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I am starting new nail art tutorials online. I love making art and would love it if you guys can check out my youtube channel. I only have 5 videos right now and could do requests and working on making more videos in the very near future. I would appreciate everyone who has a youtube account to subscribe to my channel and watch my videos. I would like to get my views up on my videos. Please write here what you think and let me know if you have any requests. Also put down if you subscribed and what your name is on youtube. Thanks :)Here is the link. RULES SUBSCRIBE. I am doing a nail polish contest. I am buying these from jordanacosmetics dot come. So please don't comment about you wanting to win make the comments unique. You may comment more then once the more you comment the more chances you get to win. You have to be a subscriber to win. After 60 subscribers which I am at 30 right now I will pick a random number from random dot com and whoever's comment is the number gets the prize. You can choose the nail polish from the website or any 5 items from there. I will pay and send them out to you
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Still looking for subscribers.
i'm still doing these videos and looking for subscribers.