Myths of Thalassana: The Cursed Stones of Light

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    The Wandering Magus

    Please note that when the players leave the inn, our story begins and you ca no longer sign-up.
    Now let us start this epic adventure!

    It has been many ages since the end of the Great War with the goblins, and the mighty realm of Thalassana enjoys peace and prosperity under the wise rule of King Leonard. Most recently, our lord and King has send messages to all our allies after receiving a request from the High Council of the City of Wonders.
    Now, healers, fighters, tinkers, and adventurers of all manner of history come from all over the known world in answer to requests from the King for aid in this glorious quest for a mysterious artefact of the ancient world. However, though the adventurers are hopeful, the journey may be perilous...
    It is a clear evening as the sun sets on the city of Thalassana, and torches are being lit all over the streets. The familiar smell of moist earth and many crowded people floats through the streets with the sound of singing and music, shouts and grunts and whinnies of horses. After many hours of travel, the travellers arrive at the designated location, the Fair Maiden. The perfect spot for exhausted travellers needin' some good ol' ale and a good nights rest. This is where our story begins...
    The first traveller to arrive was Sir Hadrianus Paschal himself, the famed captain of the guards. Although his trip was shorter than the others', he wa still thirsty and a wee bit tired. ''Ah, yes. I'd like a cup of yur sweet ale.'' The old bartender quickly fills a mug with the ale and slides it to the middle-aged knight. ''Cheers!'' He yells, holding his mug up into the air for a mere second before taking a swig. ''This is some mighty fine ale..'' Hadrianus reaches into his saddlebag and takes out 3 copper coins and lays them onto the counter, paying for the ale. While Hadrianus waits, he chats with the many other travellers at the inn. Taking turns with each other to tell their stories, made up or true, they were quite amazing.
  2. "The Fair Maiden, then? Hmph. I guess I should go look for who's with me." Jarvig says to himself as he leaned on one of his hammers in front of the Fair Maiden. He gets up again, stashing his hammer away and entering the inn. Before saying anything, or talking to anyone, he went for the bar, climbing on a chair before sitting down on top of the counter.

    Since the city is one of men, everything is too big for a dwarf like him, but he doesn't let that bother him, acting as if everything he does is normal to him. Jarvig turns towards the bartender before he speaks. "Hey there, tall one, give me one of yer strongest, not the nitty-witty yeh give to yer regulars. Here's something for yer troubles, if yeh serve me all night, yeh can keep the change." He said and tossed three silver coins towards the bartender. As soon as the bartender gave him something, he downed the mug and ordered another, though just sipped this one. "Gah, human ale. Nothing quite like a good ol' dwarven stout, but I guess it'll do." He said to himself.

    From the counter, even he could see across the inn, though a group of humans -telling each others stories- caught his attention the most. Quite amazing stories, one might say, didn't impress Jarvig at all. He chuckled as she shuffled a little closer to Hadrianus. "Hah! Yeh call that a story? I've got a more impressive tale happening right now! Apparently there's a rare little ore making men sick in their mind and body just by being near it. Well, I'm going to get it." He boasted and took another swig of his mug. "Sheesh. I should've brought some from home."
  3. Varius Paragonis, called Paragonis the Blue by the common folk of Thalassana, smiled tiredly as he finally approached the walls of the fortress, passing beneath the enormous portcullis and dismounting to walk his horse on the cobbled streets. It had been a long 57 miles all the way from the City of Wonders to come here, a two-day journey over hill and valley and fen and moor, bordered occasionally by hurdle, hedgerow and stile. Still, it was a safe journey, something which still came as somewhat of a surprise to the old man years after the last battle of the Great War had ended.

    He wore a slightly dusty hooded robe over a worn tunic and sturdy trousers, good riding boots that went all the way up to his knees, and a wizard's pointed hat, all originally dyed blue but now fading to a dusty and pale version of what they once were. His staff was tucked in the saddle of his horse, Nellie, a beautiful chestnut colored mare with a gentle and calm demeanor that made her both dependable and comfortable on long journeys. She was carrying his supplies from the City, generic wizard materials and potions as well as maps and rations and other useful items.

    He led the mare to the stable just outside the Fair Maiden and gave the ostler a tip for extra hay and a good grooming as he slung the straps of one of the smaller bags over a shoulder and took his staff in hand. Pausing to give the horse a lump of sugar for her good attitude and perseverance, the cheerful old man patted the mare and made his way up the steps of the inn.

    As he passed through the wooden arch of the door, he politely took off his hat and robe, hanging them by the racks just to the side of the entrance. He looked around, then saw the captain of the guard, Sir Hadrianus Paschal, in friendly conversation with some of the other guests and travelers. Intrigued, and feeling both hungry and a bit thirsty, Paragonis smiled to himself and walked over to the counter, paying for a pint and taking a seat nearby, waiting for the captain to finish his conversations.
  4. The middle-aged knight shot a mocking grin at Jarvig. ''Oh, my short little friend, you are not the only one going on this dangerous journey. In fact, I'm going too. There's no need for boasting, because, this journey could be your last. Then what? You are just gonna rot in a grave, well, after the Goblins *hic* eat you and digest you.. then you'll be a big pile of shit! So, go ahead, boast while you can. I doubt you'll make it far, not at all...'' Feeling as though he made his point, Hadrianus takes a swig of his ale. ''Now, *hic* who here has a better tale to tell than this fool?'' He asks, pointing to Jarvig. After struggling to stand up, he looks aound. ''Anyone? Don't be shy! *hic*'' His face shows signs of intoxication as one could see his eyes bloodshot red and his constant hiccups.
  5. "Hah! Farther than yeh at least, tin man. Why don't yeh stick with yer warm milk, kid? Leave the good stuff for the ones that can take it. Now go to bed, yer looking terrible. If yeh can make it that far." Jarvig laughed and emptied his mug, then immediately ordered a refill. His face began to turn a little red, but showed little signs of intoxication just yet.

    "Yeh call me a fool, but look who's making one of 'imself right about now. What a sorry bunch yeh hu- Hold on." He stopped after he took a good look at Hadrianus' armour. "That's one of Lokeen's, isn't it? Yeh, I'd recognize it out of a thousand! Are yeh one of the Paschal, then?"
  6. Hadrianus puts his hand on the able to better leverage himself. ''Aye, I am one of the Paschal. The great-grandson of Arc the great, whom slayed the mighty dragon Vaaring with thi very sword.'' He pats the sword on his side with a smile. ''Such a powerful and sharp blade she is.. the day my father gave her to me I was still drinking the sweet nectar of me mother's milk! Oh, but by the time I was 10, I had already slayed my first Goblin! Beautiful memories, beautiful times. So, yes, I am a Paschal.''
  7. "Aye. I heard of that blade, and what it's done. Gorgeous piece of forging that one. If only I could've been there, their hides are so hard to come by." He sighed and shook his head. "I'm glad to see Lokeen's had his say in this quest. Tells me enough about yerself to know what's going on. Come on, then, want another pint?" He asked and gestured to the bartender for another drink.
  8. Paragonis sipped his drink in quiet silence, having tucked his staff into a strap on his back for convenience, though it would come to his hands quickly enough should the need arise. It was fascinating, the types of individuals that one could find in a tavern, and the stories one heard if one cared to listen. Hunters, champions, guardians, wardens, minstrels, even artisans and merchants would frequent some of the more popular locations at the right time of the year.
  9. A fully-armored knight entered the fortress and dismounted his mud-brown stallion, which was laden with simple traveling supplies and necessities. The knight calmly walked his horse toward the Fair Maiden.

    Upon arrival, the knight released the horse's reins and it simply walked toward the stable. Clearly arrival was a routine process for the two.

    The knight stepped inside the Fair Maiden, closing the door behind himself, and looked around silently. One might think him to be scowling at the whole establishment under the cover of his visor, but in reality, this particular knight was simply dumbfounded. The orders from Leonard ended with the sharing of a paper with whoever was in charge of the expedition he was told to join, so he was now looking aimlessly for someone of importance to give the scroll which was now in his hand.
  10. After visiting several other taverns in the city, Kutta stumbles into the Fair Maiden and saunters to the bar.
    "A full size flagon of your cider please, or a half of scrumpy if you have any." She orders, rummaging in her satchel for the coin to pay.
    After handing over a few coppers Kutta walks off with a flagon. She looks into it and smiles at its contents, then sips the scrumpy before finding a seat.
  11. The wizard sipped his ale and waited in amusement for the familiar sound of his old friend... well, old acquaintance, who might not be feeling so very friendly today, all things considered. Paragonis chuckled to himself; it WOULD do the gambler-thief a world of good to go on this little adventure. Perhaps the fresh wilderness air would clear his thoughts and show him a bit of what he once was.
  12. Bingo was not having a good day. Only one pony with extremely limited supplies, no luxuries at all, and for some reason he didn't turn back; of course, this only caused him to hate himself as much as the road he traveled on.
    Finally arriving at the inn after a day and a half of nonstop travel, Bingo was only too happy to dismount and stand on his own hairy feet again. "Oh, why did I ever agree to this... I'll miss the Saturday party for sure!" the hobbit groaned miserably, his thoughts full of wine and cake that he wouldn't get to eat. He leaned on the door, pushing it open, and stumbled in over the quiet knight's foot. "I beg your pardon, good sir, terribly sorry...," Bingo said after regaining his balance. The knight looked like a figure one wouldn't want to anger... but he tilted his head and shrugged. Bingo frowned in confusion for a moment, but decided to move along.
    Catching sight of Paragonis near the counter, Bingo was both comforted and infuriated. He stormed up to the wizard in as angry a way as a Halfling could, which was actually rather silly. "You! Y-you adventurous... you rowdy... you...," he stuttered. "Well, here I am, and my cozy couch is fifty miles thataway!" Bingo whined, gesturing over his shoulder. His anger was starting to break into spoiled sorrow. "Why did you make me come all the way out here?"
  13. Paragonis grinned over his mug and beared. "Make you? I did no such thing. I merely gave you a nudge out of the door, as the saying goes. And it will do you a world of good, an adventure. Just think of the places you'll go, the wonders you'll see!"
  14. Bingo shuddered. "The dragons whose dinner plates I'll decorate, the goblins whose clubs will give me an unwanted massage...," he moaned.
    Bingo climbed onto the chair beside Paragonis. "I just need a good flagon of wine and this will all just pass away... in fact, it's a dream, isn't it?" he asked--or begged--Paragonis. "Tell me it's a horrible dream and I'm still in my cozy bed!"
  15. Paragonis patted the halfling on the back. "My dear Bingo, I think you'll find this little journey to be enjoyable enough once we put in some miles. Adventure runs in your blood! Did you know that your grandfather, Dalgo the Undying, was marshal of the Blossom-Downs and the best archer east of Thalassana? He was almost four-foot seven, and never got a single scratch in his whole carreer! And when the Goblin General Kurbaz tried to raze Fairfields to the ground, your grandfather was the one who shot the arrow straight through his head, out the other side and onto his future wife's lap. And so she got her engagement gift and the battle was won at the same time."
  16. "But what of this stone we're after? I don't like the idea of chasing a curse!" cried Bingo.

    The knight at the door heard the mention of "stone" and "curse", and he thought perhaps he'd finally be able to continue his mission. He stepped over to Bingo and Paragonis.

    Bingo looked up at the knight. "Y-you aren't still mad about your foot, are you?"

    The knight just stared between the two for a moment longer, then held out a scroll to whichever of the two felt inclined to take it.
  17. The wizard turned to the knight and smiled, then bowed and took the scroll. "I do believe we have just met another adventurer on this Quest, as it were! Let's see here... yes, yes, ah, yes, and yes! Master Silentium will be a great help upon this journey indeed!"

    He stood and bowed to the armored figure. "Merrily met indeed! I am called Paragonis the Blue, and I am honored to make your acquaintance, good knight."
  18. Silentium returned the bow, grateful to finally have direction. Now in firm belief that he was where he was meant to be, Silentium stood there watching the establishment around them.

    Bingo felt a shiver run down his spine. Away from home, no luxuries, and now a heavily armored--and armed with a scary halberd, too--knight was just standing a few feet away from him. Suffice to say, he was feeling very uneasy. "C... could I get a cake? I'd really like a cake right now," he said worriedly, then added with a mutter, "though I'd like my own warm fireplace a lot more..."
  19. "Cake?" mused Paragonis. "Perhaps not cake, but I believe I can find something of the sort. Hopsman Burdock, my good friend!" he called to the bartender. "A pint of ale for my friends here, and if you have some sweet pastry on hand, a few of those, if you please!"

    The wizard had frequented the Fair Maiden quite a few times a year in his past several hundred years of life, since it was founded long ago. He had made several friendships with the frequent visitors, and a good reputation for defusing arguments and stopping fights when things got heated. He also was known to tell a few quaint yet enjoyable tales on the occasion, and the bartender had seemed to grow rather fond of the charming old man.
  20. Kutta checks her pockets for change and finds a few more coppers. She considers getting another drink later, once her current tankard is dry, but decides to hold on to the coins in case she gets hungry.
    Knowing that there wouldn't be another drink tonight, Kutta takes smaller sips less frequently and swills the stinging, fruity beverage around her mouth before swallowing.
    Having picked out the words "Quest", "adventure" and a mention of ale (pastries too) Kutta finds a table closer to the group to listen in and see if this was the party of adventures that had been the rumor of the bars she had visited previously.
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