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  1. It was the day before chunin exams and people were flooding into the Konha village. It had been 10 years since the death of Naruto. He had changed the way the village run and all for the better. After the large war everything had changed completely, but now everyone was living peacefully. However that did not change how the exams ran. But the exams themselves were slightly different. Now you did not have to go into the exam in groups of 3. Teams were normally formed during the exam, however this was not a must. Still people from all over the village traveled to Konha
  2. Hino Kai appearance:
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    Hino Kai watched as many other ninja's seemed to crowd withing the Hidden Leaf Village for the Chunin exams. This was the year she too would take the exams. Who would become her team she had no idea. Who all she would meet even that seemed like a surprise. She felt ready well ready except for the idea of being tested. She wasn't a fan of the word test. She told her self it wasn't a test but simply an evaluation of her skills to become a ninja and to enter into a team. Who that team was she knew only one thing before she would meet them. Once they met and became a team they would stay that way for a long time and hopefully become great friends.​
  3. Kibo walked into the village. His body was covered in an old cloak, hiding both his face and his body. He made his way to the center area. Many people had already gathered for the first stage of the exam. It was similar to the last chunin exams. However due to the lack of teams in the exam, each person was given a quarter of a large coin. The aim was to gather all 4 pieces then make your way to the exit.

    The boy arrived at the entrance to the exam, there where ninjas from every village waiting for it to begin. He signed up his name, and got his quater of a coin. Once he had done that he removed his cloak to reveal himself.

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  4. Hino hadn't signed up yet she saw many others go on. She felt rather nervous still but not as much. Taking a breath she finally went to sign up. Once she did she took her piece of a coin. She had forgotten that they were giving those who signed up parts of coins and what this was suppose to be for. She knew it was because of her nervous she couldn't recall everything other than the being test part of the whole exams. Hino the realized that the man in the cloak she saw pass had also just gotten signed up. She wondered if he or anyone else was just as nervous as her.
  5. [​IMG]
    The petite kunoichi of only 5"2 strolled around the entrance with her quarter of the gold coin in hand. Many genins were wondering around, some making conversation with others. Sana was one of those conversationalists. Since she traveled to Konoha all the way from the Land of Water, she was eager on making a few acquaintances during her time at the exam. Though acting social, Sana knew all too well to keep her distance. Keep your friends close, and you're enemies closer, as they would say. Acting all smiley and friendly, she kept herself busy until the start of the exam.
  6. Kibo scanned the area with his mix matched eyes, he watched each person individually. It was unsure what land Kibo had come from, as his head band was not visible. He noticed a girl who was rather small, however she walked with a rather confident walk. He watched as she took her piece of the coin. She seemed to be part of the water ninjas. He had not heard much about the people from the Land of water, so he was slightly intrigued by her. But he wasn't really the type of person to approach a girl, so he sat down on a bench and waited for something to happen.
  7. Sana chatted up conversation with nearly the whole crowd. It was only small talk though, as she wanted to approach as many as she could. Out of the corner of her deep red-violet eyes, she took note of a tall guy with dual-colored eyes. His eyes met up with Sana's for only a slight second till he turned around and walked the opposite direction. Tall and collected as well as mysterious, this guy piqued Sana's interest. Hello, new target. She smirked to herself as she made her way through the crowd. If it weren't for his bright scarlet hair, she'd probably lose him in the sea of people. Sana came across the ninja sitting on a nearby bench. With much delight on her face, she introduced herself. "Hehe. Found you~ You can call me Sana." She extended her hand as a friendly gesture.
  8. Kibo looked up at the girl who introduced herself. She was the girl who he had seen before, it was surprising that she had persuade him. He bought up his hand to shake hers. "Hello, my name is Kibo" he said, a warm smile on his face. The aura around him was very warm and friendly, which was strange for a ninja.

    As well as being mix matched his eyes were slightly aniamlistic, with his pupils being slits rather than circles.
  9. He actually responded, thought Sana. If that's the case, she might as well get to know the guy. "Mind if I sit next to you?" The female plopped herself down next to him, before he could even give a response. She took a few seconds to look at him up front. Besides his hair color being that of fire, he had other interesting characteristics. The first thing that stood out to her was his eyes. Never during her life had she seen anyone with two different pupil pigments. On top of that, his pupils were like no other. It was as if he was one with a beast hidden within. "Huh.. Did anyone tell you that you look like you came from another world?" Sana couldn't hold her curiosity as she inched up close, staring into his red and gold eyes.
  10. Kibo didn't have time to answer her question before she sat down in front of him. The next thing he knew the girl was close to his face, looking curiously into his eyes. He blushed slightly as she got closer to him. "Err, yeah some people have said that. But maybe not in that way" he said, his sentence was slow and he had trouble constructing it, showing he was a little nervous around her.
  11. She let out a soft giggle as she took note of his nervousness. "Hehe..I guess I was a bit too forward for you, eh?" Sana backed off from his face, her eyes now wondering about the crowd of people. Her giddy countenance turned a bit serious as she asked Kibo in a lower voice, "On another topic, how do you plan on getting through this exam?" She glanced over to the boy next to her. "It's either you attack and take the pieces by force or you team up, am I correct?"
  12. He smiles lightly as she backed off. This girl was very confusing, however she seemed very kind and happy as well. Kibo opened his mouth to reply, but paused for a second. "I'll do it like my master taught me" he said simply, not looking at the girl anymore. His eyes focused on the large crowed of ninjas.
  13. Her head tilted to her right. "Oh? What did your master teach you?" His answer would be the determining factor of whether Sana would use him, or work with him. She couldn't quite label him as either a friend or foe just yet. Or not until the exam actually started.
  14. Yonrochi, never being in a ninja school nor academy was new to this. He'd always spend time in the shadows because his grizley form, he shadowed many people till he got to the area where the people were all scouting.[BCOLOR=#ffffff] "This must be a big event?"[/BCOLOR]he said to himself under his breathe as he scouted more for information.
  15. "Kill everyone" he said. His words not matching his facial expressions. He still had a smile on his face as he uttered those words. But it did not sound like a joke. " He said kill everyone unroll the mission is complete" the boy built on his original answer.
  16. Hino stood waiting for the groups of people to enter. She was still nervous so nervous she wasn't sure who to speak to. She didn't know so many of the ninja's from the other villages it seemed. One who seemed from the Land of Water, the man she saw enter in before her had begun speaking with her. She spotted another who seemed more curious on everyone than anything. She breathed. 'Pull yourself together you need to try and meet some people maybe make friends and a team?' She thought to herself. Who would she speak to first she wasn't sure. She began to walk if she neared someone then she would make herself talk.
  17. Sana chuckled to herself as she listened to his response. "Heh so this is how things are gonna play down, huh?" The girl stood up and stepped in front of Kibo's line of view. "If that's your plan, I have high expectations for when we meet again." Giving her usual smile and wave, she bade him farewell as she melded with the crowd up ahead. "Don't disappoint me me now~"

    As the time goes on, more and more ninjas have made their appearance at the exam entrance. From the looks of things, the exam might be running a bit late. But it mattered not. I only meant more time to intermingle with the crowd. In Sana's case, it was to see who could be useful to her in the next few hours, days even, if the test lasts that long. She was confident in her own abilities, yet it didn't hurt to take a precaution. You never know what someone might pull out of their sleeve.
  18. [​IMG]

    Asuka Sakamoto weaved her way through the crowd to sign herself up and get a coin piece. She was a resident of Konoha herself. She was 4"11 ½ feet tall and couldn't stand still for too long. Her lavender eyes scanned through the crowd of ninjas to see which ones stuck out and caught her attention.

    There was the red head, the interesting looking fellow near Hino, Hino herself, and a girl that seemed to be from the Land of Water.
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  19. Hino spotted Asuka after she arrived while she was still walking around in the crowd. Her gray eyes wondering. She stopped walking once she was close to the two who she had watched talking before. She wondered if she should try speaking to one of them they both seemed interesting but she also thought on turning around to speak to a more familiar face. Hino wasn't sure why she felt so shy today. Was it the fact maybe she actually was and never noticed before cause she had gotten to know most who lived in her home village.
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  20. Asuka noticed Hino's quick glance. Curious, she walked over to her with a smile on her face.

    "Hi there! Are you from Konoha, or another place?" She greeted once she approached, rocking back and forth on her heels a bit. She was pretty friendly so far.
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