Mythical Creatures

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Mythical Creatures

What is your favorite Mythical creature?

Mine is Leviathan!

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My personal favorite has always been Leviathan. Not only is he the most vicious monster of the sea, but also one of the seven princes of hell. Bad-ass.

What say you!?

I like centaurs o.O

Or Sphinx. The Greek monster one I mean.
Well, aside from the beloved dragon...


The Chimera. It's a horned lion with a goat head attached, and snakes for a tail. The back legs are hooves. Just... So awesome! It can breathe fire, too. I can imagine getting bit or headbutted by it is no fun, either. >D
I love Qi Lins they're pretty! Or Foo Dogs...

I FUCKIN LOVE ME SOME DRAGONS. European dragons to get really specific. :D But I love Asian dragons too.

I also like Unicorns! :3
well I loved the dragon and I still do. I've never really cared for the werewolves, they have a habit of making them look ugly as all hell.
Phoenix, fire birds, Suzaku ... Fire and flight and beauty ... Symbolizing ever renewing cycle of life and the gift of knowledge on one end to protection and duality of love on the other.

Also Totoro dust bunnies!
How about just the Totoro?

.....better yet,Cthulu.

...........BEST YET!

My Neigbbor Cthulu.
My in-game hate for Chimeras spanning over all fantasy games have always given me the way to point out the worst in them. Truly they are magnificent but not my favorite.

In fact if anything the duo fo Scylla and Charybdis was pretty cool in my book. Simply because of the fact that they worked in unison as being a dangerous and in that way became the first personification of being trapped between a rock and a hard place in the words of being trapped between Scylla and Charybdis.