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  1. Okay I've rambled on about nail polish in a few threads over the past couple of days so I decided I'd make my own thread about it. >:E!

    After biting my nails for my entire life, I've gotten pretty obsessed with my nails over the past year. I'm so very proud of them. It's only been in the past couple of months though that I've gotten really into nail art/care/polish. My nails aren't quite long enough to really attempt any kind of nail art, but boyo I've been watching a lot of videos (SimplyNailogical is great jsyk.)

    Are there any other Iwakuans who are into their nails, or am I just a lone crazy? How long are your nails? Do you do any nail art? What's your favourite polish?

    Because I just splurged on these beautiful MFers:

    Not yet tried this one!

    So pretty... so sparkly... <3 It took three coats to become opaque, though, so next time I will try it over a white base coat to spare myself the thick nails.

    I'm wearing this one right now. So pretty. Much holo. I keep looking at them.

    This one is gorgeous! It only took one coat, too, which is magic. I now understand why people buy high end nail polish.

    aaand I ordered this trio, which hasn't arrived yet (linked because the image is humongous.) That pearly blue tho
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  2. I am horrible with nail polish. Every time I try to paint my nails it looks like I handed the brush over to a cross eyes two year old. However, when I do get my nails done. I tend to go for the classic French manicure. I'm not very daring. ; ;
  3. I don't use nail polish myself... I just clip them once a week or so when they seem to get too long.

    But some people know how to really nail it with the nail polish.
  4. I've recently started really liking nail polish. There's just something so satisfying about looking at well-painted nails.

    Though I suck at painting my own nails, I like getting them done. I also want to eventually get better at it, lol.

    I want this so much ; ; that kind of light color is so pretty
  5. [​IMG]

    So good.
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  6. I'm not super good at painting mine either, since I have shaking hands, but I'm getting better! Soon I'm going to make a purchase of what's essentially liquid latex to put around my finger which will make it easier to clean up my inevitable messes... >_>

    Also, here's that polish, on the site I purchased it from!

    Femme Fatale Maiden's Patience | Live Love Polish

    It's really so pretty. ;v; I'd recommend it for sure.
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  7. I one time got my toes painted following a mani-pedi.

    I got a toe fungus that lasted almost a year from the place.


    I'll dig up some styles I love later, but heck yes I am a nails grrl!

    I only paint my natural nails though, cause I don't like fucking around with fake ones. D: they feel weird and I'm cheap.

    I haven't been painting my nails lately, but I do a home manicure/touchup once a week. >:[ a lil bit of filing, cleaning, lotion, and maybe some clear polish for a shine.

    I will match the hell out of my nails with my outfits too. c___c
  9. @Kooriryu
    I can't say I'm generally too fond of Essie nail polish, which is a shame because they have a lot of gorgeous colours. I just find that it's kind of a gamble; often the formulas either dry very quickly, to the point that it's very difficult to apply evenly, or they're a bit too gooey for lack of a better word (see: the new Starry Starry Night.) There are a few colours that I absolutely love, though (like 'Frock 'n Roll <3), and I use their base/top coats. They're just a bit hit and miss for me.

    Also I'm pretty convinced that watermarbling is witchcraft. Witchcraft I do not have the knack for

    I only do my natural nails too! I only used fake nails while trying to break my nail biting habit. After learning more about nail care artificial nails (especially gel/acrylic oh my gosh) scare me a bit. ;_; I don't want to ruin my nails. I've worked so hard. I admire your dedication to match your nails to your outfits tho, painting my nails takes me forever and I can't imagine changing them that often!
  10. Here are some cute nails things I love and saved on my pinterest! 8D




  11. @Muna

    Also, mood gel is everything.
  12. I really really love ILNP's multichromes. They're... uh... they shift.

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