Name-In-Progress Video Game Crossover RP (based off "There will be Brawl. See inside for details!)

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    So I've been mulling around with this concept for a while now, toying with the possibility of trying it or not. I guess since this thread is up, it means I decided to launch it xD

    Anyways, for those who recognized the idea from the title, I've decided to make my own RP based off the previously popular short webseries "There will be Brawl", based on the third instalment in the Super Smash Bros. series, "Super Smash Bros. Brawl". If you haven't seen the series, I highly recommend it. Great writing, an interesting plot, it's a gritty and new take on the world of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Kirby is parodying Hannibal Lecter (and the puppet they use for him is super creepy), so there's plenty of fun for the whole family! (But not for the kids. There's some stuff kids won't get 0.0)

    But anyways, the idea I had shared a similar idea, where a video game crash has thrust the Virtual World into chaos, leaving most of our favourite characters either without a home or a whole mess of new neighbours (some more pleasant than others). And when I say "homeless", I quite literately mean their world dissolved into nothing but pixels and faded away, consuming anything in it's path regardless of their status (NPC, main character, villain, etc). We can discuss stuff like that later and get into the specifics of which world's survived (or merged into one massive hub-world as a result of the crash), but I just thought I'd provide that information for now.

    Here's the core concept for the RP: we each play a video game character from whatever series we want (Final Fantasy, Little Big Planet, Half Life, Kid Icarus, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dead Rising, etc), be they hero or villain (just not the 'THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM BRAW' bad guys. If you need clarification, I'll list some examples of characters who aren't allowed to be player controlled: 02 from Kirby 64, Zeus from God of War, any of the Colossus' from Shadow of the Colossus, Mephiles from Sonic '06... Basically anyone who is god like or has unlimited power and assumed a giant ass-form in the final battle. Bowser is okay because he's proportionate based on the game and so is Ganondorf, just not Pig-Ganon from the older games. If you need me to 'okay' a specific character, just ask and I'll let you know ^^)

    But with each character can come a unique twist. Perhaps if the Mushroom Kingdom was one of the world's to fall, Princess Peach started working as a dancer at a less than pleasant nightclub, or Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) has reformed and become a Buddhist, or perhaps MewTwo has become a serial murderer and goes around killing innocent game characters.

    There would be a more official plot (I have some ideas to present to the group) once we get some interest going, but I do have a side mystery-murder plot involving a serial killer known as "the Organ Trail Killer" ((Puns are fun :3)) all figured out, so at least there's that.

    Anyways, if you're interested just post below and we'll see where this goes. We'll need about 3 people before this goes anywhere, but the cut-off for players is 8. You'll also be allowed to control up to 3 characters if you feel like you can handle it. Before anyone calls them, I'm going to place a 'dibs' upon my Game-Homies: Kirby (Kirby series), Red (Pokémon: Red Version), and Link (Legend of Zelda series, based on his TP design).

    Hope you're interested in this ^^
  2. Alright, I have plans on this. I have plans to use a very particular someone - Neptune.

    Video Game is a large term. Are MMOs allowed? Because I certainly do have plans on such.
  3. Yeah, just so long as they're not the Avatar. You know, somebody who's so customizable they can easily be an OC.

    If they're people like the Litch King who already have established stories in their games, I'm fine with them ^^
  4. Whoopsies. Was going to use Academic/Alchemist/Tinkerer from Dragon Nest, but I guess I won't.

    What if said 'Avatar' had an established backstory and storyline in-game, established personality, somewhat limited physical trait customization, and the classic MMO fixed class branching? That's practically the case for all 8/9/10 different classes of Dragon Nest.
  5. That's fine. The problem I would have would be for a WoW avatar, who can become anyone and doesn't have a set story that the game revolves around. Avatar characters like Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening or Shepard from Mass Effect are totally alright becuase they still have a set personality (based on player's decisions) and are limited to a few cosmetic changes, but not so many as to make them somebody else completely.

    You know what I mean?
  6. Yes I do. Thank you.
  7. Perfect. Now we just need some more people to get in on this.
  8. Well, I'm interested in this concept.
    I'll probably play as Rallen (Spectrobes) and N (Pokemon Black & White 1/2)
  9. Sweet, glad to see you again Roman!
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  10. This sounds interesting
  11. Cool, what character(s) would you like to reserve?

    Also, we have another interested party who is going to most likely be joining us in the OoC stage, just thought I'd mention that
  12. *Shrugs* Not sure at the moment.
  13. Neptune from HDN and Academic from Dragon Nest.
  14. Also, does anyone want to contribute potential plot ideas for making a story/multiple stories? I have a potential idea revolving around Shadow Pokémon, but I want to hear what you guys have to say. Just throw an idea out there, I'll consider it and let you know what I think ^^
  15. Maybe the same thing, except they're all sealed inside Pokeballs much like SSB Pokeballs, mixed alongside regular Pokemon.

    If we're going for far-fetched, maybe at some point, there'll be a rumour that by gathering one of each Amiibo, you can summon Iwata and he will grant you one wish.
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  16. I think this idea is interesting.
    I like the merging worlds idea. It could end up like the Subspace Emissary's world where there's different terrain/ buildings everywhere.

    If I could, I'd like to reserve two Mario characters: Professor E. Gadd and Popple (the thief from Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga/Dream Team). I know their speech patters and personalities well.
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  17. I'm so gonna join this!
  18. Any ideas on a specific character/the characters you want to play?

    We probably could merge this into a Subspace Emissary type situation where some big honcho is basically trying to re-write the "code" (the essence which makes up all game characters and their worlds), but it can also be used to modify specific code into a corrupted/inverted version of its original form creating a Virus (ex. By modifying their code, Mario and Luigi can become evil/mindless drones and seek only to serve their new leader)
  19. Virus forms sound interesting, as does changing the code. However, the code idea makes me think about Wreck-It-Ralph's plot. Plus, wouldn't that make the main villain OP?

    What if at first everyone is just trying to cope with the changes, until the main villain shows up and takes control of some of the characters, then whoever is left has to fight back. I'm thinking that instead of the controlled dying when defeated, they recover and become themselves again. This could also be used in reverse; a normal character being defeated by a controlled makes them become controlled themselves.
    Sorry if I'm imputing too much, I just think about things waaaaay too much.
  20. No that's a great idea. And the villain wouldn't be OP because they're still trying to tap into the full potential of the Code, hence why you can reverse the process via a Smash Bros interaction.
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