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    With the scorching heat of the sun bearing down upon him, River could only curse his luck as he trudged
    along with his 'group' - if it could even be called that. It was a small group of 4, himself included, that had wound up sticking together after a particularly dangerous encounter in the Bronx. River knew he was lucky to have gotten away the way he had, and while he didn't feel particularly 'safe' with his new companions, he knew it was better than nothing.

    Still, he was paranoid. As most in his situation would be; he didn't know these people aside from a brief
    exchange of names, but they were familiar with one another. They were a group - and he was, undoubtedly, the odd man out. Not only was he quite outnumbered, he was also unarmed which also added to his paranoia. Which meant the only thing he could do was trust in the kindness of strangers, and doing that was just begging for trouble.

    "So, where are you guys heading?" He inquired as they cautiously made it down the deserted street,
    though the lack of people didn't necessarily mean they were alone.

    "The Kidd - Safest place that's close by." An older, quite gruff man replied with a grunt. He reminded
    River a lot of his father - angry and old, not much for talking. Though, River could only wonder if the man was as psychotic as his father - that was the real question.

    "Ah, right." River replied and instantly regretted it when one of the other members of the group, a lanky
    man who seemed to be missing half of his teeth, glanced at him and River averted his gaze to the ground. The fact he didn't know they were going to The Kidd let them know too much. The very fact he didn't have even the slightest clue of where they would be heading obviously had to tip them off on the fact he wasn't a local.

    And outsiders travelling alone never fared well.

    "Say, kidth, where ya fromth?" The lanky man asked and River could feel himself getting nervous."The South, righth? You haveth the accenth. My oldth lady was fromth there." The man recounted with a broken smile on his face.

    "Yeah." River replied awkwardly, not even noticing he was speaking with an accent. He had tried so hard, for so long, to not speech with a southern accent, but whenever he got nervous he couldn't concentrate enough to talk 'normal' as his father called it.

    "Not much for words." The last member of the group said. He was the one River was most wary of - not only did he have an entire foot on River, which was impressive considering the teen was around 6'2 the last time he checked, but it was almost like the guy's muscles had muscles.

    Looking to the bulky man, River's eyes automatically drifted to the large trunk-like case the man had hefted on his shoulder. On one hand, River wanted to know what was inside of it, but on the other he knew not minding his own business would be the quickest way to get hurt.

    "Uh, yeah..." River said awkwardly before looking away. The rest of the trip was spent in silence as they focused on reaching their destination and River could only wonder what hell 'The Kidd' even was. Stepping into a building that was barely standing, the group quickly ascended up to the top. Stepping through a door, River was caught off guard when he saw there was a bridge connecting the building to a large ship, the words "U.S.S. Kidd" engraved on the hull of the ship.

    "Is that...?" His words died as he followed them across the bridge.

    "The Kidd. Biggest trading post this side of the Hudson." The older man replied. "It has everything you need - so long as you can afford it. Food, somewhere to sleep. But don't cross the Warden or else you'll find yourself in deep shit." He added and River nodded as they got closer to the ship.

    With his hands in his pockets, River could only walk around like a fish out of water, too overwhelmed by the massive amount of people present to even really catch his bearings. He had, somehow, found himself in the massive marketplace where a majority of the trading was done.

    "What shit have I gotten myself into this time...?" He inquired under his breath.
  2. Trade was such a normal thing to do in society after the war, and people who were born into it knew the trend. You find something that could be of value and it could possibly grant you a few bucks, or even a meal ticket that was more valuable. Treasure Hunters were people who went to different places, in groups or individually, to look for lost goods and sold them, or traded, for other things that they needed. It was done often, but only certain people found the rarest of items in seemingly dangerous areas.

    Amelia had traveled far, going into deserted areas that most people did not usually dig in. She was a crazy young woman who did a lot of trading, and she was quite successful at it. People knew her in this certain area because she always came back from her distant traveling. The Kidd was her home in a way. After leaving her home in what used to be California, she traveled towards the east to establish herself as a Treasure Hunter.

    She walked on in The Kidd, raising her goggles up from her eyes and rested them up on her head. The amount of people was a continuous stream, so this place never had a halt of trades. People traveled to come here, and it was pretty safe than the other trading posts in the area. This is where Amelia came for all of her needs when she was in the area, and the people knew her here.

    "Aye, Amelia, what you got for me today? You always have something good," a man in his late twenties spoke as he saw her walking through. He noticed the messenger bag slung around her shoulder, and then he looked up to her. "You didn't find anything, huh?"

    Amelia rolled her eyes, opening up the flap of her bag and then went through it. She took out a small box, tossing it over to him and he caught it with ease. "Cigarettes. I travel far for your ass to get these. I have more, but those come with a price," she noted. She reached out her hand to him, palm facing up and gave him a look.

    "Yeah, yeah," he grumbled, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his leather wallet (which she had also found for him). After shifting through it, he pulled out a blue card and placed it into the palm of her hand. "You are running me dry, you know that? Shit. I need to get more meal tickets from Bruno because meals are expensive as hell."

    "Oh, shut your mouth, Mak," Amelia told him and pocketed the meal ticket. "I have other stuff to deliver and trade, so catch you later. Stay outta trouble." She gave him a mock salute before she walked away, going into the crowd of people. Usually he was the one telling her to stay out of trouble, but she felt like turning the table today.



    She turned briefly to look back, and then looked ahead as she walked forward to avoid the man who called for her. Her speed picked up as she went into a faster space, pushing people out of her way. At least she said her apologizes as she went, less people she would piss off. Amelia kept going, bumping shoulders with a man that seemed to be her age, but she didn't look up at him fully.

    "Hey! Grab her!" The man shouted to the man who looked like a fish out of water. Amelia cursed under her breath before she broke out into a run, trying to break through the dense crowd.
  3. River had still been at a standstill as he just stood awkwardly, watching people go about as if everything was normal. But, to him, it was just so strange. It was as if everyone was permanently talking over one another while understanding what the other was saying. It was just so... Alien, to him. But then he realized this must have been their every day lives, so they probably adjusted to it. Hell, to them, this was probably the most normal part of their lives.

    Then, he heard the sounds of a commotion. It was different from everyone attempting to trade their wares due to the fact there was a sudden uptick in cursing and he noticed people starting to part like a sea. Then, he saw the cause of it - a girl shoving her way through the crowd and he could just barely make out the sight of someone chasing after her.

    'Could this please not happen?' He inquired mentally as the girl bumped into him and their her pursuer immediately ordered him to grab her. 'Please God, no. I don't want to get caught up in this.' But, as if his feet were swift to get him into some mess that wasn't his business, he ran after the girl.

    "I'm stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." He repeated to himself as he attempted to keep up with the girl as he shouldered his way through the crowd. Yeah, he was regretting leaving New Orleans... Okay, maybe he wasn't but he was doing the one thing he ran away from - following orders.
  4. Amelia was running to stay away from the thugs who were trying to go after her. It was her fault that this was happening, but she never thought that she would get caught in the process. In a way she deserved to be chased for what she had done. Stealing from someone else was one of the things that a few people did. It was a life choice to be a thief, and normally she was a good one who left without a trace. She didn't know who she stole from when it was happening, but now she knew she stole from someone that she wasn't supposed to steal from. Oops. People made mistakes.

    For a second she looked over her shoulder, seeing that same boy chasing after her. He didn't look like he belonged in that group of thugs, and he was probably only doing it to get something out of it. At least that is what she thought. To be honest, he wasn't doing himself any favor. She looked ahead as she weaved through the crowd, some of them yelled for her to watch where she was going or yelling at her in a foreign language that she didn't understand. All she could do was yell out apologies as she ran by.

    Turning a corner, she ran into someone that made her fall back to the ground. "Damn it," she cursed to herself, lying on her back in a slight daze because of how hard the impact was. The ground wasn't exactly soft, and the guy she ran into was twice her size in muscle mass. "Sorry, I should watch where I am going," she apologized, sitting up to rub her back and before she could look up, she was hauled to her feet as the man pulled her up by the arm. "Hey! Has anyone told you not to put your hands on a lady?!"

    "Shut your mouth, Amelia, you can't pull that card if you are going around and stealing from people," the man told her, holding her arm tightly, twisting behind her back. "No one is going to save you now, girl." Amelia knew she was in trouble. She has never been caught, and she had to think of something quick. There was no chance that she could get away from this man because of his size.
  5. River always found himself easily offended whenever his father insulted his intelligence, so how ironic that now he was the one insulting his own intelligence. Any sane person would have just stayed out of things; any sane person would have just minded their own Goddamn business. But not River - no, he had to involve himself in matters that didn't concern him.

    Sliding to a stop when the girl ran into someone and fell back, River huffed as he struggled to catch his breath. He barely paid any attention as words were exchanged between the two, the larger man seemingly not amused by the girl's cheeky remarks.

    'This isn't any of your business, River. Walk away.' He ordered himself mentally. 'Rule 1 of Survival - Don't be stupid. You're not that stupid, are you, River?' He began a discussion with himself mentally as he swung and metal met bone, the metal rod colliding with the back of the larger man's head who crumbled to the ground in return.

    He didn't know why he grabbed the metal pipe, and he sure as hell didn't know why he swung it at the girl's assailant. Any smart person would have just walked the hell away - distanced themselves from the situation.

    "Apparently I'm that stupid." He breathed out as his hands shook, still holding onto the pipe as he stared at the unconscious man. "Why am I so stupid?" River inquired to no one in particular as he began to consider just how much he had messed up. Outsiders don't get involved in the business of natives, no. That was suicide.

    But River was really stupid.
  6. Amelia was actually afraid of what the man would do. If she was turned in, she could have been roughed up and be taught a lesson. The laws of everything changed once the war ended, and everyone just did whatever they wanted within the reason of the area that they were in. Being on The Kidd was just free reign to do whatever people wanted. That fact was the reason why she was scared, and she didn't know how to handle it quite well. She chose this life, she had to repeat that line in her head.

    As soon as she was about to say something, she heard the clang of metal hitting against a skull, and soon she was freed. For a moment she stood there stunned, trying to register everything that was happening. She looked, seeing that boy who had been chasing her earlier. Did he have a change of heart? There had to be a reason why he saved her.

    "Thanks," she told him, looking at the unconscious man on the ground and looked up at her savior. "You didn't have to do that, you know, but I am truly grateful." She gave him a brief smile before she heard shouts, which made her frown quickly. They were still coming for her, and now her savior was an accomplice. All of this wasn't good. Not good at all.

    "Keep the rod, and come with me," she said quickly, "If you want to survive all of this, just come with me without any hesitation." As soon as she finished, she started heading off in a quick walking pace.
  7. Letting out a shuddered breath, River rubbed his face as he attempted to think things over. Returning his attention to the girl, his mind struggled to comprehend her words. She was thanking him - that was a first. He was half-expecting a 'mind your own business'. Maybe not everyone was rude. And violent. And crazy.

    Oh boy, and deeper down the rabbit hole he went. If there was any hope of him not getting even more caught up in something that wasn't his business, that hope was effectively dashed as his grip on the pipe tightened and he walked after her, attempting to keep up with her.

    "River. I'm River. My name. River." He spoke nervously, struggling to focus. "Where are we going?"
  8. "River, huh? Nice to meet you," Amelia spoke, going along the path and leading him through the narrow halls. "I am Amelia, if you haven't guessed already by all the people yelling out for me. I am guiding us to safety. Bandits shouldn't steal from other bandits, and I made that mistake."

    Never did she had to worry about someone else, but this River was an accomplice. He helped her get away from that man who was clearly going to turn her in. She was in his debt, and this was her way of repaying him. Making sure that he got out alive. Honestly she could have just left him there, but she felt that she was the responsible one who got him into this situation. He was just a bystander that got pulled into it.

    "Do you always put yourself in danger, or did it just happen?" It was a fair question. Typically no one helped people who classified themselves as bandits, no matter how low they were on the scale. "How old are you? You seem young, considering that younger people don't really know much about what to do when these things happen. Usually people mind their own business, but you put yourself in a slight danger."
  9. Following Amelia down whatever paths she decided were best, River could feel his head swim as he struggled to try and keep track of what turns they made. How anyone could navigate such an immense ship with apparent ease, he'd never know.

    "Uh..." There were so many ways he could answer her first question he didn't even know which would be the most appropriate. "It was... Reflex. " He shrugged awkwardly, not sure if he was supposed to expound on it or just leave it at that. Luckily, he was able to avoid an even more awkward conversation when his age was brought into question.

    "O-Oh, I'm seventeen. Well, for like, another month." He added as he looked around, trying and obviously failing to figure out where they could possibly be going. "And, well, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do. But that's mostly because I'm stupid." He laughed quietly, slowly coming to terms with the fact that he was officially in over his head.

    "So, uh... How old are you, exactly? You don't look much older, honestly."
  10. Amelia had this ship memorized after spending so much time on it. She had explored every different turn, and memorized where everything was. Usually people had to carry around maps to figure out where different things were, but she never had a map. If she got lost she would just retrace her steps to find something that was familiar to her before continuing on. At least she knew where to go and how to lose people if they were trying to find her.

    "Don't call yourself stupid, River. Your mind is subconsciously telling you that need something different," Amelia told him, glancing back over her shoulder to give him a brief smile before looking ahead. It was his subconscious telling him to stop being so ordinary like how her mind was telling her to leave from her home to find adventure.

    She continued walking forward before stopping at a hatch, and she opened it. "I am nineteen, my birthday was actually a week ago. Guess where I spent it? Here, by myself. I never had the luxury of actually celebrating my birthday, but I got used to it." She climbed on the ladder, starting to head down it. "Oh, and in case you are wondering, this is my little section that I share with four other Treasure Hunters. We have an empty bunk, if you are going to stay."
  11. River was surprised at Amelia's light scolding and he couldn't fight against the somewhat bashful smile that made its way onto his face. Self-deprecation was really the only way he knew how to converse with others, and usually those around him were more than happy to agree with his sentiments.

    "I guess..." He mumbled, redirecting his gaze to the floor. River never considered himself the shy-type, even with his overwhelmingly low self-esteem, due to his amiable nature. Yet, here he was, suddenly tongue-tied and unable to properly communicate. He just didn't know how to respond when people were actually... Nice.

    Watching as she opened the hatch, River had to applaud himself. He knew she couldn't have been that much older than him, and her age actually managed to be within his mental ballpark of guesses. Though, River's elation was dashed when she brought up the topic of lonely birthdays. He knew what that was like, but he didn't verbalize his empathy - the last thing he wanted was to turn things into a pity party.

    "Treasure hunters?" He raised an eyebrow as he watched her go down the ladder and he placed the pipe in between his belt and his pants, ensuring it wouldn't get away from him. Waiting until Amelia had gone down a bit further, River started to follow her down, grabbing the hatch and pulling it shut as he slowly began to descend the ladder. "That sounds... Interesting."
  12. Amelia never really took people down the hatch before, and this was for more safety reasons. She knew that this River kid was good, for the most part, especially after saving her earlier. This was one of the parts of the ship that no one really desired to go, and more than most people didn't know it existed because of where it was located. People stayed on the marked paths to not get lost. She only knew of this place because Mak told her, and he was also one of the people who stayed in the space.

    "I am surprised that you don't know of us," she said, looking up at him. She had her feet on solid ground before she removed herself from the ladder. "Treasure hunters are people who go out and explore, collecting trinkets on the way, and returning here to trade for something else. I normally trade with other hunters because we always find something good. Those merchants up there are only trading what we give them, and endless circuit of goods."

    She grinned at him before leading him down the narrow hall, where there was a source of light. "It's a little cramped, but you get used to it after awhile," she mentioned. She motioned him to follow until they reached the bunks. Six bunks on either side of the hall, and at the very end of the hall was where the light was coming from.


    It was a small lantern that was burning a candle. There was only one person in the area in his bunk, a book in his hand. He looked up as he saw the shadows, and then looked back at the pages. "Welcome back, Amelia. I see you got a friend," he commented, flipping a page of his book as he continued to read. "Another hunter?"

    "Far from it," Amelia replied before looking back at River. "Don't worry, everyone is nice."
  13. It wasn't very often that River knew when to keep his mouth shut, but this was one of those times. He doubted it would be very polite to just blurt out that, where he came from, treasure hunters were just marked off as scavengers and not viewed as kindly. Out there, the concept of 'trading' was too much of a hassle, and it was simpler to just take whatever you wanted.

    "Well, I mean, yeah, I know what a treasure hunter is." He said through a laugh, hands in his pockets as he followed her. "Just never really met or talked to one is all." River explained as he looked around, not sure if he was impressed or just surprised by the depth of the ship. Eventually they arrived at the bunks and he placed a hand over his mouth as his eyes focused on one of the mattresses. Ever since he started his little 'journey', he had grown use to sleeping on the ground or whatever else he could find, so the thought of even sleeping on a mattress was quite intimidating.

    "Huh. Oh." He blinked when he realized he was being spoken to and he suddenly became aware that there was someone else present. "Oh. Sorry. I'm River." He introduced himself somewhat awkwardly.
  14. "Nice to meet you, River. I am Jerry, one of the sanest hunters you can meet," the man told him, giving him a nod. "Amelia doesn't normally bring in strangers, and you will come to find that all of us are quite protective over her considering that she is the youngest out of all of us that live here." He looked down at his book again, starting to read. "Make yourself comfortable."

    "Don't let him scare you," Amelia said to River, a small laugh came from her lips. She went to her bunk that was on the bottom right hand, the closest one to the entrance. She reached over, grabbing a candle and grabbed the matchbox to strike up a match to light it up, setting it on the side so she could see. Looking into her messenger bag, she rummaged around to take out a piece of paper and then an object. "I found another broken radio, you think it is worth much?"

    "No," Jerry flat out responded. "Get it to work then you can get something out of it."

    "I wasn't asking you," she said, rolling her eyes and then glanced at River. "What do you think? Should I just junk it?" She showed it to him. It was an old alarm radio that she found. Nothing too fancy, but people went crazy with trading them for collecting purposes. "Oh, if you look at the bunk above mine, I store quite a bit of cool things. You can look if you want, maybe find something useful for you."
  15. 'One of the sanest...' River mentally echoed Jerry's words and he felt himself grow a little anxious on the inside. River was sure Jerry didn't really mean anything buy it, but the teen had developed a few 'issues' in regards to people whose sanity could be questionable at times. River could only hope the rest of the treasure hunters were actually quite normal but Jerry was just extra 'whelmed'.

    "Oh... Uh..." So caught up in his thoughts, he was caught off guard when Amelia spoke to him and showed him the alarm radio. Blinking, he took a closer look at the device while rubbing his chin as if he was putting actual thought into it. "I mean, like that I doubt it'd be worth much, but I could try and fix it. If it's just a few frayed wires, I could probably make it work again." He commented before his eyes drifted to what he could only call 'Amelia's Storage' and his eyes slightly widened at the sight of all the... Stuff, she had.

    "Also, I think I'm gonna be Okay with this pipe." He said as he pulled it from his belt and held it up with slight awkwardness. "Gonna call him Steve." Good ol' Uncle Steve - one of the few people from River's 'old life' that would actually look out for him and keep him away from his father's madness.
  16. Amelia looked down at the radio, letting out a sigh as an indication that she was disappointed with finding a piece of junk. Then she handed it over to River when he mentioned that he could try to fix it. "Here, take it. If you can make it work then you can have the honor of trading it. You can probably get a meal ticket in that case," she told him. Meal tickets were so valuable in this day of age because of how hard it was to get food.

    Eyeing his pipe, she just shrugged her shoulders. "Well, you did save me earlier with it, but I am sure you won't really need it," she said. Surprisingly The Kidd wasn't a violent place as people would think it was. Just being outside of the ship is where the danger lied. Bandits stayed hidden and tried to attack anyone who came by who looked like they had valuables. She had encountered them before, and that almost ended badly. That is when Mak came to turn them away with bribes.

    "Are you hungry anyway?" She looked at him again, and then pulled a blue piece of paper from her back pocket to hand it to him. Then she pulled it back. "I'll trade you something for it."
  17. Perking up a bit when Amelia handed him the radio, a smile made its way onto his face as he took a closer look at the defunct bit of technology. It didn't look too banged up - definitely fixable. So enthralled by the radio, he blinked when she mentioned him not needed the pipe. From what he noticed, The Kidd didn't seem all that violent, at least in comparison to where he came from, but at the same time he liked having Steve around as a back-up plan.

    You can never be too safe, after all.

    "Uh, I guess I could eat..." He mumbled, not really noticing that he was slowly getting hungry. Though, before he could take the extended ticket, she took it back. Trade for the meal ticket? He didn't have... Oh. He fixed the radio, then he traded it to her for the ticket. Was that what she was shooting for? It made sense.

    "I'm not giving you Steve." He blurted out randomly, blinking slowly as he began to comprehend how stupid he sounded. Immediately becoming embarrassed, his eyes practically scanned the area in an attempt to find something settle on while a forced smile made its way onto his face. "Ha... Hah... I-I mean maybe after I fix the radio...?"
  18. Steve.

    Amelia couldn't help but to laugh at the name of the pipe. She never had names for objects, not having a use to name something that she would trade in the future. Then he said something about fixing the radio. "Great, you are learning," she said with an added grin. At least he connected two and two together.

    She lied on her back, tucking her hands beneath her head as she glanced at him. "Take the bunk next to mine," she told him. "Do you plan on The Kidd for long? You can make this place your home as long as you do a few things. You can't really stay here if you aren't a treasure hunter, it's the rule."

    "More like a guideline than anything," Mak mentioned as he stepped inside. He looked at River, giving him a nod. "As long as you trade within our circle we will let you stay. The name's Mak, by the way." He took out a bag of apples from his bag, and then took one, tossing it to Amelia. "These were the last of them in the market. Stolen fresh."

    "It is nice to have a klepto in our group," Amelia said, and then bit into the apple.

    "Here," Mak said, handing an apple to River. "It isn't everyday that we can enjoy apples. I am sure you are aware that fruits are still rare."
  19. "There's some stuff I can figure out." River commented somewhat cheekily, his awkward smile turning into smirk. Sitting on the edge of the bunk Amelia decided would be his, he let his eyes focus on the radio as he slowly began to pry it open. Getting the side off, he glanced over to Amelia when she inquired as to whether or not he'd be staying.

    "Uh... I'm not sure." He admitted as his eyes focused on the inside of the radio and he began to fiddle with some of the cables within. Nothing too bad - a few frayed ends here and there but nothing he couldn't fix. "I've mostly just been moving from place to place for a while now - never really thought about actually stayin' somewhere." He shrugged, suddenly feeling awkward. He realized he'd come across a rare generosity - where he came from, people weren't keen on being friendly, but these people were.

    Still, he knew how quickly people could change.

    "Never really put much thought into treasure huntin' neither, so I guess I'll figure somethin' out." He scratched the back of his head, not really knowing how to discuss such a matter without coming off as rude. Luckily he was saved when Mak entered, but River could feel himself growing even more anxious. So long as he kept within their 'circle'? That brought back unpleasant memories.

    Taking the apple with a 'thank you', River stared at before glancing down at the radio, his gaze eventually going to Mak.

    "I don't... Have anything to... Uh... Actually... Trade." He said with his usual awkwardness as he extended it back towards the man.
  20. Mak rose a brow when River started to hand it back, then he shook his head. "No, it's yours. Trade free," he told him, patting him on his shoulder before giving an apple to Jerry. Jerry was still reading his book, minding his own business like he normally did. "There are two other people who stay with us, but they have been gone for about a week. Most likely traveling and digging up some good finds."

    Amelia bit into her apple again, listening to Mak talk to River. Mak was usually more closed off when it came to new people, so it was out of character for him to treat someone new so nicely. She didn't say anything about it for now just so she didn't make River nervous about it. "I am probably going to head out tomorrow, longer this time. I want to go further southwest," she said.

    "I heard good ol' Orleans has some faint finds. I also heard that the food is amazing down there," Mak commented. He put the apples to the side, leaving it where they can grab it if they wanted one. "Better food than the crap we get here. Crazy to think that before the war they had all the good stuff like pizza and the hot dogs here in New York. I find it hard to believe that there was good food."

    "Especially with the slop we get," Amelia added, and then looked at River. "You try anything good on your travel? Seems like good food is hard to come by."
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