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    ║ ✤ _____________ .
    PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE. _____________
    Selective Thread Request
    Partner limit: 5
    Slots Opened: 3

    If you want to role role play with me I highly suggest that
    you make your way to my inbox, as I want this thread clean
    of clutter.

    Hello everyone! I'm Tock and welcome to my partner request.

    I'm looking for some partners (obviously) that don't mind slow
    replies, dead humor, and the fickle nature of yours truly.

    I write male & female characters, but I only write heterosexual
    relationships. I will not budge on this matter so don't even ask.

    I don't have a skype, kik, or an email to share. I will only reply
    though this site or in PMs. I am inclined to write through threads
    while my inbox is for ooc chatter and plot ideas. If a partner
    wants to write through PMs be warned that I clear out my inbox
    constantly and I may lose our RP.

    I write approximately 400 - 1200 words on a regular day, with
    expected detail. I wouldn't trust my estimate though, I write
    based off of inspiration and paragraph length will vary based
    on mood and productivity ( I get lazy so .... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

    For 18+ :: Plot > Smut. I play with long-term partners mostly
    (unless you're one of those high paced adventure nut jobs)
    and I enjoy seeing character and plot development. Smut
    is overrated and becomes very dull after a continual plowing
    down and I kinda enjoy a build up of tension, denial, angry
    charries that can't admit their feeling, DRAMA IN GENERAL. GASP.


    .00 ─ Respect me. I'm not always going to be able to serve what
    you want and when you want it on a silver platter. If I draw the
    line, it's been drawn in the bloodiest red you'll ever see. Wanna
    know why? Those that disrespected me contributed in the donations
    and have scars to prove it. If I say no - I MEAN NO.

    .01 ─ Proficient grammar, spelling, and punctuation would be highly
    appreciated. Partners are expected to proof-read replies with very
    few mistakes to be seen - unless it's super duper late and we're high
    off of irresponsibility and utter lack of maturity.

    .02 ─ Don't rush yourself. I'm a slow writer and that means you can be
    too. Your health and well-being comes before our story. If you've hit a
    dry spell, okay. Take your time as I rather a detailed reply than one
    that looks half dead.

    .03 ─ Details and imagination, you've heard this speech so I'll spare your
    dear heart the agony.

    .04 ─ OOC chat is enjoyable and it would be a sad shame if you didn't
    speak to me. I'm saying this because it builds up more loyalty to write
    with you, because we have bonded and stuff. You don't need to tell me
    your life story, but plotting/ranting/gif wars/ and so on are SO TOTALLY

    05. ─ Absences & RP Drop. Notify me. Tell me. There's no shame to
    saying ' I don't like this RP', 'I'm gonna be gone for a while', or 'I'm bored
    of this story'. I prefer you being blunt than my disapproval increasing
    when you avoid me as if I were the Black Plague.


    on characters ─ People tend to rotate around the stereotypical, 'hottie'
    and I find that is all they have: good looks and a rather dense personality.
    Everyone likes something cute to look at, but I would like my partners to
    make characters with brains, independence, and speckled with flaws.
    I'm not looking for perfection, just something ...human.

    on themes ─ Plots and genres that make the story walk. I enjoy stories
    that circle around fantasy to modern to dark. I've written a few sci-fi and
    crime plots before, finding most of them to my taste, but I am a bit unsure
    when it comes to historical settings. So if I screw up, please don't murder me.

    on smut ─ Different stories, different aspects of how our characters tumble
    into bed. All I ask it that there is a bit of complex thought and emotion that
    is placed before we jump into anything sexual. On that note, I don't write
    constant smut. If It happens twice - holla at a playa. If you're poking at my
    charrie with NO ABANDON for the pants to drop. I'mma be squinting real hard.


    Dragon x Human || Adventure; Romance; Mildly Dark; Violence || Rated PG-13

    Summary :: In the world of Amira, the six races have fought long and enduring battles over the land and her wealth, until finding unity when the dragons made themselves known. Turning themselves to fight a new enemy that threatened their existence, they drove the beasts into the burning deserts of The Forgotten. They thought they had won, resting for nine decades of comfort until one made an appearance in the Human Courts. It begs for assistance, as an ancient evil has risen from the depths and will destroy them all.

    Beyond The Gates

    Lipheth x Guardian || Adventure; High Fantasy; Violence; Death; War || Rated PG-13

    Summary :: Taken from Motherland and hidden within the Human Zone, she would be raised as the mortals unaware of her birthright. However, she would soon be thrown into an old war raging between the the frail lines of The Gateways once finding her grandmother torn in half when reaching the desolate countryside. In panic, she reached to call the police as darkness falls and whispers can be heard from the opened doorway. As fear takes over, she locks herself into the attic where a black cat lazily dozes. It opens its eyes and gaping a wicked yawn and says, "Do you wish to live?"

    Street Fights & Satin Kisses
    Underground Fighter x Fashion Designer || Violence; Swearing; Sexual Themes; Abuse; Toxic || Rated R

    Summary:: He was raised in an abusive home, where a father would beat his children with broken beer bottles and a mother that would mourn over childish, fragmented dreams. He was sickly and thin, cancer leaving him without his right eye and a patch to shamelessly display his pain. He barely graduated from high school, decorated in scars and bitter resentment for the world and her laughing games. He left his childhood home, never to look back at cracked bricks and dying ivy leaves, and found his place in old hotel rooms while juggling a part time job of filming bad porno and being battered in underground fights. He thinks of men as competition and women as objects, and when he comes teetering to the end a single ray of sunlight comes in the form of a foolish girl with big, bambi eyes and blooming smiles.
    *** Warning: Toxic relationship may occur and heavily implied dark themes

    City Layers
    Dragon x Mythical Creature || Violence; Swearing; Sexual Themes; Drug Use || Rated PG-13

    Summary :: Her parents are dead, her brother has abandoned her, and she lives looking over her shoulder with a feral grin. Dragons are nearly extinct in human society, while the remaining live back in their home world attempting to pick up a destroyed civilization. They take on a human form, hidden and strictly from out of sight from humanity's eye with only hope to carry them through. Until one of them decides to make her own pack, picking random mythical misfits from off the city streets and playing god over the town. She's the leader, king of the hill, and most of all - dangerous. When an mysterious organization starts picking off her pack members one by one, she'll have to turn to unexpected allies and find out the truth about herself and why she's not allowed back in her home world.

    Aqua Tone

    Merman x Human || Romance; Sexual Themes || Rated PG

    Summary :: She was suppose to be having fun; beach parties, wild road trips, and messy forgotten nights. What she got was working in her uncle's aquarium and taking care of loud seals that kept stealing her flipflops. Quitting seems like heaven, until a new delivery comes into the park and no one is allowed to see it. Of course this means sneaking into the closed off area of the park, but no one has to know. Wait. Why is there a human in the tan- OHMIGOSH, HE HAS A TAIL.

    Pinky Swear

    Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature || Romance; Orphans; Adventure; Angst; Drama || PG

    Summary :: It's not easy being an orphan, especially one that is thought to only be a legend. When a child is brought to an orphanage meant for supernatural beings, they are cut off from the human world until reaching age 18. Two children meet, opposites in all cases but build an unbreakable bond with another, and one even secretly proclaims to love their friend. They make a promise that no matter what happens they will always protect each other. That promise became a distant memory on a fateful night when one of them runs away never to be heard from again.

    Blind To Murder
    Mythical Creature x ??? || War; Angst; Violence; Gore; || Rated PG-13

    Summary :: Humanity has ruled that the supernatural beings of the world can live in peace among the humans. They will be given full rights, free to roam the land they once persevered, and for this to happen all they had to do was one thing: wear a neck brace to keep their powers in check. But unity was short lived as mythicals began disappearing left and right, taken from the streets, their homes, and their offices. You see there is an international gang, one that has experimented on the creatures to find that their blood can cure humanities worse diseases and even give them their own unnatural powers. The mythicals call for the government to put a stop to it, but how can they when this new ring flickers from sight? With mythicals unable to protect themselves from the mass droves of humanity to their dwindling population, they live in fear for their lives.

    EMPTY. @ THE MOMENT - Will fill in later this evening. ツ

    Run For Life
    Dystopian || Fugitive x Officer || Violence; Death; Futuristic ; Drugs || PG-13

    Summary :: The government has proclaimed that the world is over populated and natural resources are at an all time low and in response they have made a new law to keep the populace down. Once reaching the age 27, the people are to be herded to a special camp and euthanized by a sweet smelling toxin. The only people to be exempt are enforcers of the law, in charge of tracking down those that try to escape. He is an infamous enforcer, with a nearly impeccable capture record and she has just turned of age. Upon hearing that there are secret sanctuaries she makes a break for it, hoping to find the underground societies and live out the rest of her days. One problem: The enforcers are hot on her trail.

    Active Roleplays

    .01 ─ Opened

    .02 ─ Opened

    .03 ─ Opened

    .04 ─ Opened

    .05 ─ Opened

    Paused Roleplays

    None at this time.

    Writing Style

    These are all excerpts from my writing on tumblr with my first female OC, before I deleted the account. As you will soon read, my writing can at times be poetic with run on sentences because .... style, while others are in the common writing style. Depending on my mood, you will get bursts of either or without given notice. MOST OF THIS IS SO WEIRD. LIKE TUMBLR - WHY!??!


    ❝ Oh darling, you make it sound like your rules apply to me. Didn't you realize that I’m above the law. ❞

    Her smile couldn’t grow any larger, in fact it hurt to a degree. But it didn’t matter! Nothing mattered! His expression was priceless and it took all the humanity in her, every single ounce of strained gravity not to laugh, whether it still be from disbelief that he was right there. He wasn’t suppose to be there. She wasn’t suppose to be having this conversation.


    Upon hearing another growl the human let loose a small fit of mirth, bubbling laughter that couldn’t be kept in any longer because this was all too rich.

    ❝ Are you tempting me Mavic?❞


    At the slightest touch, her heart would forget to beat.

    Eva stiffened, breath clenched onto a frenzy of bubbling panic and muddled memory. Frozen, the world spun and then stopped, speckled light and all, but she kept her eyes on the hand that held her still. Words floated in a daze of misty thoughts, but she couldn’t breath. Why couldn't’ she breath?

    ‘ Don’t touch me.’

    Then she snapped out of it, a shudder of air fluttering past her lips soundlessly as if she had just breached the surface of the ocean, only moments before downing. She peered at the guards and then twisted her head to look at Mavic. That look of boredom, infuriatingly sharp and unholy in the manner most inappropriate, fell with despairing melancholy.

    She only noticed how different he was, how coarse and cold this old friend had became, and maybe if she had the courage, if she only had the boldness to step closer and cup his face – she would have seen something broken within those eyes.

    ‘You’re not Mavic’, she thought. ‘You’re just a stranger who looks like him.’

    She pulled her arm away, that very thought burning down into the depths and even etching an unseen scar into her skin where the heat of his grasp was. Rubbing her wrist, she cracked a smile, fake as it was she hoped it played well and the sarcasm would hide what she denied.

    ❝ Oh? I see someone knows how to put on their big boy pants all by themselves. You must feel proud.❞


    She was bleeding.

    Scarlet dripped, staining white carpet. Pain had not registered, and maybe it never would. However, she raised her hand as if admiring the wound. Perfect round holes that pierced her skin, turning to a steady stream. She had never been bitten before, not like this.
    She turned her gaze to the turian, unsure of what to say or even what to do. How had he managed to find her? She pointed to her injured hand, brows furrowed as irritation now came into play.

    Mavic. Have you decided to go feral or are you just laying a claim?


    Step away.

    It stood frozen, tension in its most fearsome. She was wary, standing on the edge of a gruesome pit, and if she were tired of this life she would allow herself to fall into temptation. A single trigger would finish the job, but she wasn’t one for cowardice. Eyes darkened with shadows, lingering from long and restless nights, draining and breaking all strength, narrowed thinly to peer into the silhouette, unmoving with stubborn will.
    Fingers loosened, anxiety springing, jumping, tearing in glee, but she couldn’t do this again. Her arm swung, a defeated, choked sob, dried in a famine of chained emotion finally burst forth, threatening to undo tight, imprisoned decision and her teeth clicked, snapping with this irrational containment. The gun nearly fell, glimmering sheen fleeing into the dark. Another gasp, desperate to regain lost pride was caught in her lungs and she shut her eyes.

    She COULDN’T point a gun at him again.

    I’m busy. I’m exhausted. I’m ready to fall apart and now you decide to block me? Who do you even think you are? Telling me what to do, like it matters.

    Her voice was raising, dangerous and trembling. He needed to go away. He needed to just leave. So why was it that he always came when she was on the brink of insanity? It must be a test, one of playing on tied strings waiting to see which would break. But not today. Her resolve hissed, breathing a dragged shift of control and she opened her eyes, hard and cold and her jaw clenched.

    Get out of my way.


    How darling.

    Rocking on her heels and hands neatly wrapped behind her back, she watched him like a CURIOUS bird, tilting its head to in fro as he approached. He walked with purpose, long graceful steps that held EERIE silence resembling that of a hunter. However, the HUNTED wore a small and purposeful smile when cold, slender fingers fell against her skin, tilting her head back. What she expected was pride stuffed flare decorated in mere words accompanied by a small, simple peck. After all, wasn’t this just a SHOW ?

    Though in delightful GLEE, a spark of pain splintered any thought of calm as lips,FERAL and surprisingly cool attacked hers. Eyes, narrowed and flashing with unspoken mockery took hold and she found she pushed herself closer until barely a WHISPER of air could float between them and slowly she draped her arms over his shoulders as if they belonged there. But, she took no major role in this kiss. She allowed the new found PUP to ravage plush and bruising skin, until a hand slide through such pretty, silken hair. Her nails skimmed over his scalp, tracing fine, delicate patterns before TANGLED fingers locked in white strands and tugged his head back with a purr.

    ❝ You’re absolutely adorable, love. But such a wild, frenzy kiss won’t get you far. Should I show you how the adults do it? ❞

    The god hummed a soft gush of mirth, tapping her finger over an EXPOSED throat and her eyes when black in question. What a clean canvas she had to draw on, she hoped he wouldn’t mind if it got a bit MESSY. She leaned up, pressing tortuously gentle, opened mouthed kisses over his skin, dragging sharp teeth at random in this game of tease. That URGE, the aching urge to tame such a beast had her breath stuck in her throat.

    Then she sighed, actions ceased and let go of him, hands placed on her hips.

    ❝ But then again, such a wild one wouldn’t learn much, would they ? ❞


    ❝ Ah, so impatient. Wouldn't you at least be interested in your teacher’s name ?❞

    The woman sang in her low, thrilling voice. It was the type of voice that the ear would follow through the night, enchanted by such hushed notes, that if they ignored it for even a second its arrangement of song would never be played again. She tempted a step forward and then took her step back, a repetitive dance that made no ultimate decision. And yet, as she gazed upon him, her face seemed sad and lovely, speaking of exciting things and passionate lips hinted for those to stop. “Listen”, it whispered, a promise that she had seen wondrous and horrible things and in the possible hour would only take flight to see more wondrous and horrible things.

    ❝ Do you wish to know me, pup ? ❞

    The question was breathed in laughter, delightful and secretive as if she knew something the world couldn’t grasp. Her eyes gleamed, bright colors of green and sun kissed glow and to the observant, perhaps they spoke of a dangerous tale hidden from a time long ago. She watched his mouth, intrigued by the past gesture, that dart of pink more so than his pride filled speech. But her bemusement came more apparent as she found ( much to her bliss ) that he kept such an abusive stare directed on her. Every move seemed to be noted,absorbed, by alluring eyes and if not careful, she might have drowned in his glare.

    It was sudden, a flicker of a flame that came and went in the shallowest of breeze, but it happened. She stood behind him, flitting fingers that memorized, brushed over soft cotton, her hand running to gently touch his shoulder and a smile, knowing and tired, painted her face.

    ❝ Your name please.❞


    Her heart stumbled, a beat forgotten, sinking to overcast gloom. It was tremulous trepidation, her hand caught within a frozen grasp, bones cracking, fragmenting into shattered glass. But she uttered nothing, tangled in a thorned trap. It wrapped itself around her neck, around her lungs and she fought to breath, it bond her feet together to keep her down, and as the wide eyed fawn struggled the further she plunged into the cold depths - she knew what this beast was called.
    Fear. And it bid that she not leave this place.
    Then the pain came, delayed as it was. It started as a dull ache, biting and itching, and when she started to pull away a mingled gasp echoed, tainted with a strangled moan. The slightest inch granted her nothing but a hellish burn, leaving the woman reeling. It was so sharp, being pricked by needles and thorns.
    But she still didn’t understand.

    It hurts. It hurts. Ithurts.Ithurts.Ithurts.ITHURTS. BUT WHY?


    She didn’t want to be near him. She didn’t want to be TOUCHED by him. Filthy. Filthy. FILTHY. She hadn’t seen it before, but now she wish she had. Scarlet dripping, it fell with peaceful grace that it was none other but demonic. He has soaked himself in blood, a hanging mist of death and despair had became his crown of glory and HONOR.
    You’re cruel. You’re evil.

    I want to go home.

    She pulled again, pupils dilated with the need to escape. To run, to run far away and cleanse herself of him. The crackle of a useless wrist did nothing for her, she didn’t care anymore. She just wanted to get away from here. It was that flurry of panic, like an animal that knows that their end is upon them, but maybe, just maybe they would be lucky. Given another chance for another day.
    She slipped away from him and she spirited because her life depended on it. Holding her broken hand, she now knew that finding the gateway was of deadly importance. So don’t look back. Don’t even think.


    This would be problematic.

    Because he was a problematic person in general. Her eyes fluttered shut, teeth chattering in aimless thought and foot tapping in reply, all the while standing outside a pale blue door with a class busily at work. The call from early morning, the one that rose her from bed with a groggy groan and hand fanning the air for a missing cell phone, which she slide under her pillow only two hours before would be er undoing.

    Convince him.

    How she would do this was still an uncharted mystery. However, she wasn’t one to argue with an order, it simply wasn’t her place. She didn’t bother knocking, only walking into the class with the sharp click of heeled boots. Heads snapped up, following the woman dressed in gray with a new found interest, abandoning all hope of ever finishing doodled assignments and rightly so. She caught glimpse of forgotten pencils of dotted color and shreds of scrapped paper, strewn about on a wooden desk where he sat and her mouth hinted a frown.
    She sighed, muffled as it was beneath an exterior of professional mien. A sudden headache had just occurred and it would only take a handful of minutes of dealing with him to assure surrender to four pills of aspirin. Rubbing her temples, she reached the desk, silence falling over the room as her footsteps came to their momentary death and her stubborn refusal to speak. She was soaking in the peace while it lasted.

    Dylan. We need to talk.

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  2. Update
    I have added my writing style for those of you who are curious and some more plots, while
    I'm currently working on the Mystery, Fairy Tale, and Miscellaneous tabs.
    If you are looking for the themes mentions above, just hold tight or message me.

    For those of you who have written to me, No - the genders or positions of the characters don't have to stay the same.
    Example: Fairy Female x Human Male ->> Fairy Male x Human Female
    The summaries of the plots are simply placed with chosen pronouns because I have noticed what most
    females like to play in terms of character roles and as these are my plots, I want to keep a guiding
    position in these cases so you won't feel burdened to make decisions that I may or may not disapprove of.

    Also, you may have noticed that in most of my plots I have romance as a similar theme.
    That doesn't have to be the case.
    It is just another genre I have realized people tend to lean towards during a RP, or in other words,
    "It just happens."

    ** If you have no interest in any of my current plots but still wish to write with me, again - message me
    so we can have the opportunity to discuss.

    ** The way how you message me will also determine whether or not I'll accept your RP offer,
    along with past stories. I don't like, "Hey, you wanna RP?" or "I like this (insert plot name)" as
    an answer. It's really dull. Tell me about yourself or something.
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