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  1. I joined here a whiiiiiiiile ago... but I didn't post or anything. So here I am, saying a quick hello. I've been in and out of RPing lately. School, life, along with being picky about the RPs I join, makes it hard for me to get a solid fixture in online RPing, but I'm trying. :)

    Gonna go browse OOC forums. :P

  2. You wanted your name to be green, didn't you! >:D

    Welcome, welcome. >:3 There's a lot of different kinds of roleplays. And if you don't find one you like, you could always start one! Can never have too much variety!
  3. Welcome to the site.
  4. Welcome fan of Spike from Cowboy Beebop. I'm Daiki one of the admins, have you need any suggestions for RPs and the whatnot feel free to ask me.
  5. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

    *walks off into the shadows*
  6. Itzlie

    "I see....I hope it's nothing serious. If it keeps feeling bad we can look for a first aid kit or something." I say to her with a frown. I noticed she still seemed apprehensive but I don't want to push her. She then apologizes and I looked down
    "It's not your fault." I say to her being honest," from what we can tell there was something controlling you. You didn't mean to do anything. The person who is to blame is the one that sent you guys."
    The kids were really hurt and I could feel myself getting angry as I think about how we were attacked, how the kids were hurt, and whatever was done to these innocent people to manipulate them into doing this.
    Whoever did this had some serious problems and control issues, I think. She then begins to answer my question about what she remembers and I get quiet carefully listening to her. I felt kinda bad for her and almost put my hand on her shoulder to try and comfort her but I remember she said they were hurt. It seemed like she didn't remember much and I wondered how my brother would be....
    "I see...I am sorry that happened. It must have been scary and big shock." I tell her gently as I continue leading her to the attic. I wondered how Sam was doing with my brother. I decided to tell her the date, and what state she is in. I couldn't imagine what she must be feeling.

    (haha yup XD)(this will be interesting)
    "Nothing?" I say and raised an eyebrow. He was acting very weird," Really?"
    I was beginning to pick up that he was defiantly trying to hide something...I just didn't know what. I looked at him and he seemed to defiantly be acting funny.
    "I want to trust you but why do I feel like you aren't telling me everything?" I asked him innocently. I wondered if I was just reading to much into it though.

    "Alright once Scott gets here we can ask. That will at least answer one of those questions we have." I then say. He then mentioned his uncle
    "Hu you think your Uncle would be able to help if we can't find anything?" I then asked tilting my head. He then mentioned the gray lady and that their personality clashed...then started to talk to her?
    "Hu whats going on is she here?" I asked him as it seemed he was having another conversation that was very distracting.

    She blushed as I had kissed her cheek and seemed to turn red as I complimented her by calling her cute.
    "Yes I think you are." I say as she seemed surprised by the compliment. Although she then turned it on me saying I am cuter and such...I blink completely taken back.
    How does she always do that without even meaning to, I think as I now felt embarrassed and my face red. I looked away hoping that she wouldn't notice
    "How you're just messing with me." I say as I leaned back against the wall ," I guess you win again though."

    (Yes I see what you mean)(this will be one interesting and powerful team- I am curious though if they would actually all get along)(Alexander and Jacquile seems like extroverts...while Andre and Violet seem to be introverts. I might be wrong though. Lets see!)
    She gives me a hug...and I smiled as I hugged her back.
    "Thanks." I say as I could tell she was trying to comfort me.
    "Alright you got a point. The sooner we stop it the more people we save from the same fate." I say. Although I was still curious about how this worked
    "Although I am confused. If the person went through all the trouble to make them like this. Would they try to get them back?" I then say thinking out loud. I then shake my head.
    "Better to save that though for later." I then mutter to myself as I put it on the board. Best not to linger on this for to long. Especially when it leads to more questions then answer.
    "Anyways I promise we will defiantly get revenge for those people and Jack." I say with a grin as I playfully ruffled her hair. She then brings up animal farm and I raised my eyebrow.
    "Ok not I defiantly know not to trust you." I say with a smirk," it doesn't end well."
    She then brings up how she will let me keep it as long as it didn't come illegally from a bank...I just shrug to mess with her.

    (Aww...this is kinda sad)
    He panics and tries to beg me to not do it...at the very least let him do it. My eyes widen at his reaction not expecting this reaction from him.
    "No. Way."I say with a frown being stern. I couldn't help but sigh as I heard his last statement.
    "You're life isn't any less then mine but if you want to go with who would have a better chance it would be you." I say looking at him," I've lived in a lab for most of my life. My power is to dangerous to be around to many people. You can go back into fostercare, and have a family. You can attempt to have a normal life."
    He really could be an idiot if he didn't see that, I think
    "I really don't have anything like that...not even a last name." I then say with a shrug. It was true though....even though it was horrible here there was still a chance at breaking out. In the back of my head I always imagined those people in lab coats finding me and dragging me back to the lab. I really never saw any future for myself.
  7. Ehehe. Yet another poster to lure in!
    You should join some roleplays >D
    I'll even help, just send me a PM if you ever need anything.
    I'm Kitti, by the by, nice to meet you!
  8. Hey, thanks for the friendly responses guys. =D Hopefully I'll find one I'm interested in joining soon. I've already seen a few that look pretty awesome.
  9. [size=+2]>: ([/size]

    Welcome to the site, and if Vay, Rory/Daiki, and the rest of those Staff Member Posers are too busy to help you, send me a message!
  10. Welcome to the Iwaku, hope you enjoy your time...active. The name's Pirogeth, or Piro for short. I'm hard to miss as I'm the guy with a load of moons around my username. I'll hang around the RP section creating some wonderful yet crazy ideas so be sure to check them out.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  11. Welcome my man! I see you've already gotten well acquainted! Just call me Tux, I hope to see you around!