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  1. Hello there, I'm Nara and I'm looking for some awesome 1x1s. What I really want is a mixture of adventure and romance since romance is my absolute fav but it's getting kinda boring on its own. I can do romance with any other genre too, but don't ask me to do something without romance. I have no plots as of now but I do have some random ideas and fandoms (only anime fandoms, sorry)! ^.^

    Some stuff about me
    • I reply at least once a day, sometimes more. If I don't reply once a day, the most likely reasons are that I didn't get enough time or I'm suffering writer's block.​
    • I prefer to RP via PMs!​
    • I can give you up to 6 well written paragraphs. More than that, well, I'm not sure my writing will be up to par...​
    • Anime face claims or realistic, tell me what you prefer, though anime ones are certainly easier to find >.<​
    • I only rp MxF romances, sorry! I really don't consider myself experienced enough to do anything other than that.​
    • I can play both genders.​
    • My grammar is good and spelling mistakes are rare.​
    • Please have good grammar and spelling! I don't mind if you slip up on the grammar/punctuation part but gosh we all have spell checkers don't we? And if you don't, get one from the internet...​
    • I don't care how many paragraphs you give me. It all depends on how often you post. If you do it several times a day, short replies are totally okay! But if you reply once in a week and give me a short paragraph I'm gonna be sort of pissed >.<
    Well that's about it, I guess? Now onto these random ideas that I got from tumblr au lists (totally not taking credit!!).

    random ideas
    • College professors!!!​
    • "I totally wasn't breaking into your apartment I locked myself out of mine and I'm directly above yours so I picked your lock and was gonna use the fire escape and climb in through my window."​
    • "You rubbed my lamp, I am your genie but I kinda suck at using my magic so bear with me here."
    • Muse A has a huge crush on Muse B and wanted to know if they liked them back so they dabble in witchcraft and made a truth potion for them to drink. It backfires and now there are monsters after Muse B so now they both are on the run together and Muse A isn't quite sure how to explain the whole thing.
    • ghost/student who's too tired to give a fuck that they’re being haunted
    • two bffs who get bored with life and decide to pool their money together and get a flight to paris or something
    • Think 'Treasure Planet' style, Muse A is a captain of a ship and Muse B is their cabin boy or first mate.
    (note: all will be Canon/OC)​
    • Tokyo Ghoul
    • Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
    • Shingeki no Kyojin
    • Free!
    • Death Note
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  2. i'm interested in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th random ideas.
  3. I like your genie idea, or something similar to it, like a inept wizard. (I like the quirky strange stories).
  4. Hello! I'm pretty new here, and I'd like to give a shot to your genie idea. It reminds me of Aladdin movie and gosh it's one of my favorite movies! (I know it's irrelevant but... nevermind) :D Anyway, all of your ideas are interesting, and the genie one is simply the best xD
  5. Hi im interested in your I totally wasn't breaking into your apartment and the genie ones.
  6. I'm interested in the 6th idea and have a plot in the works for it.
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