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    • "I curse thee... I curse thee..."
      A fight between gods had occurred, siblings Akihiro and Akemi had pushed to end a great war between Tengoku and Jigoku villages. Akemi had successfully struck Akihiro down, and was watching her brother die, choking on his own blood, though Akihiro had a last resort.
      A curse.
      "Thousands of years after death, the signs will come, and I will be resurrected... And your people shall feel my wrath..."
      And with that, he had taken his last breath. His people disbanded.
      Thousands of years later, the people are thriving. At first there were simply three villages; Sutorimugakure (Village Hidden in the Stream), Honogakure (Village Hidden in the Flames), and Ishigakure (Village Hidden in the Stone). But due to a turn of events, they've all decided to band together to become the Akemi Nation. Peace settled for another one hundred years.
      And then the murders began happening.
      It was beginning to shake some discomfort within the nation. People dying mysterious deaths around all the lands. And they were all dying the same way...
      The people fear, not knowing what is coming, but the Kages believe Akihiro's curse is coming into effect...

    • Hello guys! You must be curious of... What the hell you just read! Well allow me to explain in detail.

      - This rp takes place OUTSIDE of canon! Lots of things are different so mentioning or even concieving the canon story is out of the picture.

      - Who the hell all the characters/places mentioned in the previous post are explained in the Characters and Places tabs!

      - People have tried creating transportation in this universe, but they don't have the correct energy to power it (Their electricity isn't powerful enough to power a car with the kind of materials they have, and gas is nonexistant.

      - All of the nation are on one large island-like continent. Other continents exist but are currently unknown to the people. This gives a lot more world for your character to be from!

      - Thousands of clans exist, which can push for more character diversity

      - Canon clans do NOT exist here.

      - Canon Dojutsu/Kekkei Genkai do NOT exist here.

      - This land has their own tailed beasts

      - The plot takes place in Akemigakure

      - If you have any more questions, ask me!

    • Akemi
      A woman so beautiful and graceful she is thought to be a goddess. Akemi was a woman with long, flowing platnum blonde hair that is said to "shimmer like gold", skin as pale yet beautiful as the snow, and eyes yellower than the sun, with a white hot intensity. They say that she burned with an invigorating spirit that brought moral up just from her standing in the room. She was warm to the touch, and always wore a kind smile.

      Even if he was a figurehead of evil, he was no ugly man. He was just as beautiful as his sister, having the same platnum blonde hair as she, beautful snow-pale skin, but his eyes were a strange, deep and mysterious purple. He was a madman, a war monger, he had been such since he was in the womb. He had a cold, mysterious aura, which would chill all to the bone. He was Akemi's polar opposite.

    • Sutorimugakure (Village Hidden in the Stream)-
      Basic description:
      A village located southeast, close to the ocean.
      It is a massive village, a large fishing river in the middle where the Kage estate is located.
      It is the oldest village in recorded history.
      Quite rainy

      Honogakure (Village Hidden in the Flames)-
      Basic description:
      A village built atop a dormant volcano.
      Even if the volcano hasn't gone off in millions of years, it still produces hot fire geysers, which decorate the village.
      Quite hot and sunny. It sometimes rains fire and people are advised to stay inside during those times.

      Ishigakure (Village Hidden in the Stone)-
      Basic description:
      A village located high atop the flat-plated mountains by the sea.
      Most people who visit normally are dizzied by the height.
      Sometimes cloudy, sometimes rainy, sometimes snows.

      Akemigakure (Named after the historical figure & Nation) -
      Basic description:
      A village deep within the pine forests in the center of the continent.
      The village is within a great chasm with a man-made entrance and exit.

      A mixture of the basic themes of weather. They have proper seasons.

      The village was created a while after peace was achieved from the Second Shinobi War. It was made to symbolize people could truly be together, even through the worst of times. The most peaceful and serene place as chosed, all to add to the message. People of all villages live here and are free to come and go. Genin from all the villages come around to stay for the Chuunin Exams.

    • I am currently in need of GMs!

    Okay, time for the serious stuff. Buckle up.

    General Rules

    A roleplay would never be set into action without it's members. If you sign up, you gotta be here and contribute. Keep up at least a post a day, I won't be too strict on that, but if you haven't posted in three days, i'm going to send you an alert. A week, I'll have to move the plot along so your character will be moved. A month, well, your character's dead mate.
    The only way to prevent anything bad happening to your character is to communicate.
    Communicating does wonders for you. It ensures your character's safety, it makes sure the plot continues running smoothly in your absence, and everybody is happy. Communication is key. If you tell me days in advance to your trip that you'll be gone, i'll add your character to the absent/frozen character list, so their safety is guarenteed. I'd never kill off a character of someone I was in contact with.

    The big R. The only thing barely keeping society together by the nail. Respect.
    We're all civilized human beings, why fight? Well, in the situation you do get lulled into bickering with a fellow member, remember this phrase:

    S - Slow down.
    Before you light up like a firecracker, stop. It may be pretty hard, but it can also be all the more easier.
    T - Take a breath.
    Calming down is the best thing to do in a tense situation
    O - Observe the situation.
    Ask yourself "Is this really worth fighting over?" If your answer is no...
    P - Peace out.
    Back your way out of there partner.

    Some people may not realize it, but human emotions can be easily stirred up. Something thats funny and all in good fun can be really hurtful to someone else, like for example, a Yo Mama joke. You may love them, but the other person may grow to dislike or even hate you if you constantly say them around them. You could be making fun of someone's mother who is dead and they are deeply affected by her death, or comatose.

    Take everyone's feelings into consideration, and follow STOP in an argument, please.

    *Have Fun*
    Fun is what rp is built for! I want everyone to have fun! I want everyone to be happy writing together, so I wish to keep the environment alive and happy!

    Character Creation Rules

    *OP Characters*
    Even though the anime/manga depicts characters growing limbs back/surviving 30 slices/firing massive lazars that destroy landscapes.
    Not even the Jinchuriki are going to be as bloated and overpowered as the anime depicts.
    Everyone will be around the same level of strength, unless theres an actual reason for you to be a powerful being (Reasons described in your clan), you don't have an obligation or need to make a character that can shoot cats out of their mouth or whatever.

    Okay, for the sake I want this rp to be as customizable as possible, there ARE other species that you can create/play as. Don't get excited yet; you can't play an anthro/furry or animal. They strictly have to look almost identical to humans. Any species power perks (Strength, breathing fire, etc.) are recognized as a Kekkei Genkai and must be written out so.
    Most species are either ancient, foreign, or lab-created. Incorperate any of the three into their clan history.
    Another limit; they'd have to be in a very small amount, almost rare. This is to work under the logic that, well, humans searched and destroyed in the early days, or the world has shifted thus killing off most of the species and the smaller amount has adapted. They also must be able to breed with humans/each other.

    Another customizable feature in this rp; you can create your own clan!
    Though there is a clan profile application, you don't need to fill it out if you really don't think your clan doesn't need that much explaining, but if you have a Dojutsu/Kekkei Genkai or special features like higher chakra and such, it's strongly encouraged to make one, but again, it is a choice and a choice only.

    *Character Features*
    I know this is going to sound like a groan, but to stick with the natural/realistic features in Naruto, i'm only allowing Brown/Blonde/Black/Red/Orange/White colors and their varients of hair, Blue/Green/Grey/Brown and their varients of eyes, and any skin color of any race. Unless your character has dyed their hair, put color contacts on, or their stranger features are hereditery, I will not allow any flashy characters. After some experience ive seen they stand out a little much and it drifts away from feeling like a Naruto rp.
    (I know Sakura has pink hair but Sakura is the only strange haired character there and she's pretty much dead to me)

    Yep, summons are allowed here, and there CAN be the potential of you having a gigantic wolfy as a buddy, but bear in mind a few details:

    - The more massive the critter, the more chakra's eaten up
    - The critter could end up being more of a hindrance than a help.
    - You're not always going to end up with the same critter of the species you pact to.
    - Your character MUST have gotten possession of the specie's scroll to be able to summon them.
    - Your character must have been taught by a previous animal summoner the summoning jutsu.

    Always keep those in mind, and also remember; animals know and can execute jutsu as well.

    *Custom Kekkei Genkai/Dojutsu & Upgrades*
    To replace the fact you can't have the Sharingan, i'm allowing custom Kekkei Genkai and Dojutsu!
    Now now, remember rule number one...
    You have to be conscious that everything has a weakness. So do KGs and Dojutsu. Do not make one that makes your character pretty much a god, same goes for any upgrades. Remember; the only way to upgrade your Dojutsu is to take another's eyes of the higher level, or be entrusted them.

    *Custom Jutsu*
    Remember rule one, same rules apply

    *Custom Releases*
    Remember rule one, same rules apply

    Remember, the only way your character is getting above Genin level, is experience. Training, the Chuunin exams, missions, etc. are ways of making your character stronger and getting farther in the rp. Your character can't be born knowing everyone and knowing the best strategies in battle.

    IC Rules

    *No Powerplaying, Metagaming, Godmod, or Mary/Gary sueing*
    We all should know exactly what these are, and why not to do them. If you really don't know, just ask.

    Posts must be a minimum of a paragraph (5-6 sentences), have adequate spelling, and make sense. No half-assed posts. Have variety in your pronouns, proper nouns, adjectives, etc.

    Be detailed in your posts! Explain thoroughly what your character is doing, how they're feeling, their thoughts, their physical presence, you're encouraged to do everything in your power to make your post as long as you can! Paint a picture with your words!


    • Team
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      - Jounin -
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      - Genin -

      Total missions done:

    • Missing-Nin



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  6. Name:
    Zion Furenji

    Will gain one during the RP


    (His Hair is Black)

    Zion is very calm and relaxed, he gives off the feeling he's everyone's best friend. He is usually seen smiling and encouraging but he has a strong drive. He is tactical because he knows his shortcomings and is intelligent enough to overcome obstacles. He is not against making the sacrifice play, he will do anything to protect his friends even in a losing effort if he would stand a better chance than a friend. Zion may be talented but he is also insecure when it comes to being a shinobi as he feels some are naturally gifted. He is also insecure of his physical looks because he is often seen as nerdy, another negative aspect of his personality some what is that he is very critical of himself. He is also shy when it comes to expressing how he feels in a romantic way.

    Reading, Training, Meditation, Learning new jutsus, his clan

    Really spicy food, losing, letting his clan down, dislikes having to use somewhat lethal force, himself
    Group/Village(Villain only):
    Preferred Jutsu type(Jutsu Type):
    (Eventually will be nintaijutsu as well but that would be too advanced for a genin right now)

    Specialty(Speed, strength, intelligence, other):
    Intelligence and precision based combat
    (Meaning every strike is pre-planned and thought out doesn't
    fight off instinct and pure reaction)

    Main weapon(If any):
    Gloves with ninja strings
    (Genin with these weapons are skilled enough to
    make small constructs like walls when the strings
    build on one another along with the earth. They are
    stronger and sharper then normal ninja wire)

    Shuriken, Kunai, Explosive tags, smoke bombs
    Show Spoiler

    He makes his own Kunai's his clan uses them as symbols

    Custom Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    Earth protection -

    Type: Defensive,
    Short range, medium, long (0-20m)

    Description: Chakra strings spread around the field allows the user to pull rocks, or portions of the earth to defend against incoming attacks at a moments notice the portion of the earth can encompass 2 shinobi including the user

    Sealed Fate -

    Type: Offensive,
    Short range, (0-5m)

    Description: The user hides tools such as explosive tags, kunai, smoke bombs and other traps in surrounding environment. The user uses ninja strings (Unique to Zion and his clan) to manipulate the opponents body unwillingly to trigger said traps.
    (Example: The opponent is closing in for a strike, Zion jumps back wrapping strings around the opponents right legs and pulls causing them to trigger an explosive tag)

    Canon Jutsu list(plus descriptions):
    (I'm assuming that the basics like transformation, body replacement and shadow clone are already known or else they wouldn't graduate the academy)

    Kakuremino no Jutsu (Cloak of Invisibility Technique)
    Name: Kakuremino no Jutsu, literally "Cloak of Invisibility Technique"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    With this jutsu one uses a cloak or piece of cloth to make oneself blend in with the background, rendering oneself invisible.

    Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique)
    Name: Nawanuke no Jutsu, literally "Rope Escape Technique" English TV "Escape Jutsu"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    A basic jutsu taught at the Ninja academy. When a ninja is tied with rope, he can undo the knots and escape using this technique.

    Name of Jutsu: Henge no Jutsu
    Rank: E
    Type: Genjutsu
    Description: An illusionary jutsu that gives the user the appearance of another person or object. A commonly used skill.

    Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Jutsu)
    Name: Bunshin no Jutsu, literally "Clone Technique", Viz "Art of the Doppelganger", English TV "Clone Jutsu"
    Type: E-rank, Supplementary
    This is a basic technique known to all genin. Bunshin no Jutsu creates a clone of the user, which can used to create a diversion or cause confusion. Unlike Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Doppelganger), these clones aren't real, and thus cannot do any damage.

    Name of Jutsu: Kawarimi no Jutsu
    Rank: E
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. Useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies.

    Name of Jutsu: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu
    Rank: D
    Type; Genjutsu
    Description: Kasumi Juusha no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that creates false attackers to delay and confuse the enemy. Though these servants are not real, the actual ninja is able to remain hidden and throw kunai and shuriken matching the movements of the servants. This makes it appear the false servants are capable of attacking. When the enemy attempts to attack the servant, they will merely disrupt the servants illusion body but not destroy it.

    Kekkei Genkai(if any):
    Karite Baito (Reapers Bite), (Has not achieved it yet)

    What it does: Unique to the Furenji clan as members of their clan are resistant if not immune to all poisons (I say resistant because I will have some unique cases where he can be affected). They have a multitude of poisons in their bloodstream, with many different effects
    A Furenji clan member is not a true clan member until they learn to merge the poison with their chakara and emit it from their hands. With a powerful strike the user can poison opponents.
    When active the chakara around the hands get a purple tinge to it, and their are portions of his right eye turns yellow (Not bright yellow like its glowng).

    Rank: Genin

    Zion comes from the Furenji clan a well respected clan in Konohagakure which specialized in doing the jobs that most clans wouldn't do. Outside of Anbu and the Uchiha clan the Furenji's specialized in using lethal force to deal with threats to Konohagakure. This was mainly because of their Karite Baito or reapers bite which is a bloodline ability that gave the clan control over a special poisonous chakara. Now the Furenji clans alliance with Konohagakure was based on the clan never giving up its secrets but also never turning against Konohagakure. The clan actually came to respect Konohagakure and became a great asset, and the fateful day of the NineTails demon fox attack they did their best to slow down the beast although the beasts chakara was so great even slowly poisoning its chakara flow did little to hinder it.

    The clan had its casualties but they were able to rebuild, and Zion was one year old when the attack happened. Now growing up Zion showed talent in the clans weaponry, and crafting their special kunai's which they craft to scare opponents as if someone was killed with their special kunai it was like a warning. Now Zion is not a prodigy genius when it comes to battle, he actually had always been average and before joining the academy he would not show any exceptional talent. Zion's family believed this was due to his lack of being comfortable with causing harm to others he was not afraid to fight but would only defeat opponents during training he wouldn't go for a decisive victory.

    Zion always felt that there were ways to win without being barbaric so he studied to expand his mind and learned about all types to techniques outside of his clans fighting style especially in the academy. The Furenji clans fighting style is to dispatch their opponents as quick as possible but Zion mixed many styles to learn to choose which is best for the situation... he also learned to use his mind to compensate for what he lacks in speed and physical strength. He is not weak or slow he is just slightly above average. He has been studying medical books and ninjutsu
    (Speed and strength levels on par with Kiba fast and strong but not as fast or strong as rock lee)


  7. I would like to take a GM position, if you will have me that is.
  8. Really sorry guys but im putting a halt on this rp on account that its not structured well.
    Im sorry for any time wasted
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