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  1. [​IMG]

    R A E

    Frosty finger tips pressed against the passenger sides window, reaching a new shade of white as skin collided with chilled glass, rain droplets splattered by the thousands, sliding down in several transparent streams, yet never actually dampened her skin. The rumbling road beneath tires that carried herself, and her mother, to yet another new district went at a relatively lax fifty miles per hour. Though their windshield wipers swiped furiously along the front of their car, the rain was pouring down enough to make school morning traffic worrisome. Doe eyes on the window, Rae watched diligently as cars whizzed by, attempting to catch view of the driver, or acknowledge their self defining bumper stickers, window decal or the odd few who had their windows rolled down in such cold; as soon as they came, however, they were gone, a piece of life she may never cross paths with again, which was where her mind already was at such an early hour.

    "We could just say screw it and go get coffee in Seattle," Rae offered casually, pressing her forehead to the window, the wintry emittance eased the slight flush of her face.

    "I thought you said you weren't nervous?" Chimed her mother, who turned down their soft rock to hear her daughter's expected, over analyzed response. "We only just moved here, you really want to get on the attendance office's bad side already?"

    "The nerves died a while ago, I'm just tired."

    "So dramatic, we're not even a week in yet," She slowed their pace a little, knowing they were nearing the very foundation her daughter was dreading. "Give today a chance, just because the last few times didn't go as you hoped, doesn't mean Forks will be the same. Just remember to shield, and if you feel any sudden emotional decline, step outside, it's just you absorbing someone else's problems."

    "Oh, spare me the optimism," The brunette had to laugh, catching the subtle shake of her mother's head and biting back the rest of what she'd like to say. She caught a glance at herself in the rear view mirror - frown growing as the roads that could have led anywhere behind them, now narrowed into one oversized parking lot, exposing a cross walk and drenched guard, kids by the hundreds.

    "This is it," She said out loud as her mother's car came to a slow stop just outside the front doors, offering a sympathetic look to her daughter. "My legacy."


    What some students considered the best period of the day, or the life saver if you were estranged or starved enough, but for Rae it was just an awkward blur of a half hour spent in uncomfortable tables, around way too many scents and hormones. Having packed her own meal, she avoided wasting the majority of that hour standing in line, and instead weaved in and out of the accumulated rush before taking a seat in the back, sighing at the lack of windows. Not having a sky to stare at meant she had to keep her gaze at everyone's eye level, and as she finally glanced around and paid mind to her peers for the second time that day, she felt increasingly anxious to leave, accompanied by a hint of regret she wasn't a part of all these social groups. Auras emanated from few, some colorful and other's just a bit of a white, some passed by her and her stomach clenched, whilst other's made her feel warm inside. She pulled out a black grape and popped into her mouth, sighing to herself and instead taking out her favorite book to pretend to be occupied, The Black Swan.
    E M M E T T

    "What's got you in a good mood?"

    "I wouldn't call it a good mood, Jazz. And quit reading me."

    Emmett valued his strength, though more often than not he felt inferior to the others, a truth he tried to keep suppressed in the darkest corners of his mind so Edward wouldn't dig it up and tell Carlisle. Manipulation, future sight, tampering with emotions and reading someone's mind? So what if he could lift a car, uproot an evergreen - brute strength always proved inferior in the games, comics and series - bronze wasn't accompanied with brains, and was the equivalent of black in contrast with smarts like what his siblings had. It was a little agitating, yet he wasn't the type to dwell - perhaps natural optimism was one trait he had over his family, the constant worriers, ridden with anxiety day and night, too drowned in poetic sorrow to acknowledge the fact they could literally do just about anything - and get away with it, too.

    "Well, less pessimistic than the rest of us. Believe me, if I could turn it off for a while, I would." Grinned his blonde, technical brother, golden eyes coated with curiosity.

    They glided through the hallways, with only the locker's standing firm in their presence - humans were either too star struck or fearful to look at them, hormones spiked, blood rose and voices whispered everywhere they went. It was as acknowledged as it was ignored, but the but the obvious social divide between everyone and them was nearly tangible. Which made it harder for Emmett to actually admit looking forward to seeing one of these mortals, though that was what Rose called them, Carlisle insisted that was too gaudy of a label, and Ed argued that we were the real weird ones. "After lunch I'm supposed to brainstorm an essay with - "

    "Grace!" Alice chirped, spinning around in the middle of their stride through the corridor, though still walking backwards, just before the guys. "He thinks she's cute. Well, Edward told me that part, but I can see him staring at her in fourth period."

    "Didn't we just have a family talk on privacy?" Emmett inquired with a bit of an agitated clench to his jaw, though he knew in his life there wasn't any such term. Everything was out in the open, even if no one wanted it to be. Edward knew, Alice saw, and Jasper felt, not even calm and collected Carlisle could get by with much.

    "What about the part where any slip ups mean we have to drop everything and move again?" Rose seethed, offering one of her deadly glares that always meant to snap everyone out of their 'hey we're normal teenagers' fantasy.

    "You're a spazz," Murmured Emmett, ignoring her harsh stare and instead sweeping into the lunch room, the five of them already having a secured spot in the center, and prop lunches to hold and scoot around for the next half hour.
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  2. G R A C E

    A dark haired women sat in front of her body mirror, her pale fingers intricately braiding her black hair to one side of her body, her nose crinkling up whenever she would mess up, and have to start over again. While she did care about the way she looked, she didn't like to spend too much time in the mornings to make herself too done up for school. Failing her fifth attempt to braid her long hair, Grace only sighed and dropped her thin arms to her side. "Forget it," She murmured as she stood, grabbing her jacket and tugging it on quickly, adding a beanie on afterwards.

    "Grace! If you don't hurry you'll be late, again!" A women yelled up the stairs in the old house, before she walked to the kitchen to continue to make lunches for her two children.

    "Coming!" Grace called, as she grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder, before she came down the stairs quickly, grabbing her lunch bag that her foster mom had prepared for her. "See you after school," Grace announced, walking to her car.

    "Remember, you have to be home to watch Lucy!" She called after Grace, who simply waved a hand in understanding.

    School was something Grace hated more than anything. Being around a large group of people was something that caused her anxiety to skyrocket, and once she had it it was hard to get rid of. Sometimes, she'd leave school early just to get rid of the feeling that came with it. The ride to school was a slow one. It had newly snowed, and with the below freezing temperatures the roads had froze overnight.

    Pulling up to the school, Grace got out of the car and walked inside.

    Her classes were more than boring, and the only thing she looked forward to was seeing Emmett, a boy whom she was quiet smitten with, though she would deny it if anyone asked. He was a boy who everyone girl here seemed to be obsessed with. He was tall, dark and handsome. Gorgeous even, she knew she didn't stand a chance. Come lunch time, Grace walked into the cafeteria and glanced around a little, biting her lip. Her friend wasn't here today, so she walked to a table in the back, occupied by only one girl.

    "May I sit here?"

    E D W A R D

    Edward Cullen walked gracefully down the hall with his family, his eyes forward as he ignored the stares they were all getting. He was able to hear everyone's thoughts, he knew what they thought of him and his family, some thoughts more inappropriate than not. He wasn't surprised, no. His family and him were beautiful, and while they were good at keeping to themselves, they couldn't help the minds of the curious people around them. No matter how hard either of them tried, people would wonder about them. They never really forgot, the Cullen's would always be known as the weird bunch who came and left a few years later. That was their life.

    "Em, there's no privacy in this family." Edward smirked a little as he turned his head towards his brother, not only teasing him but speaking the truth. Hardly was anyone's thoughts private. It was both a gift and a curse.

    Glancing over at Rose, Edward shook his head just a little and sighed softly. He knew how much Rose envied humans, he could read her thoughts after all.

    As the Cullen's walked into the lunch room, Edward smirked a little as the thoughts in the cafeteria were rather louder than usual today. Of course, the moment they walked into the room their thoughts immediately became about them. It was almost as if people would drop everything they were doing to simply catch a glance at the Cullen's. Edward didn't understand it, and he never would.

    They were monsters, and no one should ever come near them. They would just cause more problems with mortals, and it's why Edward himself usually avoided them. Just like Emmett, girls loved Edward. They wanted him in more than one way, and they were never going to get them.

    Rose rolled her eyes, leaning back in her chair. "Can't the mortals mind their own business," She said, to no one in particular but herself, glancing down at the table.

    "They're just curious, Rose, you would be too." Alice spoke up, offering a warm smile at the blonde haired girl, who simply rolled her eyes.

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  3. [​IMG]

    R A E

    "May I sit here?"

    Admittedly, Rae had been stuck on the same sentence for the last five minutes - there was too much energy in here, she knew better than to try and read in such a crowded area. Though her eyes were still fixated on that same page, she tried to lower the volume around her and shield off all the energies - deep breathing, envisioning the strengthening of her solar plexus, pushing away the urge to call her mom and beg for another shot at homeschooling. She peered up from her book at the stranger who'd asked to sit by her and nodded, noting her unease and exhaling deeply as it crashed over her like a wave, "Oh, sure." There was a long pause after that, she struggled to find the will to introduce herself, sighing as she figured at least it could be her short lived effort. "I'm Rae - "

    Almost immediately, the mood shifted.

    Regardless of her lack of interest, Rae had to look up and see what all that prior energy had been almost instinctively directed towards. A handful of individuals glided in through the doors, their proximity like an unspoken barrier between themselves, and everyone else. Multiple names filled the air in tones of praise, but the only common one she could hear from any nearby table was Cullen. She understood the reverential awe. It seemed as though they'd all just stepped out of another realm, though their beauty wasn't what had Rae staring, it was their essence. They approached their tables and she watched each one take a seat, noting the unique differentiations between their auras - it was rare she ever saw multiple at once like that, the various shades and diverse strengths. Feeling this odd tugging sensation nestled in the pit of her soul - it was the equivalent of her wanderlust, a gripping feeling that made her blood rush, left her feeling animated in the wake of this systematic jailhouse, and the rest of the world in general. Almost like dejavu, in fact she felt flooded with that as her eyes flickered to who seemed to be the youngest of the five - she paid little mind to his looks, and instead became aware of yet another mind blurring sense of hey, I've met you before. I've gotta be overthinking it, she thought to herself, and averted her gaze as to not look as drone like as the others. Probably just absorbing what everyone else feels, that's why I'm... So overwhelmed.

    "Are they really students?" Rae asked the girl in front of her, tearing down the side of a white chocolate bar and offering the stranger a piece. Comfort food, to ease her growing agitation. Maybe it's a past life thing, can't assume I'm the only empath in the world, right? That's it, they're probably... Wicca, or have a native bloodline.
    E M M E T T

    They'd hardly sat down when Jasper seemed to have had his interest caught, eyes rather wide, following his subtle sweep of the cafeteria, his back stiffened. "Seems we're not the only freaks here," He answered, aware of Alice's nearing inquiry as to whether or not he was alright. His 'siblings' tensed considerably at his mentioning, but he calmed them gradually, "I'm fine, it's not lust, just... curiosity."

    "Interesting," Alice peered around, attempting to follow his eyes, his golden orbs were fixated on a brunette two tables down from them. "New girl," He murmured to direct everyone's attention. The new girl's back was turned to them, Alice suddenly envied Edward's gift - he probably knew what she was thinking, and Jasper what she felt, which would great to know considering she, Emmett and Rose couldn't tell. She reached out a hand to capture her mates attention, but paused almost immediately as her eyes flickered to the ravenette sitting in front of the brunette. Caramel orbs became distant, and suddenly her mind was somewhere in the future. Near or distant, she couldn't tell - but there was a face, one crafted of porcelain, daunting red eyes like their own - features were blurred, but it was indeed a female. She was here in Washington - Alice could tell by the familiar scenic background like rain and evergreens. Then she came to, blinking a few times and hoping at least Edward had been able to absorb her vision a little.

    "Hey, what'd you see?" Em asked, having noticed his sister had her eyes on Grace when she zoned out. Her expression didn't seem peppy at all, in fact she was uncharacteristically bothered, and that unnerved him. Had he slipped up already without even realizing his mistake? If Rose was right, she'd never let him live it down!

    "Someone like us," Alice answered, and although they all exchanged glances, she offered no more on the subject of her vision - simply because there wasn't anything else to go off of.

    "Nothing bad about Grace though?" He received a whack to the shoulder from Rosealie and Jasper, pretending to shield himself though he hardly felt anything more than a pat on the arm.

    "I don't think so," Alice wasn't really sure though, she just didn't want to start anything right now, it was nice to see one member of her family a little more excited to be alive than the others.​
  4. G R A C E

    With a small nod, the dark haired women sat down across from the girl, setting her lunch down on the table. Opening her bag, she grabbed an apple out from it and held it in her hand, glancing up when the girl began to speak, smiling kindly at her. "I'm Grace. It's nice to meet you."

    Taking a bite of her Apple, Grace leaned back in her chair and sighed softly, glancing around the cafeteria. When Rae spoke up again, Grace furrowed a brow and glanced to where she was looking, The table the Cullen's sat at. Smirking a little, the dark haired girl nodded.

    "Those are the Cullen's. The short girl, that's Alice, and the blonde boy is Jasper. The other girl, she's Rosalie.. And next to her is Emmett, followed by Edward." She told her, before looking back to the girl. "They're the children of Dr. Cullen. Everyone's obsessed with them."

    It had to do with their looks, and Grace knew that. No one had really gotten to know who the Cullen's really were, simply because they were so private about her life. She would be one of those people as well, if it weren't for the class her and emmet shared. She was getting to know him, a little at a time, but she was still smitten with him.

    "Edward and Emmett are the single ones, everyone is trying to get with them. They're wasting their time, they never really show interest in anyone."

    Grace shrugged softly, taking another bite of her Apple.

    E D W A R D

    Edward smirked softly, his eyes traveling to the new student. He knew what she was thinking, and just like everyone else she was thinking about the Cullen's, just as interested in the way they looked like everyone else seemed to be. His were on hers only a moment, before he turned them back to Alice.

    The moment her eyes glanced over, Edward turned his full attention to Alice, his golden eyes focused on her as he followed along with the pictures in her head. A vampire, like them, but Edward knew this was connected to Grace. In what way, he wasn't sure, but he knew that vampire wasn't a nice one.

    When she came back to it, so did Edward, blinking once as he looked over at Emmett when he spoke. His brother was inflatuated with this girl, and if a vampire was after her, maybe it was best Emmett was with Grace.

    "Emmett, why don't you just ask her out?" Edward spoke up, a smirk on his lips as he teased his brother, enjoying teasing him a little too much, though this time he was half serious. If a vampire was after Grace, it would be best if they were close to her, to protect her.

    It was odd, coming from him, but Edward was a little tired of hearing his brothers thoughts about her, yet refused to act upon them.

    While he was doomed to a lonely life, he did want his brother to be happy.

  5. R A E

    "What about you? Are you pining for a Cullen?" Rae asked, offering a friendly smile to show she didn't really mean anything by the question. Either it was a chance for conversation, or the first thrust into digging herself a social hole.

    She took a moment to glance around at all the gathered students, many of which were starting to toss trays and scarf food down as the last few minutes before the bell drew near. She'd hardly touched her own - damn beauty queens occupied half her mealtime, she sighed and grabbed a piece of candy from her bag. Splitting the wrapper down the side, she broke off a piece of the gourmet white chocolate - her guilty pleasure - and extended a hand to Grace, offering it should she care to try. The rest she bit into, eager to give herself a bit of an energy boost for the next, unnecessary three hours. Three more hours of sitting in whatever seat wasn't taken, being introduced to whatever idiot was sitting next to her, reluctantly accepting the some educated skirts offer to send a student to show the brunette to her next class. 'Round and around they went, till she was sliding into her mother's car, head on her knees, binder tossed so far in the back they might lose in down the street.

    Immense dread filled her, accompanied by a loneliness that seemed more intense than she would have liked. Was that her own feeling? Or someone else's? She peered around for lost souls, inevitably coming back to the Cullen's as one porcelain skinned, brown eyed man let out a boisterous, almost melodic laugh that didn't quite match his assumed stereotype. I wonder if they really enjoy all that attention. Being the object of affection can be just as isolating as being completely disregarded, she thought to herself, chin propped on her palm - she made no attempt to leave, half of her was called by the rain to just skip the next three classes.​
    E M M E T T

    "You are the last person I have expected to hear that from, Esme hasn't even commented," Emmett had to laugh, one that was loud enough to draw the attention of just about every lustful female and envious male. The other's seemed tense at his reaction, anything and everything that drew attention past just their presence in general was unwise, though at the moment their bulky sibling couldn't be bothered to give a damn. He was toying with the idea, eyes on Grace when hers weren't flickering to him like they so often did. Rose's snarls became white noise as he considered Alice's vision - both trying to justify his actions and genuinely not wanting any harm to befall the teenager, he figured it wouldn't hurt to pretend he was normal, if anything for a short while until courses were changed and she didn't seem to be in danger. The whole future sight thing seemed really far fetched to him, but at least it was an excuse in his favor.

    "At least do it after school so I don't have to watch," Rose insisted, a little surprised to see her brother nod in submission, no one ever really listened to her. She wished he was being more compliant about this stupid idea in general though, and would be the first to enlighten their 'father' when she got home.

  6. G R A C E

    Grace smiled a little, her cheeks turning a faint shade of pink. While she did enjoy the company of the tallest, most muscular Cullen, she was not someone who could ever get someone like him. They were partners in a class, that was it. "Well, like I said, no one ever really has a chance." She responded with a small shrug, taking yet another bite of her apple, tucking some of her hair behind her ear as she glanced down, but decided to drop the topic of the Cullen's. She didn't want to be like everyone else, unable to keep them from her thoughts. Though, she knew she was just like everyone else. It was almost as if she couldn't stop thinking about him, no matter how hard she tried. It was annoying, she didn't even know him that well.

    "Anyway, where did you move from?" The dark haired girl asked, decided to bring up the most typical piece of conversation one could do. It was an easy question, and she knew it would lead into more the two could talk about. Grace wasn't the best at talking to people. She could talk to them if they started the conversation, but if she had to go up to someone and talk to them she would fail miserably. She was just too shy, and it was moments like that her anxiety would skyrocket.

    Taking another bite of her apple, she glanced over at Emmett, letting her eyes linger on him a moment before she looked away, back to Rae.

    E D W A R D

    Edward smirked a little and shook his head softly. He knew everyone was thinking it, and yet he was the first one to say something about it. It was a shocker to all, even Alice and Jasper, who looked at him curiously. If Emmett was happy with the mortal, than he wasn't going to stop him from being happy, and he wasn't going to voice his opinion about it like Rose would always do. Besides, only he knew how much Grace liked his brother, it was only fitting. He could help protect her, as well, because what Alice saw he knew danger was to come, it was almost if he could sense it. "After school, and if you don't you defiantly won't hear the end of it." He smirked, he always loved teasing his brother.

    Tensing a little, Edward glanced around a little as the eyes were suddenly on them, because of the laughter his brother had caused. He didn't like attention, no one in his family did. it was best to be avoided completely, that way no one could question what they were.

  7. R A E
    Unmoved by the gradual increase of students rushing to their next class, Rae sat with her chin perched on her bag, eyes glued to the wall where a window should have been. The question had completely lost her interest, though at least Grace was the first one to ask that day instead of having heard it non-stop. "California, hated it there, too hot, very congested," She kept it short, considering she could write an essay about how much she hated that state and all the relatives she left behind. She could tell from the ravenette's answer she, too, was interested in the Cullen's - that was probably the only real topic of conversation at this high school. Better than pop music, she assumed.

    The bell blared and the less diligent students tossed their trays and gathered their bags, heading out at a sloths pace with friends. The brunette sighed and shoved her lunch bag into her messenger, hanging it over her shoulder and rising to her feet. "It was nice chatting with you Grace, maybe we'll cross paths again," She offered amiably, though didn't really expect it, this district would be lucky if she showed up tomorrow. I'd rather go drive till I get lost.

    E M M E T T

    Edward's words were actually very encouraging to Emmett, he almost wanted to call him out on a potential family prank, but he seemed genuine enough. Considering how pessimistic they all were, knowing that someone - anyone, backed him up in trying to do something that wasn't relevant to sulking felt... Good. Couldn't be brooding blood suckers hiding in a mansion forever, someone had to break the stereotype. "Yeah, I'll do it. Just hope she doesn't say yes too quickly, not as much fun that way," He laughed a little, though he sounded unsure, Emmett hadn't ever asked anyone out before, actually. He rose up with the rest of his siblings, equally as unenthusiastic about the rest of school - at least he had a class with a cute girl, the rest he'd probably just skip cause he could.

    (You can skip ahead if you want.)
  8. G R A C E

    Grace glanced up as the bell rang, a small sigh escaping her lips. She hated school, she hated class even more. Though, her next period was with Emmett, and while she hated the class she didn't mind having it with him. Looking up, Grace nodded just a little and smiled kindly at the other women. "It was nice to meet you, as well. Good luck on the rest of your day." She said, while shoving her lunch bag into her backpack, before she walked off to her class.

    Graces last class was the worst one she had. The teacher was known for making the kids give speeches, and that was something Grace could not do. Not only was she failing the class, but the teacher had yelled at her for not being able to give an "easy" speech, one that every other student could. It was awful, and it wasn't her fault she froze in front of people. She just wanted to go home now, climb in bed and sleep.

    When the day was over, Grace walked to her locker and put her things up, before she walked out the doors, heading to her car.

    E D W A R D

    Edward was bored of school. It was the same thing, and it wasn't often new information would arise that he didn't already know. He was a mindless zombie, it was at the point where he would simply write the information down. He didn't need to think, and sometimes he'd spend the day just intruding on people's minds, seeing what everyone was saying about them, seeing if anyone was even remotely close to catching on to what they were. No one was close, which was good. If someone found out who they were, they'd need to pick up and move again.. Not like they weren't going To do that in a few years, anyway.

    When class was finally over, the bronze haired kid stood and walked out of his class with his bag, walking outside with the rest of his family.
  9. RAE

    The moment her boots hit the pavement, Rae no longer saw the expansive lot and rush of spawn from this generation gliding by her. Her gaze wandered to the merging storm clouds, a grey smear across a consistently silver sky. Droplets splattered across her cheeks where she stood, though there was a break in these hovering clusters of charcoal, where a streak of sunlight illuminated a portion of the sidewalk for mere seconds. Through it many passed, but slower than the rest, with an expression of thoughtfulness, was that Cullen boy. Beneath the sun rays his porcelain features glistening like the surface of the ocean, but instead of admiration Rae felt foreboding, and immense dread from him. Everyone around him seemed like insignificant shadows, but emanated both awe and fear.

    When she came to, the very scene that'd played out within her mind was taking place right before her. Typically she'd suppress her feelings, in fear of being wrong and causing drama - she couldn't even verify whether or not she'd had an actual vision, except for the accuracy of the moment and a nagging feeling deep in her soul. He was heading straight into the sunlight, and while curiosity threatened to hold her back, something inside just kicked into gear, and she bolted for him. As he was engulfed in sun rays for merely a moment, she saw it - the glimmer of his skin, an ungodly glow - and almost immediately she appeared beside him. As if he'd read her mind, as she pushed him out of the way, he moved willingly, so instead of him being caught in the sunshine any longer, now she was. "I don't know what that was about," She breathed, running a hand through her hair, "But I had to, so you're welcome." With that she adjusted her bag over her strap and started towards the end of the parking lot where her mom parked to avoid the majority of traffic.


    "She's heading to her car, now's your chance, go, go!" Alice couldn't fight the urge to grin, watching as Emmett casually (well, for them, to everyone else he was a walking god or hulk) made his way across the parking lot. He took his time instead of speeding across it, and the pixie like sibling found it a little entertaining, if not a bit saddening, that his steps were growing hesitant and for once he wasn't riddled with confidence. Despite all their isolation and years of practice, they were still just young adults who never really had what human's consider normal experiences. He'd probably never even asked a girl out, or if he did, he couldn't remember past the night Rose saved him. And when Alice glanced at her 'sister', the blonde who watched Emmett stalk off to attempt to add a little romance in her life, the envy was piercing.

    "She'll be okay," Jasper whispered from behind Alice, subtly hugging her torso.

    "We're always okay, I just wish we could feel a little better than surviving every now and then."


    "Hey, Grace! Wait up!" Emmett called, his personality too loud for him to even attempt discretion, so inevitably half the parking lot was watching him. He found her as Alice predicted, heading to her car, probably on her way home. Hands shoved in his pockets, and the first few droplets of a potential rain giving his hair a bit of a dewy glow, he approached her, "Hey, got a minute? I wanted to ask you something.
  10. G R A C E

    As Grace walked out the doors, the cool air hit her like a brick, causing the dark haired girl to wrap her thin jacket around her small waist even tighter, tucking some of her black hair behind her ear as she began to journey to her car. It wasn't something that would take long, in fact, she would have made it there rather quickly, if she didn't hear a voice that called her name. It wasn't just any voice either, it was a voice she recognized immediately, a voice that was just as beautiful as the person it belong to.

    "Emmett," She said, stopping dean in her tacks, confusion filling her voice. Why would he be talking to her? Outside of school, out of anything. During class, it was fine, they needed to talk in order to work, but it never went further than that. They never talked outside of school, and now her curiosity was peaked. "What is it?"

    E D W A R D

    It was a shock, and the shock was written all over his face. This girl, whom he hadn't even paid attention to, had just saved him from accidentally revealing his secret to everyone. It was his fault, he should have been paying attention to the weather, but with the clouds rolling in he didn't even bother to think that some sun shine would show through. Though, the sun shinning wasn't what he was currently worried about now; it was how this stranger knew to save him. She wasn't like them, nor was she one of the mutts, but how could she have known that he was about to step out into the sun? There was no way, unless she already knew of his kind.. which, well, was possible.

    Following after her, he quickly caught up to her. He wasn't just going to pretend that didn't happen, not when he had so may questions she only knew the answers to. "How did you know that?" He asked, his voice stern, his eyes almost piercing into hers.
  11. Rae

    The brunette slowed her pace as the rain started to fall like a refreshing mist, one that dotted her lashes and dampened her caramel locks. Footsteps approached her quite swiftly, belong to the Cullen boy of whom had nearly golden orbs just burning with inquiry. Her gaze searched his for a moment, before flickering to where her mom would have parked the jeep - it was a vacant spot, meaning she had all the time in the world to answer questions she wasn't sure about herself. Great.

    "Must've been a vision, just hit me as soon as I stepped outside. I don't know anything, other than it would've been bad had anyone else witnessed whatever the hell the sun does to you," Of course she was curious. But Rae wasn't the type to blatantly pry - even if she was looking for a little magic in this unfortunate reality. He didn't seem all that willing to share, anyways. "Would like to know why I'm having accurate visions about you, though. Are you guys into Wicca or something?" Her questioning was mostly light hearted, she knew a few genuine witches, wouldn't surprise her. Though she already knew the answer was a no somewhere deep inside of her, far as she knew, he was an enigma. Him and all the Cullens.

    E M M E T T

    "I, uh..."

    You want to know if she's free this Friday night.

    "I didn't even consider a place to go," Emmett murmured at the volume only his siblings could hear, and cringed when Alice emitted a chuckle much louder at the other end of the sidewalk.

    You could ask her to go to an arcade and she would, just mention a place you like.

    "You wanna, um, hang out this Saturday?" He managed, hinting at a very humanly bashful part of himself the other's didn't get to see often, and so naturally the three paying attention ate it up, only fleetingly aware that their other brother was caught up in something else. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been remotely as interesting as watching Emmett fumble around in front of a human girl; yet again, it was entertaining, and a little saddening. "I don't really know where we could go honestly, I just, um... You totally don't even have to I just..."

    Nope, no! Don't show insecurity! Oh, Em...

    "Why don't you shut it pixie I'm trying my best here," he murmured again.
  12. E D W A R D

    Edward furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head, glancing at the ground before his eyes went back to hers. "No, we're not into Wicca." He said, studying her, trying to pry and see if she really knew their secret, or if she simply had gotten lucky. He wanted to know either way. This girl just saved him from ruining his secret, the secret he and his family had tried so hard, and spent so long to keep that just it. A secret. ​

    "Why are you having visions about me?" He asked, his voice demanding. He needed to know, he needed to protect him and his family. Even Alice didn't see him doing such a thing. Who was this girl? ​

    G R A C E

    Graces eyebrows shot up, and she opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out. Closing it, she merely nodded. Emmett Cullen was asking her out? She had to be dreaming, right? There was no way something like this could happen. She was her, and Emmett was.. Well, Emmett. Every girl in the school wanted him, and even right now she could feel eyes on the two of them.

    "I-I'd love to." The dark haired girl nodded quickly, tucking some of her black hair behind her ear. Blushing softly, she met his eyes and licked her lips, unsure of what to say first. Smiling up at him, she laughed softly at his awkwardness. Frankly, she thought it was quiet adorable. "W-we could go out to eat, o-or see a movie. It really doesn't matter to me."
  13. Rae

    Why are you having visions about me?

    "I told you, I don't know, maybe it was just a freak thing?" Rae responded, though visions weren't entirely rare with her, they just usually happened in dreams or she had dejavu that made her think she had visions about certain moments. Slipping her hands in her pockets and letting her gaze wander across the dampened black top, the brunette puffed out her cheeks, peering up at the rain and then at the piercing gaze that never let up on her. A moment of silence went by before her pocket vibrated, and simultaneously her mother's jeep crept up the curb, followed by a melodious honk indicating it was for sure her. "I've gotta go, whatever's up, I won't tell anyone, okay? Don't care enough to," She told him with a few steps backwards towards her car, before turning around and whisking herself out of there, away from those unwavering, golden eyes.

    Other girls felt attraction, crushes, lust - Rae felt just plain weird, like talking with him was the equivalent of meeting up with an old friend. Was it a past life thing? She bonked her head when attempting to get inside the passenger seat and discreetly look back at him, and then managed to get her bag caught in the door as she slammed it shut, "Shit!"

    "Rae," Her mother murmured, slightly amused, but disapproving.​


    W-we could go out to eat, o-or see a movie. It really doesn't matter to me.

    "For real? Awesome," He offered with a goofy grin of accomplishment, mentally high fiving himself and stifling a laugh as Alice squealed in approval from the other side of the lot. Hands retracted from his pockets, muscled arms crossed over his chest and weight shifting to the right a little, he offered her that same, good natured, goofy grin, "Why don't we wing it, then? Saturday, alright? I'll pick you up in the morning!"

    He didn't wait for a number or address, almost acting as if he already knew where she lived, and turned around with an excited step - only to catch his siblings gesturing wildly for him to turn back around, mouthing number like crazy. He caught himself, having forgotten the crucial question, and turned back around with a whip, approaching her still smiling widely, "I'm gunna need a number, if uh, that's alright, Grace."
  14. Edward

    Edward watched as she walked away from him, his brow furrowed slightly. Hos golden eyes were fierce, piercing her though she was already in her car. Why she was having visions of him, neither of them knew, but he was going to find out. Not only did he want to protect what he was from anyone finding out what they were. That, and he was curious about the girl. She was different, she didn't seem to care about what Edward was, or wasn't obsessed with his looks like everyone else in this damned school seemed to be.

    As the car drove off, he sighed and walked back over to his siblings.

    "We need to keep an eye on her." Edward spoke, mostly to Alice and Jasper, referring to the women whom he was just talking to. They had heard him, they were able to hear anything.


    Grace blushed softly and nodded at him, a smile on her face that wouldn't go away. He was rather adorable, and she thought he wouldn't be this way, not when he was as tall and intimidating as he was. She was starting to realized he wasn't at all the person she thought he was, but she was glad. "Okay! Saturday morning it is." She nodded, still smiling as she went to turn away from him, only stopping when he called her again, turning back to him with her eyebrows raised.

    "Oh, right, number.. that would probably help." Se chuckled nervously and pulled out a piece of paper and her black pen, quickly writing her number down on the paper before she handed it over to him quickly, not wanting the ink to get washed away by the rain. "I'll see you later, Emmett." She smiled once at him again, before the dark haired girl walked over to her car, quickly getting inside. ​
  15. Rae Ali & Jazz

    "I didn't see any of that coming," Alice told her brother, following behind him as they started to return to their cars, at a slower pace to give Emmett time. The pixie felt the excitement regarding her brother's secured date on Saturday fade a little with worries of this stranger's vision of her brother - and how unphased she was by what she'd seen. Not predicting such a major event made her feel inferior, especially considering she could see her brother's morning with Grace clear as day - a relatively flawless chance at romance.

    "Don't over think it, if we're lucky she'll die in a car crash - "


    "We don't need any trouble, and non of us are able to read her well enough to be secure."


    As soon as she'd gotten in her car, the vampire vanished from sight, only to reappear beside his siblings, his palm turned upwards and revealing a scribbled on note. His smile was triumphant - unlike the other's, this precognitive stranger didn't phase him. Nothing was going to cast a shadow over his date - aside from the rain, which for once seemed like a bit of a bummer considering he actually wanted to be out doing something. 'Twas the price to pay, as Rose would tell him. He genuinely looked forward to seeing Grace outside of Engilsh, though he was soon to be reminded he was more of a body guard against a potential adversary than a potential boyfriend just enjoying his Saturday.

    "Way to go, Em!" Cheered Alice, as did Rose though her gestures were entirely sarcastic. "Not that she would've said no, I at least saw your life working out."

    "Let's take safety precautions and go hunting tomorrow," Jasper suggested, "Would hate for you to lose it on your first try."

    "I won't - but you're right, can't be too careful."

    "Since when do you take precautions into consideration?" Rosealie nearly gagged at Emmett's mindful response, and then shook her head at the days events. "I was just starting to get comfortable enough to decorate my room.."
  16. Edward

    Edward shot a glare at Jasper at his comment, unsure why it had hit him the wrong way. "Still, that's not something to wish upon someone." Edward spoke up, glancing back to where the girl used to be before his eyes went back to Alice and Jasper, shaking his head just a little. He didn't know what to do. How could Rae have seen what happened, but not Alice? It puzzled him, it was a mystery he defiantly wished to solve.

    "We just need to keep an eye out on her. I doubt she'll be of any trouble to us, but we can never be too careful." He told them, before Emmett walked over, causing Edward to smile.

    "Way to go, Emmett. Believe me, she's just as excited as you are; if not more." He smirked at his brother, nudging his side softly before his eyes went to Rose at her comment, simply rolling his eyes. "Rose, do you always have to be so negative? If something were to happen, Alice would see it."


    The whole ride home, the smile never left Grace's face. She, just like everyone else, had been smitten with the taller Cullen boy, and she didn't ever think someone like her would even catch notice of him. She did, though, and that made her feel much better about herself than she had before.

    As she pulled up to her house, she was alone, like usual. Her parents both worked all the time, and it was almost like she never saw them. The dark haired girl was used to it, though, she didn't really care as much as she used to. Walking inside, she ran up to her room, already planning the outfit she were to wear.​
  17. Rae

    "Thanks again for doing this, sweetie, I'll be back in a few hours to pick you guys up."

    "Not like I had a choice," Rae murmured as her mother drove away, leaving the brunette with her younger sister, and three of her school friends. The little clique walked ahead, eagerly gossiping about the latest youtube videos, debating make up brands, even enthusiastic about hitting up the book store for some school assigned pieces of literature. Just about anything was excited when riled up with your friends. Rae, on the other hand, held no such enthusiasm. Hands tucked in her back jean pockets, the brunette followed a few feet behind, an expression of disdain plastered on her face - her doe eyes scaled the towering building before them, stretching out several miles down the parking lot - the mall, an overcrowded, overpriced and generally overrated hang out place.

    "We wanna head to Sephora first," Came her sister's voice, asking permission inadvertently.

    Rae made 'shoo' like gestures, "No wandering, don't get separated, keep to your budget and if you ignore my texts you'll be back on your way home before you make a purchase." The four exchanged glances that screamed killjoy, before nodding, and then scampering off, phones out and flashing as they disappeared down the corridor.

    "Now where's the food court?" She huffed, standing awkwardly in the midst of the corridor for a few moments, shifting weight from one ankle to the other - being alone in crowds always made her feel off balance, like all the passing energies on either side rocked her body like being on a boat at sea. She needed to find a seat and stay there, preferably getting lost in something sweet and chocolate that this shopping center had to offer.


    "Em, you ready? We can't be late! Looks like you don't care!" Alice giggled from the end of the staircase, though what she said wasn't entirely true, she was just dying to see what he'd chosen to wear. Something other than his usual casual tee and jeans, she hoped. He wouldn't let her dress him up, which was disheartening for both herself and Esme, who wanted to see her handsome 'son' dolled up for his first real 'date'. Human moments, they were excited, even if just pretend. Carlisle was surprisingly approving of their little endeavor, probably because the siblings made it sound more oriented around keeping an eye out for danger and protecting an innocent human girl from Alice's vision than Emmett actually liking someone and wanting to spend the day with them, despite what he was.

    "I'm coming, I'm coming," He adjusted the collar of his worn down leather jacket, unlike his siblings he wore his clothing enough to wear it out and get it a little dirty with nostalgia, constant shopping trips and keeping up with the latest fashions were just nonsensical to him. Beneath that he had a soft blue top, unnecessarily ironed to perfection thanks to Esme, and jeans that were the newest pair he could find, void of mud stains, scrapes, tears or added patches out of boredom. Em couldn't tell if he was more human than the rest, down to earth as the normies called it, or just a genuine oddball amidst his own kind. Grace didn't seem to have any knowledge of any weirdness with him though - the appraisal was a little boring, but having a clean slate with her, one of which had nothing to do with his true self, was oddly relieving. Except he'd still be haunted by what he was, even after spending Friday hunting, Alice and Edward would be in the lot, waiting for Em to screw up or that freak from her vision to appear. "Can't escape it all, I guess."

    He finally came down and had an audience ready to give them his approval - Alice, eager to get to Grace's place, practically shoved her older brother out the door, skipping all the way to her car, and signaling to let him know she'd be right behind him the whole drive there. He sped, of course, they all did, and arrived five minutes early to the time he'd given Grace. Although he already knew where she lived, he respectfully texted, asked for her address, and then pretended to need a little guidance with direction on the way there, even though he was already in her drive way - just to keep small talk, plus he liked the quirks in her phrasing.

    I'm outside! He sent the final text and waited, watching her door with curiosity.

  18. Edward

    Edward smirked a little, shaking his head softly at Alice. It wasn't often one of them got to go out on a date, let alone with another human. He didn't think anything would happen with Emmett and Grace, nothing dangerous at least, though he would still be there at the mall with them. He could read minds, he'd be able to know if something were going to happen before it did, much like Alice.

    Instead of following Em to Grace's, he decided to go ahead and go to the mall right away. Parking his car, he got out, ignoring the rain as it fell from the sky as he walked inside the building, his golden eyes glancing around. It felt as if a million people were shouting at him, and because of that, Edward wasn't a big fan of large places.

    Lucky for him, he was able to tune it out.. most of the time.

    Act normal, Edward. Act normal. So, like any other person would, he casually browsed the shops, though he had no intent to buy. Well, maybe he would, it'd be more unnoticeable.


    While Grace was excited about their date, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't the least bit nervous. She had a right to be, the tallest Cullen always gave her butterflies. He could simply smile at her, and that would send her blushing. Now she had to spend a whole day with him, and she wasn't sure how she was going to contain her red cheeks.

    Looking in the mirror once again, she bit down on her lip as she slowly eyed herself over. This wasn't the first outfit she had chosen, and even now she debated on quickly changing that. Nothing seemed to be good enough, not for him. She had tried on a dress, a skirt, and she decided she was trying too hard with those. Now, she was just wearing a pair of black leggings, and an over sized army green sweater, along with her black combat boots. Her hair was pulled into a side braid, out of her face. Sighing, when she felt her phone go off she checked the message and smiled.

    "Well, this outfit will have to do."

    Grabbing her black purse, she said goodbye to her foster mom and younger sister, before she rushed out the door and walked over to his car, sliding in the front seat.

    "Hi," She greeted him with a smile, quickly eyeing him over. No matter what she did, he'd always be more beautiful than she was.​
  19. R A E

    Since she was too stubborn to just detour and find a provided map with the food courts whereabouts, Rae had idly wandered the corridors, brushing past shoppers, squeezing between couples, dodging kids and occasionally popping her head in a shop out of curiosity. She'd scoured half of the second story, strides long, expression relatively blasé - and then she froze, ignorant to the people that'd been rushing behind her. That Cullen guy flashed through her mind, meandering the hallways of the mall with about as much interest as she had, she picked up on his discomfort but in those seconds couldn't figure out what was bothering him. "Oh, forget that, I am not dealing with him again today," She murmured to herself, peering around and determinedly going the opposite way she had been, thinking that she'd be able to avoid him.

    Unfortunately, she did exactly what fate wanted her to - when she entered a shop at random in case he'd pass by her, she instead walked right in on him, eyes honing onto his figure like a beacon of light on it's target. "Damn, led me right to him," She breathed, turning on her heels and hoping he hadn't seen her appear in there. The hell was he doing here?

    E M M E T T

    When she slipped into the passenger seat, Em offered his usual grin, the one that reassured he couldn't be phased by anything, although just seeing her made his brain feel a little jumbled. Of course, all feelings that were relatively human had been deluded by his 'condition', but a pretty girl could liven up even the dead, or so he believed. It'd been a moment of awkward silence since her greeting, and he caught himself, laughing a little as if he'd embarrassed himself and couldn't believe it. "Uh, hey, I... uh, like your shoes. They're pretty badass."

    They're badass? Seriously Em? Just... Don't talk, at all, unless you think of something better or let me filter your words first.

    "Geeze, sorry," Both hands on the steering wheel, he pressed on the gas and the pair were off, Alice's car one street down, following just slow enough to not garner Grace's attention. It was likely she'd recognize the other Cullen car and question, that's why Em would also be parking far away from Edward's car, his was the most noticeable out of all the sibling's since it's what they usually car pooled in. "So, there's a food court, an arcade, a theater - and laser tag-"

    He could almost feel his sister smack him, her hiss resonating within his ears only, however it was Rose that he heard this time, and to her voice he grimaced dramatically. No! She barked, No laser tag. Grow up.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" He said, though made it look as though he was coughing into his sleeve instead.

    Spectating. There's a bet going, I wanna see the endgame myself.

    Just drive, Em, Alice sighed.
  20. Edward

    Golden eyes spotted her immediately, and his brow furrowed slightly. Well, he didn't have anything better to do, so why not take it upon himself to start a conversation with her? He was still curious in her, so why not pick her brain? Then again, he didn't need to have a conversation with her to do that. Quick strides, he caught up to her rather quickly. "You know, the mall isn't a place I picture you being in your free time." He said, before his eyes went down to her and a small smirk was on his lips. Then again, the mall in his free time wasn't exactly a place he'd be spending his time either.

    She was trying to avoid him, he knew that and yet he didn't care. He was interested, and he was going to at least try and get her to talk to him. At least, he'd try until she told him to leave her alone. ​


    Grace raised her eyebrow and smiled at him. "That's the first time anyone has said that, but thanks!" She said with a smile, glancing out the window as they sped off before she looked back over to him, raising an eyebrow as she watched him. He was an odd character, and it always seemed like he was having a conversation with himself at all times.

    "You know, I've never been to laser tag.. which people seem to find weird." She said with a small laugh, blushing softly, but she turned her head and looked out the window, hiding the blush from him. "But, we can do whatever." She shrugged a little as her green eyes looked back to him, smiling a little. She didn't want to see a movie, she wanted to actually talk and get to know him, not sit in a dark theater and watch a movie. ​
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