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    The year 476,
    3rd of April.

    It has been two weeks after the last chuunin exams, that were held in Amegakure. It has been two weeks ago since the world has seen more changes, by the hands of people who're leading their nations. Or people who have started something, in what they believe, to improve the situation of their state.



    The village hidden in the cloud has managed to improve their state. With improving their infrastructure and organizations, the northern nation has managed to grow. No longer do they suffer what seem to be leaders who only have interest in themselves, but now they seem to thrive somewhat under the Fifth Raikage. But while the Cloud has managed to grow in both land, military and somewhat economic manner, they aren't without problems.

    A small revolt has started by the old Antare clan. A clan that was to believed to be wiped out after they had expressed that the Fourth Raikage should step down and that the Third Raikage should be installed back. Which only showed that the small group of trained Antare shinobi don't believe in the death of the Third Raikage. Or that they just wish to grab power for themselves.

    Though the situation has been held under control, one week ago Waki Sanosuke had been found dead in his own home. There were no indications of a fight and many worry if it had been the rebellious Antare clan. Though it is still been investigated, it is clear that something must be done about the matter or else the Cloud might grow stagnant, again.



    It has been two weeks since the 'incident'. The incident where the Six Tails had been broken free from its container and started a rampage in the village hidden in the Mist. While the beast had been re-captured, the village was damaged and still there are many people that are trying to rebuild what has been damaged or destroyed.

    But the civil unrest that had been growing has erupted. Under the leadership of a few Kirigakure shinobi, the people have risen up against the rule of the Fifth Mizukage. They claim that they are sick of how they have been governed by the Mizukages. They say that they are sick of the oppression and tyrannical ways of their leaders. And now a revolution has begun.

    So far the revolution has managed to take hold of the three most western laid isles, preparing their smaller forces, compared to that of the Mizukage, to try to fight for their cause.


    Amegakure & Konohagakure
    The Empire of Akino

    A few reformations have been arranged and happen throughout what was first known as the Fire Union. A faction where the kages of the small countries around the Fire country had sworn loyalty to the Hokage. A faction that held the strongest military and economical power, which has grown due the better organized systems that have been introduced. A system where not only Konohagakure grew in might and influence, but the vassals of the Union came to prosper as well due the increasing cooperation.

    But now another reformation has been introduced. The Fire Daimyo has announced this week that he will step down and has appointed a new successor. The apprentice of the Hokage, none the less. This means that the kages of the vassal states would own their loyalty to soon two daimyo's. But over the week, every daimyo of the vassal states have stepped down, meaning that all the leaders and people in the Fire Union would need to swear loyalty towards the new successor of the Fire Daimyo.

    However, the higher ups of Konohagakure have managed to use it to transform the way how the Union works. With clever diplomacy and using the situation in which some vassals were in, the whole Union has been transformed into one single state. With Konohagakure as its capital, an empire has risen. But even while the reformation has goon rather smoothly, the new head of the state is too young. Due this the higher ups of Konohagakure have risen up as the regency council of the new Empress, ruling in her name until the time comes Kiyomi can lead the state.

    With the construction of a royal palace in Konohagakure, the people have and still are somewhat preparing for a new festival. The leaders of the provinces, the once vassal states of the Fire Union, have been invited to come towards the new palace in Konohagakure to celebrate and pay some honor to their new leader.

    Though one should take note that there are several rumours going on that not all seem to be fine within the strong nation. For there is a slight tension growing, noticed by the higher ups of Konohagakure. A slight tension that might give cause to something troublesome.
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  2. Rika Suzu and Kimi Iomaski


    Summary :
    Rika is preparing to take her first few steps against the revolutionaries.

    With her hands folded at her back, Rika watched out of the window. She had a good view over Kirigakure. Even with the mist, it was pretty clear or perhaps she could just make out what was what as she was used to the light fog that was there. Always present when it wasn't raining or on rare occasions when the sun broke through. But today she wasn't looking over the place with a smile on her lips. Not with a cheerful mood.

    She looked rather stern as she thought about what had to be done. On her travel back, Rika had thought of what she would do with those pitiful thugs, who dared to call themselves revolutionaries. The thought alone made Rika almost boil with anger, but she wouldn't let those fools get the better of them.

    Slowly turning around, she would take a walk. The damage that had been dealt to the office had been repaired at first. Probably due that the people feared she would lash out if wasn't done first. There was still a lot to be done as there whole blocks that had to be repaired and some even to be rebuild. There were people who were homeless, that needed shelter. Food and supplies. It only caused her to grow more angry on those traitors, those who defied her rule. With a calm expression visible on her face, Rika continued to walk to the exit of the building.

    It wasn't that she had any desire to just sit all day in the office. The orders were clear. There would be a dedicated force of regular shinobi that would aid the rebuilding of the damage. During her walk in the street, several people had took a note of her and many dropped on a knee or bowed deeply in her direction as a sign of respect. Normally, Rika would cast back a friendly smile, but today the short woman didn't. She wasn't in the nicest mood and had her mind filled with how she would tackle the problem with the revolutionaries.

    Closing in the distance with the more damaged part of Kirigakure, Rika slowed down her pace. The stern look on her face faded away as she took the scenery in. The damaged buildings and ground, that showed clear signs of the rampaging beast made her feel a bit sad. Slowly she crouched by the entrance of a damaged building. She softly pushed away a bit of the rubble as she had seen something. Picking up something small, Rika sighed as she closed her eyes.

    ''I will make sure that they'll pay.''

    ''Lady Mizukage-sama.'' A voice sounded behind Rika. Kneeling down a short distance behind her were a couple of ANBU. Kimi had spoken as she had heard what Rika had said. For a moment she was wondering if Rika meant that the revolutionaries would pay or those who could be behind the incident with the Six Tails.

    ''You all have arrived, good.'' Rika said, rising up and turning around. She had again a stern look on her face. ''I want you all to lead the assigned squads that are waiting for you to seek out any weak point in the defense of the rebels. Make sure that I get a good report on what their actual forces are and how good their defense is. Don't dare to come back if you've nothing.'' Her tone was cold and harsh and she paused for a moment.

    ''Now, go and see that my will is done. Though, you, Kimi, stay.''

    The ANBU, except one would rise up and quickly go away. Kimi rose up and was glad that she had her mask on. Her lips were slowly moving down as she wanted to go away. It was clear that Rika wasn't in a good mood and Kimi was wondering what Rika wanted her to stay. Beckoning that she should follow, the two walked among the ruins of the damaged part of the village.

    ''Sad, isn't it?'' Rika asked with a soft tone. Kimi glanced sideways at the smaller woman and nodded. ''Yes, indeed Lady Mizukage-sama. But with you as our leader, Kirigakure will blossom once more.'' Kimi said with a soft tone as well.

    Rika stayed silent for several moments as the two walked through the streets. The scenery wasn't a great one as they were simply surrounded by ruins. Luckily, the bodies or remains of those who had fallen during the rampaging of the Six Tails had been removed. Probably being a proper burial today. ''I want you to give a mission to the squad that is being led by Atsuko Uragiri. I want that squad to head towards one of the isles and attempt to take down one of their leaders.''

    Kimi slowly nodded. ''Anytihng else, Lady Mizukage-sama?'' She asked, still keeping her tone soft. Again, Rika stayed silent for several moments, as she seemed to ponder about something. ''I want you to investigate on who has done this.'' Rika made a brief gesture around them, which was enough for Kimi. ''Consider it done, Lady Mizukage-sama. Shall I work right now on it?''

    Rika nodded as she would continue her walk among the ruined buildings, while Kimi quickly went away. She just heard the small woman mumble something. ''They will all pay for this. I'll make them pay.'' Though the mumbling had been soft, it caused a chill going over Kimi's back as she would head to do her tasks.
  3. Aiko Cho-Hon,
    Konohagakure Sensei of Team 8,

    An early start of the day.

    She had sneaked out of the room and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. Holding up a dress, she frowned. No, this one wouldn't cut it. It was too colorful in her opinion. Placing the dress carefully away, she held up another one. Smiling, she would take a pose for a second. ''No, this one doesn't fit either in.'' Aiko mumbled to herself. Placing the dress down, she sighed as she ran a hand through her hair. Though she had promised to meet up with Katsu to train a bit with him, she wanted to be prepared. The moment she would come home, she would need to head away towards the royal palace. Biting on her lip, Aiko started to think.

    Picking up another dress, she glanced back in the mirror. It was a lightblue kimino with several cheerful inscriptions, of butterflies. Yes, she thought with a growing smile. This one would do fine. Perhaps with her hair pinned up in a bun? Content with the idea, she would sneak back into her room. It was still quite early, which was the reason she walked around, trying to be silent. Getting her jounin garb, Aiko would quickly refresh herself.

    Heading downstairs, she briefly thought about the mission she would have to do today with her team. It was a rather exciting one, as she had suspected her team had been selected for the particular job. Though she knew better to see it just as some honor. If something would go wrong, then the culprit would be one of her students. And knowing what they had to do, made Aiko worry a bit. Deciding to put the thoughts in the back of her head, Aiko would head to the meeting point, where she would meet up with Katsu.
  4. Yumi Hasewaga

    Ghost ANBU member.

    At the Royal Palace.

    The sight was wonderful. For only a second, Yumi glanced outside. Dressed in her ANBU garb, she had only a mask that was completely grey. Much like the other ANBU guard that walked around, patrolling in and around the palace, Yumi was stationed on the third floor of the place. She could see the center and suspected that there were already people who were heading towards it, going to celebrate the special event.

    For a moment, Yumi's smile vanished. Would her brother be one of those people who would have fun? She knew he had resigned from becoming a shinobi, something that had worried her, but the last thing she had heard was that he had taken the role of being the apprentice of some artist. His skill with Crystal release had always been more leaning towards art, so she was at least happy he could do something with it that would make him happy. Turning around, Yumi would continue with her round.

    It wasn't that bad, she thought to herself. The halls and rooms of the palace made her awe, which had surprised her. She wasn't a person that would quickly be impressed, certainly not just by a mere building or place. Hopefully she would see a chance soon to do something else however than to be put on guard patrol. She fully understood that it was important, certainly now that a lot of people were heading to attend to the feast today, but she wanted to go outside. To really feel she was doing something. Something to keep her own sibling safe.
  5. Meisa Ichi,
    Hokage Assistant and member of the regency council,

    At the Royal Palace,
    Such a bother!

    Walking not in a small graceful steps, one would think that Meisa was marching to head to war. With a frown, she walked through the halls of the palace. She had been there ever since the sun had risen up, directing both personal as others. The feast wasn't starting yet, but there were a lot of things that would need to be checked. Everything had to be okay or else she would probably be grumpy all day. And that would cause Zakito to chuckle and Hisoka to have that smirk on his face. Probably saying it was adorable to see her like that.

    ''Please, make sure that the personal stands have everything prepared 'properly'! And that the large ball room is truly prepared! I don't want to see on dust mark or else I'm going to explode!'' Meisa told a young man with a stern voice. The man nodded as he quickly went out of Meisa's way. There was so much to check and review and so little time! Where was Hisoka? Where was Zakito?

    Gritting her teeth, Meisa hoped for the sake of the two men that they wouldn't come late. As they were the regency council for Kiyomi, they would be held responsible if something would be missing with the preparations. Perhaps the two men had recieved the message already? How long had it been that she had sent out that chuunin to send the message? A hour ago? Two hours?

    Though she didn't consider herself a perfectionist, Meisa was gaining slowly a headache. Entering the rather grand and large hall where the guest would be standing, dancing and eating small things, that would be carefully displayed on a large and long table, Meisa's eyes widened. ''What did I say before? I want the lightning to be tad dimmed! Place the candles there and there! Come on! Hurry up!'' Directing the personal, Meisa raised a hand to her nose, rubbing the bridge as she closed her eyes. If Zakito and Hisoka would arrive late, then she would strangle them later. She was already dressed in a kimino, that wouldn't attract too much attention or made her look like she was wealthy, as she wasn't.

    Remembering she had to check if there was already any message about any of guests heading towards the palace, Meisa turned around on her heels, already heading on a fast walking pace. Gritting her teeth, she already started to think of a way how she would make both Zakito and Hisoka pay if they would show up late.​
  6. Taijutsu training,
    In the morning!

    A collab written between Sketcher and Lesli,
    Konohagakure training field.

    Summary :
    Both Aiko as Katsu had planned to train together in the early morning, where Aiko decides to train Katsu a bit with his taijutsu. Afterwards, Aiko decides to head back home as they both will need to refresh and prepare for the mission she will give her team soon.

    A Training (open)

    It was quite early, but this time it was needed. Aiko placed her hands on her back as she walked towards the training fields. Luckily, it was nearby her home, so it wasn't walking too far. Nor was it an unpleasant walk. It helped to clear her mind a bit as she was thinking about the next mission for her team. It was going to be a tricky one, but one that would help her clan. And Konohagakure, she thought with a smile. Passing the entrance of the training fields, she went look for a grassy plain. With this early in the morning, she suspected nobody would be on this field. Luckily, she was right. Now all she had to do was to wait.

    As usual, Katsu was up early, though it was even earlier than his routine. He groggily got out of bed, seeing that the sun was still behind the mountains. He put on his clothes and attached his weapons onto his belt and made his way out of his house. He formed the tiger handseal and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Soon enough, he found himself at the training fields. He looked around to see where Aiko was. When he finally saw her standing on the grassy fields, he walked over. "Good morning sensei."

    Hearing somebody approach, Aiko half turned around. Flashing a smile as she noticed that it was Katsu, Aiko replied back. ''Good morning to you as well, Katsu. Glad you could come. '' She quickly eyed her student, a habit of hers. Though she knew the chance was small that he would get hurt on his way to the trainings fields, she knew better. Life was full of surprises. Nasty ones. ''Let's begin, shall we?'' She gestured to the field, thus meaning he should follow her while she would start jogging.

    The boy gave her a curt nod and following her with a steady pace. Although he was more or less a morning person, he couldn't help but yawn a couple of times. The sun had yet to show its face and before the first light touched his face, Katsu found it difficult to start the day. And for a while they kept jogging. On which Aiko then shifted to the other exercises.

    Around fourty five minutes later, Aiko brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear as she smiled. ''You're doing better.'' She said, beckoning that he could sit down with her. Only then Aiko realized she had forgotten about water to take with her. ''I still remember the first time I let you run around and tried to work on your stamina. Do you?'' Aiko asked, looking sideways at her student.

    Katsu, breathing heavily, had his hands on his knees, his back bent. A faint smile appeared on his face as he looked over at her. "Thank you, sensei," he said, his grin growing wider. "Yes... I do," he spoke again, panting between the two phrases. He fell on his bottom, feeling his mind stopping the numb feeling that kept him running and the sore legs that came afterwards.

    Still smiling, she saw how he was quite out of breath. But he had managed to last longer with the exercises than before. That was a good sign, in her opinion. ''Good. Glad that some lessons of mine still get stuck in that head of yours. '' She said, trying to tease him a bit. Aiko still remembered how he had fought at the Chuunin exams. He had fought valiantly and she had found him quite brave. A bit foolish, but she still felt proud whenever she thought back to it. ''Today I want to teach you a bit about taijutsu. If you're ready, let me see your stance. ''

    The boy nodded, forcefully getting himself to his feet and slowing his breathing. His legs still ached but he could stand easily still. He dragged his right foot back, turning the one on the left towards her and the other one perpendicular to it. He held up his left hand to make his palm face her and had his right arm to his side, his elbow bent and his palm facing both the ground and himself.

    Still sitting on the ground, she kept watching how he took his stance. ''Did it never occured to you that it sometimes looks a bit silly? '' Aiko smiled and then laughed briefly. ''I mean, the whole idea that you need to make a sort of stance to get a good foothold or being able to fight better. Most of the time you're moving around and I have never seen somebody using a stance while jumping, running and diving around. Have you?'' Aiko asked, still smiling as she seemed quite amused.

    The boy looked at his stance, wondering if it really looked silly until she went on to elaborate. He thought for a moment before speaking. "Well... I try to use the stance when I'm about to fight someone in close combat but if I'm running and chasing them, or dodging with big movements, there's no point. It's useful when the opponent's cornered or when he or she engages you in combat as well."

    Aiko decided to get up as she had heard him. ''That's true. Hm. '' She placed her hands on her hips as she examined his stance again. Slowly walking with small steps to stand at his side, she frowned a bit. ''Seems pretty good, the stance. '' She became silent for a moment. ''Who taught you to stand like this?'' Aiko asked.

    "I... I read a lot," he said timidly. "I try and replicate the stances illustrated and explained in scrolls and books." He lowered his arms and sighed. "It's the same way I've trained my kenjutsu during the last few years, sensei." His tone was somewhat grim when he spoke.

    ''You should keep doing that. '' Aiko said. ''Reading, I mean.'' She had noticed the grim tone and wondered briefly if she had to check later if something had happened. ''Your stance is good, so we won't need to do the basics.'' Aiko continued, her tone becoming a bit more serious. Producing a water clone, she took a step back as the clone went to stand in front of Katsu. ''We are going to now on your reflexes. I don't think I need to explain why that is important for those who fight at close range, but we will keep it simple. For now. '' Aiko's clone took also a stance and for second Aiko paused. ''It is very simple. You need to block or evade an attack, but aren't allowed to do more than one step. If you do, then you must do twenty push ups. Any questions? ''

    He gulped and nodded quickly before taking his stance once more. "O...One step until the end of the exercise?" he asked. He wasn't really one to try and avoid any sort of training, such as the push ups he would have to do, but he felt that he wouldn't be able to stand in his spot for too long. He shook his head quickly and put on a more focused visage, concentrating on the clone.

    ''Sort of, yes. One step too many and then we will do it over. Until you've mastered it well enough. '' Aiko didn't want to sound too stern, but she knew better than to be sweet and friendly all the time. ''I am sure that you would at one point like to go to the festival down town. I hear that there is much to see. And many things to taste. '' Right after the end of her sentence, the clone raised her right arm. It seemed like a simple attempt to hit him at his head.

    The boy kept his eyes on the clone, not wanting to be distracted for a single moment. When he saw the hand incoming, he raised the hand he held back to his head level and tried to push the arm upwards as he lowered his head towards the side his arm came from. "I haven't thought about going," he said in a single breath.

    Pulling her arm back, the clone shifted her weight on her left leg, but then quickly attempted to swing with her left arm, trying to land a blow at Katsu's side. Aiko, the real one, kept watch of how both were reacting to each other. ''Not?'' She calmly asked. Aiko had assumed that it was kind of a thing for Katsu. Perhaps that he would attempt to drag Koike to the festival. Thus it surprised her a bit that he said that he hadn't thought about going.

    "I just didn't give it..." He grunted a bit as he turned his palms to the incoming blow, trying to resist it. "...any thought." He quickly restored his stance, though it was somewhat less accurate than it was at first. His legs had slipt across the ground a few milimeters but he hadn't lifted his feet.

    The block had forced the clone to pull her hand back. Aiko had noticed the slip, but she didn't count it as a step. With pulling her hand back, the clone smoothly raised her leg to then aim to land a high kick, against his neck. The tricky part was that she intended to land her shin and try to use her weight if he would attempt to block it. ''Well, I don't hope you mind, but I must say that I'll summon you and the others later. To come with me to the feast at the palace. ''

    He quickly raised both his arms to protect his neck, closing his eyes. He quickly lost his balance and fell backwards when her weight toppled him. He fell on his back, grunting. "Of... Of course not, sensei," he said, glancing over to her. He quickly scurried to his feet and regained his foothold.

    He had tried to block instead of evading and much to Aiko's dismay, she saw him fall on his back. The clone would wait until Katsu had gotten back on his feet and waited until he was ready. He had been in time to at least block the attack and she thus considered it to be good. Blocking was after all better than to be hit full force. The clone would wait until Katsu was back on his feet. Once he was standing ready, the clone started to go in with punches, often using a feint to try to surprise him.

    Katsu did his best to parry, finding that dodging without any footwork makes one lose balance, though quite a few of the blows would go through. At first, he fell for the feints more often than not, always getting hit by the punch that followed, but at one point, he learned to follow the body's motion that gave power to a punch rather than the movement of the fist that would be the source of the feint. Of course, he still wasn't able to avoid a good number of the blows. At one point, he dragged his foot back, pushed his hip forward and his head back, taking the first step to avoid an attack.

    The whole time, Aiko kept looking with a stern look. At some points, she wanted to make it stop. Several of the punches were mean and low, but she was glad that Katsu kept standing. That he didn't complain or requested a break. For more than a half hour, she wondered how long it would take before he would have enough. But much to her surprise, she noticed that he was getting the hang of it. Less punches and kicks were getting through. When Katsu took his first step to avoid an attack, the right leg of Aiko's clone swept over his head. The moment the clone had her foot on the ground, the real Aiko snapped her fingers, making the clone freeze. ''Very good.'' Aiko said, hoping that Katsu saw the very wide opening due the fact that the clone stood half turned, while he could perfectly attack the clone now.

    Katsu had just straightened his back when he heard Aiko's words. He huffed and sat down, moaning a bit. He rubbed the bruises, somewhat pouting. After a few moments, he realized he wasn't actually given permission to sit and jumped to his feet, gulping. He looked over to his sensei as if waiting for something to happen.

    ''Calm down, you did great. '' Aiko said, a bit amused by his reaction. The clone collapsed and became just a puddle of water on the ground. ''We might work a bit more on this, but I'll be a bit busy. And we do have a mission later today. '' Aiko started, not really talking to Katsu, but more thinking out loud. Staring at the puddle, she continued. ''Though I guess that you could also train this a bit with either Yukara or Koike. Or practically anybody. It is fairly easy and over time it will help to improve your reflexes as taijutsu in general. '' Turning her head to look at Katsu, she smiled again. ''Think that this is it for training today. Or do you have any remaining questions? ''

    The boy's face brightened. He felt satisfied now that he'd gotten some feedback. He looked a bit surprised after he heard about there being a mission that day but he shrugged it off, figuring that she'd give them the information later. "None, sensei," he said, grinning.

    ''Good, then I suggest you go back home and refresh yourself. We'll meet with the others later today. Then I will explain what the mission is.'' Thinking about the mission, she wondered what her students would think off it, but she would find out later. ''I'll see you in front of the parks, near the Hokage office, okay? You'll probably receive a message from me on what time.''
  7. Surprising News,

    A Collab between LillyDove and Ganryu
    Matsuri Hyuga & Chinatsu Hon
    The Hidden Leaf Village, A Training Field near the Forest of Death
    Summary: Matsuri learns she's on Team 6 through a surprise meeting with Chinatsu. The two decide to spar, both's interest being piqued by eachother.

    collab (open)

    In the middle of a training field, near the Forest of Death Matsuri stood panting. She thought for a minute all the training she'd been doing....what was it for? She barely managed to sneak past the Hyuga to make it here, everyone looked at her strangely that morning, like they had something to say.

    She looked at the practice dummy, which had been near smashed..... herself however even more.

    "Looks like I over did things.... again..."

    Chinatsu sat lazily in a tree not too far from the training feild as she observed and made small mental notes on the girl who beat the training dummy nearly out of existence. It was certainly interesting, certainly a bit entertaining as well. She also wondered if this was a good time to drop by and say
    hello. Deciding rather quickly that now was the perfect time for an introduction, she pulled an arrow from her sheath of them and knotched it easily in her bow, then let it fly. Her target was the remains of the training dummy, and like she knew it would, it hit where she wanted it to. Then waited impatiently
    for it to be noticed.

    Matsuri was facing Chinatsu as soon as the arrow hit the training doll, even with her blindfold on, her Byakugan was always at least partially on, though not very strong, she hadn't noticed her before hand. She saw the young girl sitting in the tree nearby.


    Dropping out of the tree and landing easily on her feet with a soft thud she walked over to the girl. "Hello, indeed," Chinatsu said. There was a lofty smile on her face and a somewhat intrigued look in her eyes or at least in the green one. "What is your name?" she demanded to know. With a glance at her arrow in the training dummy, she went to retrieve it. "Well, do you have one?" she asked impatiently.

    The tone threw Matsuri a bit off guard. That was a bit straightforward, Matsuri didn't even know the girl's, and she was wanting hers. She took a second before realizing the girl was demanding an answer immediately.

    "My name's Matsuri... Matsuri Hyu-... Just Matsuri."

    Matsuri still disliked using her family name. She glanced, turning her head towards the training dummy, looking at it as if she didn't have a blindfold. The arrow was perfectly shot, it looked like the girl wasn't too shabby. Especially from a shot sitting down.

    "Your pretty good with a bow. What's your name by the way?"

    She titled her head when she heard the name, Matsuri was not a bad name. Chinatsu shrugged, who was she to judge names? "Well it is nice to meet to you," Chinatsu said. She took in the ragged appearance of Matsuri and thought it was a little off somehow, she trained like that? "You will not dissapoint me, will you? In the team I mean, with Hiroshi-Sensei? It does not appear you will, but I have to be sure. Cannot have a useless team mate," she said, her tone was dismissive yet serious. She had forgot about her name, about introducing herself. She grinned and then shrugged. "Thanks, the names Chinatsu, Chinatsu Hon," she added.

    Team? Shock ran through Matsuri's body. What was this girl, Chinatsu, talking about? Matsuri hadn't been on a team for.... years... Had it been that long? Not since team 4.... Had she really been assigned a new one? Her heart leaped for a minute, finally, she could get out of the Hyuga compound, it felt like a dream come true.... then the thought came to her mind, could it just be mistaken identity? Matsuri was a little hard to miss though. How did Chinatsu know anyways?

    "Uh... Miss Chinatsu, what team do you mean? Do you, is it- I mean, are you looking for Matsuri Hyuga? I-I'm a former missing nin you know. No one seems to trust me to do anything..... well mostly no one."

    It left a bitter taste in Matsuri's mouth using the last name, but she had to be sure.... maybe that's what everyone was talking about in the compound. A sudden flash of anger flashed through her for a second, if so, why hadn't anyone told her!?

    She tried to read the feelings of the girl, but with the most expressive parts of her face covered it was difficult. Chinatsu was not sure if there was anger or surprise or bitterness or one of everything. Matsuri was a puzzle to her at the moment and one she wanted to solve. "Ah, you have not been told, I see. Well, from what I heard over heard, you are being put in my team which is led by Hiroshi-Hon," Chinatsu said. A hyuuga? She was a Hyuuga? She blinked and glanced at the training dummy, no wonder it was nealry beaten out of existence. "Yes, Matsuri Hyuuga, thats the one, she is you. And if they do not trust you to do much then you have to force them to see you differently," she said. After a moment she paused and asked "could you remove the blind fold?"

    Matsuri simply shook her head at the comment of forcing them to see things differently that was her goal. As far as the blind fold.... that was a bit more difficult. Her battle with her flashbacks that happened everytime she saw flashes of light, like removing it, made it harder.

    "I'd rather not..."

    She thought about it though. Probably not a good start to the team though by refusing to do it.


    She turned away from Chinatsu, and took off the blindfold. Light flooded and she flinched for a second her breath quickened for a second, but she stopped herself as the flashbacks hit her. She turned around slowly to Chinatsu afterwords, showing one eye glowing white and then, the other one which In a mission she'd lost her left eye, and had it replaced it with a sharingan.

    "This is me without the blindfold. One of the many reasons most people don't trust me."

    Chinatsu was about to insist, but then she did take it off. A shocking surprise, but an intriguing one nonetheless. "Two different eyes, two different assets in the field and two different reasons why one is special. I think you should see it like that, I have two different colored eyes but nothing special about them. They just make me stand out more than usual," Chinatsu said. She did not miss the quickening of Matsuris breaths, it made her all more the puzzle to her. "I do not know much about you, but I would be a fool to underestimate someone like you. I think they are afraid of you, of what you can do," she added. She reached into her pack, pulling out her sketch book of sorts and sketched a quick portrait of her face. The detailed areas were the eyes. Then she deposited her pad into her pack and closed it.

    Matsuri looked surprised. People scared of the like of her? Wasn't she always laughed at through her life. The thought that anyone could take her seriously was new to her. It the sketchbook didn't escape Matsuri's notice either. It seemed like Chinatsu was the type to take notice of things for the future. Matsuri had met lots of missing nin like that... the kind that survived longer for the most part. Matsuri was starting to get more and more curious about her new teammate. It looked from the movements of her hand like she was sketching something. Her maybe? Yes, her hand was definitely moving in a way that was drawing a head.

    "Why the portrait?"

    Matsuri had the feeling she knew the answer.

    She caught surprise, doubt was there too and the two emotions mingled in a way that was almost as puzzling as Matsuri herself. From what she could glean from this encounter so far was that she had little confidence and yet was very capable. "You look doubtful while perhaps pleasantly surprised, I think. It was an interesting expression and one I want to remember," Chinatsu said. What she did not say was that it was her way of keeping track of those she deemed noticable enough to watch. One who had intrigued her, like her old team mate, Sayuri Cho. She was also in the sketch pad. Thinking about her, made her feel a pang of loss. "Care to sparr with me for a bit? I have yet to train today and I do not much care for skipping a day, I need to stay sharp or else my accuracy will decline and I will miss my targets," she explained.

    Matsuri smiled a bit. She found Chinatsu very interesting, and she really was curious how she fought... Still, sparring against a bow, that would be harder than it seemed. Very few ninjas used bows, but arrows were tough to fend against.

    "Very well... I take it you don't miss. J-just don't aim for the vitals, I won't either."

    She supposed that her opponent preferred long ranges. But Matsuri knew everyone already read her range by looking at her eyes, or her stance. Everyone expected her taijutsu. Matsuri wasn't weaponless herself though... most people just didn't see her weapon. Matsuri's hand brushed her hand past where her bells were on her hip, before turning her hand into the position to declare the start to the spar.

    "I'm a bit curious how you fight, Miss Chinatsu. What rank are you? I'm Chunnin"

    "There is no reason to aim for such places if there is no reason to kill," Chinatsu said. It was true, the odd girl prefered not to kill if she did not have to. If it was not required then she would choose not to, because as much as she enjoyed the thrill of toying with her target the fun was lost if the target died. Matsuri was a Chuunin? A chuunin, someone above her. It was not sitting well with her and her she stared blankly at the girl in front of her. Her posture was stiff and unsettled before it relaxed, a more distant expression settled over her face like a mask. It was best not to let more emotion seap through her casual and calm appearance. "Genin, and I do not dissapoint. I think you will find how I fight a bit unsettling," she said smoothly, her mind was racing ahead to plan. To plan her moves and to plan how she would go about this sparring of sorts.

    Matsuri nodded her head to declare her move, and both hands reached to both hands of her side, the left one ontop of her bells, as she started to channel chakra to them, and the other to her pouch. Starting to run to her left, she would throw the kunai, aiming for the strings of the bow.

    There was a couple things she assumed about her opponent. That she was along range fights, and preferred that range, and that she expected Matsuri to rush her for close range, and probably was already planning for what to do at that range. Matsuri wasn't going to take either option, keeping herself at midrange, between the two. Matsuri's forte wasn't where it seemed. Her eyes, though varied, were not strong compared to other users of the two, her Byakugan especially was not strong. Her Taijutsu wasn't her strongest point either.

    Chinatsu was a bit starlted by the sudden start of the sparring but was also accepting of it. She had her bow out in the next second and an arrow knotched the second after that as she darted after Matsuri. She would keep in mind the abilities of her opponent, of Matsuri Hyuuga. Aiming for her bow was a low shot, it was her only cherished weapon and it infuriated her. Luckily, she managed to narrowly dodge but it was too close for comfort. She let her arrow fly, aimed at the heels of her opponent and knotched another arrow in the next second, letting it fly towards the other heel. Then she fell back some and maintained a steady distance away as she took a measured a breath.

    The first arrow was strung quickly, something Matsuri guess she should have expected. She had really one question that was answered by Chinatsu pulling back the bowstring. Her goal in her arrows seemed speed of the pullback, good reflexes, so she could shoot quickly, but that would mean the arrows weren't as powerful as a more heavy bow. Wouldn't mean they were easy to dodge, or not powerful due to jutsu. As Matsuri saw Chinatsu's finger loosen, she jumped upwards to barely dodge the first as it scratched her heel, sounding her bells as she went, and slammed her right hand downwards to send a vacuum palm at the second, not able to hit the arrow itself, but having the arrow itself collide with the palm to send it to the side enough to miss.

    It looked like she'd be on the defensive this match, not offensive. Didn't look like she'd manage more time on throwing kunai for a second. Her left hand stayed on her bells as she kept chakra going through them

    She needed to get close enough to her opponent to be able to work any of her offensive jutsu, so she picked up her speed a good bit and began closing the distance. As she ran, she pulled out another arrow but did not knotch it. Instead she positioned it in the middle of her two hands and began performing some handsignals as chakra formed around the arrow itself as she did so. Chinatsu knew she had limited time to shoot it at Matsuri and so she closed in some more as she knotched the arrow, the now covered in lightning chakra arrow was sent at the bend of her knee. Then in an attempt to make it harder, she sent three others at her heels and one at her hands.

    As Matsuri landed from her jump, her right hand rising, she saw Chinatsu preparing a new attack, and adding chakra to it from the looks of the handsigns, these would be harder to dodge or just block normally. But it gave her a second to regain herself. Her right hand swiped past her pouch as she made the notion of throwing something, not a kunai, but the pouch itself at the incoming arrow. As the arrow made contact with the pouch, it would detonate the arsonal inside, a few explosive tags. In the explosion, and smoke, Matsuri moved herself in a completely straight position, to have the other arrows aimed at her limbs miss her, and make herself harder to hit.

    There went her entire arsonal, Matsuri tried not to think about how much money it'd take to replace all that. She was having a bit of fun in this so far, serious as it was. In the smoke Matsuri switched the bells to the other side of her hip, incase her opponent would fire at sound, they would hit to right, they did keep ringing however.

    The sudden explosion of the pouch made her jump back and stop running for a second as the smoke covered the feild. Afeter a second, Chinatsu started running again as she pulled another out of her sheath and instead of immediately sending it towards Matsuri, she pulled out some string and tied it to the end of the arrow securely. Then she knotched it and sent into the smoke with the string still attatched and then darted back some as she did the same handseals but to the string in place of the arrow. When she was done, she watched as the string light up with the lightning chakra and explode as it made contact with the arrow, it was a mild explosion. She did not put much chakra into the string, but it did cause some trouble now and then.

    Matsuri watched from the smoke with her Byakugan as she kept the chakra going with the bells. What was the girl doing she wondered, she prepared herself for the arrow, wondering if her opponent could sense through the smoke. As she fired Matsuri was confused as it wasn't pointed at her, but she kept her stance

    Almost.... almost there

    Surprise caught Matsuri as the explosion went off and sent her sprawling out to the left, kicking up dirt. She clenched her bells as she went. The explosion would blow away the smoke as well. As the dirt would from impact, the bells started echoing. Matsuri looked at her opponent from the ground

    "Good move..."

    Chinatsu only nodded, not wanting to do much at the moment. The string tactic had worked and to her surprise actually got her opponent. She decided to pull back, while perfroming a few handseals and watching a clone form of crows. She sent her clone in to fight up close while the real Chinatsu stayed back and observed before doing anything.

    Matsuri lept up from her position on the ground, a little surprised her opponent hadn't taken the opportunity to fire at her, though her byakugan saw her opponent forming the clone.

    I should have grabbed the blindfold before the spar, my eyes are starting to hurt.

    The bells still echoed about for some reason, making it hard to hear from where. Matsuri's hand hadn't left them since the match started.

    "I just have one question... what are you expecting to see?"

    Matsuri ran at an angle, again for the tree line, trying to run to the side of the clone of Chinatsu. She suddenly seemed much lighter on her feet, not leaving behind even footprints.

    Her clone ran in the direction of Matsuri, then in a second she dispersed into a multitude of crows that were directed at Matsuri as Chinatsu knotched an arrow in her bow. The echoing of the bells, it was starting to bother her and her attention was now on finding the bells. Remembering that Matsuris hands had been constantly by her sides, she would focus there.

    As the clone dispersed, Matsuri put her right hand up as if startled by the crows, before the arrow was fired. As the arrow passed, it seemed to inexplicably miss, with Matsuri tossing to the left. She must have dodged it. It almost seemed like her reflexes improved, but it was far higher of an increase than should be expected. Matsuri kepts running toward the tree line, where she have more cover.
    She kept more silent than before.

    Chinatsu stopped, she was confused and becoming increasingly more frustrated with what was happening. It had to do with sound, she needed to stop the sound. Taking out an explosive she attatched it to an arrow and fired it into the area she last saw Matsuri. This time she would need to be closer in order to land another hit on her. She had a few other offensive jutsu but needed to close the distance.

    The real Matsuri, standing where she had landed from the earlier explosion, saw her opponent pull out an explosive, and she acted in that moment as she saw her turning towards her.

    Has she already seen through? I guess I did make it obvious, but it doesn't look like she's broken out

    Slamming her palm forward, she fired a Vaccuum Palm straight at the arrow as soon as she saw the finger start to loosen, she was hoping to detonate it right as it left the bow, enough to blow back her opponent, but hopefully not enough to remove any fingers.

    If her opponent wasn't tricking her, then Matsuri still should still be cloaked by the dojutsu, but perhaps her foot digging in to launch the palm would give away position. If it landed as it should to detonate, Matsuri was going to fire with another vacuum palm, aimed at the stomach, though not too strong.

    The arrow had not made it very far before it detonated from the Vaccum Palm and the explosion seemed to make the surroundings change but just for a second. Chinatsu blinked before seeing that everything the way it was before the possible flicker. It sparked an idea, she took out two arrows and attatched an explosive to one then knotched them both, aiming them at the last place she saw Matsuri again. The arrow would detonate as soon as the fuse got to the paper. Mean while Chinatsu darted in the direction of the woods with the crows flying above her and going forwards.

    As Chinatsu reached for another two arrow, Matsuri shook her head, it was a bit draining fghting a bow, but she was starting to see Chinatsu's style, she wasn't bad. Matsuri ran to the right, out of where she was before, and made two quick hand signs, Snake, Rat, to cause a rather simple jutsu.

    Matsuri ran as fast as she could to the nearest training dummy she could find, the training dummy she was using earlier, tattered and not too much life to it anyways, kicking it up into the air at the incoming arrows. The constant barrage of arrows hadn't let Matsuri run very far, every time she tried, something came at her. Something she could appreciate, Chinatsu always had a bag of tricks.

    A spiral of leafs would circle about Chinatsu for a second.

    Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Jutsu

    Not a nice jutsu, simple as it was. Chinatsu was about to 'kill' someone close to her, Matsuri was sure.

    The leaves, she recognized the leaves almost immediately and tried to clear her head she watched herself fail time after time. She shook her head, then it clicked. This was a genjutsu. She did the Kai signal it vanished, but she was still shaken by what she saw. The training dummy exploded and the surroundings changed, it made sense to her then. This was another genjutsu. It explained why she thought the surroundings flickered before. She performed the Kai singal once more and broke out of the other one. Then she let loose a multitude of arrows in rapid sucession at where she saw Matsuri, going directly at her as she performed a series of handseals. Then when she thought she was close enough, she flicked her hand and let the Paralysis Whip dart towards Matsuri.

    Matsuri panted heavily. Using both eyes was taking it's toll, she never fought for long without her blindfold for that reason, and all the training she had been overdoing beforehand hadn't help. Her Adrenaline was the only thing really keeping her going, she was going to wake up sore tomorrow, that was for sure.

    As her opponent strung more arrows, Matsuri was starting to realize she couldn't keep up. She only had enough chakra really for a handful of techniques. Matsuri decided to put everything she could into one last attack

    Matsuri slammed her palm into the ground to send a vaccuum palm point blank directly into it, sending a clound of dirt flying into the air, with enough force to send Matsuri with it, above the arrows, the ground also reflecting some of the force. Matsuri was hidden by it. She flew at Chinatsu as she brought out her electric whip. Matsuri focused the rest of the chakra she had left into her hand, and reached out to grab it.

    This is going to sting....

    She threw all the chakra she had into the whip as it hit, sending Gentle Fist: Black Widow threw the whip itself at Chinatsu. Matsuri's signature, combining taijutsu in Gentle Fist with Genjutsu, Gentaijutsu!

    Matsuri's chakra would channel into Chinatsu's arm, setting off all the muscles in it to contract, causing high amounts of pain, sort of like the immense amount of pain through Matsuri's own arm causing her to scream in pain as she fell out the sky like a meteor towards Chinatsu

    She was forced to jump back some as the Vaccum Palm hit the ground , using her other hand to cover her eyes to keep dust from getting in them and was caught off guard as Matsuri flew at her. Even more surprised when she grabbed the Paralysis Whip, she could not help the gasp of pain as the chakra got into her arm. At the same time her whip was shocking Matsuri before it burned out and dissapated into thin air. Chinatsu staggered back some and her arm stung, it hurt. It did not help when Matsuri was flung on top of her and sent them both to the ground in a disgruntled heap.

    Matsuri groaned in pain ontop of Chinatsu. Out of chakra, in pain, and out of tricks.

    "O-Overdid it.... again...."

    It took her a second to realize she was ontop of somebody. She rolled over to her side, falling off. Next time, she'd have to stop using so many tricks, and just fight straight out.... but she was glad to see Chinatsu's arsenal, it did answer alot of questions she had about her. She dispelled the genjutsu in Chinatsu's hand. The pain was only temporary from Matsuri, though generally very intense.

    "You did pretty good....Miss Chinatsu...."

    She threw her non burned hand ontop of her sharingan eye. She had an absolute migraine after all the chakra used, and the information overload her Sharingan regularly gave her. She really wanted a bath after all that.... just a nice calm bath.... but first she'd have to get up... That was the hard part. She decided to just lay there til she could get up the strength.

    "So... what's sensei name?"

    Matsuri was excited the prospective, tired as she was. Finally, some freedom. That, and this was probably the best training she'd had in months.

    Chinatsu struggled to get out from under Matsuri until she finally rolled off her and she sighed in relief. "Next time... Land somewhere else," Chinatsu gritted out. She forced herself to sit up and her eyes focused back in from where she did not like dazed. She was taking deep breaths, a lot of them to catch her breath. "Hiroshi Hon," she answered with after a few more gulps of air. Then she stood up and reluctantly, held out her hand to help Matsuri up. Her eyes darting around to find the blindfold, then she went to fetch it and came back. Holding it out to Matsuri as her other hand reached into her pouch, taking out two apples. One was red and the other was green, an offering of sorts though she said nothing of it.

    Matsuri managed sit up, grabbing the blindfold.

    "Thank you..."

    She half slid it on, just to cover her sharingan.

    Matsuri saw the two apples, as if Chinatsu was offering one. Matsuri's stomach grumbled. She'd forgotten lunch. How long had she been out here? She looked over to see the sun starting to set.... she'd been out a while.

    "Thank you very much..."

    Matsuri reached out, slowly grabbing the green one, and taking a bite out of it.

    She glanced over to her burnt hand... looked like she was going to need a medical nin by the end of the day.

    She tilted her head, the green apple was an interesting choice. Chinatsu took out her sketch pad and flipped to the portrait and wrote the word green on the page. She was the first to choose green over red, but nonetheless it was best to watch her. To keep an eye on this Chuunin, her team mate and hopefully she would not dissapoint. "An apple can go a long way," Chinatsu said in response. Depositing her sketch pad back into her pack and sighed, her arm still hurt.

    Matsuri nodded her head, slowly getting up.

    "I guess I'll see you real soon. I need to go get patched up.... And explain to the Hyuga's how I mysteriously wasn't there all day..... and eat...."

    Matsuri somehow doubted she would ever get past number two....

    She started limping home.

    "Thanks for the spar."

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  8. Kiyomi Sato-Hon
    Hokage apprentice and Empress.

    The Royal Palace, third floor.

    (Due this being a lengthy solo post x3 )
    A post that describes a bit of how Kiyomi experiences her new situation and how she is being treated. Hope you all enjoy this one. ^^

    Kiyomi slowly opened her eyes. The sound of things poofing away filled the large room briefly with some smoke. The five shadow clones she had used to increase her meditation were dismissed once Kiyomi had considered she had trained her chakra control for long enough. Sighing, she glanced around as she pulled her legs up. Sitting on the large bed, she hadn't slept that bad. It wasn't really that bad. But it wasn't home.

    Ever since she had heard of Meisa's plan and then the reformation, Kiyomi had mixed feelings about it. It was both very exciting and though she wouldn't like to admit it, the idea of becoming a sort of princess was like one out of a dream. But then again, it was very scary. It meant that she would move out from the home she had felt safe in. A home where she knew where everything was. Where she could walk around without being bothered. Cause she felt a bit bothered whenever a personal or servant dropped on their knees and lowered their head. Kiyomi remembered that she had awkwardly stared at the first person who had done that. For ten minutes long, she had stood there frozen with a frown while the servant didn't move an inch.

    But the last few days, she had gotten used to it. Even the titles and how people called her 'your grace' or 'your majesty' and so forth. Wrapping her arms around her legs, she glanced at the the dress she was wearing. It was a bright colored dress with a lot of nice and detailed symbols and such inscribed. Staring at it, she remembered her role though. Everybody now saw her as the soon to be ruler of the whole state, but she knew better. Not that she did mind it that she was a pawn actually. It made her think of Hisoka. But the name caused her lips to curl down. She hadn't yet forgotten about their last private talk. It was what? Months ago, but she closed her eyes as she could remember the talk. Every detail, every single image that he had shown with his sharingan. Though she didn't disliked the man, she couldn't just face him. Fully knowing his past, she pitied him. If she could only do something to help him, perhaps then-

    ''Your majesty?''

    Looking up, she noticed a woman. Somebody of the servants, who came in with her head lowered. It looked strange, Kiyomi thought. What if the woman would walk like that through the halls and rooms of the palace? Would she then still know her way? ''Yes?'' Kiyomi asked, with a friendly tone. Not that it would help, they would still not feel probably comfortable with being more informal with her. ''Would your majesty like it if I would warm the bath?''

    The question made Kiyomi look displeased. Couldn't she warm her own bath? The servant gasped for air as she had probably seen Kiyomi's expression. Dropping on her knees, the servant trembled for a moment. ''I am sorry, your grace, please. I aimed to-'' ''Would you please cut that out?'' Kiyomi turned her head away. ''I was just thinking, but yes. If you would do that, I would be.'' Kiyomi quickly thought about a fitting word. ''I would be very grateful for that.''

    She noticed that the servant looked up a bit surprised and Kiyomi flashed a warm smile, after which the servant would head out of the room. Sighing as soon as the door was closed, Kiyomi didn't like it. Perhaps she should've asked for a cold bath? Then warm it up herself? Making a mental note of it, Kiyomi thought about the events of today. What was she needed to do? Oh yes. Being at the feast at the first floor. Welcoming the most important of guests personally, such as the Kages of the provinces. What would her friends do at the moment?

    Deciding to get off the bed, Kiyomi walked towards one of the windows of her room. She had gained the habit of counting the steps she took. It were so many mores than she did in her old room. In the home she longed for, the home where Hiron, Keiko and Aimi were. Standing near the window, she did loved the view. From most windows she could see a lot and often she caught herself trying to see if she could see her previous home. But so far, she hadn't been able to do that. Leaning forward, with her elbows, she sighed and looked rather bored outside the window. She could see some of the town, but not clear enough. Squinting with her eyes didn't help either, as her good sight wasn't that precise or sharp.

    ''Your majesty, the bath is warm now.'' The servant had came back, but Kiyomi didn't turn around. ''Might I ask you a question? No, wait, two.'' Kiyomi asked, still staring outside. A moment of silence lasted before she recieved an answer back. ''Of course, your majesty. You may ask anything you wish from me. I will do my-''

    ''What is happening down town?'' Kiyomi asked, not really interested in hearing out how much the servant would his or her best to please her. ''That and would you please rather send a message to somebody for me?'' Kiyomi asked, turning around. The servant held her head lowered, as it was the same servant as before. ''It would be a honor to do something that would please you, your majesty.'' The servant paused for a moment. ''There is a festival organized and held, to pay honor to you and-''

    Smiling, genuinely Kiyomi turned around as she made a short hop. It caused the dress to make a funny kind of movement as sound. ''Great.'' She said, interupting the servant again. She didn't want to know the reason why or for what reason the festival was held. It mean that most of her friends had something nice to do. What if everybody went to that festival? While Kiyomi walked towards the door of her room, she thought about trying to sneak away. But soon she remembered that Meisa, Hisoka nor Zakito wouldn't like her doing that. Briefly Kiyomi thought if she could do something soon with some friends. ''Can you please send letter a message from me to euhm.'' Kiyomi thought. She wanted to send a rather personal message, but she wasn't sure if she should be open or closed about it. ''I need you to send a message towards the butler that keeps watch over the headquarters of the Guardians. The building is -''

    ''Called Azumi, I am aware your majesty.'' The servant said. ''Do you wish me to write for you?''[/color] The servant then asked, on which Kiyomi blinked. Seriously? Was this a serious question? She had accepted it more or less that the servants and other personal was to make her life somewhat comfortable, but she could write herself. Could she? No, she could! ''No, I will write it myself, many thanks.''

    ''As you wish, your majesty. When would you like to send the message?'' The servant then asked. This caused Kiyomi to think. ''After I'm dressed. Then I would like to head back to my study room and relax a bit before the feast.'' Kiyomi said and she was quite pleased with that. Now she could at least have a good reason to retreat from those pesky servants.

    Walking towards the bathroom, or rather bath wing as she would call it with the proper sarcasm, she blushed a bit. The servant had followed her, keeping a bit of a distance, again showing respect, and her presence caused Kiyomi to feel a bit shy. ''Would you mind if I would wash myself?'' Kiyomi asked, looking over her shoulder. The servant answered that she would come back and then have prepared a meal, which would be made by the best cheff and what not. Not that Kiyomi cared. She was rather bitter about the food here. It was great, it truly was. But nothing could beat Hiron's stew during a cold winter evening. Or self made apple pie of her adoptive father. Sighing, again, she got undressed and stepped into the bath. It was really nice and for a moment Kiyomi almost fell asleep. Deciding to just wash herself and then get dressed in a bathrobe.

    While she was brushing her teeth, she heard the door open and glanced sideways at it, frowning. It was the same servant. And again she walked with her head lowered in a deep bow. How did they do that? Did they seriously walked around like that all the time on this floor? ''Your majesty, I must ask if you would like to eat in your study room as well, cause then we could send somebody to bring you the food. Also, what would you like to eat?''

    Kiyomi continued to brush her teeth as she looked back into the mirror. Thinking about what she wanted to eat was still something she wasn't used to. Back home she had either to eat what Hiron or Keiko had made or even made something herself. But now she had to think of what others would cook or make for her. Gargling, she then spitted into the sink. ''I would some bread, with ham. Oh and some milk.'' Kiyomi requested. The servant said something that she would do let a servant bring the finest bread and other nonsense. Kiyomi couldn't really care about it and managed to shut it out. Bread was bread and that was that.

    Walking out of the bathroom, she was glad that the servant went towards the kitchen on the floor. Heading towards her own room, she scratched her neck briefly. For a moment, she considered to lock her door. She hadn't forgotten about the time she had tried to get dressed herself and then to be sort of ambushed by a horde of maids, trying to help her choosing a dress and putting on her, like she was some sort of doll. Deciding that it would be wise, in case that the previous woman would send those maids, Kiyomi sighed as she would just pick out a simple black tunic and pants. She didn't even bothered to look in the mirror if her hair was looking fine, but would head straight towards her study room. It was on the top floor and thus she had to walk some distance. Something she had never need to do when she lived with Hiron and Keiko. Then she could easily just sit in peace in her own room. Without any stupid maids ambushing her.

    Managing to avoid meeting anybody in the halls, Kiyomi kept sneaking around until she stood in front of the door that would lead to towards her own study room. Opening it, she couldn't help but to smile. It was perhaps one of the few perks her new position had. Her own study room. It had a nice ring to it and the view was simply spectacular. She could see a lot from the spacious room. And the smell of books, paper and even peace lingered around. It had a calming effect on her as she even slowly and carefully closed the door. Ever loud noise or movement could after all undo that precious peace she loved in the room. Her eyes dartled around the books that were nicely organized in the shelves and a light glint appeared in the green eyes of Kiyomi. ''I bet he would've liked it here.'' She softly whispered, walking to closer to the bookcases. Simply to touch some of the covers. Smiling, she turned towards the desk. Her own special made desk. Strange, but it was one of things she had already grew attached to. Taking the seat behind the desk, Kiyomi sighed again. Her eyes moved down as she brought her hands to her neck. To golden necklace she always had with her. It felt warm, but it wasn't due her own body warmth. At least, she liked to not believe that. Smiling as she stared at the special made jewelry, Kiyomi hadn't hear somebody enter the room.

    ''Your majesty?''

    Looking up, a bit surprised, a servant with a plate stood in the door opening. And again, how else, did she see the servant with a lowered head. Kiyomi mentioned that he could place it on the table nearby the door and thanked the man. He returned some words, but Kiyomi pondered on trying to sneak around and see if they were really walking around, their heads and upper body lowered all the time. Wouldn't that be unhealthy? Waiting till the door was closed, Kiyomi hopped out of her chair. Walking towards the table, she quickly inspected the food on the plate. It looked so nice and quite tasty. But her lips curled down as she thought of Hiron's food. Though she would eat it, Kiyomi picked up the plate to place it on her own desk. She knew that comparing every small thing to her old home wouldn't help her to get used to her new situation. But still,

    She felt quite lonely.​
  9. Mika Hayashi,
    Leader of the Revolution,

    In the headquarters, most western isle of the Water Country, Iroh's Isle.
    Starting the preparations!

    Summary :
    Mika Hayashi, the current leader of the Revolution decides to prepare the defenses for the coming battles to come. Not to forget a rather bold message for the Mizukage.

    She narrowed her eyes as she viewed the beach. At least from her position, from the hill. At her back were several chuunin and jounin. People who she had assigned as her own sort of officers, though Mika had to admit bitterly that the revolution wasn't truly organized as a solid organization. They had managed to persuade many a Kiri nin to join the revolution. But even so, there were others who had tried to resort to violence instead of reason. Small fights had broken out and though it was calm again, Mika wondered for how long.

    ''This is the only beach that they can land a big armed force.'' Mika began, turning around. ''They know we are here and will have knowledge of this isle as we do. That means that we'll need to begin preparations for when they will be trying to mount an assault on this isle.'' Mika told them. The men and women who had gathered had a grim and serious expression. Some of them nodded, while others just stared at Mika, waiting for orders.

    ''Considering the information we have over the ships our nation use, I suggest that we will prepare material and obstacles to wreck them before they even get close to the shore. It is easier to shoot down a nin than a sturdy ship.'' Mika told them, a few grinned. ''See that the work is done, right away.''

    ''Yes ma'am!''

    The group reacted as one, saluting as they then went to see the orders to be done. While they walked away, Mika noticed that some were talking in either a calm or rather enthusiastic manner on how they would fight for their freedom. For their just cause. Mika turned around, staring at the sea. All she could think of was the blood that would be spilled. The lives that would be lost and the orphans and widows that would be the result of this conflict.


    Mika looked over her shoulder. It was a messenger. Turning around, Mika nodded. ''There is new report coming from the isles. They have started to prepare for the conflict, but are wondering what the remaining orders are if contact is made.''

    Mika thought about a fitting answer she would send to the captains and commanders that would lead the defenses on the other isles. ''Tell them to fight and survive.'' Mika said with a stern tone. ''The captains and commanders will know what I mean with that.'' She said, on a softer tone. The messenger made a short bow, after he would turn around and see that it would be done.

    With the messenger on his way, Mika sighed. She rubbed her forehead as she thought about the preparations. She had to make sure that the defenses would be ready. And that Rika would be lured out. The best way to do that was to send the woman a message herself. A rather personal one. Heading towards the fort that was present, more land inwards. Not that it was much of an impressive fort, it was currently their headquarters.

    Coming back, she noticed the buzzing activity of the shinobi and people present. Shinobi and people worked alike to achieve something. Though there weren't as much shinobi as Mika would've wished for, the farmers and many craftsmen that were present on the island sufficed. They had sworn loyalty to the revolution, knowing that it wouldn't matter. If the Mizukage would think that one of them was a traitor, many would die. Even if they would be against the revolution, one farmer more or less didn't matter. And turning against the revolution would be bad for them as well, so in the end they were doomed anyways.

    Entering the fort, Mika would went straight to the prison cellars. There were some shinobi who were still fiercely loyal to the Mizukage. Thus excellent for sending a clear message. After instructing a guard that she would like to have a prisoner tied up and ready for a ''message'', the man said he would see it happen. Glad with his answer, Mika thought briefly about the other assets of the revolution.

    Hopefully her allies within Kirigakure could see some more support coming towards the Revolution. The current host that would defend the isle was enough, but if the enemy would repeatly try to smash their way through their defenses, they would be bleeding out out of numbers. Not really something she would like to see happen. ''Ma'am?''

    Mika sighed. It was time for her message, that would be sent towards the Mizukage.

    Following the man, she would enter a rather ominous room. The room where torture would be conducted. Laying on a bank, a prisoner was strapped at it. All he had on was his pants and a piece of cloth to muffle him. ''A knife.'' Mika calmly said, stretching her hand out. There were three other shinobi present. One handed over a knife and took a step back. The prisoner made some attempt of saying something , but it was impossible to hear what he was trying to tell them. Probably nothing useful, Mika coldly thought as she raised the knife.

    Though she wouldn't spare the man of any pain, Mika went rather delicate to work. Her time she had spent at the ANBU had taught her at least how she could make a message like this.

    ''Come and get me,
    Iroh's Isle.
    Yours dear,

    The room was filled with the muffled sound of the prisoner, clearly in distress and pain as Mika calmly continued her work. Taking a step back, she was a bit surprised by her own handy work. The message was more than visible enough to read. ''Make sure that the man get a small boat and that he gets from this isle. He has a message to give to the Mizukage.'' Mika instructed, slamming the knife next to the face of the prisoner in the bank. It was time that she would speak to her troops, that were present on the isle's fort.
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  10. Koike Hon,
    Konohagakure Chuunin | Team 8

    Troublesome promotion.

    There it was. The vest that would mark him as a chuunin. Koike just stared at it. He had deserved it. He had fought and bled for it. It was now an achievement he could proud off. Yet, he didn't feel that proud. For some odd reason, he didn't want to wear the flack jacket. Sighing, Koike closed his eyes as he remembered the talks about how he wanted one.

    The times on how he had trained with Miharu on trying to get passed the Chuunin Exam and achieve the promotion of becoming a chuunin. To truly become some sort of somebody. To show that they were capable of achieving something. But now it just felt a bit void. Void of any feeling of an increase in confidence or pride. Was that a bad thing? He thought about, but couldn't find the answer. It was frustrating in his opinion and wondered why he couldn't. For a moment he considered to later search it up if it was normal to feel like that after being promoted.

    But as he got up, Koike made a decision. He wouldn't wear the flak jacket unless it was really needed. Perhaps on an important mission or when he had to get dressed as a proper chuunin. Until that time he would leave the packed flak jacket on the table. Getting back to his room, Koike sighed as he rubbed his neck. His room wasn't really a mess, but there were some scrolls and books on his desk. Last night he had spend on studying, as many others. But he wasn't really in the mood to continue more research on either genjutsu, ninjutsu or poison.

    But what else was there to do? Thinking about it, he considered to go to the festival. It was better than just staying home, wasn't it? Deciding that he would just head out to already buy some eclairs, just in case Katsu would pay him a visit, Koike wondered about his team members. He was aware that Aiko probably had something that kept her busy, but what would Katsu and Yukara do at the moment? Picking up his black jacket, Koike decided to head out without of his gear. It was after all just a simple stroll to the baker nearby.
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  11. Daiki Shun,
    Kirigakure Chuunin | Squad Leader, Team 12

    Radio silence.

    Daiki sighed. He leaned on the table with his right elbow, looking with a rather bored look outside. He had helped this morning with trying to rebuild a part of a house. Not just because he pitied the people who had lost their homes, but he saw it as his plight as a shinobi of the Mist. Of course he had given some thought on how it was possible that the Six Tails had been able to go on a rampage, but considered that due his rank and rather not well known status that nobody would tell him something.

    And perhaps for the better, he decided as he rose up from his seat, placing some money on the table. He even left a bit of a tip, before he would calmly head out and exit the restaurant. As he left, he threw a glance over his shoulder. At least his favorite restaurant was still left intact, so he couldn't really consider himself one of the unlucky people who had lost a lot more.

    Shoving his hands into the pockets of his pants, he would turn left and head towards the more damaged part of the city. He had after all a meeting with his to be students. While he walked, he thought about the profiles he had studied early this morning. They were... interesting. Yes, interesting was the word that covered it. Of course, he also had his other duties as one of the helpers with the Revolution.

    There was this girl, Shika Yukimura. Daiki tried to remember what he could about her profile. Nothing bad came up in mind as he thought about the profile of the genin. He found it very interesting that she had chosen a bow and arrow. A truly nifty choice as Daiki could see the use of such a long ranged fighter in a team.
    Then there was Naname Kamiki, who Daiki remembered to be different than Shika in terms of abilities. Unlike Shika, Namame was more focused on close quarters. Perhaps a good person that could be used to keep a foe busy while the others would move in for a finishing attack?
    Thinking, Daiki could remember the last member of the team. Sōha Nawagi , the rather blunt one in the team. He hoped that wouldn't give any trouble with the others as he was sure that her abilities as a kenjutsu orientated genin would come in handy.

    As he walked, Daiki couldn't help but to hear something that piqued his interest.

    ''Did you hear about it yet?'' A woman asked, another. Both were carying baskets and kept their voices a bit shushed. But not well enough as Daiki had heard the question. He decided to feint he was interesting what a clothing vendor offered.
    ''No? Or wait, do you mean about those traitors?'' The other woman asked. Daiki could see them in the corner of his right eye, noticing that the other woman slowly nodded once.
    ''Yes. They say that the whole Sing family have moved towards one of the isles. Some others say that they haven't been able to leave the village as they were taken captive at the moment they left their homes.'' The words of the woman made Daiko mentally sigh. So it had came to the fact that people were giving into gossips and such? Not that it was strange. Conflicts like these would most likely make the people nervous and blame some events on them.

    Sighing, Daiki decided to move on. Rumours about people missing, as they would join the revolution or being caught because they were suspected as traitors were getting common with the revolution going out in the open. Walking further towards the meeting place, which was nothing more than a ruine. A ruine that once housed probably a loving family or some sort. But now, nothing more than a grim reality of what happened.

    On his way, Daiki noticed that there were craftsmen and shinobi working together, side at side, in order to help rebuilding and repairing the damaged part of the city. Briefly Daiki wondered how long it would take for the city to having repaired all the damage. Even with the shinobi, using their ninjutsu to aid the process, it would take some time. And then there was the revolution. ''Seems we're going to face some grim times.'' Daiki mumbled to himself. He briefly thought about his older brother. Hopefully Takeshi was doing alright.
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  12. Satoshi Jun,
    Kumogakure Jounin | Sensei of Team 3

    Rallying the team,

    Leaning against the wall, Satoshi stood in the shadow of the wall. It was a simple brick wall and not that of a building. After all, he was standing a on training field where there were all sorts of obstacles laid out for a run, intended to help to improve the stamina of a person.

    He had already planned a short meeting and then to let his students to the run of the field. It had a lot of interesting obstacles that he would let them do. Without of course using anything that had to do with chakra. Just their own strength and stamina. After all, it was important for a shinobi to have some trained condition to last on a march, battle or many other situations. After all, one couldn't perform ninjutsu on a battlefield. No, it was rather that one wouldn't have the time to weave handsignals on a regular battlefield or else risk to be stabbed, slashed or maimed or any kind of way end up wounded by an enemy that was quick on their feet.

    Thinking about it, Satoshi decided he would perhaps give them some lesson in tactics after what would be the stamina training. Talking about tactics and theory was always something that people could use. Perhaps they could even teach him something, he thought with a light chuckle. But for now it was just waiting for his team members to report and show up.
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  13. Hiron Hon,
    Konohagakure Jounin | Squad Sensei of Team 9

    Heading towards Field 9.

    His hands shoved into the pockets of his pants, Hiron had a rather calm expression on his face. He had his flak jacket unzipped and didn't seem to be in any kind of a hurry. He was rather in some thought as he thought back to the recent events. One of his students, Masami Hyuuga had been promoted to become a Chuunin ranked kunoichi. That was something that the team would still need to celebrate, for which he considered the festival. But he didn't want to assemble the team and then just have some fun. After all, he wanted them to do something productive.

    Heading towards the field, which had a rather steep hill with a large flat boulder on it, Hiron didn't see any of his students yet. Not that they were too late as Hiron had decided he would head a bit earlier to the meeting point. With ease he managed to climb on the boulder. Turning around, he could clearly see the royal Palace in the distance. Settling himself slowly down, Hiron sighed. He was wondering how Kiyomi was doing. Knowing her, she would be able to take care of herself and as he wouldn't like it to show that he was kind of worried, Hiron felt a bit uncomfortable.

    He had always been happy and proud that she was respected and liked by many, but this was a big change. She had risen up to a very high position and though he had trust in the higher ups, he wasn't sure if he truly could be happy now. Keiko had resigned with being a kunoichi, in order to be more at home and he had managed to arrange more time to be home as well. Still, it was silent without Kiyomi around. Not that she was the troublemaker of some years ago, but yet... it was like there was just a sort of void after she had left.

    Slowly leaning backwards, Hiron placed his hands on the back of his head as he laid on his back. He stared at the clouds and slowly drifted away in memories. The day she had showed up at his door, as he had accepted the request to become her guardian. Simply cause he had pitied her treatment at the Hon estate, which had been done due Katsuro Hon. But over time he had accepted and loved her as his own daughter. Sure, many would likely consider a bit odd, but he had always felt that it was right to see her like his own adoptive daughter.

    There were a lot of memories that passed the mind of Hiron as his lips moved up, into a smile. He remembered how the three had reunited after the events of the Shoji occupation. Just after the siege on the Hon Estate had been lifted.

    Flashback! (open)

    Keiko continued to look up at the sky as Hiron talked. She could still see distant wisps of smoke that came from the fire she created earlier that day. She figured he would say something along those lines, and her expression was that of disappointment. But his small joke brought a chuckle from her. "He should know better than to put his hands on me," Keiko said quietly, before chuckling again. She was tempted to tilt her head to look at Feng, but decided against it. Instead, she closed her eyes, having felt that she couldn't fight her exhaustion anymore. In a matter of seconds, Keiko was passed out next to Hiron, with no warning of the change. Except for the fact she had become surprisingly quiet and her breathing had gone down to a fairly normal rate.

    ''Yeah, but..'' Hiron slowly stopped talking as he heard that her breathing had changed. Getting worried, he looked at her. ''Finally. You've calmed down. Was close to say it, but this is better.'' Mumbling, he sighed again as he closed his eyes. The people around them were also starting to do all kind of things. Most were celebrating and cheering. Others were attending to those who were wounded. Not that Hiron really cared for it at the moment. His body was still aching, but he managed to move one of his arms. ''Sorry.'' He managed to finally place a hand on her head, just before two medics were approaching them.

    Only after both Hiron and Keiko had calmed down and some medics were approaching them, Lilia felt confident enough to come out of hiding. She wasn't need of Samehada to know and locate both of them. It was pretty evident where they were as Lilia had noticed Keiko already. But she hadn't approached Keiko, because she had seen in what kind of mood her mother had been in. Covered in blood, dirt and sweat, Lilia carefully walked out of the small crowd. Then, after watching both for some moments, she started to run. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she was really happy. ''Mommy! Daddy!'' Running as fast as she could, Lilia only slowed down once she was closer. It seemed two medics were treating them. For a moment, Lilia was worrying. Both of them looked in a bad shape. What if they had exhausted themselves completely? If it could be seen, than somebody would be able to see how Lilia's face lost some color as she thought about that outcome. ''Mom? Dad?'' Lilia repeated, in a much more hushed manner.

    Hiron would let the medics do their work. But hearing Lilia's voice, he would briefly move up. Still in pain, he found some strength in knowing she was there. Hiron smiled a bit as he reached out a hand towards Lilia. She was there. Safe and sound. Maybe a bit dirty, but she had both her arms and legs. Nothing that seemed to be grave. Sighing, the man had been worried that she would have been worse. But here she was, in one piece. More worried about them than herself. Typical. He would likely have to blame himself and Keiko for that. ''Sshhh, Little Wolf. We are fine. Just a bit tired.'' Hiron said with a calm tone.

    Feeling more than relieved, Lilia whiped some tears away. She wanted to hug both of them very badly, but they were in need of some medical attention. Dropping on her knees, she then just started to cry. Her hands shot towards her face as she leaned a bit forward. It weren't tears of sorrow, but of being happy. The time she had been seperated from both of them had really made her worry about how they both were. But seeing that both of them were alive, made her truly happy. Lowering her hands, she looked at her parents. It was finally over. They would go home and everything would be alright.

    Leaning back to place himself on his back on the ground, Hiron let out a sigh. He heard Lilia cry, but he didn't seem to rush to get to her. He understood why she was crying. And to be honest, he was starting to feel some tears being formed at his eyes as well. Closing his eyes, he would let the medic continue do his work. The people were starting to celebrate their victory together. It made Hiron briefly wonder about something that crossed his mind. ''Shhh, Little Wolf.'' Hiron mumbled, a smile appearing on his face.

    Hiron thought about it. Yes, he was sure of something as he felt something warm rolling down a cheek.

    He really missed that little troublemaker of his.​
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  14. Zakito Hon,
    Konohagakure's Jounin Commander | Hon Clan leader

    On the way towards the Royal Palace.

    Whistling an old war tune, Zakito was heading towards the Royal palace. He wasn't sure if he would be either on time or too late, but he was aware of his duties. To make sure that the feast would be organized as Meisa had requested his help. After that, he would then had to head back home to properly get himself dressed and ready for the event. Though he hadn't a disdain for such events, Zakito wasn't sure if he was really the right person to be present at such events.

    But it was on the other hand nice, he supposed. He could be there, trying to help and that was what he liked to do. Just helping out others. For a moment Zakito did wondered about how Hisoka would be doing at such an event. Deciding that he would keep an eye out on the Uchiha, he remembered something.

    Taking a bit of a detour, Zakito was carrying a plastic bag with him. Whistling the old war tune that had gotten stuck in his head, he started to head towards the royal palace. But as soon as he arrived at the entrance, he couldn't help but to spend a bit of time at the gardens that were build around the palace. The ponds, flower beds and other beautiful scenes were too amazing to just pass them without honoring them with his attention.

    But as soon as he entered the palace, Zakito was a bit surprised. It was buzzling with people running all over the place. Blinking several times with his right eye, Zakito slowly raised his right hand to scratch the back of his head. As a person walked fast past Zakito, the latter decided to try to ask a question ''Excuse me, hallo- Hey..'' He saw how the personal person just passed him, like he was air. Feeling a bit confused, Zakito decided to walk a bit more into the palace.

    ''Good day, might I ask you a question?'' Zakito managed to ask a person. The young man halted and eyed Zakito, but soon seem to know who the man was. ''Most certainly, sir.'' Feeling happy that the young man would offer some help, Zakito asked a rather simple question. ''Do you perhaps know where Lady Meisa is?'' The young man told him where she was as he pointed into the direction. ''Many thanks.'' He told the young man as both headed their own way.
  15. Rini Yoto,
    Amegakure Genin of team 22.

    Getting back on track!

    Rini narrowed her eyes as she kept it up. She had to make it. Just a few more. Sweat fell on the ground as she forced herself. Her body was already aching with pain, but it was a clear sign. A sign that she was nearing her limit and that was what she wanted. She wanted to push it. To punch it!

    With sheer determination and will power, she clenched her teeth as she forced her body to keep moving. Moving in order to progress, to become better, stronger! Cold sweat was washed away by the rain, falling to the ground. A rhymtic sound was produced by the genin who kept continue with her skipping rope training. Her stamina had to be better. She had to get more!

    As she felt her legs starting to tire, Rini would move to her next training. Rather smoothly, she dropped the rope as she would let herself fall forwards. Her hands, dressed in fingerless gloves, slammed against the ground. Letting out a soft groan, Rini started to do push ups. She had a clear goal in mind. One that she wouldn't just forsake. Panting, she kept trying to push her body into moving. It had to move! Though the pain was slowly becoming worse, Rini didn't want to give up. Not yet! Another push up. And another!

    Staring at the ground, she felt more muscles ache, but she didn't want to care. Not wanting to give in to the desire to stop. She wasn't the coward anymore. Not the weakling! She would show them all. That arrogant jerk of a Sho. Ryoku, who was supposed to be her sensei. Everybody! She wouldn't just be looked down on anymore.

    Then a thud was heard. Breathing heavily, Rini laid on her stomach. The cold rain kept falling upon her back as she had landed with her forehead protector against the ground. ''No... must... must.. continue.'' She whispered, feeling disgusted. How could she improve? How could she catch up with that jerk of a Sho if she couldn't even push herself to new limits? It made her feel disgusted as she rolled on her back.

    It was strange.

    Laying on her back, she couldn't feel the rain falling down on her. Not the smooth and comforting cold that it often gave after a training exercise. Though she knew that her parents didn't like it that she would something like this, she had no reason to fear a lecture. They had after all perished right after the attack of the Yonbi. Yet, she could hear her mother already complain about how reckless she was. That she would need to watch herself better if she wanted to become better.

    Very strange.

    Clenching her hands into fists, Rini narrowed her eyes. Placing her hands at the side of her neck, she puffed a few times. Then, even thought it was starting to get painful, she forced herself to perform sit ups. ''One.... Two....Three.... Four.... Five..... Si...Six..''

    Though she wanted to focus on her training, her thoughts drifted off towards her parents. The pain was drifted slowly away. Away by a growing anger. It was like a beast, that was craving for more malicious thoughts for revenge. To somehow get back at the beast that had ruined her life. That had condemned her now to come alone at homes. That had sealed her fate to sleep restless nights alone, not able to longer rely on the comfort that her mother's words could give.

    ''Twenty-o-o-one.... Twenty....Twenty...two.'' Rini whispered. She felt how the anger wanted more and she couldn't help it but to give in. To listen how it softly whispered that she had the right to be furious. That she had the right to see justice done later on her own way and manner. ''Thirty!'' Letting out a deep sigh, Rini closed her eyes.

    She knew what she had to do. What she wanted to achieve. Her own justice.

    ''I am sorry mum. Dad.... I miss you.'' She whispered, hoping to hear something back. Like how it sometimes happened in the tales her parents had told her when she couldn't sleep.

    Only she wasn't living in a fairytale.
    She was living in a nightmare.
  16. Tora Hatake
    Kirigakure Jounin, Sensei of Team 11

    Kirigakure Trainingfield 3

    Tora stood quietly at the center of the training field. She had told her team members to come and meet her here in 9 am today, which was in 10 minutes. It has been a bit since she last had a proper activity with them, training or mission, so she wanted to apologize first before they trained a bit. She knew that Rika was currently focusing on taking down the revolutionaries, so she decided to first properly see her team before going to see if there was any mission for them, related to the subject or not.

    She had been there for nearly an hour, standing in the same spot and listened. People who passed by the entrance could see her stand and, if they waited long enough, see her suddenly throw a kunai in a random direction, as if she is aiming to hit something which is hidden very well.

    As a matter of fact, her summon, Kakashi, was moving around as quietly as he could, trying to see if he could get the jump on Tora. This served as a training for her summon and less for her, as the panther was still rather young, only 3 years old, and she had many years of experience.

    Suddenly Tora spun on the spot and threw a kunai to the spot south east of her. A small hissing sound was heard and a bit of noises in the bushes before the noises faded. She once again had struck the land directly below her summon. She had no intention of harming him, but she did want to go and ensure that he will stay aware as much as he can, because sneaking up on a target isnt a simple task at all. Suddenly hearing lots of noise, Tora took a step to the left and allowed the panther, who gained a bit of a momentum, to run right past her. The panther stopped after a couple more steps and turned to look at her.

    "What did I tell you about losing your patience?" She asked in a calm voice, and the panther gave her an irritated look "To never act at those times, as they can lead to reckless actions and following that, a premature death." He muttered, and Tora nodded "You should go now. My students should be arriving here soon. We can always train more later, see if you can get any advantage during the night." She said, and Kakashi nodded once before vanishing in a medium sized poof of smoke. She then turned to look at the entrance, now waiting for her students arrival.
  17. Natsu Shishi
    somewhere in Kirigakure

    With a letter in her hand Anami walked up to the room of her son. Knocking gently she waited for his response. Silence. "Natsu, honey?" Still nothing. Anami stepped inside. Natsu's room was as messy as ever, but there was one difference, his window was open wide.

    Natsu ran through Kirigakure, cutting corners to get to the place where he could get his forehead protector. He graduated just the other day but his forehead protector wasnt ready yet. He was cold, he slipped out first thing in the morning and didnt want to wake his parents so he took the window out.

    after getting home, proudly wearing his protector. not on his forehead but around his neck, because it didnt fit. he first received a speech from his dad, that he has gotten them worried sick yada yada. They had breakfast together and Natsu received the letter his mom wanted to give him that morning.

    With the letter in his hand Natsu walked through the streets again. this time more relaxed than before. his eyes spied around in the lookout of a jounin sensei. the letter he had gotten was to go out and look for someone named Daiki Shun, apparently that was going to be his sensei. there was only one problem, he had no idea what he looked like.

    Thus he stood there, in the middle of the street wondering where the hell he should go. After some time pondering his next move he decided to go to the academy and ask around there. Ignoring the playing and training children there he went inside and looked for his sensei. He ran through the halls receiving a few stern looks from the other classes sensei. when he finally arrived at the door to his class he peeked through the window, the class looked empty. casually walking inside he found his sensei checking some works of his students. Natsu cleared his throat and asked after Daiki Shun. His sensei merely shrugged, he did not know where he was but did tell Natsu that Daiki was a Chuunin, not a Jounin. Natsu stepped outside and jumped atop of a roof, letting his feet dangle in the air he sighted, who could have known that finding your sensei would be such a tough task.

    As Natsu walked, now aimlessy, he stumbled into the more destroyed part of town. He looked at his feet, sulking a bit. bumbing shoulders with other people who walked there, mumbling apologies. looking up to the sky he wondered where to look next, then looking around he wondered where the hell he was. he did not recognise this part of town. Natsu jumped up a roof once again, and spied the surroundings to see if he could find anything familiar. No landmark popped up in his vision. Natsu was about to randomly ran in any direction until he found something he knew as he saw a shinobi out on the streets. he jumped down and tapped him on the shoulder "Excuse me sir, I've seem to lost my way"
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  18. Takeshi Fujiwara
    Near Kirigakure trainingsfield 3

    As soon as Takeshi got the message from Tora he was on his way. The boy was never late, most of the time he was the first to arrive. He had been training a lot lately, he wanted to enter the chuunin exams next year. He had made progress with deciphering some of the techniques on the scrolls, was even able to produce some weaker versions of them but nothing he could use in combat yet. Takeshi wore his normal outfit with the pouch of shoji pieces and two scrolls as an extra.

    It did not take him very long to arrive at the trainingsfield. he might not be the fastest one around but he was nimble enough to get to the right spot on the right time. He saw a small poof of smoke, just the tail end of it and adjusted his course landing at the gates of the trainingsfield, directly in Tora's line of sight. He raised his hand as a greeting as he walked up to his sensei.
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  19. Kumogatarui Dobustu
    Kirigakure Training Field 3
    Kumoga wasn't late this time, nor was she early, she was just on time due to a few little errands she'd run to help with the restoration of Kirigakure since the giant slug had attacked. She'd not seen what had happened to it, but word was that it was sealed away for safety. Although now wasn't a much safer time with this revolt beginning due to unruly and displeased shinobi whom wanted to see the fall of the Mizukage.

    In all honesty Kumoga was almost afraid of stepping outside her home just in case she somehow did or said something wrong about the situation, who knew how many extremists for either cause lurked in the shadows of the village, but Hatake-sensei had arranged for them to all meet at the training field so she had to go so that she wouldn't let her down. If there was one thing Kumoga didn't want to do, it was letting down her sensei for a simple fear.

    So she'd arrive minutes after Takeshi, but not late enough to have missed the deadline for arriving, immediately she gave a low bow of greeting to both Takeshi and Tora. "Sorry if I am a bit late to arrive, Hatake-Sensei, Fujiwara-san, I was caught up with a few errands whilst helping with some of the rebuilding efforts." She would look between the two of them after raising from her bow, patiently awaiting a response of some form from the pair of them.​
  20. Tora Hatake
    Kirigakure Jounin, Sensei of Team 11

    Kirigakure Trainingfield 3

    Looking at her students who arrived one after the other. First Takeshi, giving her a simple handwave, and then Kumoga, who arrived just on time. Nodding to the two of them, Tora looked around "Both of you arrived here on time. I'm very glad to see that. Before we start the excersize I have planned for both of you, I will give you a small task." She said and then looked at the two of them.

    "In the small area around us, of up to a radius of 10 meters, there are 11 kunai scattered. I want you to collect them, as you will be using only those kunai and none of your own. You need to collect seperatly each, so the more you collect, the better chances you'll have in the excersize. You have two minutes to try and collect as many as you can. After that you need to come and stand in front of me, but 5 meters away. Then I will explain the excersize and we will begin." She said before turning away fom her students.

    She took a couple of steps towards the forest before turning back "The kunai are mainly scattered to the sides, but there is a chance you'll find one or two behind me. Your two minutes start..." Tora said, and without letting them slip any word in, gave them a serious look "Now." She said before closing her eyes, seemingly counting the seconds up to 120.