the question at all.

Nodding as Aoi said that she was interested in many things, Aiko didn’t further indulge in what it could be. Receiving an answer, regarding the previous question, Aiko half turned around. Throwing a look at the campfire, the woman would speak up. ”I can else bring you something. It might help to keep you out of trouble from wandering off from your post.” Turning her attention back to Aoi, the woman seemed to await an answer from Aoi.

Watching as Aiko turned to look at the fire Aoi shifted her weight to the side to follow the woman’s gaze. She quickly turned her attention back to Aiko as she spoke, offering to bring her food on her watch and maybe even throwing a bit of a jab at her, though on what grounds Aoi was lost. Even so she felt a need to defend herself anyway, “I doubt that’d be an issue.” she said quietly, keeping the bite of her mind out of the words but doing a bad job of hiding the slightly irritated look on her face at Aiko’s implications, “Though I wouldn’t mind some warm food, thank you.” she quickly added to the end of her words.

”I doubt it as well. But best to not risk it.” Aiko replied on her turn. With the given answer of Aoi, the jounin would nod. ”I will be back in a bit. Don’t let the wolves get to you.” A wink followed as the woman walked back to the warmth of the campfire, passing it to head to her own tent. Only later did she come back with some rations, wrapped in paper.

”I am not big on salted fish but, at least, it is warm.” Aiko said as she held the other ration towards Aoi. ”Enjoy. Though, it might be a tad bland.” Waiting for Aoi to take the food, Aiko would wait for a moment as she tried to spot any movement in the far dark. There hadn’t been any howling disturbing the night anymore. ”We might not be the only ones who have gotten some food.”

Standing at the edge of the fires reach Aoi rubbed her hands together as she squinted into the darkness. She’d felt as if the entire time she’d been standing her watch she’d been seeing movement in the dark. Things blacker than the night prowling just far enough away that she wasn’t sure if her mind was simply playing tricks on her or there truly were things watching them in the night, and the howling wolves from earlier certainly didn’t help her to figure out which of the two options she was dealing with. She heard the footsteps of Aiko this time as she approached and only briefly turned her head to make sure of who was coming before training her eyes back on the darkness beyond.

“Thank you…” she said as she reached her gloved hands for the fish. Taking a small bite she’d relish in the warmth but had to agree that the flavor left much to be longed for. “For my sake I hope they found something else to eat so they don’t come for me while I’m out here freezing to the bone.” Aoi said obviously not very happy with the current situation. She turned her gaze to Aiko for a moment, “You didn’t have to,” she said as she lifted the fish slightly for emphasis, “It was nice but you didn’t need to spend your time bringing me food.” she didn’t mean to be rude or ungrateful, more so she just felt as if she was taking up Aiko’s time with something so menial as this.

A soft chuckle escaped Aiko’s lips as she heard what Aoi said at first. When the young woman told her that she didn’t have to, Aiko slightly frowned but remained silent for a few seconds. Letting the words of Aoi be stalked by silence, before she would reply in return. ”I suppose so, yes. But imagine what kind of horrible person I would be if I saw no need in doing something from time to time.” There was a sliver of amusement present in the woman’s voice. Taking a bite of her fish, Aiko glanced into the dark, chewing on the bite.

”If I can help with a bit of kindness to make somebody’s watch easier, then no harm to it, no?” The woman shot a sideways look at Aoi before she took another bite of her fish. The rather bland taste was anything but great, causing Aiko to bring up another topic after clearing her mouth. ”I suppose this is better than porridge. Or gods forbid, dried fruit. I once was stationed at a place, only to be send out on a long patrol. We had some rations with us but most of it was dried fruit. For a whole week, nothing more than that. It took me a good two months before I could stomach the sight of any fruit without being remembered of that awful week.”

Aoi didn’t want to imagine what kind of a person Aiko could be if she wasn’t as nice as she appeared to be from their short interaction. In truth it was an unappealing thing to think about. For one it reminded her of herself at the moment, that she had a streak of bad deeds running up an ever growing tally with her team, and second… Well she was a bit afraid that the Aiko she was talking with now was nothing more than a disguise put on by the infamous Kunoichi.

She took another bite of the fish and chewed down the bland meat almost forcibly before she’d shrug and instantly regret the overly relaxed gesture in front of her superior, “I quite like dried fruit… Though if I were stuck out in the field for so long with little else to eat I’m sure I’d share the same sentiments.” she agreed before wondering what to say next. She kicked the snow at her feet idly and watched the darkness ahead of her as she tried to think of anything to ask the woman.

“I have a bit of a question. You don’t need to answer it or anything though, of course.”

”Believe me. I am certain many would share the same opinion. Unless they, of course, are fond of eating the same. Day in and out.” The mere thought sent a shiver down Aiko’s spine. That or the temperature was dropping even further. Taking a bite of her fish, Aiko shot a sideways look at Aoi. She didn’t reply right away, first pondering for a second on what the chuunin would ask about. Clearing her mouth, Aiko nodded.
”If you bring it like that, sure. Ask away.” Not hiding a slight of amusement, Aiko would take another bite of her fish.

Aoi gave a small smile as Aiko agreed to answer her question, though she wasn’t entirely sure if anything would be answered by the woman truthfully she couldn’t help but to appreciate the woman and her pleasant attitude. “You say your team is boring? But are they anything more? Do they have issues with one another or anything like that?” she asked, trying to keep the focus far and away from the fact she was asking for her own good.

Thinking about the question, Aiko stared at the distance. The night had gotten more peaceful. At least, there was no imminent threat or possible form of it. ”I wouldn’t say that they are boring. They are just less,” weighing the words, Aiko’s eyes narrowed for a moment. ”Out going, so far I have seen. Only possible obstacle between them is Neji and Kazumo. I don’t think that Kazumo really has taken a liking to Neji. Then again, friendship isn’t what is most important for a team. As long as they can work together and listen to my orders, I don’t think I can ask for more than that.” She answered back to Aoi. ”I do hope that they will start to slowly prove me wrong. It would be nice, you know? To be wrong about people once in a while.”

‘Enjoying’ another bite, Aiko briefly glanced back at the campfire. ”I am going to head back before my shift starts.” Turning her attention back to Aoi, the woman flashed a smile. ”If you do happen to find any evidence that some of my team might not be as dull as I so far have experienced them, please. Don’t waver to let me know that I am wrong.”

Nodding along as Aiko spoke Aoi would offer a few mumbles of understanding as she talked about how it would be nice if her team would show a bit more promise than they currently were. She figured it had to be tough leading a group that didn’t quite go beyond what they were asked of, and for a little fleeting second wondered if she was making Meilin’s life so hard before she settled on the fact that she definitely was at that point for a while now.

Turning only slightly to face Aiko as she began to leave, Aoi would leave most of her attention focused on the woods while offering a courteous little bow to the departing kunoichi, “Thanks for the fish, it was nice talking…” she said, her uncomfortable feeling with everything obvious in the way her voice trembled as she finished her words.