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  1. Hey there! Thought I would post a thread about it since I am looking for role-playing partners. I am pretty much open to anything except for dude on dude and neko's. Other things are I only play male characters that in some way or another are dominant. So, anybody that wishes to role-play with me please either post here or send me a PM, we can discuss things there; in the future I will post a role-plays of what I want to do, so you never know somebody other might want to the same thing as me. :-)

    Role-Play Interests:

    #Wood Dwarf/Wood Halfling Princess X Human Knight RP Taken - @PinkArrow

    I had this idea of a young Wood Dwarf/Wood Halfling Princess meets a Human Knight which was traversing through her home or what the humans called the old forest. She sees the knight as he is camping at night in the forest, trying to get a closer to take a closer look at him she is caught. But the knight has mercy on her and from there she comes and visits him every time he crosses the forest on his journeys. //Something along those lines, the story can be worked out.//

    The Knight: A knight from a foreign kingdom that often travels alone through out the lands. The knight is a tall strong man wielding a large shield with a red lion on it and sword.

    The Princess: A small princess from the Wood Dwarf/Wood Halfling Kingdom living the forest the knight travels in. She is a small cute girl with a nicely shaped body.

    #Warrior Queen X Human Expeditionary Force Soldier

    Humans have discovered the existence of world connecting portals on Earth, firstly the portals were harness for their technology and after 3 years they would send the first expeditionary force. Due to the unknown environment that would exist on the other side of the portal the military sends one member of their elite squadron of soldiers, the soldiers steps through the portal to discover a world of fantasy and magic; noticing flames in the distance he quickly goes into the shadows and decides to head in the direction of the smoke. When he arrives he sees a vast army of men led by Warrior Queen, the army stretched from as far as his eye could see to the castle that was under siege. While looking at the army a patrol passes by him just as his camouflage module stops working, he is then shortly captured and taking to the queen.

    #Stripper X Soldier - Zombie Apocalypse

    I had this idea of a RP with a Prostitute and Soldier. The prostitute manages to survive the zombie apocalypse by using her womanly charms to... charm those of the opposite gender and it works out for her just fine. Along her journey with survivors she encounters a soldier which nobody knew, he simply traded some ammunition for food then left on his way not speaking even a single word to the other survivors. Seeing how the soldier is more equipped she sneaks out in the middle of the night and leaves the other survivors, while herself heads for the path the soldier took. Some time later on herself exhausted and hungry catches up with the soldier, she collapses on the ground as she sees the soldier from sleep deprivation. //And from here we can continue the story on our own.//

    #Queen X Templar -

    The Crusades had long ended but the Templar's had still remained, their souls restless after they had returned to home to find nothing but people that were unknown to them. Many turned to a Monastery life, while many turned to crime... others, swords for hire for the highest bidder. Messorem... was one of them, he had returned home to nothing... the crusades had showed him the most bloodshed a human had never hoped to see, he had nothing to do now but be either a sword for hire or a criminal. He decided to keep himself on the right path, he went to serve the Queen of a far away country... when he arrived there he found a peaceful time was upon the kingdom, but that was until he went to the battlefield where the final battle was about to take place, he met the Queen there the most beautiful woman he had met in his life. A face of an angel. The commander of the army introduced him to the Queen as he was the only Templar among the soldiers there, he bowed to the Queen then went to the front of the army awaiting for the battle at hand. //I was thinking the RP could continue from here and I would develop it a bit further in the RP to make more sense.

    More RP's to come.
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  2. I'm interested!! :3
  3. Hey, hey. PM with the idea you might have or the things you wanted to discuss. :-)
  4. I may be interested in stringing together an idea with you. (:
  5. Hey! I'd love to try another roleplay with you, just shoot me a PM when you get a chance and we can brainstorm~
  6. Hey there @PinkArrow I would love to think up something with you. Shoot me a PM whenever you can. Cheers
  7. Bumping thread. Still looking for partners.
  8. Updated the list with one more RP, going to add some more during the day.
  9. One more RP added to the list. Still looking for partners.
  10. It's noceur -if you remember-.

    I'm willing to do the prostitute/stripper x soldier in apocolypse.
    If it's open
  11. I like the apocalypse one ^^
  12. Hello! Since both of you were interested in the same RP I would usually go by the rule first come first served, but I think I can do the same role-play with the both of you if none of you mind that is. I will PM you shortly.