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  1. It's a quick-thinking challenge!

    Usually this game is played with a timer, but that's a bit difficult here, so just try to go as fast as you can - and no googling!

    Sample play:

    Player 1: Name 5 computers

    Player 2: Dell, mac, toshiba, asus, acer!
    Name 5 aces

    Player 3: ace of hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, and Ace Ventura!
    Name 5 ventures

    Player 4: space exploration, deep sea diving, road trips, and everything on kickstarter
    Name 5 kicks

    Player 2: Falcon kick, drop-kick, high-kick, spin-kick, kick in the teeth!
    Name five teeth

    Player 5: vampire teeth, molar teeth, baby teeth, wisdom teeth, dinosaur teeth
    Name 5 dinosaurs

    You get the gist. Name five things in a given category as quickly as you can! This is a flexible game open to interpretation (hence 'Ace Ventura' being an acceptable 'ace' as well as playing cards) so be creative! Then, once you've done that, pick a topic related to the last thing you named for the next person

    I'll start this shitshow:

    Name 5 shops
  2. Target
    Fantastic Furniture
    Off ya tree
    Hot topic


    Name 5 Elements on the Periodic Table
  3. Oxygen, Carbon, Sodium, Ununoctium and the glorious Technetium.

    Name five (5) pieces of technology that changed mankind.
  4. Phones, Light bulbs, Computers, Atom Bombs and finally, condoms.

    5 Amazing & healthy meals
  5. Shepherds pie, boerenkale, chicken stir fry, steak and potato, garden salad

    Name 5 salads
  6. Fruit salad, potato salad, octopus salad, Caesar salad and coleslaw

    Name 5 TV shows
  7. Gravity falls, Steven Universe, Family feud, Cutthroat kitchen, Doctor Who.

    Name five kinds of healthcare personell.
  8. Doctor, Nurse, Intern, Phlebotomist, EMT.

    Name five types of hard sciences.
  9. Astronomy, geology, mycology, biology, physiology. Hard science?

    Name five kingdoms.
  10. Magic

    Name five marsupials.
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  11. What you named. Not things like Psychology or Sociology. Things that can be studied.

    Kangaroo, Possum, Wombat, Wallabee, Bandicoot

    Name five bands not from the US or Canada.
  12. UVERworld, BABYMETAL, The Gazette, Stereopony, ONE OK ROCK.

    Name five acquired taste foods.
  13. Mushroom, sushi, lemon, raw oysters and haggis.

    Name five dishes containing sheep.
  14. Curry, kebabs, Shepard's pie, paomo, jingisukan

    Name 5 sauces
  15. Brown, red wine, white wine, bernaise, and my puns.

    Name five puns.
  16. Artist found dead, details sketchy
    They said I was average, though I think they were just being mean.
    If Iron Man and Silver Surfer teamed up, they would be alloys.
    Archeologist states that his career is in ruins

    Kudos to anyone who understands the last one.

    Name five species of owl native to North America.
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  17. I would cheat with google, but I'll just say Diana is cool enough to count for 5.

    Name 5 characters whose parents died.
  18. Harry Potter
    Half of every roleplay OC
    Mayor Befufflefumpter

    Name five long but real names for anything.
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  19. Abstentious

    Name five types of wine. (Not "red" or "white.")
  20. Chardonnay
    Pinot noir

    Name 5 otome games
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