Names Len and I'm ready to party!

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  1. Just like the title suggests, my name is Len and I'm here to party!!.

    I've been on this site before but I was too busy to keep up with it (sorry to all my rp partners to who I just disappeared on.). But now I'm back with a vengeance! Hahah ok not really. But am I here so thats a thing.

    So hit me up anytime and start this party with me. :)
  2. Welcome back Len! Need any help, hit me up (sanity not included)
  3. (You mean I can't buy sanity from you? What about rare items or potions?)
  4. Of course you can. It was a forewarning.
  5. Those are always appreciated.
  6. Welcome to the crazy place, we the plot bunnies inhabit and call IWAKU.

    We gave it an I because we love imagination
    We gave it a W because it takes a lot of work and Wisdom to make a game!
    We also gave it an A for the admiration and the adventures we, role players get into.
    We add a lil' K for the knowledge and our kind members that sprawl about on this forum.
    And we gave it a U.... for USAGI (Bunnies) and it makes us URESHI (Happy) to see you join as a new member~!

    So I welcome you to I. W. A. K. U~!
    The place to imagine, wonder, admire, kiss and uncover new discoveries.
    We also have super houses and opera shows.

    And I hope you enjoy your awesome stay here~!
  7. Welcome back! Can the party gave glowsticks?
  8. Welcome back Len and it's good to party with Iwaku! Have a blast :D