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  1. I'm doing it again this year, it will be my fourth year in a row and an attempt for my second win. Last year was the first time I won ^^

    Changing my genre this year too and is going to stuff the story full of bad in-jokes just for the hell of it.

    Anyone else here going for the insanity of writing a novel in 30 days?
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  2. I am, I am! This is my second year, and I'm going to win this time too ;) And I'm writing a scifi again, focusing on friendship. Can't wait to start!!!
  3. I reallllyyy want to participate, but I honestly don't know yet. It depends on if I manage to get my schedule all under control enough for me to have the time for this.

    If I do - it'll probably be sci-fi. Might even be using a little ideation I've had for a while now. :3
  4. I've decided on giving it a go this year. It'll be my first time. Probably something crazy and enjoyable to get my creative juices flowing. Like sci fi.
  5. Three with sci-fi in a row... *huggles her Gothic-style ghost novel* I'm starting to feel alone again *just being dramatic*
  6. I want to, but can't. School and impending holidays means I'm swamped. Why the hell do they put it in November? If madness takes me and I do give it a go (a possibility) I'll probably dive into some urban Fantasy.
  7. My third year attempting it (if you can count the blundering I did my first time as "attempting").

    Writing dark fantasy with feudalism, wars, and political drama. Alternatively I'll throw my idea out at the last minute and roll dice to figure everything out. The latter isn't exceptionally likely, though.
  8. I have tried in the past and would love to actually get through the first week. But November is my busiest month. O___O I host the yearly feast, so I am running around prepping the house and shit.

    One year I even tried to just copy-paste all my roleplay posts I did that month to see how much I wrote in a month. But that ended up being the year I was even more busy than usual and I didn't even roleplay. XD
  9. I will not be participating this year. Then again I never participate so this is not a shocking revelation.
  10. I may participate but I'm not in it to win so much as actually write a novel for the first time. Even if I don't finish properly on time I think it'll be an interesting experience to write a fantasy novel of sorts.
  11. I did it one year (I think that was two years ago) but I got stuck in the middle of the story. This year I haven't prepared anything and I don't think I have the inspiration to do it, so I won't jump on it this time. Maybe next year. I'd rather try to get back into my roleplaying habits this November :9
  12. My first time this year! Hopefully I won't get myself swamped by my schedule, though I already have two exams in the first week of November, so this is going to be good~ I have thought of joining for years now, but always chickened out when life got (too) busy. Whoever said that November is the least busiest month was lying.

    In any case, my genre this year shall be; psychological.

    Best thing yet, I already practised by writing a 4k essay in two/three days. :D I think I'm good to go.
  13. The one time I tried nanowrimo, the third day I already knew it was gonna be nothing but stress and doing something I would no longer enjoy because it would be forced.

    And then I quit.
  14. I keep on trying it year after year and I never get very far with it. I don't work well with rigid word count per day requirements, and every time I've started a thing for NaNoWriMo I end up getting way behind and then just giving up on it. This year I was like "nah, fuck it, I'm not gonna bother even trying..."

    But then early this morning at work I looked at the calendar, remembered NaNoWriMo, and started getting ideas. I'm gonna try and probably fail again, but fuck it, I'll have fun until the inevitable occurs.
  15. I am going to try this year, however, this time I am not aiming for 50k words. I am going to try and complete my story.

    ... See you at the graveyard. So long.
  16. I've started my writing challenge for the Write a Novel November competition and was just curious if anyone else is also writing for it this year? Or perhaps you were gonna but are not now? Iunno just wanna chat mostly ^.^ I posted the first 2421 words in my latest blog though if anyone wants to read it.
  17. Participating for the first time this year c: Should be fun and hopefully not stressful.
  18. My husband has been telling me that I should write a novel. I've had a few partners tell me that I should as well. I'm tempted to, but self-criticism is a bitch, and every time I start writing I end up deleting it and saying screw it!

    One year I might get the guts to write, but this is not the year.

  20. Its day 4 and I only have 1,170 words. Asdfgjk What means words!?! WOOOOOORDS!!!!
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