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  1. For those of you wondering, yes, I misspelled that on purpose. :D Why? Because I don't care about no silly novels. I'm a roleplayer. And, as far as I'm concerned, this is now National Roleplay Writing Month. :)

    I imagine lots of people in this community are going to be undertaking the challenge of writing 50,000 words in a single month, and I thoroughly applaud them for the effort. Lots more of us aren't. I'm one of them. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be writing! I plan to write a whole bunch. And, just out of curiosity, I'm going to be tracking my word count for my roleplays this month, to see if I get close to, hit, or even break 50,000 words.

    I decided it would be interesting to offer this to the Iwaku community as well. This month, starting November 1st, keep track of how many words you write for all your various roleplays. Paste them in a document, and run a word count on it every few days. Then let me know here what your tally is, and I'll keep up a running score for the words generated by each Iwakuvian who participates, and Iwaku as a whole.

    For fairness sake, only actual IC roleplay posts are going to count towards this total. Character sheets, OOC chatter, and any other on-site posts don't count.

    {td}Chrysalism {/td}
    {td}73,005 words{/td}
    {td}fatalrendezvous {/td}
    {td}4,999 words{/td}
    {td}11,588 words{/td}
    {td}18,187 words{/td}
    {td}54,300 words{/td}
    {td}2,797 words{/td}
    {td}Seiji {/td}
    {td}0 words{/td}
    {td}WishfulNemo {/td}
    {td}9,097 words{/td}
    {td} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td}TBD word total{/td}
    Feel free to share successes, challenges, or random chatter here as well, but if you want to update your word count make sure to tag me, or I might not notice. :D

    That's all! Happy writing, everyone
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  2. I love this idea. What about role plays that are not done over Iwaku? I have one that I am doing over email.
  3. That would definitely count. :D I've got one over email as well.
  4. 1400 words so far. It is a start I suppose ^^
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  5. This will be fun c:

    So far, I've got 3543!
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  6. I want to write a script.

    I need to start working on this thing.


  7. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET SICK NOW @The Returner -cries over all the unwritten words- GO TO BED AN GET HEALTHY SO WE CAN DO 20,000 WORDS NEXT WEEK! :D -Throws Gabriel to take care of you-

    Word count: 227
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  8. *pats on back*

    Lol, Seiji, you really want me to write that down?
  9. Yes.
  10. Script. Eh? What ya talking about?
  11. Hoo boy wouldn't it be great if this wasn't happening in the heat of an incredibly busy semester in which I can hardly even spare enough time to keep my RP's running, much less send them into overdrive.

    Seriously why can't things like these happen in like the summer or winter when I don't have classes to worry about.
  12. -points at OP- It's the unofficial national roleplay writing month. The only one talking about scripts here is seiji xD
  13. Oh =P November is a long month. We'll get the word count in somehow. xD
  14. Loving the idea~

    501 words so far!
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  15. Last day of November:
    The returned: "I'm ready to write now :D"
    Redblood: "We'll never make the word count ]:"
    The returned: "Stop being such a pessimist otherwise I'll send Gabriel's ghost after you D: START WRITING DAMN IT!"

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  16. Hooray for words, everyone!

    I have also officially decided that I probably write too much. D:
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  17. For all of my roleplays? Well, I have 8 roleplays currently going on, and most of my replies average 1,000-2,000 words. So, I'd say about 16k.

    For today, all of my replies combined comes out to 6,470 words.
  18. @Chrysalism

    If you want to go back and copy-paste all your posts into a word document since November 1, I'd be glad to put in your exact number. :D Until then, I'll go ahead and drop in 6,470.
  19. Oh, in that case the total is 25,162 words, and 31 pages.

    I think I may have a problem....
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