Name my character! >:[

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  1. That's right. You get a slice of the Asmo Pie.

    I can't think of a good name for this dude. He/She is the lord of all things RED.

    Possible names: Ember, Vajrapani, Holi, Kermes, Rowan, Karga, Carminic, Brazil.

    The Red Khroma will be the second most terrifying entity in the novel - a character of pure rage, lust and vivacity. His part will be to sow chaos and cause disruption to the adventure. Thought not of evil intentions, he is simply beyond all control - a force of nature rather than a force of antagonism. He has mingled with many of the other gods to create powerful secondary colours like Pink, Purple and Brown. He is the father of the hero's love interest and a profound influence upon her character.

    His features are androgynous and half Chinese, giving him a sharp bone structure. He is pubsecent, on the verge of sexual maturity. His skin is smeared with red ocher mixed with water, milk and lizard/snake fat. He smells of pomegranate. His hands and feet are stained with henna. He wears a flax Kakahu Maori cloak and puipui skirt with intricate red embroidery around the stitching, arm holes and neckline made from the unravelled threads of a Spanish Conquistador uniform. His fingers are wrapped with little bands of red cord.

    He has seduced many of the other colours, notably the White, Blue, Yellow and Green gods. He is mesmerising to them. He is a force of pure emotion in everything he does - sometimes the red of Communism, other times the red of Republicanism.
  2. ...Heh.Asmo Pie.Heh...

    I've one for you.
    That's a valid name, yes?

    I vote Kermes. He/she has Simone Kermes's Red hair...

    But seriously. Why not use a number generator?
  3. I dunno.... I'll just keep thinking of Futurama when I type that name.
  4. Well, out of the names you've listed, I'd give Carminic a vote, though I also like Vajrapani.

    If you'd like a different name, though, I've had this weird fantasy name in my head for awhile, and you can have it if you want. Aphosil was meant to be a woman's name, but now that I say it, it sounds kind of androgynous, so it could work for this guy.

    Dunno, though. I could find a use for it if you don't want it.
  5. I vote Carminic!
  6. Carminic sounds perfect for the God of all things red~ 8D
  7. I guess we know what the fan favorite is...
  8. Dik Hed?

    Joking aside, Carminic does seems to fit the most.
  9. Not too fond of the Nic part, but I like the Carmi.

    So maybe.... Carmida.

    Rhymes with spider.