NanoTech Warfare

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  1. This RP will redefine the mech and War genres! (At least that's what I think.) This is a war that is not fought between other country's, but by other companies. Mega Corporations, corporations that hold near monopolistic over a market. These have been popping up around the world for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, such corporations are extremely greedy, wanting to extend there control over more and more markets.

    5 years into the predicament, one scientist, can up with NanoTech. NanoTech is a small but select company that supplys and distributed Nano technology. Theses Nano bots are small enough to crawl on the human eye and not be felt or seen. Multiple can be controlled at once. By injecting a small biotechnological membrain into the arm that hold the Nano bots. This membrane become a part of the body, the membrane gains access to the electrical messages sent by the brain, and uses it to communicate with the Nano bots. These messages allow you to control the bots like you could your own limbs.

    These Nano bots are used for corporate warfare. By planting the Nano bots onto a target, you can remotely control them and lead them into the body. By destroying the brain stem you could kill, or by destroying and re constructing parts of the nervous system, you can recreate memories. Unfortunately companies my have the same target. So you will have to use you Nano bot to fight against them in the brain of the target.

    You will be a recruit in a company that gives Nanos to its agents and are hired by company's to attack targets. You will be given missions to attack targets, watch them or take things from them.

    There is a really watered down explanation of the concept but I'll tell more in the OOC and through questions. So you interested?
    (Sorry if there is any grammatical errors, made this quick!
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