Mythical Monstrosities

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Mythical Monstrosities

What is YOUR favorite Mythical creature? Evil or good, beautiful or ugly, I want to know!

Mine is Leviathan, one of the seven princes of hell!

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What about you?

The phoenix, but... I love the aspects to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth of the grecian one, though not the solitary aspect, but I also enjoy the lovers aspect of the eastern firebird, though it's not self rejuvenating.

It's a lion! Plus a dragon head, a goat head, a snake tail, wings, and hooves on its back legs. It's pretty much badass and helped me win a lot in Age of Mythology. B3 It can breathe fire, too! Best thing ever.

(Closest picture I could find)

The Malakim Choir of angels, not to be mistaken with archangels, The Malakim are the proverbial angels of vengance. They do not tire, and they do not stop until they or their quarry is dead.
The Jian. It's simple, but I thought it was a sweet creation: a pair of birds with each only one eye and one wing dependent on the other to survive.

Seriously though, anyone else?
Mine should be obvious.


But if I had to pick something else....

It would have to be a Kirin.

Look it up T.T
The Hydra.

You don't flank the Hydra; the Hydra flanks you.
I always thought Fenrir was badass.


Then, of course, there's also the...


Oh wait, whoops, wrong Phoenix...


There we go...
The Dullahan.
Ridin' dirty on the roads of Ireland with his head under his own arm, whippin' people's eyes out with a spine for just lookin at him. Throwin' buckets of blood just cause he don't like that you're alive. And if he stops riding, you know shit's going down and someone's gunna die.

The only thing he fears is bling, so if you got some gold, you live another day.