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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
What does your user name mean?

Where did you get the idea?

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I like the month of October cause of the change of weather, transitioning into the colder months. And Knight cause I am strong and valiant!

What say YOU!?
I was in fourth of fifth grade when I decided that Diana was my "true name". All while being a kid I hated being called by my middle name. It didn't feel like my name. So I was always trying out new ones. Diana was the one that stuck. >>; Now everyone BUT my family calls me Diana.

As for Notacat. ... XD I logged in to a sailor moon chat as Diana. Everyone in the chat thought I was Diana the cat from the series. Every day I would "I AM NOT A CAT." Until finally I tacked Notacat to my name, hoping they would get the hint.

Thus, I became Diana Notacat and have so been for many many many years.
It was supposed to mean something along the lines of nemo, who knows, anonymous.
It means wolf in Japanese. For as long as I can remember I have loved wolves and Japanese culture. The first time I signed up for something that required a screen name I immediately thought "how do you say wolf in Japanese?" I found out and it stuck. Many people believe I got the name from the game Okami. I actually have been using the name long before the game was released.
BoredAsUsual is a common username of mine. It use to be...PixiePrincess. Dx But! I grew out of that and realized that I say I'm bored a lot. So I'm Bored...As Usual. :D Though most people call me BAU.
I was totally depressed and feeling alone and forgotten so just randomly decided to be all emo and make a depressing name!

No kidding. On a serious note, I can't remember the exact origins of why I came up with the name 4got10angl. I think I was just playing around with silly word/number combos and just came up with it. Sorta stuck....
Well my name isn't so creative.... My name here is, well, my birth-name :P My mum had always wanted one of her (six) kids to have a neat name so I got Toria xD

There is a running joke with my family that my name is really "Toria-Victoria-No-Toria".
Me: My name's Toria
Person: Victoria?
Me: .... No, Toria

Herp derp :P
Lycan Queen named me a long time ago. Oldies like myself remember her well, I'm sure.

Anyway, my name on Iwaku was Umbreon for a while. Yes, the Pokemon. One day in an MSN convo, she "captured me" and declared my name to be Fluffy. I liked that so much that I changed my Iwaku name to Fluffy. I intended it to be a joke just to make her laugh, I was going to change it back, but the name ended up sticking. :] I love it very much.
That's really cute, Fluffles. :3

I signed up for Iwaku long ago under a different name, Reimei Tenshi, my common handle before "Kitti", but it just didn't seem to fit quite as well.
Around the same time, my friend used to joke with me and call me Kitti, which was short for a dirty joke he was making.
And so I switched to being called Kitti. Now everyone I know calls me Kitti o__o
I got the name from the book series The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Cotillion was once a human assassin named Dancer, he and the eventual Emperor of the Malazan overthrew the rulers of Malaz Island, and formed the Malazan Empire. Eventually, both of them were betrayed and killed, and instead of dying completely, they both ascended and became gods. That's when Dancer became known as Cotillion, or the Rope, and he was turned in to the Patron of Assassins. In the first book he possesses a little girl in an attempt to get revenge on the person who killed him and the Emperor, who is now the Empress of the Malazan Empire. That series is phenomenal, and is absolutely worth reading if you like fantasy with rich worlds, completely different cultures that aren't your typical Orc/Human/Elf type stuff, and all that jazz.

The reason I picked Cotillion was because he just seemed like a total badass. Plus I think assassins are kick ass.

I must mention that for a long time, I kept coming up with completely new usernames for any games I was in or forums that I was a part of, but it wasn't until I got here that Cotillion actually stuck with me, and I've been using it ever since.
About 3 years ago, I started a GURPs campaign with a few friends, that mutated and evolved into something grander scale than I had ever imagined. I'd created entire societies, planetary systems, cultures, technologies, histories and mythos surrounding it. It became it's own universe. That campaign sort of identified me creatively, but it was so expansive that it was hard to really come up with a good name for it. The stories it created became the source for a lot of inside jokes and little quotes for me and my friends to this day.

When asked what I would call it, I merely called it the 'dougverse'.

so I sort of identify that name with me RPing
Basically, When I was little I had the decision to pick a preferred name to use outside of my family, meh I dunno why, But I picked Schuylar (obviously I wasn't that young) I was pretty interested wwith the sky at that point so I've been nicknamed Skye Ever since And there for the user name
In the fourth grade I had aspired to become a writer. I was thinking about a story I wanted to write then it came to me. The name Kuroshimodo sounded too cool for me to have it belong to a character. So I adopted the name as my proposed pen name and now it has pretty much become my alias. Of course the sound of my pen name sounding Japanese was a big plus even though that when translated into Japanese its meaning is plain gibberish. But yeah, that's pretty much the story behind by username.