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    According to NASA, naps are good! What about you - do you nap? Do you get enough sleep at night?
  2. I only nap when I am sick or have had my sleep schedule fucked up.
  3. Napping is fantastic (it helps the world go around.) Though I used to find it when I woke up after a nap that I would be very wore out, but now it just runs off me like water.
  4. I can't take naps. I don't fall asleep very quickly. So "one hour" turns in to 8 hours and it's ridiculous. >>
  5. I don't nap that often because even when I'm really tired, I prefer to get things done instead of sleep. x-x Any moment I can have while the kid's asleep is precious; I feel like I should not waste it. So, I'll put the time into homework, or eating instead. (Yeah, sometimes I have to decide if eating is important enough to spend my "free time" on. xD) Every so often I'll hand the kid to someone and snooze for an hour if I need to. There are those times when I'm too fatigued to do anything at all.

    I actually sleep okay throughout the night because my son cries only once during so and goes back to sleep pretty fast. Baby daddy and I are thankful to not have a colicky baby.
  6. I usually only nap if I'm sick, or didn't get enough sleep to function, which is rare, because I can manage on 4-6 hours. I try not to lay down with the kiddies at rest time, because I get a tremendous headache when I get up. And if I fall asleep for an hour or so in the evenings, then I'm up half the night. So, I prefer to keep my naps for the weekend.
  7. I'm starting to nap frequently, probably because my job has me wake up at the crack of dawn, while I can sleep in for the rest of the week. So yeah I do take a lot more naps now. I can't nap for more than an hour though because I tend to get headaches. The longest I'll go is maybe 30 minutes.
  8. i *Yawn*nape ya nap*slowly cloesing eyes* i nap all the time *slowly fall asleep* nap *asleep but alarm wake me up* MOTHER F***ER I WAS DREAMING HERE

    that pertty much me taking a nap someone or somthing wakes me up and yes mr alarm clock im talking to you (XD my alarm clock has a face a real face on it like beautiful and the beast) -.- and i hate it has anyone ever heard a girl has to have her beautiful sleep god realy like i just want to take a napnis that to mu to ask
  9. I take naps in my physics class all the time. I'd just shut my eyes for one second and then I open them-- it's the end of class. woops
  10. Ofc nasa would say naps are good.... They sleep ontop of all that goverment tax payer money.... they took good naps >:I
  11. I nap quite a bit... at least when I have the time to. When I work mornings I almost always nap when I get home.
    I'm one of those people that needs a lot of sleep to function properly. I get around 8-9 hours of sleep at night, and tend to still take naps. My naps can range from a half hour to three (though that's usually when I'm super exhausted, sick, or both).
    I don't think that my family would be able to survive without naps. My mother, sister and I all frequently nap, and feel a lot better when we do. Sometimes all you need is a little one to keep you going.