Naruto 1x1 (Canon x OC)

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  1. Hello!

    As you can see, I'm looking for one or few Naruto roleplays as I've been craving a couple of pairings since I've been rewatching the series for fun. Just a few rules before I post the pairings.

    -No one liners please.
    -I mainly do MxF pairings, Canon x OC. I will occasionally do Canon x Canon.
    -Let me know if you get bored. That way we can come up with ideas to too keep the rp interesting.
    -If you're going to be away for a while, let me know
    -I'm perfectly fine with mature content. I can either play it out or fade to black so let me know. If your below 18, it will be fluff and such.
    -I can post 2+ paragraphs depending on what I'm given. I try to match posts.
    -Feel free to chat during the rp. I won't bite ^^

    Now for the pairings. Anything bold is the role I prefer. But I'm up for any of the pairings and I do double!

    Kakashi x OC
    Hidan x OC
    Itachi x OC
    Asuma x OC
    Tobi(or Obito) x OC
    Gaara x OC
    Dedeira x OC
    Naruto x OC
    Sasuke x OC
    Shikamaru x OC
    Jiraiya x OC
    Kiba x OC
    Yamato x OC

    Of the pairings, I'm mainly looking for a Kakashi, Yamato, Hidan, or Tobi/Obito.

    There's probably more I'm forgetting so if there's someone you'd like me to play for you and they're not listed, please ask.
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  2. Still searching!
  3. Still searching!
  4. Still searching!
  5. Still searching!
  6. Still searching! Anyone?
  7. Still searching!
  8. Added another pairing! Still searching!
  9. Hi! I'm new here and I would love to join your rp! But I'm a little new so please forgive me if I make any mistakes!

    Can you be Naruto? And can you explain to me how I will be able to create a character?
  10. You're perfectly fine ^^ I understand if mistakes are made. But welcome to the site!

    Sure I can play Naruto for you! I'll send you a pm and I can explain from there ^_^ it'll make it easier.
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  11. Thank you so much! You are such a nice person!! It's awesome to meet you.
  12. Still searching!
  13. Damn, my favorite character isn't on here. xD Although I would understand, people wouldn't see him as a character to do M+F.
  14. Which character is that? The list I have is just a few so yeah XP
  15. Well Quiet my friend, my favorite Naruto character is Haku. xD
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  16. I could see why but I have no problem with Haku at all ^^
  17. If you want to do something, we could work Haku either into a female or create a suitable mate for him and change the lore/history of Haku to work with it.

    Its completely up to you!
  18. I'd be fine with either those. We could possibly change his lore/history to fit unless you'd rather change him completely. Like I said, I'm fine with either option.
  19. Still searching?
  20. Yes I am.
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