Naruto - Blood Moon

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  1. When the sky of stars is alit blue, a bloody war is due…
    Moon stained red, stars scarlet, the wife of death shall incarnate…
    A wish for peace, a need for help, will be hoped for those who shy from skelp…

    The people of Furuihagakure (Village Hidden in the Ancients) have lived in quiet peace for decades. They have had no outside communication with other villages, and it seems to have allowed them to somewhat prosper. No wars… No strife… No disarray… The people had become lax and their military dwindling.
    But this changed, when the prophecy was told by a mysterious woman, their first visitor in decades.
    It appeared the village had no hope. But why listen to someone who hasn’t even lived amongst them? That one thought struck fear into the inhabitants. What if they had an enemy conspiring against them? They had no military, no chance of fighting back. They’d be easy picking.
    They got to work, reassembling the shinobi unit, and began teaching children in schools once again the ways of the shinobi.

    Ten years later and the prophecy still hasn’t come the fruition. The thought on everyone’s mind are… Will it come true? Are they truly doomed?


    So this is a Naruto roleplay I have to offer. For the sake of simplicity, im limiting it to 8 spots. That should be enough for two teams and two leaders. Please do post if you have interest!​
  2. I'd be interested
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