Naruto AU RP - New Generation

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A lot. Can't really pick a few out as it depends on the lore etc. etc. etc.

What is this?

Good question! This is the interest check for the successful Naruto RP on the old RPG, New Generations. It's a RP that has been made and has been running for quite some time by a group of great RP'ers that want to continue the story here on Iwaku. Together with you and others!

What can I expect from it then?

What is there to expect? If you're familiar with Naruto, then you likely have a good idea what it entitles. But the RP is even open for those who are new to the setting and universe. After all, it's an Alternate Universe, with its own detailed background and history, created through the actions of the players. So don't despair or give up yet! Whether you're new to Rp'ing, new to the setting or what so ever, you can expect a GM team and the players ready to guide you on your way. After all, we are focused on helping each other so that we all can have some fun. Together.

Okay, but is there a way I can ask things? Like, if I already have some work, can I show it?

Of course you can! You can always pm me and show, ask and request certain things. I do need to add that I can't of course promise a yes, but I can promise that we can try to work some things out. After all, one of the goals the GM teams has is that we try to make it fun for everybody. But we also have to keep the game balanced. ;)

Are there any requirements?

Psh, no not really. Are you active? Want to be in a fun group and RP with some very friendly people? Then you're qualified! We aren't that picky and often give people a chance to join. We often give positions like Jounin to people that have shown they want to work for it. Is English not your first language? Who bothers? It's not my first language either, but I suspect that many can read it. Or at least hope they do.... Will they- Oh rats. I am rambling!

But I hope you will decide to join and give it a try. What do you have to lose? Nothing? Thought so. ;)
Hope to hear something soon and if you've questions, just let me hear it. You'll get a reply as soon as possible from me or another GM.

The OOC,

I know that it can be a bit daunting but please do remember that this RP is running almost for 3 years straight. It is an universe that has been build and expanded by the work of the players, but if you need help, then just let it be known!

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