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  1. The sound of the morning bell rang, and with it, an announcement came on. "All new students are to report to the Auditorium for the welcoming ceremony. Those who do not show up will be kicked out of the school, along with those who are late. Please reach the auditorium before 9:30." The voice over the announcements gave instructions simply.

    Following the instructions without a complaint, Maro, one of the first year students began to lead his class towards the auditorium using a map and general directions. All of them passed by the other class groups of 1-5. The members of his class chattered quietly about group 5, the supposedly cursed group, where bad luck happened day to day thanks to the teacher.

    The group was already gathering in the large hall. By now, everyone has written down their character and it's on their hand. Finally, the school principal arrived at 9:30, and spoke to the gathered group of students. All were present according to the teachers. "Welcome to Naraka High School, as you can tell by now, there is nothing ordinary about this school. As a warning, in just a couple moments from now, "the beginning" will happen, and you will all have to fight. We have gathered you now to teach you how to use your character to fight."

    The principal's voice was demanding and commanding silence as they spoke. Finally moving onto the main topic. "In order to use your character, you must be able to visualize what your target is, or what you want to make for some people. Each character has a different use, and you may use the dictionaries in the library to learn how to better use your character. Take care, and try not to die."

    Once she said that, the blight had started, with horrifying creatures crawling out of the wall, and people panicking, scrambling out the door. The day had just begun, it was 'the beginning.' and Maro stared a bit in horror before gathering himself and looking for other people who weren't quite panicking yet to get their attention.

    "Hey! Get away from there, it's not safe!" he shouted while watching someone, as a monster got close to try and bite them in half.
  2. [​IMG]
    Stephany was surprised to find that the special paper attached to the topside of her hand. It didn't hurt or anything -- actually, it felt that afterwards she was more invigorated, and had a lot more energy than she had previously. Peace, or Pīsu, written underneath it's Kanji character, was permanently tattooed on her hand, and gave off a strange green glow, which was calming in its' own way. Steff chose Pīsu because that's why battles happen, right? Two people disagree and get into a battle, then when it's over they've attained peace?

    Her musings were interrupted by the bell, and she listened intently to the voice on the intercom, telling all students where to go and what would happen if tardy or absent. Seeing another student take the lead in going to the Auditorium, and everyone else following him, she merged with the crowd, mostly keeping to herself but gazing at the beautiful surroundings of Naraka High. It had more of a gothic beauty, she decided, with little to no windows going to the outside, in fear that common-folk would see what happened inside, and less chance of escape for students. Steff didn't know what was yet to come, however, and didn't come to the second conclusion. The walls themselves looked a little like brick, but maybe they were just designed that way, and the floors showed a fine sheen, suggesting daily maintenance. Candelebras decorated the walls at intervals, keeping the place well lit despite the commonly weak light candles give off. Magic? Maybe.

    Before looking further, however, everyone got into the Auditorium. Steff jumped a bit when the heavy doors clanged against the outer walls, but didn't think too much of it and positioned herself near one of the four walls, looking up trustingly to the grim-looking teachers. She became confused at the principal's first words, pondering the meaning of his warning. She looked around at the quiet crowd, trying to glean some form of meaning, but she realized everyone else was just as clueless as she was. Hearing his explanation of how to use the characters, she frowned and saw her word, Pīsu, and scoffed. How would she use that against others, possibly with fire-breathing dragons on their sides? However, that thought was immediately cut off as the forbidding words, try not to die, chilling their way down her spine.

    Her eyes widened as she saw the opposing wall explode with insectile monsters, and she backed into the wall as her eyes frantically surveyed the scene. Panicking people everywhere, her own breathing quickened, other students falling over one another, screams ringing in her ears, trampled bodies spraying red on the floor. Those were only human-caused casualties. Even as people ran, monsters rained from above, piercing people through the middle just like in that movie Space Troopers. ( ) However, as some others began to get a hold on the situation, she saw them fighting for their lives.

    She heard someone yell over the crowd to get away, and assuming they were talking to her, she moved in reaction. She only barely dodged an attack from one of the monsters, but not quick enough, as she felt a searing pain of the deep gash in her side the monster caused. She cried out of agony at the stinging heat, holding the side that got hurt, and it crossed her mind to use her power. Eyeing the beast, which screeched again, she shouted out, "PīSU!" To her surprise, it immediately stopped making the horrendous noise and dropped off the wall. But she felt more energy surge into her, and her already fast heartbeat quickened, which sent more blood rushing to the wound and more pain. Yelling in anguish, she stuck her hand to her side tighter.

    The blood flowered in between her fingers and dripped onto the floor, combining with countless others' own miserable demises. Her pain filling her mind, she whispered, "I should've chosen something else, not stupid PEACE!" And even as she said the word peace, the English variant for Pīsu, she found her discomfort sliding away. Marveling at this, she said it again, "Peace!" She felt the wound close beneath her fingers! The energy in her system diminished somewhat, and she could focus more clearly on everything around her.

    She didn't have a weapon, but that didn't mean she couldn't help others with her word of power.
  3. Hearing something on the wall behind him, he ran like there was no tomorrow reaching the middle of that large hall. Seeing beasts around the place, he tried to find his classmates but he couldn't find none that was from his class or it was because of the panic around him. Thinking back at what the principal said, he was completely wanting to use his Great-Sword, it would be the best weapon against those monstrosities but he couldn't find it anywhere, maybe he dropped it when he was running. Seeing that some people were not running of panic and dying around, RafaDark tried to locate again some of his classmates. What he found was one screaming for help but it was too late, one of the creatures was ripping his face in half. Seeing that with horror and a little of satisfaction, RafaDark's attention was directed to a guy who said something about not being safe there, he tried to locate him but all those peoples running around and screaming in panic was bothering him and he was getting lost on the middle of all that. Then, from nowhere, he saw his Great-Sword, it was right next to a dead body who was being eaten by one of those things, seeing no other alternative, RafaDark summoned all his strength and bashed that thing and picked his reward. His sword was totally covered in blood but that was satisfying his blood-lust. Now that he was having his favorite weapon back, he sliced almost everything he saw in his way just to escape that place.

    ((Sorry, i was having a better beginning but my computer malfunctioned and made all that progress became dust...))
  4. Among the group of students, maro stood in the middle of them all. With a loud, commanding voice he quickly scanned the area and everyone around them. He then, burst, his words running rampant as everyone around him in a 3 meter radius stopped upon his command. "EVERYONE, GATHER NEAR ME!" he commanded, and they obediently listened, forming a circle around him.

    When monsters started coming for them he would shout out again at the monsters. "STAB YOURSELF." and just upon his command, with a large glowing character for his word Sei floating in the air, the monster turned it's deadly arms to itself and killed itself, spraying large red fluids everywhere, and toppling over others of it's kind. He turned to the group of students, who were amazed at his power. "If you want to live, stay close to me." he spoke in a normal tone, his character not being used this time, meaning they had choice in this matter.

    He then turned to the girl with peace. "It's not safe over there, come over here in my range." he spoke almost with a beckoning voice. The monsters were slowly catching on to his power though, and started attacking from more of a distance, which caused the people with ranged characters like bow and fire to fill in for him. Regardless, complete and utter mayhem and chaos blasted throughout the school with students running for their lives towards the gate. Yet, when they tried to run out, they ended up back in the auditorium.
  5. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the school would probably throw something out of the ordinary at the student body. From the outset, the school and the staff had seemed incredibly strange, and the assembly even stranger. But, throughout all of it, Edward did his utmost to remain calm and collected. He did not feel that there would be any sense in panicking. He had to analyse the situation, and weigh up all the evidence he had. Not that he had any, of course, apart from a few gut instincts. But he tried to remain calm all the same.

    That was not to say, however, that the sudden appearance of monsters did not perturb him in the slightest. In fact, even if it was only to get some distance between him and the beasts to get some thinking time, Edward had begun to flee the scene. He had not seen anything like what was before him now, and he needed to gather his thoughts. He needed to figure out what was happening, and what he was supposed to do about it. He had to figure out what the hell he was supposed to do with the symbol on his hand.

    It didn't take long for Edward to figure out his character - it wasn't like iron was used for much outside of being used to make things.
    "Iron. I have iron. What does iron doe? Iron gets forged. It gets used for weapons. Equipment. Armour. That's it!"
    The student turned, and focussed on forming something in his hands. A weapon, something to defend himself with. The first thing that came to mind was a spear - to pierce the foe charging at him. It formed almost instantaneously in his hands, and with all his might, he thrust it straight through the ungodly creature.

    The thrust had been done rather awkwardly, however. The angle of the attack and the density of the creature had caused the spear to break in two, but that hardly mattered. Edward knew what he could do, and he knew that it could kill. His valour renewed, Edward forged ahead. Shield in one hand, lance in the other, he made his way back to the auditorium while piercing through anything that got too close for comfort. However, his back was open, and he knew it - he had to move quickly, before the enemy started getting opportunistic.
  6. Steff looked up as Maro yelled to her, then looked warily around herself as she made her way over. The insectile beasts have stopped coming from the walls, and are mostly focused on the group around Maro, but there was a vast amount of gore and violence, blood making the floors red and the walls speckled gold and copper, the liquid glinting in the prevailing candlelight. Monsters and humans alike lay on the floor, dead or dying, but many of each kept on fighting. You could tell the massive battle was coming to an end, with some people having escaped into the hallway, and others fighting with renewed vigor against the ceasing tide of overgrown insects.
    Stephanie encountered a thick wall of students, blocking the monsters outside of the 6-meter diameter and preventing anything from threatening the less powerful students on the inside, and most importantly Maro.
    Stepping all around the circle, whenever someone wasn't fighting she would put her hands over their serious wounds, closing her eyes and whispering Peace, her healing word spreading soft tendrils of light across their skin and healing them.
    As she made one circle around, however, she had broken a slight sweat as she tried to push through her energy reserves. The combination of using her power, which drew from her supply of stamina, and the effort of dodging the attacks made from the chitin-covered aliens, was enough to make anyone want to go straight to their beds and then eat a Free-for-All gourmet.
    Still she went, however, pushing past the reinforced wall and coming to the weaker students. She tried her best, but after a couple of minutes she fell to her knees, breathing heavily and staring at the ground as a wave of dizziness hit her, as if she didn't have enough oxygen. She felt so totally weak that she could pass out in that moment. But she hung on, even if just barely, and stood on her own two feet again, even if she was shaking with the effort.
    She HAD to get to these people, tend their wounds, and push past her own discomfort.
    But even as she repeated this in her mind, her body refused to cooperate, and she could only stand there, conflict obvious in her tense stature.
  7. Maro had been watching her efforts within the outer wall of students and smiled brightly, glad that they had a healer on their side. Moving over to her he offered a hand to help her back up. "You've done enough, you can rest. " He said to her with a smile. His eyes were still focused on the surroundings however in case any of the damnable creatures were going to try for a sneak attack.

    Grabbing her hand without giving her a chance to deny he pulled her to stand up and helped her into the center of the crowd where the other students were resting as well. "You'll be safe, don't overdo it." He spoke with a calming tone. When he looked up he noticed the creatures were starting to retreat finally. A few seconds after that, the blight was over and all the creatures left. It was time to tally the students who were deceased out of the starting 200. A loud cheering came from the outer wall of his circular defense before they came to rush to maro who was helping the Peace user move about. All of them thanking him for the leadership he provided and commenting on how useful his power was.

    He himself was drained considerably due to how often he used his power as well in the battle, but he didn't let it show as well as others did, merely smiling and laughing a bit while thanking the group of students who came rushing by and complimenting him. With the blight over, his mind refocused on the people who were resting still, along with the peace user. For all the compliments he received about leadership, not a one knew his name as he hadn't gave it out yet, they all instead just referred to him as aniki, or older brother, due to his attitude during the blight of watching over them all like an older brother.
  8. Edward set aside the lance and the shield. It appeared that he would be safe - for the time being, at least. The students had proved victorious, and would live to fight another day. However, that was not to say that there had not been heavy losses. Everywhere he looked, Edward could see the grisly aftermath of students attempting to fend off hordes of monsters. Body parts were strew bout the place, blood had been splattered liberally across every surface, the deadly silent and the wounded moaning and screaming... It was a veritable nightmare.

    Edward had no time to be shocked or quake in his boots, however. Now was not the time for it. He needed to keep a level head, and see what he could do to keep things from devolving any further.
    The first port of call, he wagered, would be tending to the wounded - but rallying people to do that would be difficult. For him, at least. He hardly radiated charisma, after all. He only hoped that someone who was able to get people to follow him would be smart enough to command them properly, instead of just basing in their praise.

    Edward helped where he could with his constructs, but he was doing it on his own. He knew full well that he had to work with people in order to quell the chaos that would ensue once everybody had processed what had just happened. And that was the issue - pandemonium was sure to ensue, given what had just happened. The students would need somebody to calm them, and keep them orderly. While a fair few would not appreciate having to take orders, Edward hoped that they would at least see the sense in not disrupting anything those who did could do.
  9. ...Stephany was surprised to find that the 'leader' of the group had come to her and was wanting to help her. As she was lead to the middle of the circle, she didn't find the strength to pull away, and frankly didn't want to either. When he said that she'd be safe, she smiled in relief and sighed, breathing out a small Thank you.
    ...However, not soon after that she noticed that there was no more fighting going on and the ones she had healed surged into the group, seeing no need to defend anymore, and she was pushed away from the victorious person. She felt a sense of pride towards him, along with graciousness, that he was able to lead everyone there to safety, but her positive feelings fell when she looked over the whole area. Countless dead students had their innards spilled all over, blood coagulating on the floor and dripping down the walls, and she felt her emotions fall as low as her energy level.
    ...She went over to one of the walls, in a relatively clean spot, and allowed herself to let the wall support her. She watched the people, crying, dying, screaming in agony, and felt her own had-been injury. She looked there and saw a small scar running from her ribcage to the top of her hip. Sliding down with her back pressed against the wall, she sat on the ground with her knees tucked to her chest and her arms hugging them. She felt her own tears starting to well up as the adrenaline passed, leaving only the thoughts of what she could have done, if she just had a bit more energy.
    ...Resting her head on her knees, she let herself weep silently, with only the tears soaking into her jeans. These were tears of raw emotion, as she relived all of what had happened in the past 30 minutes, her fear, her anguish, her own energy slowly leaving her in service of others. Is that all her power was for, was to help others? Her logical thinking criticized her for this, but that was a small voice among the overwhelming tide of regret and bitterness.
    ... But even as she had this going on, what was left of her energy disappeared through the wetness coating her knees, and she fell into a fretful sleep in that uncomfortable position as her body forced her to rest.
  10. Yui was silent most of the time they where walking, her brain racking for anything and everything to help her. She could feel her feet thunking on the floor one after another in a continuous march that droned on, soon her heart beat matching the pace of each step. She was soon lead to the entrance ceremony, and her attention was drawn upwards and towards the principal who made it very clear. Most of them where not making it out alive. The look on her face was cold hard determination as she looked at the principal, her eyes piercing into everything and anything she looked at. She could feel her body beating with a surge of confidence, almost like she was preparing to fight anyone and everyone who stood in her way.

    But that is where the bugs started attacking. Her attention was snapped upwards towards where the organisms where coming from. She felt her hand twitch and she picked up a long broomstick that was lying next to her feet and started smacking away pieces of debris and other things that came towards her. She dodged, ducked, only a few pieces hitting her as they passed. She was extremely focused on the task at hand, knowing that from now on, her life would be hectic.

    As soon as the creatures where gone, she relaxed, looking up and around at everyone. She looked back at her hand and remembered that she could use it, but sighed as she pushed it off. She wasn't going to think of that now, the fight was over. She let out a sigh and looked around, her long willowy figure standing out above the rest.
  11. Finally Maro let out a wistful and despaired sigh as he looked at all the blood that had been spilled. "This hell." he whispered quietly while starting to cover his nose. The scent of all the corpses about was starting to mess with his nose. Heading over to the largest pile of corpses he sat down on his knees and clapped his hands to pray for them quickly, before he turned to see the many school nurses heading into the auditory with stretchers and plenty of body bags. "What monster made this school?" He thought aloud while watching the nurses stuff corpses into body bags before lugging them off to god knows where.

    His eyes began to wander the area about them once more. The time was now 5 P.M. Sundown. The dinner bell would ring soon, so he headed to those who had passed out to lightly tap them to wake them up. Anyone else who looked like they could be saved and move them self he'd help and those who were immobile but definitely able to be saved he would help as well, picking them up to carry them to the infirmary. "The first day is over, but hell starts now."
  12. Making such a large number of constructs in such a short amount of time was taking its toll on Edward, but he didn't see himself as having any other choice. Until they got to the infirmary, the students were the responsibility of anybody still able to take care of them. And that included him, just as much as it included anybody else.
    Edward quickly saw that carrying people was incredibly inefficient. it didn't matter how strong somebody was, they could only transport so many people at a certain speed - and he didn't even take into account what condition the injured would arrive in, if carried the wrong way.

    There was a solution to this, however - stretchers. Lots and lots of stretchers. they would be crude, and there probably woulnd't be any ramps for people to push them up. However, it was a lot safer and easier to use them, as opposed to lugging a person over to the infirmary.
    Edward began hastily constructing them, pushing them over to anybody that needed them, and helping to load others onto them. Given how swiftly he was working - despite the fact that this was obviously sapping a great deal of his physical strength, if not mental - few would be surprised at him catching up to Maro.

    Without a word, he built a stretcher next to him, and spoke to Maro in his signature flat tone.
    "Put them on the stretcher. We need to get them out of here safely and quickly."
  13. He nodded and put the current person he was carrying down on the stretcher. "Thank you. All of these stretchers will save more people than people carrying and trotting back and forth could." he said as he put the person down. "Quite a first day huh..this probably named as a play off naraku..or essentially hell's gate." He added on while watching the janitors setting to work too now to clean up all the blood.

    "What's your name? I'm Maro, but, you can call me aniki as well if you want. Most other people from class 2 already do." he spoke with a calming tone as most of the silence still was around. But come dinner, there will probably be an uproar and chaos as people will start to think about it.
  14. "Not a problem. We need every available person ready to fight if this is going to be a regular occurrence."
    While his reasoning was hardly humanitarian, it was hard to argue that what he was doing wouldn't be beneficial for everyone. That aside, Edward seemed far more focussed on saving the person's life than he was on acknowledging Maro - some might assume that he just didn't have time to formulate a proper response.
    Edward was barely registering what Maro was talking about. At that point in time, his patient was his biggest concern. He had no interest in the semantics behind the school's name.
    "Yeah? Sounds interesting." He said, hurriedly turning a corner. He did, however, catch what Maro said about calling him aniki. It was a proposal he only had to think about once.
    And he thought that Maro was crazy - he would have to earn his respect before he referred to him with such a term.
    "I'm Edward. Just... Edward."
  15. RafaDark stopped killing everything in his way because the monsters were fleeing, he didn't cared if what he was killing was human or monster, he just wanted an end to that. Tired of killing, he stopped and saw the mess he made, it was a bloodshed, an he never saw before. In shock of what he did, he dropped his sword in the ground and he knelt on the ground looking at his hands full of blood. Some time passed as he get his conscious again, now that he was back at his own self, he tried to remember what had happened. The only things he remembered was the monsters coming from the walls and killing everyone around and then he remember he seeing his hands full of blood, all the killing was strangely blocked from his mind, maybe his word would help him in that and he would certainly feel sick if use it in himself but he was so curious to know what was all that blood and those bodies around him doing that he used without thinking "ZANKOKU!" and all the gore of that place came to him like a flash of images as his mind made clear he vomited re-seeing and remembering all that stuff. A little woozy, he pulled himself together and tried to gather with the ones who was still alive on that place.
  16. Stephany, in her sleeping state, subconsciously felt her body placed on one of the stretchers and transported to the infirmary. She relaxed slightly as she was settled into one of the uncomfortable slabs of mattress called a bed, and fell into a deeper state of sleep. She awoke slightly to be fed some food from Dinner, but was only able to manage a warm bowl of a creamy potato and bacon soup before passing out yet again. As she rested, her arms lay limply to her sides and her mouth slightly agape, a quiet snoring sound ensuing from it. Her hair was laid out across the pillow around her head like a soft sea of blonde. She was changed from her stained and bloody dress into an appropriate hospital gown, and bathed so that she wouldn't be sleeping with gore on her skin. Slowly you could see her regaining some strength, her skin turning from the pale pallor of sickness to one of more healthy pink.
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