Naruto: Bastion Of The Granite Guard

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  1. The Granite Guard, the legends of the hidden stone village They've been around since the village was founded, thirty years ago. They're the greatest heroes in the country, the village's pride and joy. They're idols and role models, the best warriors and shinobi Iwagakure ever did produce. But they're running thin, because not even heroes can escape the cold hearted grasp of fate.

    They need reinforcement. They need new recruits to give fresh blood to the organization. And the Tsuchikage have decided that that fresh blood is gonna be you, a mere genin, fresh out of the academy. A nobody, is about to get trained by the great heroes of your country.

    Are you ready to head the call of The Granite Guard?

    Sup people.

    In the mood for a Naruto RP focused on core player interaction? Little overarching plot, largely character driven. The RP thrives on how the characters interact, not how they react to impending doom. Which, if things go right, there will still be plenty off. Rules, guidelines, setting and so forth will all be expanded on in the OOC, I'm mostly just prodding for interest right here.

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  2. Ya got me in, buddy
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