Myths of Thalassana: The Cursed Stones of Light ((OOC & Sign-Up))

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  1. The RP has started!

    The great Kingdom of Leonard the Wise had long stood on the shores of the Seepay River, south of the ancient ruins of Kaegil on the shores of the Sea. It was a shining shield against the goblins of the South and the ravagers from the East, filled with gallant knights clad with the colors of the Crown.
    To the northwest lay the City of Wonders, where the wise wizards of the High Council kept the knowledge of the Ancient Days, before the Plague. They had magnificent powers mysterious and arcane, but they were generous with their knowledge, and had gifted our King with many magical suits of armor, the like of which could not be rivalled by any blacksmith. Upon these suits were laid spells of power and strength, allowing those who wore them to lift heavy stones as if they were empty boxes, or carry many men upon their backs like children.
    With this gift of magic armor, Leonard the Wise and his noble knights were able to drive back the goblins in the Great War, and kingdoms from all the lands of the West lent their aid, from the wild-men of the Deserts to the stout herders of the plains with their wild stallions and long rope-weapons.
    In the years that followed, the Kingdom had a period of peace and prosperity. Now, the High Council asks us to go forth into the wilds of the southwest in search of a mysterious mineral of the ancient world, which glowed without fire and could curse men who looked upon it with boils and sickness, yet held unimaginable power if harnessed by the wisdom of the Ancients. The wizards assure us that our armor is enchanted to prevent the curse from falling upon us, but warn that things may have changed in the past few thousand years...

    Dwarves: Orod Khazad
    The great dwarf-city of Orod Khazad was founded about a century after the Plague in what was once a vast mine of the Ancient World by Farthi Stonefist, a formidable dwarvish miner turned warrior and leader by necessity. The dwarf and his followers braved the harsh mountain winters and frequent attacks by Goblins from the east, becoming a strong and hardy race which valued strength and endurance and craftsmanship. Over the ages, the dwarves have carved out a vast underground city beneath the mountains, and enormous veins of iron and coal have brought them great wealth and fame throughout the land. Dwarves are grave and gruff, but shrewd with money and loyal to allies. They prefer melee weapons such as hammers and axes, and always wear heavy armor. They are experts at smithing, mining, masonry and ale-brewing, and their food is both hearty and energizing for helping them live through the long, harsh winters in the mountains. They tend to wear thick wool, leather and furs for warding off the mountain cold, and have long beards and generous body hair, being also stout with thick skins and strong bodies. They are slightly taller than halflings.

    Halflings: Fairfield
    The halfling village of Fairfield on the Blossom-Downs is an old settlement from about two centuries after the Plague, founded by a wandering farmer-turned-leader named Bolgo Greenhill and his followers as a peaceful refuge from the dangers of the world outside. It is situated in what the wizards say was once an enormous garden of the Ancient World. Though it had been abandoned for ages, it was still as lush and fertile as of old, and as Bolgo and his fellow halflings began to farm the land, it gave forth a rich bounty of fruit and grain and flax. The light forest and fertile land allowed the halflings a good life, and the inhabitants there eventually adapted archery and ambush rather than close-combat melee as their main form of defense. As a result, halflings are generally physically weaker than dwarves, though they are nearly unmatched in stealth and marksmanship. They are excellent cooks, carpenters, farmers and singers, and their food is homely and flavorful, perfect for refreshments after a hard day's work on the fields. They tend to prefer bright natural colors such as green and yellow, and are both inquisitive and talkative, though they tend to be cautious and wary of danger. Though well-fed and jolly, they are formidable fighters and remarkably difficult to daunt when it comes down to it.

    The Tale of the Great War
    It was in the third century, a hundred years after the founding of Fairfield by the halflings, when the Kingdom of Thalassana was in its infancy. King Leonard the First was a leader of great renown at the time, brave and strong but inexperienced in the ways of true war. Hordes of goblins came from the wastelands of the East, led by a particularly savage and gigantic creature who called himself Zarthag the Scarred. Under his command, the goblins united into a fierce and terrifying army, burning as they came. The dwarves of Orod Khazad were forced to shut the doors of their city, and Fairfields bristled with arrows. Thalassana, however, was laid siege as its farmlands were burned and its villages ransacked. For years the people held out valiantly within the walls of the city, but soon hunger and thirst set in, and the goblins poisoned the wells, spreading sickness and death. Seeing the desperation of the inhabitants, Zarthag rode up to the gates just beyond bowshot, offering truce and parley with the King. Seeing the cost of war and fearing for the end of the kingdom, Leonard the First thought for many days, councelling with his advisors and sons on how to deal with the situation. In the end, he decided to trust the word of the goblin, and rode out with a small guard of noble knights, trusting in peace, to compromise with the enemy. But treachery was in the black heart of Zarthag, and as the old king rode out with his loyal knights under the White Flag of Truce, he was ambushed by goblins. Mighty as he was, his small group could not hold back the waves of enemies, and at the last, surrounded by the fallen, our King fell to the blade of the Scarred Goblin. Leonard the Second, then only a lad of 20, the Crown Prince, could only look on as his father's body was defiled and consumed by the creatures, his head removed and placed high up on a platform in mockery to the West. Fierce with anger, the newly-crowned king swore vengeance upon the goblins for this crime, calling upon all the peoples of the West to aid him. Outraged by the goblins' treachery, in this time of need wild-men from the Badlands and herders from the southwest came to our aid, and the wizards of the High Council intervened in the daily lives of common men for the first time in three hundred years. With wondrous magic, they called down fire and lightning and the very powers of nature to drive back the hordes. They also gifted young King Leonard the Second with a great store of enchanted armor which lent strength and speed to the wearer, and with these new weapons the Knights of Thalassana fought valiantly and saved the kingdom from utter ruin. Riding forth from the gates of the city, they crushed the armies of the enemy with sword and javelin, and broke the siege of Orod Khazad and the harrying of Fairfields. United against a common enemy, the free peoples of the West drove back the goblins back into the wastelands of the East, and from thence they have not come again in the last two centuries.

    The Accounting of Zarthag
    Zarthag was no fool, goblin though he was. He saw the united strength of the West, and knew that he would gain no victory that day. Defeated, the traitor withdrew from the field of battle, seeking to return to the wasteland to rally once more and crush Thalassana on his own time. Yet fate was against him, and as he turned his great back upon the field, the young Leonard let loose a single arrow from his father's bow, and in that moment, Zarthag the Scarred, enemy of the West, was destroyed. Like ants scattering when the brooding thing within their hive is crushed, the ranks of goblins fled, some into holes, others into caves, never again to return. Yet some fled into the wilds and wastes of the East, and with them went Murgaz, son of Zarthag. Scores of years would pass like the falling of leaves as Thalassana prospered, and the fire of rage that burned within Murgaz festered like a cancer. Slowly, goblin by goblin, his father's army grew once more, united by a hatred for all those who lived in the Free Lands of the West, never forgetting their loss that day upon the fields of Thalassana.


    GM has final say and can change rules whenever necessary
    GM may choose assistant GMs
    Wizards: no mountain-moving or forest-burning level powers, keep your powers limited to a region within 50 feet of your character.
    No controlling another's character. This also applies to GMs except in emergency situations.
    If you must argue, never take it beyond conversation.
    Be polite.
    Nobody has higher rank than anypony else besides the GM and the assistant GMs.
    Please participate as you can. Others may be waiting for your character to move before they can move.
    No reversing time except by GM, and only in emergencies.
    No summoning anything larger than twice your size, and never anything greater than your power. Summons cannot summon, and you can't summon yourself or another player.
    No personal attacks at players. We are all respectable ponies here.
    Please keep violence to a minimum.
    Please no mature themes here. This is the Fantasy section, not the Mature section.
    No involving others in backstories unless by permission.
    No bringing about any sort of major disaster. This includes but is not limited to floods, tornadoes, droughts, plagues, and famines.
    Please sign up before playing.
    Keep OOC in OOC. This is the OOC thread. Please use it.
    Please limit yourself to 3 characters at the most, and play all of them.
    Also, I must note if your character dies, there's no bringing them back, they are dead. Forever.
    Have Fun!

    Race (Human, Dwarf, or Halfling):
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc):
    Abilities (for wizards):
    Origin (City of Wonders, Thalassana, Orod Khazad, etc):
    Job (Knight, Squire, Wizard, etc):
    Reason for joining on this Quest:
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc):
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?:

    And now, we wait.
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  2. Name: Varius Paragonis, called Paragonis the Blue
    Age: 534
    Race (Human, Dwarf, or Halfling): Human
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
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    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Generous, thoughtful, quiet, forceful when speaking about something he's passionate about, grave but kind, cheerful around his children, loving towards his family, even-tempered, slightly obsessive about new discoveries, can be very rough when necessary, strict with his children, treats all with respect, keeps some open secrets about magic.
    Abilities (for wizards): Fireball, Lightning Storm, Earth Tremor, Ball of Light, Force Push, Invisible Shield, Minor Revive
    Origin (City of Wonders, Thalassana, Orod Khazad, etc): City of Wonders
    Job (Knight, Squire, Wizard, etc): Wizard
    Background/Biography: Paragonis was born to a moderately wealthy family of scholars in the City of Wonders. Graduating from the House of Wisdom and gaining much knowledge about the ways of the Ancients and of magic, the man eventually married a commoner of Thalassana and moved to a quiet village just outside the City, using his knowledge to heal the sick and repair the armor of various knights who came to visit. He stays in contact with the City of Wonders through a magical mirror, but otherwise rarely uses his magic in any large extent, preferring to use mundane methods. When the request came for his services, however, he decided that he would be useful to the questers, and came to help as best as he can.
    Reason for joining on this Quest: Summoned by the High Council
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Magic Mirror, Tome of Herbs, staff, cloth bags, hooded robe, tunic, canteen of water, lots of magically light and strong rope, magical globes, bags of sticky tar, magical amulet, healing potions, energy potions, flute, magnifying glass, tweezers, spectacles, identification forms, wallet, 90 gold bits, a few silver and copper bits, a portrait of his family, keys to his house and workshop, healing salves, healing bandages, tissues, address book, wooden emergency whistle, graphite pencils, quills, ink bottle, scrolls, notepad, scissors, pen-knife, some candy
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes
  3. Accepted!
  4. Name: Silentium
    Age: 35
    Race (Human, Dwarf, or Halfling): Human
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
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    He seldom takes off his helmet, and whenever he does, one's gaze would be met with a curious pair of eyes, struggling to comprehend the world around them. Silentium's hair is kept short and his skin has a pale tone from time spent in his armor on guard duty.
    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Loyal (though naive) follower.
    Origin (City of Wonders, Thalassana, Orod Khazad, etc): Thalassana
    Job (Knight, Squire, Wizard, etc): Knight
    Background/Biography: Silentium was given his Latin name for his most outstanding trait: everything he does, he does wordlessly. As far as the locals are concerned, he is a cursed man; unable to speak or conjure clever thoughts or methods of achieving his tasks, he would seem to be a speechless child in the body of a man.
    Silentium can comprehend simple orders and most gestures, and can tell if something appears fragile. Not a complete fool, he won't put his weight on a small tree branch if he means to cross it.
    Reason for joining on this Quest: At 25 years of age, Silentium was taken in by the royalty to be a castle guard. He was trained, outfitted, and set at his post... which he never abandoned, never slept through, and always appeared to take seriously. When the High Council called for warriors to venture into the southwest, Leonard sent Silentium alongside a few other loyal guards and any volunteers who showed up.
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Reinforced Elite Knight armor, a curved halberd, and a 2.5-meter tall light great-shield.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Check.
  5. Accepted!
  6. What, that's it? No critique or anything? x3
  7. Name: Jarvig
    Age: 169
    Race (Human, Dwarf, or Halfling): Dwarf
    Appearance (please spoiler images): (open)

    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): Short-tempered, grumpy, ready for battle, protective, overconfident, impatient, tough, opens up to people he has fought alongside with, distrusting of strangers and their motives, treats others as they treat him.
    Abilities (for wizards): N/A
    Origin (City of Wonders, Thalassana, Orod Khazad, etc): Orod Khazad
    Job (Knight, Squire, Wizard, etc): Blacksmith
    Background/Biography: Jarvig never speaks of his past, except for the battles he fought. "It does not matter where one came from, or what he may have done, for everyone and everything changes." Only the present and the near past counts for Jarvig, though he cares little for what you say you have done if he wasn't there to witness it.
    Reason for joining on this Quest: "A strange mineral must be found? Count me in! These canned humans wouldn't make it that far and the ones in a dress would perish before they reached the goal. This is a dwarf's job!"
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Armour (as can be seen in the image) which consist of a horned helmet, shoulder pads, chestplate and boots. Two hammers used for close combat or to make/repair weapons with at a forge. Two throwing axes. Leather bag containing bandages and two rocks he uses to light a fire with.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes
  8. Are the rules copied from your RP, Magus?
  9. If there's still space, I'd make a character for this. :)
  10. yes they are x3 and certainly there's space, Sir Basil!
  11. Jarvig is accepted!
  12. Can I ask a quick question first? What was the nature of the Plague that broke out? :) I'm considering basing a character off of it.
  13. Sounds like Uranium we're looking for, really.
  14. Shh!

    I'll say all this from a non-wizard point of view (you can tell there's secrets wizards are keeping):

    The Plague was a terrible weapon of the Ancient World which ended the Realm of Kaegil over five hundred years ago. It twisted the mind and body both, turning men into Goblins and birds and reptiles into Dragons while driving them mad and savage.

    As the wizards tell it, Goblins were once men, great leaders and merchants, twisted and broken and reshaped by the Plague into the wild and berserk creatures they are now. They are almost incapable of all but the most primitive speech, and consume raw flesh.

    The Dragons do not breath fire for the most part, although some kinds do; they are great and terrible in strength and speed, nonetheless, with thick scaly hides that can break spears and turn arrows.

    None know the truth of how the Plague worked, though most assumed naturally that it was some form of curse or magic. Regardless, the most common manner that has been adapted for dealing with it is by purging with fire and scattering the ashes.
  15. "Only the weak would lose their mind to a flimsy piece of ore. Heh, I s'pose that's a good thing then, easier to bash their skulls in." Jarvig snorts and chuckles at the memory of Goblins falling by his hands. "Goblins, bah. Says a lot about them, if they turn into such creatures whilst others turn to dragons! Now there's a majestic beasty. If I could get me hands on some of its skin. Oh, the things I would make."
  16. Just so you guys wont get confused on who my character is.

    Name: Sir Hadrianus Paschal
    Age: 38
    Race (Human, Dwarf, or Halfling): Human
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
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    Personality (leader, follower, proud, vengeful, etc): A born leader, Hadrianus thinks of every move the enemy can make before striking. Although serious during guard duty, Hadrianus has a humorous personality and is not afraid to share joke or two with his fellow comrades. All in all, Hadrianus is an honorable knight.
    Abilities (for wizards): N/A
    Origin (City of Wonders, Thalassana, Orod Khazad, etc): Thalassana
    Job (Knight, Squire, Wizard, etc): Knight
    Background/Biography: Hadrianus Paschal, born to royalty, is the son of a noble. Although raised as a noble, his easy life disgusted him. As each night he wondered how he eats a full meal while others outside the doors of his home are starving. The young Hadrianus took food from his own plate and gave it to the poor. The hungry. After the coming of age, Hadrianus was taken under the wing of knight Sir Connor Blue-Shield. The young squire trained long and hard to become a Knight, then finally it happened. Hadrianus Paschal was knighted by King Leonard the Wise.
    After this day he was... Sir Hadrianus Paschal.
    Reason for joining on this Quest: This proud knight was selected by Leonard the Wise himself to accompany his fellow comrades on this journey into hell and beyond.
    Inventory (clothes, tools, weapons, etc): Hadriaus wears his custom armor of which the famous dwarf blacksmith Lokeen created for him, although heavy, Hadrianus can move quickly in this armor. The weapon he weilds is the famous Paschal family blade, of which was used by his great-grandfather, Arc the Great, to slay the mighty dragon Vaaring.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes

    And I guess I accept myself.
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  17. Name: Kutta (Cute-tah) Vanocke
    Age: 36
    Race: Halfling
    Appearance (open)

    Personality Fidgety and eager, with a love of food and drink that is classic of her people.
    Origin: Blossom Downs (in an unnamed hamlet east of Fairfields)
    Job: Tinkerer
    Background/Biography: Kutta has dabbled in many mechanical arts, but has yet to master one in particular. She doesn't hold a steady job, instead she uses her varied skills to perform a variety of small tasks.
    She wanders around the small hamlets and villages, quite happy to sleep under the stars between inns.
    Reason for joining on this Quest: From what Kutta has heard in the taverns, this quest sounds like it would take her to interesting new places she'd never get to go to on her own.
    More importantly there are bound to be loads of small jobs that need doing, tagging along might make her a pretty bit of gold (or at least keep her stocked on food and drink).
    Inventory: A long rough faded blue tunic with lots of patches (many of which also serve as extra pockets), a braided reed headband from which a crude loupe dangles and a rather large hide satchel.
    The satchel is filled with bits of broken objects and offcuts. There is also a selection of nails, a large ball of twine and the wrapped up remains of Kutta's last meal (and a bottle of scrumpy to accompany it).
    Most of Kutta's tools (a small ball peen hammer, a chisel, a file and a pair of tweezers)have been pushed through holes in the satchel's strap, a blackened clay bowl is held on by a cross strap and a dirk in a poorly carved sheath hangs from her hip.
    Have you read and agreed to all the rules?: Yes.
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  18. Accepted!
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