Naming Ourselves

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    If there were no "traditional" names bestowed at birth, if there were no names given without meaning, Andrews and Jessicas, what name do you think you would have?

    This scenario will sometimes happen with children who grow up without parental figures. They take names of animals that they resemble or share traits with, traits that they show, that type of thing (if that helps clarify what I'm asking).
  2. A good question, if I am understanding it correctly. I am upset, however. I am a guy and I have a name that suits a woman more. The name may be gender neutral but if you don't mind id like to say this name.

    I think a name that describes me well is Pandora. I could explain in detail but for anyone who does not know of Pandora's box, I can sum it up with how it relates to me. I am sometimes very hard to get to open up. I have built up emotions from years upon years, as do many. I am not good with releasing it. I can put a face on easily. I don't mean to sound like a pity party. What Im trying to say is when people have opened me up, my closest friends, we have stamped our friendship card forever. I suppose I sound rather arrogant. I don't feel like I have awesome characteristics, it's just I am hard to open, but I think you'll like what you find. :)
  3. I'd be Beyoncé Padthai.
  4. I grew up feeling like my given name was not me. Even as a wee tiny little kid I would keep picking out random names to call myself seeing what name fit the best! In 4th grade I landed on Diana, and my name has been Diana ever since. :D
  5. I'd be fine if I were named Zen actually. But when I was little I wanted to be called Crystal. Looking back on it now, I have no idea why I wanted that name. O.o It doesn't quite suit me. My full name is Jennifer, but I shorten it to Jenn. It... Kinda feels like my name? Kinda. I've always been really iffy about how common the name Jennifer is.
  6. I'm actually just recently coming to a point where my first name means something to me.

    For a very long time I went by my last because the first just didn't sit well. It belonged to someone else, someone important. It didn't flow off the tongue. It didn't feel like mine.

    As a result I went by my last name. This happened fur a bunch of reasons but the biggest of which happened to be the nature of the job and the fact that nametapes were worn with it in bold letters on your chest so people couldn't forget it. I can remember one of the first exchanges I had when I showed up in that uniform.

    "(name) I remember a (name). He was a shitbag. You're not a shitbag are you?" he told me looking for some semblance of a reaction.

    Sure proved his ass wrong. Proved a lot of people wrong along the way that held to a similar sentiment.

    In this world, we are remembered not by our motivations, or our trials, but by our deeds. Our name in turn becomes a symbol of sorts for those around us to bind those deeds to a word. Some of you might find that silly, but I don't. I think of a name of a friend or headache and instantly I associate it with the characteristics of that person. If they're reliable, if they're toxic to be around, if they brighten the world around them or bring people down with depressive tendencies. All of these go hand in hand with every John, Mark, Luke and Becky.

    So to answer your question, I don't think I'd change my name because it means something to me. When it all comes down to it, I don't think anyone should choose what other people call them. After all, it's used by other people often more than it is by you.
  7. I want to be Flex Iron...yeahhhhhhhhhh.
  8. I'd want to be moonchild, like from The Never Ending Story. That book/movie was a big part of growing up for me.
  9. This is actually a good question, and it's something I've never considered.
    Though, I've always been fond of the name Jade.
  10. I love my name, but in a situation like the one presented, I would probably end up with a name like Star or Lucy. Something light and mysterious and yet full of hope. The kind of person I would like to be.
  11. I seriously would like to be able to choose the name Cosmic Orion. No joke, completely serious. That would be a cool name to have in real life.
  12. I was always a grouch about my name, but as I've aged I've come to appreciate it more. There's a lot of strong, emotional meaning behind the reasons my parents chose the first and middle names that they did. Also, I've come to make a real connection with it. I could scribe stories of my life based on the meanings of my full name. :] I wouldn't ever want to change it.

    I've always loved the name Valkyrie, though.
  13. Considering almost every single Amber I've come across is either:

    A) a total bitch
    B) a total moron
    C) a total slut

    Yeah... I hate my name. The only thing I like about it is that I share it with Maggie-sis :) So ANYTHING other than Amber would be awesome. I was also teased a lot as a kid for having that name, once the kids learned what amber is. But since this is about what name I would want, not what name I wouldn't, I guess the name that suits me most would be....


    Because I'm like the moon, who goes through different phases and affects the tide. I'm very moody. Most of you know that I struggle with depression so I have times where I swing from one end of the emotion scale to the other. It bothers me that my mood swings affect the people around me just like the moon directs the waters. But one thing I really love about it is that when I'm in a good mood, I tend to lift everyone else's spirits too. ^_^
  14. an interesting question indeed and One I've been thinking about of late. For me, my name holds no attachment, because the person who hold my "real" name exists only as a mask. My personality has developed more under my User name than it ever has under my real name. I feel like I'm lieing when I use my real name, almost as if I'm impersonating someone. sad thing is I made that mask for my parents and it's far too late to take it off.

    so personally, if I could choose a new name it would be Ryexander simply because then I could stop pretending.
  15. No, this seems to me like a thing to do only to get attention from someone you have a difficult relationship with.

    I never had any deep thoughts about my name, only that it was old fashioned.....of the heathen religion, and well, I like it.
    To me, adressing someone by their first name is something you only do if you do not know the person very well, but you know their name and want to get their attention for some purpose. Or someone is calling/shouting/ranting at you.

    But, if I were to have some very generic name, like Mark or Kelly(which can be applied to both genders), then maybe I would. I'm very sceptic to changing my name to something based on a fantasy universe though.

    Like Cosmic Orion *cough* or Yue, or Valkyrie. How do you know how it will feel to officially go by such an "exotic" name? Not today, not tomorrow, but ten-fifteen years from now. What if it doesn't turn out to be such an awesome idea? Will you change it to something else, or will you change it back?

    If we're just talking about telling people you would like them to adress you by 'so and so' in oral life, and not to actually legally change your name in...whatever register they use [IN YOUR REGION], then....JUST GO AHEAD, I've personally been adressed by my surname or nicknames for the most of my life rather than my first name.
  16. [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION]
    One of my best friend's name is Amber, and she's awesome!

    But if I had to pick a name for myself... my first and middle names are both very stereotypical and normal. I'd probably be Scathach though. I love the name, it reflects on my heritage, it's my user, the one I've grown to be myself under, and I'm a lot like her. A warrior in both body and mind.
  17. Max Powers

    I'd probably be something water related.
    Placid and uninteresting at first, yes.
    But delve into my depths, and you'll see what I really am - dark, grim, deadly, and only out there for myself.

    Either that, or I'd be be Herman.
    Because hermits.
  18. Fantastic question, and I wish I had a better answer! My mother joked that she would name me Petunia if one more person asked if she had picked a name, and I really wouldn't have put it past her to do so. O~O With how I loved dress up and Disney, I'd probably have ended up as Princess Bunnyfluff or something. Maybe Princess Petunia xD
  19. I really have no idea what I could name myself, because there are many wonderful names out there. I think I would choose something from Greek Mythology though, as it always has been one of my passions, and even from there, I would most likely choose Odysseus. But then perhaps I would probably be more like Tiresias, who could see the future, but he was blinded to the everyday things in exchange for that. Maybe I would choose a combination of both, as they seem to describe me fairly accurately through their context.