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  1. I will warn you now i'm probably not going to write in any specific order XD i'm just writing what comes to mind at the time.
    Phoenix Phantasy

    Fia's cries were horrible. Reverberating through the mountains, the pain in them so prevelant, the whole forest seemed to be crying with her. She screamed and screamed, what had she done? How could she have done it?! It replayed over and over in her head, she'd killed her friend. She hadn't meant to, she didn't even know that she'd had the power to do so, but she did. She stood over the charred remains of the person she once knew as Mia. What would she do? Her other friend was also there, looking at her like the monster she was. She was after all a phoenix, and apparently a phoenix who's power's were stronger than she'd remembered. She only meant to show her friends what she really was. But, she failed to realize that her transformation could seriously hurt people. She had asked her friends to stand a decent way back, and they had but, something happened and Mia got to close, and scortched to death screaming. The sound of her friends wails still rang in her ears. Like rabid dogs, it tore at her soul.

    "Racheal...I..." Fia started to walk over to her other friend. "P..please," tears were coming to her eyes, "I... I didn't mean to.. I... she just... it wasn't on purpose, I shouldn't have..."

    "Stop...." Racheal's voice came so low and quiet, Fia doubted she'd heard it, but Racheal's next call came loud and clear, "Stop! Don't come near me! Y..You FREAK. Mythical being or not! That is not okay! Don't tell me you didn't know that would happen, y..you even.. you told us... to.." Racheal, choked on her words as she realized that Fia most likely hadn't known. That was why she'd asked them to stand so far away.

    "Racheal...." Fia started again, but she was stopped by an aggrivated scream that her friend gave.

    "WHY! Why Mia.... jus... just.. why.." sobbing into her hands was all Racheal could do.
  2. He was gone forever, she would never see him again. She needed him more than she knew. The moment he was gon, she felt it, she hadn't known what the feeling had meant at that moment, but she knew now. The love they'd had, would never be reborn within her. At least that was what she felt. He was dead and she would never feel love again, like she had with him. Even in her past lives she had never had a love quite like this one.

    She woke up every morning wishing she could die. But it wasn't possible. She was a mythical being, a creature of lore, in the form of a human. She was, indeed, a phoenix. The ledgendary bird of fire. And she would never forget this love that she'd had with her this man. His name was Oliver Williams, and he had taken her heart at first sight.

    She called herself Fia,italian for fire, she meant to hint at her true nature. But she aldo said that it was short for Sofia, which means wisdom. She didn't feel wise, not ever, but she liked the sense of normalcy the idea of having a nickname gave her. And she could remember vividly, the way he said her name so lovingly, like he could emrace it. It melted her already hot heart.

    When they met eachother, it started off slow, but there was never a time when she couldn't remember being with him. They were together as much as possible, talking about absolutely nothing, just spending time together and enjoying eachother's company. Sure she had loved before, in her previouis lives. But she'd never felt so connected with someone before she met Oliver. It felt like he'd known her, he knew her even before they'd met. But she couldn't put her finger on the reason why.
  3. One thing that should be known about the phoenix race as a whole is that not only are they dying out, but that they have handlers. How else could they meld so perfectly into society. These handlers don't really have a special name, they are just The Handlers, and they take care of each rebith of a phoenix. From the death of one life to the start of another, the Handler's do what they need to make everything go smoothly... phoenix children very rarely end up orphans as children. They can't even take bird form in their infant years, it's a saftey mechanism, to ensure their survival in the human world.

    Sadly though less and less handlers are available each year, the belief that phoenix's are real is dying, and none of them have any idea how to fix the problem, because showing themselves, letting humans see the reality, could end in disaster. Many human's don't want to know what really is true about their world. They just want to go about living their lives... acting as if what they can't see can't be real, but what about bacteria and such, they believe in those things and they can't be seen by the naked eye.

    All creatures have some sort of flaw, even human, even phoenix, but it's how these creature's decide to live with these flaws that define them.
  4. Fia sat there, her feet hanging off the balcony, the stars so bright in this area, it was amazing to her how different it was out here in the mountain's compared to in the city. Tear's were welling up in her eyes, unable to stop herself from thinking about Oscar, she never could, and she didn't know how this expedition to the world of nature was going to help her any but give her more time to think about him, which would make it worse.

    So why did Mia and Racheal really bring her out here? Had it gotten so bad that they were tired of seeing her like that? She knew that they were trying to cheer her up but she couldn't really put a finger on how she could do that. Cheer up. It seemed to be the thing furthest from her reach, happiness. And it had already been a year since she'd lost Oscar. How empty had she looked for all that time? Like a lost puppy, without a toy, and an injured leg. Probably even worse than that.

    Fia swayed her legs back and forth, letting herself feel as free as possible in her human form. She hadn't changed into her bird form for years and she was starting to feel cramped, and stuck all the time. Like the lock that kept her human was rusting over and clamping its self shut tight. She might have even forgoten how to if she didn't have her memories from the past intruding on her when she didn't want them to.
  5. Though she felt cramped, she didn't really want to change forms, she didn't know what would happen since it had been so long. She'd grown used to her human form anyways.. she probably would have a hard time flying and such if she tried to change forms now and just take off. She was used to her human form, that was a weird thought for Fia. Of course she'd get the hang of it, but to go so far as to be used to it. It was strange as she compared it the feeling to her pasts. This generation had made it harder for her to change form, not that it hadn't been hard in other generations but, in these years, it was almost impossible to find a quiet and secluded place that was open and wide where she could change form and fly freely in the first place.

    Fia swung her feet back over the rail and stood on the balcony's floor, breathing in the outside air. It was so, seductive to her, calling her out, really making her want to change form. And they were in a lodge that was hanging off the side of a mountain, there was at least a little bit of a drop until there was land, she could... no, she wouldn't do it. She had her friends to think about, Mia and Racheal would be worried about her. They might even go out to look for her for fear of Fia doing something to herself. Not that Fia would do that, she couldn't really anyway, most phoenix very rarely die of anything but old age and come back normally. Though it isn't impossible to die of other causes, it is very hard to kill them by 'normal' means.

    Phoenix don't normally get sick from any human illness, like the chicken pox, or something as serious as cancer. So they can't die from what they call having a weak body. But there are illnesses that phoenix can get, and though they are rare they are very deadly. Firefever is one of the worst, it is an almost instantaneous fever. It will take over a body and like spontaneous combustion or a heart attack, they die right then. It is very rare that these victims reincarnate. They have lived as many lives as their soul can take in most cases. Unless they have a strong worldly attachment, nothing can save them.
  6. (death scene redone)
    Fia and Mia were just running around in the back woods, playing having fun, laughing and running, and Racheal was cafrefully fallowing behind them at a slightly slower pace with no worry as they doubling back sometimes. For once this whole trip Fia wasn't really thinking about Oliver. She was happy she was here, she felt more free than ever, it was like she was where she was supposed to be finally. The forest, so green with spring in the air. Everything buzzing with life. The little brook they ran next to babbling as a child would.

    Fia's long hair whipped around as she ran, laughing as she chased her friend. It was such a wonderful and bright day, the sun shining through the tree's, feeding their bodies with warmth. Everything seemed serene, quiet, and vibrant. As if everything was full of energy and it was feeding it to them through symbiosis or something.

    But then she felt something in the forest shift. She hadn't been paying attention, but now she felt in full on. Something bad was close by. But she didn't think it was a living creature. No she felt it was a place, and they were running right towards it. Her breath hitched when she saw it with her bird vision just a moment to late.

    "MIA!!!!" she yelled desperately, sprinting as fast as she could, but she couldn't make it. It all happened in seconds, but it felt like ages. Her friend, Mia, had not been paying attention to what was in front of her, looking back to Fia, still giggling, not feeling the danger, and ran right to it.

    V1. Mia had run straight for a cliff. Mia hearing the warning in Fia's voice, and looked foreward. But it really was to late. She couldn't stop herself fast enough. The cliffs edge was too near, and her screaming cry for help, couldn't save her. She went right over the edge, legs and arms flailing. The sight of it made the horror of hit choke Fia, fear and sadness balling up in her throat. Her scream an eagle cry of sorrow against Mia's scream of terror, ringing out into a melodious sadness.

    She wanted to do it, she wanted to change right now, but she didn't know if she could even safely do it and save her friend in the state she was in. Besides it was all happening to fast. By the time she thought of every possible outcome it would be over. Her friend, Mia, would be gone, and it was all her fault. If she had just noticed earlier!.

    When Racheal finally caught up, she was confused at first and asking questions, "What happened? Why was there screaming?" she gasped, and then she looked around, "H...hey? Where's Mia? Fia, WHERE IS SHE?!" she started to get frantic when Fia didn't respond. "FIA!"

    Fia let out a sob, "I'm so... so sorry.. I.. I couldn't stop her Racheal... I just.. I couldn't reach her in time." She cried into her hands, "it's all my fault, I should have realized sooner... How could I have let this happen?!" Shaking with her whole body, heat was coming off of her. She was angry at herself. She was sad that her friend was gone, and she felt horrible that Racheal had to loose someone too.

    Racheal had been staring at her in disbelief. She looked over at the edge of the cliff and back at Fia again. Getting up and walking over to it, she bent over and picked something up off the ground. Finally, a sob came from the woman, the realization of the reality of what had just happened. She had just lost a life long friend, and she couldn't even burry her. But was it really Fia's fault. It wasn't like she'd pushed her. Racheal had been close enough to Fia to see her, but she couldn't see Mia and her fall.

    This didn't feel real to either of them, it was like something out of a horror movie, something they thought would never happen to them. How were they going to explain it to her folks back home? How were they gonna get her body? Why did she have to die like this? It was so sudden, and they didn't know what to do. Should they call the police? Of course they should, but, how long would it take them to get there... and how would they get here? Fia looked around, and found that she was on a dirt road at the edge of the forest, of course, a deadly road for those who wish to pass through.

    Fia grabbed her phone anyways, amazingly, she had a signal. Dialing the apropriate numbers, she waited to get through to the police station. A male voice entered through the speaker, "911, what is your emergency?"

    "I just witnessed a death," Fia's voice shook violently, "I... I'm not exactly sure where I'm at..."

    "Are you all right mam? Are you hurt?" The male asked.

    For some reason this angered Fia, "No I'm not alright! But I'm not hurt! I'm here at the edge of a cliff! Staring into the abyss that my friend just fell into! Would you be okay?! I believe not! Now do that tracking buisiness on my phone so you can find us in the freaking mountains!" And then she broke into sobs again, and Racheal pulled herself close to Fia, wraping her arms around Fia like a protective blanket. Fia and Racheal needed eachother, if one hadn't been there, the other might have done something to themselves that wasn't the right thing to do.

    "Alright mam, we'll find you, please stay on the line, and talk to me. How about we try and have a small conversation. Is anyone else with you?"

    "Yes," Fia sniffled, "Yes, one other person is here with me."

    "Alright, good, stay close to eachother. Now, my name is Davion, What is yours?"

    "Fia... Fia is my name. It's short for Sofia." She said automatically. She was letting herself go to autopilot. That was the answer she gave to most people when they asked for her name.

    "Fia, that's a wonderful name, are you staying in any lodgings near the area."

    "Yes we are." There was a pause between them.

    "Mind telling me where that is?"

    "Oh, the Maple Cottage."


    "Yeah, why?"

    "Miss, we know how to find you now, I will send a man named Marcus out to get you alright?"

    "What about my friend."

    "The dead one?"

    "Y....eah.." his words stung her ears with displeasingness and pain.

    "I'm not sure. We'll proabably find a safer way down into it and get her."

    "Okay.." She whispered. The man hung up. She cried and cried, her face puffy and red, just like Racheal's was, by the time this policeman named Marcus came to them.
  7. They heard the car long before they saw it. The echo from the canyon making it seem so much closer than it was. But they stayed where they were in the road, they couldn't move in the first place. The shock was still with them, though the tears had gone out of them. They breathed out of sync with each other, trying to keep themselves from going crazy with the grief and sadness.

    When the guy got there, he'd slowed down considerably even before he'd seen them so that he could watch for them. When they appeared in his path, he was easily able to break without a problem. This was about the time when Fia started to feel a buzz in the air. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was a familiar feeling. Calming and comforting almost, like she'd felt it before. When the man came out of the car she was overwhelmed by this feeling of warmth, strength and serenity. His black hair and his ice blue eyes, seeming to symbolize the hottest of fires in the darkest of nights. She found herself trying to catch her breath as she watched him walk toward her. Then she noticed him pause and have to do the same thing as they locked eyes. Something between them was connecting them together.

    Racheal looked at both her friend and this new person. Something was clicking between them, she could tell that, but what, she had no clue. It was weird to her, this vision of her friend finally looking at another guy like they ment something to her in some way, it was like a miracle out of the worst thing possible.

    When Fia finally got herself back together, she could still feel the hum in the air. It made her slightly uncomfortable. What was that? Was it coming from this man? Or was there something she was over looking? She looked at the ground and wiped at her still slightly wet eyes.

    The man however kept on looking at her, and stepped forward As he got to her, he held out his hand to help her up. "Are you the one who called about the... friend who.. fell off a cliff?" he asked as he chose his words carefully. He let her vision fill his icy blue eyes, as he had assessed how to talk to her at this moment. He could tell that she was not okay, but he didn't quite know how to deal with it. This was the first time he'd dealt with something like this, but since everyone else at the station was busy, he'd had to take this call.

    They both surprised themselves when their eye's meet for a second time. A fire flew through both of them, causing them to shiver. Fia opened her mouth to speak, "I... I am.." She let out. That was all she could get out without feeling like her lungs and heart were on fire. What in the world was going on?! It was like they had altered space and time by meeting each other. It felt so wrong and yet so right to be right next to this guy. She gave him her hand and practically jumped, no one had felt this warm to her before, most human's were way colder than her. People often though she was sick. She opened her mouth again, "Are you... Marcus?"

    When she gave him her hand, he was surprised, he thought she would feel colder. More like any other human. He didn't think this would have been like this. It was like she was calling to him through her skin. He nodded, "Yes, I am Markus. You must be Fia then." he said as he helped her up. He gave her a gentlemanly smiled, "I'm here to escort you two back to your cabin, the rest of my team is on the way, they'll take care your friend."

    "But..." Fia started to object and then Racheal tapped her elbow. Fia turned to her friend who was shaking her head no, telling her not to do it. Saying without words that they should just accept the mans offer, they'd been through enough for one day, and they probably couldn't take much more. Fia nodded back at her friend, signifying that she understood. "Okay," she complied as she turned back to the man who still had her hand for some reason, "yeah, we'll come back with you."