Mythical Creatures, Elves, and Danger, Oh My!

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  1. (Sorry for the awful title, it was last minute...)

    A young woman was walking through a forest alone. Shadows danced upon the ground and trees scraped at the sky, their canopy blocking the light of day almost entirely. The woman walked with a casual gait, walk nearly silent from years of practice. The only evident weapon she had in this patch of wilderness was an ashwood recurve bow slung over one shoulder near her quiver of obsidian tipped arrows. A long black cape flowed behind her like a shadow and her pale face was partially concealed by her mane like black hair. There was a glint of silver from her ears, where multiple studs ran up them.
    She seemed calm, elegant even. Her motives were unknown, her journey questionable. The woman approached a sizable clearing in the deep woods where the sunlight seeped through and the trees allowed a space for unruly and parched grass to grow. She entered the clearing and stopped walking at once. All was silent. Birds chirped in the distance and wind made the foliage quiver.
    Then there was sound. The flapping of wings approaching the area. The tree tops began to sway as the wind above them was disrupted. The woman didn't seem alarmed and instead seemed to be patiently waiting. A shadowed figure appeared in the blue sky above. It had large, bat like wings and a snake like tail that ended in a neat plume of bird like feathers. The creature continued to descend and the flapping sound grew louder and louder until it stopped. A dark scaled dragon landed in the clearing neatly, wings folding upon its back. The creature had light blue eyes and white spikes ran down its neck and tail in a jagged fashion.
    The young woman could be identified as a Dark Elf. A subspecies of elves with a rather bad reputation thanks to their eery ability to speak telepathically and the tendency to drink the blood from forest creatures. They also had their villages situated in the dim light of forests and kept to themselves mostly. She spoke telepathically to the dragon, Took you long enough, you over sized lizard.
    The dragon practically rolled its eyes as it situated itself casually on its haunches. It didn't have to use much effort to respond now that the woman had tapped into its mind. I don't see you being able to fly, Zoe. It isn't that easy.
    The young woman, Zoe, casually reached a hand up. The dragon lowered its snout so the woman could stroke it. My dear, Storm, slugs could outpace you.Zoe replied sarcastically in the mind of the dragon, Storm.
    Storm snorted and pulled her head away lightly. Yah, right. You know I'm faster than most creatures.
    Zoe offered a small smile. I'd hate to stroke your ego, but I suppose you are rather swift in the sky. Now you should use that speed to get us to the school. We're going to be late if we don't get going.
    Storm seemed to agree with that and crouched down, unfurling her wings. Zoe climbed up deftly and situated herself on the creature's back. Then Storm stood up, wings stretching out some more. With a powerful flap, they rose a few feet up. Another sent them higher, and higher, and higher. Soon they were over the tree tops. Zoe leaned closer to Storm's neck and gripped the saddle that she sat on. As soon as Storm had a good idea of where they were to go, she took off forwards. Her legs tucked up to remove any surface area that would hinder their flight. Her tail stretched out and the feathers were flexed a bit to work like a rudder of a ship for balance. Storm's head was lowered a bit, and finally they were streaking across the sky. Zoe enjoyed the wind in her hair and her cape flew behind her.
    The duo sped onwards for a few minutes until they spotted a structure ahead. A large castle like structure was perched in a grassy field with a dense forest surrounding that field and a river running through. Near the big stony structure were other smaller structures that seemed to serve as barns or storage areas or even classrooms. There was also an enclosed dirt arena where two small figures below were sparring. Storm began to descend and some people pointed up at the sky to the new arrivals. The people down below stood near various creatures. Some had griffins, others hippogriffs, a few had dragons, and others had a few other creatures. Yes, this was the right place.
    Storm landed softly and crouched long enough for Zoe to slide off. She gave an amiable wave to the others that began to approach her.
  2. What is that?
    Vale, need I remind you that I can't see?
    No. I thought you'd be able to hear it.
    Hear what? Oh, wait, that.

    Asher tilted his head slightly to the side as he considered the unusual noise that was resonating from behind the wall of sound that the village around them was providing. Despite there being multiple strange noises present, the elf knew automatically what Vale was referring to - the griffon's general tastes and thoughts firmly imprinted inside him. It seemed to be some sort of animal that was making a shrieking noise akin to both a blue-jay and a cat, an odd combination brought into play by some creature that made Asher want to see it at the back of his mind. That thought, however, was quick to be dismissed and was largely ignored by the blonde as after many years of self-inflicted blindness he had gotten over those particular urges.

    I believe it may be some kind of hybrid animal... The rider mused to his mount. Vale had no trouble hearing the Asher's telepathic communication; many of the animals that were regarded as the 'mythics' had telepathic capacity, but besides, Asher was a wood elf. While that particular elvish strand had a rather long and complicated heritage, they did solely evolve from the dark elves and thus inherited their kin's ability to speak into other being's minds. That being said, they also inherited many traits from creatures from the forest such as centaurs and certain were-animals but the telepathy continued throughout the generations and many wood elves made tight bonds of companionship with other beings in the woods.

    I just hope that there will be no more of them at this academy of yours. That noise is disturbing. Vale moved off of the topic, looking around at the different shops and stalls of the village. The pair was supposed to be on their way to their supposedly new living quarters at some sort of school, but had been side-tracked into going about some kind of sight-seeing trip. After spending many years in isolation the duo were still uncovering new things about the outside world's version of civilization by the day. The griffon was striding through the village lanes with his wings folded up by his sides - helping to minimize his size but still significantly large enough for people to part ahead of them to make way - and Asher was walking beside him. The elf had one hand on his mount's head in order to allow Vale to help steer him away from bumping into anything, but that was the only signal that he let off that he might possibly be blind.

    Asher's eye-covering mask appeared somewhat transparent; like the wearer might be able to see through them, which deceived most people into thinking that he only had queer clothing choice. Reality was quite the contrary, however. Asher's red cover was actually made of metal and completely blocked off his eyes; something that wasn't realized by most, especially since he had a way of moving that suggested that he knew exactly where he was and what he was doing at all times. He had learned that posture was key to survival, as in the wild if you seemed weak or under-confident you would be the first target. Feeling Vale's head move slightly under his palm, Asher moved his head marginally to signify to his partner that he had registered that the griffon was potentially trying to signal something to him. When the creature didn't respond, Asher dismissed the action as a false alarm and the two continued without saying anything more.

    After awhile, however, Asher began to feel a slight shift in the position of the sun. We should probably start getting a move-on, otherwise we'll be late. He commented to Vale, though even after the griffon nodded his head in agreement the pair didn't make any action to speed up their travel. A few minutes more saw Asher sigh slightly and give-in to the approaching deadline, and Vale responded accordingly: bounding forward as the elf leaped onto his back, wings shooting open. Almost immediately, they were airborne - leaving a few flustered villagers staring at where they had been a few moments ago, the sudden exit taking them by surprise.

    Coasting through the air, Asher felt it when they started nearing the school. Despite the air interference he could pick out the sound of many creatures in the near vicinity, including a few other griffons. Mind giving me a picture? The rider questioned, Vale responding to the odd request by emitting a screech that seemed to bound off of the very air itself - reflecting back onto Asher who was able to gauge all the different objects around them, including the speed at which some of the other riders were travelling at as the sound bounced around. It wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous entrance, as the call most likely startled every being in a fifty-meter radius, but the wealth of information it provided Asher balanced out that particular side effect.

    Vale was quick to begin a tight downwards spiral that saw them closing in on the landing platform that the school provided, Asher allowing his partner to take the full reins and sitting back to enjoy the ride while the griffon did the work. Once he felt the ground starting to approach, the elf flipped out of his saddle prematurely and landed on his feet a few seconds before the beast. I win. The elf stated teasingly, referring to how he had managed to make the first touch-down. Vale snorted in disapproval, butting Asher roughly with his head.

    I thought you would dispense with that kind of foolery now that we've been enrolled in this fancy school. The griffon said, but Asher only laughed and shoved his mount's head playfully to the side.

    Don't be such a sore looser. Anyway, where are we supposed to go exactly? Asked the elf nonchalantly, passing off the matter lightly. He tilted his head sideways at Vale when the griffon didn't immediately respond to his query, and in response the creature snorted.

    How am I supposed to know?
    Just the answer I wanted to hear. Is there anybody we can ask?
    Well, there seems to be a girl nearby, though she seems to be new here as well.
    I think I hear her. I'm sensing dragon?
    That's the one.

    Confirmation received, Asher turned towards where he could hear the girl dismounting and began to walk towards her. Vale took his place by his side and settled his head under his rider's hand in their usual formation. "Excuse me, would you happen to know where new students are supposed to go?" He asked in her direction, settling his non-existent gaze on where her breathing seemed to be originating from.
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  3. Zoe turned her head towards where someone was approaching her. She couldn't help but observe him quickly. Blonde hair. Ram horns. Must be a wood elf. A good sign, since woodelves didn't hate Dark Elves as much as the proper High and Light Elves did. Hmm, large mount, pretty griffin. But what was on his eyes? She figured maybe he liked a challenge and had impaired his senses for training. Who knows. Zoe decided she may ask him later if she saw him again, but for now she supposed she should try to answer him.
    "That's a good question. One I don't fully know the answer to. I was going to make my way to the main castle looking structure."Zoe answered casually.
    Storm was eyeing the large griffin up cautiously. She had stepped closer to Zoe so that her head hovered a few feet above Zoe's. Her pale blue eyes swept over the others warily amd she curled her tail up near Zoe's feet as if to clarify, 'mine.'
    Zoe noticed this and gently tapped Storm's scaled chest. "Easy, girl. I'm not in amy danger."she reassured her dragon.
    Storm snorted at her and looked away as her tail moved slowly back to its position behind herself.
    "Anyways, I hope you find your way around well enough. Maybe I'll see you around."Zoe said as she began to walk forwards, giving the boy a loose wave goodbye even though she doubted he could see it well with his eyes covered.
    Zoe began to walk across the field she had landed in. Storm followed and took her place at Zoe's right side. The dragon was looking around the area, curious as ever. Right now they were nearing a cluster of various stone and wooden buildings. Inside she heard metal pounding and in other plaves smelled some sort of meat roasting. She supposed this was where the craftsmen and some of the cooks helped prepare things. A few students were milling around here, one had a pegasi and another had a young hippogriff. Both looked up with widened eyes at the large, dark dragon. Storm offered a short nod of greeting to them before moving on. She'd act kind to them feom a distance, but would be a bit more apprehensive if they were near. Though she wasn't scared of a winged horse.
    The students also looked over to the other newcomer. One student had a smaller griffin and looked in awe to see one so large had arrived.
    Zoe soon reached an area near the castle where there were more organized buildings. She listened and heard lectures inside, discovering these were a few of the classrooms. They moved on past more students, all who were curious about the new people and mounts here. They received questioning looks until Zoe reached the gate of the castle, which was currently open.
    Storm and Zoe crossed the moat via drawbridge and glanced down at the water below. Then fibally made it into the castle walls. Here there were more craftsmen, more classrooms, and way more people milling about with their aninals. Zoe spied a series of barns with livestock as well as a few wells for water. There were a few patches of grass here and there where students were brawling with others or even training or socializing their mounts. It seemed a bit hectic, but the liveliness lifted her spirits.
    As she moved on she received some smiles and waves mixed in with the looks, and she returned them. Storm was a bit more cautious, sticking to Zoe. A dragon gave Storm a polite chirp like greeting, and Storm felt obligated to reply.
    Zoe spied all sorts of mounts and riders. Many riders were human or mixed humans, and not too many were elves. She only spied some high elves, light elves, and only a few Dark and Wood elves. She saw an assortment of griffins, hippogriffs, pegasi, a few dragons, and even a bunch of species she had never seen in person before like the deer like peryton and the wolfish angha.(these are real species)
    Zoe made it to a towering stone structure. It was massive. She supposed this was where the students and their mounts were housed and ate. She entered the large double doors that were propped open. In here, the floors were a smooth stone and the walls were as well. The walls were decorated with various tapestries depicting all sorts of heros and mmythical beasts. A few staircases and pathways led to other places. A well dressed human man was sitting towards the back of the room at a table with papers. He had more of a round belly and a sharp nose with his glasses resting upon it. He looked up when Zoe and Storm approached.
    "Are you two new here?"he asked.
    "Indeed, fresh meat has arrived."she joked.
    He didn't seem too amused and just asked, "Acceptance letter please."
    Zoe fished it from a small satchel hanging from her shoulder. She handed over the slightly crumpled parchment. He looked it over before stamping it. Then he grabbed another sheet of paper and handed it to her with a key. "Here's your room key and directions to get there. Have a nice day."he said in a monotone voice.
    Zoe thanked him quietly as she walked away with the paper and key.
    What a douche.she said to Storm telepathically as she followed the instructions given and began to try to find her room.
  4. If Vale had been a humanoid, he would have raised an eyebrow at the dragon's over-protective reaction to his arrival. As it was, he just snorted slightly into Asher's ear as he had lifted his head to settle it on his rider's shoulder. In response, the elf elbowed him lightly in the stomach - knowing full well that his blow wouldn't hurt the griffon - and Vale just snorted again. Asher could hear the dragon's movements as it curled its tail around its rider, and heard it equally as well when the rider chastised the dragon, but the main thing he was absorbing was the information - or the relative lack of thereof - that she provided him. Asher had remained silent, considering his options, throughout the time where the rider and dragon had interacted but was called back to the present as the girl bid him farewell and moved off with her mount. "Yeah, see you." He said, hearing the familiar sound of air being displaced as the girl waved and raised his own hand in response.

    Well, we certainly gained a wealth of information there. Vale was quick to criticize, but Asher only sighed and turned his head around to consider his griffon in slight irritation. A wind was beginning to pick up, and the elf could hear his mount's feathers start to rustle - despite the heavyweight nature that they possessed - and, knowing that the sound was likely to irritate him, began to move away from the open landing platform. Vale's feathers were solely annoying to Asher because they were integrated with a kind of hard metal-type substance that provided the griffon with extra protection, but also made a subtle screeching noise when they rubbed together that drove Asher out of his mind after too long. After an episode like that the elf was prone to being in a mood for the rest of the day, which would be alright in most situations but as today he was supposed to be finding his way around a new school with new people he figured that wouldn't be the best way to start off.

    Let's go. Was the rider's only response as he turned and started to walk in the direction where he could hear the girl's dragon's footsteps fading into the distance. By the way she moved he determined that she was an elf, and looked towards Vale in slight irritation. You didn't mention to me that she was an elf. What kind? He questioned his mount, and the griffon made a slight grunting sound that signaled his apology.

    Dark. He said shortly, but not rudely. Asher nodded his head once, his theory about having talked to a light elf that didn't want to associate with him and therefore giving him a short-handed answer dispelled. Though, he supposed, it was always possible that the wood elves had incurred a falling out with the dark elves at some point during his extended absence. That, however, was unlikely. The wood elves mostly kept to themselves and didn't venture out of their forests - while the dark elves sometimes inhabited the same territory the neighboring lands were very rarely hostile. The two elf races were distant cousins after all. Usually the two were trading partners, or at least that was how Asher had experienced while growing up. Moving away from his idle thoughts, he continued to walk towards the main building with Vale striding at his side. He listened carefully to everything around him, making note of the different creatures that were around - asking Vale about them every now and then if he heard a noise he didn't immediately recognize.

    Every now and again Asher heard an animal chirp out a greeting to Vale, to which the griffon responded with a chirp of his own - though not many would describe it as such, as the low-pitched sound more resembled perhaps a grunt - but nobody extended a greeting to Asher. It seemed, as the elf had experienced many times before, that the eye cover put most people off. It was no surprise, since the speculation about whether or not he could see and to what extent were often things that nagged at one's mind. And nobody in particular wanted to wave at somebody who ignored them for any reason, so it was safer just not to greet Asher at all. It couldn't be said that the elf minded terribly as he was used to this behavior and didn't really want to get involved in a conversation and wasn't aiming to be popular either.

    Hearing a large blockade of sound up ahead, the resonance of the noise around telling Asher that it was a stone structure, the elf assumed that they had gotten to the main section of the school. The sound of water notified him of the fact there was a moat. He was quick to locate the large drawbridge by judging where the water sounds were being muffled, and walked quickly across. Inside it was much louder, though Asher hadn't been aware that was possible as the school's landing platform was singularly loud with the sound of all kinds of flying creatures in the air. He reasoned that the castle captured the sound and made it rebound - increasing the noise by ten times in Asher's ears but would probably be normal for any other being. Even other elves, with their keen hearing, probably wouldn't be that bothered - it was just because Asher had trained himself to track soundwaves so that he could detect where items were that resulted in the noise bothering him.

    I do hope that our quarters aren't this loud. He muttered telepathically to Vale. The griffon grunted in agreement, though seemed to be fascinated with the amount of other creatures around the place. He was more than satisfied with the number of other griffons there were as well - after living in the wilderness with Asher for so many years they hadn't exactly had the chance to see other beings of his species. Vale hadn't minded, as the elf under his care was more important to him, but the opportunity presented to him now to socialize with others like him made him perk up. Sensing this change of emotion in his mount, Asher patted the griffon's head. We'll have time to make friends later, for now can we just find out where we are supposed to be and get out of this noise? He asked, continuing on through the building.

    Up ahead, Asher heard the sound of a human saying something about a room key. It sounded like the elf and dragon from before were also there. Deciding that it was most likely that they were supposed to be there, Asher made a slight hand gesture to Vale that made the griffon up his pace a little bit. Entering the two large doors, the wood elf made a slight sigh of relief when the rebounding noise from earlier inside the castle started to fade - granting him a little bit more silence. The human man looked at them for a half a second before determining that he hadn't seen the odd elf or the large griffon before.

    "New here? I'll need your acceptance letter." The man said shortly, and Asher took a few more paces towards the desk and pulled his letter out of the leather satchel he carried. He looked the letter over before stamping it, handing it back to the elf along with his own key and a paper. Asher touched the paper with what he assumed writing on it before placing it back on the desk.

    "My apologies, but do you have a copy in braille?" He asked with Vale sitting down patiently. Usually when Asher made such a request it took awhile for an arrangement to be worked out.

    "Why don't you take off that ridiculous mask of yours so that you can see like a normal person? Just because you have a mask doesn't mean that you'll get any sort of special treatment." The human snapped, making Vale perk up slightly and begin to form a growl at the back of his throat.

    "I wear the mask to conceal the injuries to my eyes. May I assume that you don't have a braille copy then?" Asher responded evenly, a twitch of his finger telling Vale to calm down.

    "No. Now get on your way." The man snapped, tossing the paper from before back at Asher. Evidently he didn't believe the elf's story about his eyes. Sighing, Asher placed the note back on the desk - making the man start and begin to say something rude - before walking away.

    At least the room number is carved in. Asher commented to Vale, running his finger over the ingrained number. "Room 326." He declared out loud with a sigh. Where are we now? He asked Vale, and the griffon looked around before making an exasperated snort. Is it that bad? Asher asked the griffon, the creature responding by nodding. Are we still in the 0's? The rider questioned, his shoulders slumping slightly as Vale nodded. They had moved on from the desk, and Asher began to hear the footsteps of the elf and dragon that they had seen in the courtyard. Alright, let's see if they can help us out again. He said to Vale quickly before breaking into a quick jog that brought him towards the other pair.

    "Excuse me? Sorry to bother you again, but I can't exactly see so finding my room is going to be a bit of a pain. Do you think you could help us out?" He asked, slowing his pace to a standstill as he felt the source of their breaths drawing near.
  5. The young woman looked back at spied the wood elf and his large griffin again. She turned to face them, lowering the paper she was holding and previously reading. Storm paused her walking when she realized Zoe had stopped. the dragon turned her head and saw the duo from earlier. The dragon stood next to Zoe, only offering a low and brief greeting chirp to the griffin. Storm wasn't very fond of strangers, but especially not the ones that were basically her size and could pose a threat. While many dragons had an almost arrogant sense of pride for their species, Storm knew well enough from brief encounters and books Zoe read to her to know that griffins were dangerous. They were rather swift and had a sharp beak and claws to match to make almost anyone think twice. Storm decided that the two didn't look hostile though, so she didn't bother growling.
    "Hey, long time no see. Well, you probably didn't see me with that blindfold thingy."Zoe started off as a joke, but added that last bit.
    Insensitive much. The dude may be blind.Storm said mentally.
    Damn. You're right. Oops.
    Zoe felt a little bad for that, but brushed it off for now, hoping her tone revealed that she hadn't meant any harm. The last thing she needed in this new place was anyone who disliked her. "Yes, of course. What room are you?"she asked.
    As she awaited an answer, she took a quick look around. They were in a corridor of sorts that was decorated with some more paintings and tapestries. Torches were attached to the wall and flickered as if the flames were dancing upon the top of the wood they were perched on. There were wooden doors located every 10 feet or so. They had numbers engraved on their doors. To one side there were barred off glass windows. Upon looking through them, the courtyard below was visible with all of the students, mounts, classrooms, and random shops and such. The blue sky was also visible, puffy white clouds floating lazily by with a few flying mythical beasts dotting the airspace. The corridor was rather quiet except for the occasional distant laugh, conversation, or scuffling of feet. The corridor was a pleasant temperature, save for the occasional draft. Zoe figured the draft was due to the sheer size of the stone structure. After all, it had to accommodate a few hundred students and their mounts with the teachers and workers as well. This school focused on training the students to be warriors and survivors to combat the evil king, but it also served as a hub that helped craftsmen such as leather workers and blacksmiths as well as cooks, train and thrive where they can serve others. It is a win win for the workers in training as well as the students and teachers living here.
    Zoe knew quite a bit about the evil king. He was a cruel man described to be bony with a harsh goatee and a greying mane of hair. His eyes were said to be stone grey, but others claimed them to be as black as obsidian. The king had come from a distant land with a large fleet of trained warriors. They easily cut down the former king's guard and hanged the king before all of his subjects. Then the evil king took the throne and the command of the lands. He sent his warriors out to do their dirty justice, killing those who had been close to the king and winning over all sorts of people to his side. Among them were thieves, sellswords, assassins, and peasants bribed to serve with coin. They worked at the lands, forcing villages to obey and take a knee for the 'true king.' The evil king's power is spreading, reaching out its dirty hands to grip at the nation and squeeze its life and riches from it. That's why many battle schools rose up to train students. All sorts covered the southern lands, those less affected by the king who sat at his vast castle to the north. But one of the more notorious schools was the one that Zoe had been enrolled in as well as Asher.
    Zoe was happy to comply to help combat this evil force. She would never bend a knee to such a cruel man. The man also seemed to have a problem with elves. Many Wood and Dark elves were slain by order of the new king, though the High and Light elves had been used to serve the king with magic and swordsmanship since they were known to be more docile and higher up in status than the other elves. Zoe had learned from a young age that her kind wasn't liked much. She had been almost staked through the heart a few times on her travels because her pale complexion and fangs had made her mistaken for a vampire. There were enough rumors and old tales about her kind to make many discriminate her kind. The Wood Elves suffered as well since their knack for the deep forest gave them a bad reputation as a mysterious species as well.
  6. Vale, to say the least, wasn't surprised at the slight lack of enthusiasm that the dragon's greeting packed in. He wasn't particularly offended, having taken that in as part of the reptile's personality, and was equally as cordial as he bowed his head slightly and emitted a low, polite rumble. The griffon's head did snap around, however, when the dark elf made a slightly queer joke about Asher's eyesight - Vale's glowing yellow eyes narrowing slightly. His rider, however, was undaunted; more relieved than anything as he had received much crueler comments about his mask in the past. At least this girl had meant it to be more light-hearted. Elbowing his griffon for the second time within a few minutes and signalling him to calm down, Asher turned his head marginally towards his mount to ensure that he wasn't emitting any negative feelings. They were still new here, and while the elf's aim wasn't to have tons of friends, he didn't want to make any enemies.

    Allowing a slight smile, Asher nodded his head after the girl had finished speaking. "I didn't exactly see you, no." He agreed, more or less amiably but a bit flatly. Nodding again when she agreed to help, he held up his room key. "Room 326. It sounds like it would be a little ways off. Maybe up a few staircases?" He mused, listening as his words bounced off of the walls and revealed to him that there was five floors in the building that they were currently standing in. The corridors, however, were quite long and made Asher wonder exactly how large this academy was. Supposedly, this was only the dormitories, so the actual school campus was likely to be huge. He would have to consult with Vale later about how big the academy had been from the air, as he hadn't gotten a picture of it himself he couldn't tell.

    Hearing something that he distinguished as slightly odd, especially considering the situation, Asher reached out a hand and examined the doorway to the nearest room. As he had thought, it was quite low-lying; there would have been no way that Vale or the girl's dragon would have fit into it. "Yeah, it definitely looks like we are in the wrong section of the dorms here. I would think that for creatures of this size", Asher patted Vale's neck as he spoke, signalling what he was talking about, "would hardly be able to fit in these rooms without having to cram." He commented, though he didn't fail to notice that it probably would have made more sense for the rooms with the larger animals to be on the bottom floor, but that didn't seem to be the case. Perhaps the school had decided that most of the larger animals would be flight enabled and thus would prefer to be higher up. Asher hoped that his room would have some sort of balcony so that he and Vale would be able to fly and get in and out of the room without having to go through this whole stair and corridor procedure again.

    After having lived in the open for so long, Asher did wonder briefly what it would be like to have a proper room. The wood elves hadn't been all that big on having enclosed spaces either, so he actually hadn't experienced what was generally regarded as a proper sleeping chamber. He was more used to either sleeping on the ground or on a smooth stone surface, staring up at the stars, moon, or just any sort of sky. Even when it rained he preferred to sleep outdoors opposed to indoors, despite the soaking he received. In the event of serious storms, however, he was often forced indoors - though the makeshift huts and tents that he and Vale had constructed during their time in the wild probably weren't quite deserving of the title 'indoors'. A slight smile started to pull at his mouth as he remembered one time where he and his over-sized griffon had tried to make a hut out of rocks, which came crashing down during a storm and nearly killed them. Sure, it probably wasn't a memory to be smiling about, but looking back on it proved amusing.

    Pulling his thoughts back to the present and the school that he was currently situated in, Asher considered his reasons for having sacrificed that carefree life with Vale for this. Well, he hadn't exactly sacrificed it for this specifically - as he had, at first, started appearing around civilization long before he had been enrolled into the school - but it was the premise of it. His time in the woods had been quite oblivious, but at one point he had run into a foreign body of troops. These had belonged to the king nicknamed the 'evil king'. Asher didn't know much about the current ruler, but after having witnessed those soldiers he had come to the conclusion that they were not healthy for the environment. They had hacked and burned a good deal of the forest he had christened as his new home since he had been banished from his clan, but even afterwards as Asher had stalked them through their maneuvers he had uncovered the full extent of what they were doing.

    The soldiers had been making their way to a small community of nymphs, and before Asher had realized what was happening, they had all been slaughtered. Following that the soldiers had continued to march through his home - destroying anything that they came into contact with, and seemingly trying to kill all of the forest creatures. Horrified, Asher and Vale had started sabotaging the soldier's supply lines - attacking their squadrons and scouting parties until finally they drove the intruders out. But they kept coming. New squads appeared, with new commanders and new weapons. It didn't stop, and neither did Asher and Vale. The pair's lives became a living battle field - fighting day in and day out until they were nicknamed by the king's troops as 'fury and wrath'. After two years of battle, the area was put off-limits by the king as an unworthy investment as sending soldiers in seemed to only result in their death.

    After that Asher and Vale had joined a small armed force that was rebelling against the king's rule, and from there they were invited to join this school.
  7. Zoe heard the answer and looked to her own key. She looked up at the young man again and smiled lightly. "Room 326, huh? Well, it looks like were roommates now. I was assigned that room too."Zoe replied.

    Storm's eyes widened. What? They'd share a room with these strangers. That meant Storm would watch over Zoe the whole night or until scolded. Storm was rather protective of Zoe and anyone could see this. Storm snorted and looked out the window towards the sky, wishing they were out there instead of being stuck in here, but Storm knew the school would help them.

    Zoe never really wanted to join the school at first and didn't think she'd be involved. Zoe still knew that her enrolling in this program would help her learn to fight more effectively so she and Storm could help protect others from the wrath of the king, dubbed as evil since his name wasn't worth uttering. Though Zoe knew well it was Vladamir, an old name that was bound to send shivers up one's spine. Not Zoe's. She just wanted to punch that bastard dead in the jaw. Then kill him to free the nation of course, bt she didn't want her mind to wander far enough to daydream about slaughter. It wasn't in good taste.

    Zoe wouldn't have been accepted into the school if she hadn't been significant. Lile Asher and Vale, Zoe and Storm had enough run ins with enemies to make them a bit wary. Zoe and Storm had left the dark forest village where Zoe had grown up for the purpose of exploration, not exile. She was always one to seek an adventure. She packed some supplies and her trusty bow and her and Storm had set off. The first few weeks werw rough since they had to get use to survival, though they had been taught many times, it was a bit different out of a safe setting. They figured things out and pressed onwards, seeking something, anything. Of course they had a few adventures, mosting involving dealing with vicious fauna or stalking game for ungoldly amounts of time, but their most important encounter was when they stumbled across a small encampment of the king's soldiers in the mountains.

    Storm and Zoe had fun tormenting them. They left false tracks and watched them follow them, growing more frustrated when they found the tracks led to a den of porcupines and the soldiers returned to their little caves full of needles. Zoe wove rope and made snare traps that randomly suspended soldiers who stepped in the wrong spot. The two began to get more clever, exacuting more lethal traps. The first was a pit with sharp sticks at the bottom that killed one soldier. Another was a snare that was made to jerk the victim up quickly enough to snap their necks. Many soldiers met this fate until there were extra patrols made to find the culprits,but Storm and Zoe always managed to hide quietly in darkened caves or slip off into the surrounding woods. Then things escalated even more when Zoe took to stalking patrols and firing arrows at them that were dipped iin Storm's chilling saliva that made wounds even more fatal and made for a good mystery for the survivors.

    The soldiers took to blaming the shadows, suspecting that was the only way these killings could slip through lile this. Storm and Zoe stayed here for a while as increasingly more soldiers appeared, only to be killed by arrows or slip on unseen ice patches produced by Storm to break their heads or necks. Although the next year, Zoe was sloppy one time and was traced by hounds. They nearly killed her and she suffered a sword wound to her back that left a scar, but when she left from her cave hiding spot with Storm, she had left the dead bodies of the soldiers. Instead of pursuing a role in an army, Storm and Zoe fled. They returned to wandering and seeking more adventure until they reached a village and were told that some of the parents here had children enrolled in some battle school. Deciding this would be a good oppurtunity for adventure, Zoe signed up and filledan application, mentioning she was the fabled, "Shadow' who killed so many of the enemy soldiers. She was aaccepted, but only after meeting with one if their representatives that had to confirm that it was likely actually them because Storm was seen to have the rare ice breath that contibuted to the killings. So they were accepted and here at the school now.

    Zoe decided she should move on now. She gave the other elf and newly discovered roomate a beckoning wave as she turned on one heel and continued on to find her room. Storm followed after. Zoe called back as she walked, "So, kid, what's your name?" She knew well that he wasn't a kid, but she tended to call others that sometimes.
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  8. Asher's head snapped up as the girl declared that they were now to be roommates before he relaxed, shrugging and smiling once again. It would most likely have to be a rather large room by the sounds of it, with - judging by the sound of the dragon's movement - a twenty foot reptile and a generally equally sized griffon. It was going to be a pretty interesting arrangement. Vale, behind him, didn't react much to the news; offering a mildly interested snort before eyeing the dragon for a moment. Hopefully that one would loosen up some, otherwise it was going to be quite the hassle and annoyance to be living with the other pair. At least the elf girl seemed to be cheery enough, though Vale hoped that - on that end - she wouldn't be too chatty, seeing as both he and Asher preferred to live in more silent conditions. After all, they were mainly only used to each other's company - though their time in the rebel group had accustomed them to living with at least twenty other men in a packed room. Vale had high hopes that this pair wouldn't be as smelly.

    "Well then, this was a pretty convenient coincidence then." Asher commented, breaking Vale out of his revenue. "It is nice to meet you both." At his rider's second comment, the griffon felt obliged to grunt his agreement. Hearing the other elf start to move, Asher began to walk at a decent pace - making sure not to interfere with the area where he heard the dragon's tail brushing the ground. That meant following at a distance of a good few feet, but he could hear the girl as she spoke fine and was able to follow the other pair effectively so he maintained his position. Vale was trailing along after him, occasionally pausing to sniff or eye something that caught his attention but was always careful not to fall behind and was quick to catch up. The griffon, surprisingly, had an acute sense of small - despite his somewhat enclosed nostrils - and the fact that so many different, foreign scents were opening up around him was rather distracting.

    For example, Vale had never actually smelled a hippogriff before his encounter with them in the courtyard. While the species was similar to griffons in many ways, they lived in entirely different habitats and Vale hadn't come across one before in his travels. The fact that there were so many present at this school somewhat awestruck him. The diversity of griffon scents he was picking up also made him perk up, though most of them were old - though, the scents of all flying creatures seemed to be a bit vague and faded. It would seem as if nobody really ventured into the corridors if they had a flying mount, something that the griffon could sympathize with as having to duck under all of the lower-hanging ceilings and going up stairs was trying, but it did make him wonder how people transported themselves around the place. Seeing Vale snuffling at the ground and looking around, Asher gestured for the griffon to get his head out of the clouds.

    Be polite. We are going to be stuck with these two for awhile yet, so stop acting like some sort of hound dog. But to answer your question, I do believe that there is going to be an option to move around in the air from our rooms. I would very much like a balcony or some sort of small take-off area, and judging by the size of this place they probably can provide that. The elf informed his mount, and the griffon butted his bony head lightly on Asher's back - though he did express a bit of resentment at being chastised by snuffling once as he did so. His blonde rider only emitted a soft laugh and reached back to pat Vale once on the griffon's forehead area, used to his griffon's antics and easily keeping his balance after being butted.

    The two were called back to the present as the elf girl called back to them, and Asher contemplated his answer - and her use of the adjective 'kid' to describe him - as he settled his elbow on Vale's neck to take some of the weight off of his own legs even though he wasn't tired or weary at all. "My name is Asher, and this brute here", the elf laughed quietly as Vale protested by butting his back again - though this time not as cordially - but didn't go back and change his words, "is Valenbar, though I call him Vale. Others have called him Allen, but it never really caught on." The rider commented, being almost unusually chatty. He had figured that he might as well try to be friendly, though he purposely had left his surname out as he did belong to a decently influential wood elf family and he didn't particularly need to be questioned about his past with them. His exile was a touchy subject for him, and besides, he would have to bring up the whole thing with his eyes in order to explain it.

    "And what about you two?" He added after a slight pause, turning his head away from Vale and towards where the other pair's footsteps were lightly resonating around the corridor. Following them was easy work, especially since the rest of the place was relatively quiet - nobody seemed to be in any of the rooms and the elf had come to the conclusion that they must be in lessons at this point during the day. Vale had his beady eyes on the dragon, however, as he contemplated whether he should try to reach out and attempt to establish a telepathic connection with her. She seemed to be a little bit sensitive and over-protective, but the griffon supposed that much they had in common. While he wasn't exactly obsessive over Asher, he certainly would be miffed if even the slightest thing happened to him.

    Following that line of thought, the golden-brown beast came to the conclusion that the dragon seemed to be more protective of her rider and not necessarily of herself. Or at least so he hoped, because that would mean that she probably wouldn't reject his attempt at communication completely if that was the case. Many of the animals had methods of communicating with each other solely based on a more limited vocabulary - such as chirps for hellos and other pleasantries and grunts for more expansive meanings - but it was much easier to communicate telepathically. This was most especially true for members of what was regarded as the 'mythics' class which included most species of dragons, griffons, hippogriffs and pegasi. Coming to the conclusion that it wouldn't hurt to at least try to contact the dragon, Vale opened up his mind.

    Most animals that engage in telepathy describe it as touching the conscience of another being, but then again, the way different beings described it varied a lot. Despite it, that was how Vale viewed the procedure. That was why he could only effectively telepathically communicate with those close to him, though if he had a strong established bond with another - like the one he had with Asher - he could communicate over nearly unlimited distances. As it was, however, he didn't have a previous connection with the dragon and had to take a long step forward to make up the distance between himself and the reptile in order to contact her.

    Probing at the dragon's conscience carefully and lightly, Vale chirped to her to make it clear that he was the one trying to open up a communication channel with her. Hello? He tried cautiously, ready to leap back if she reacted violently to his attempt at contact.
  9. Zoe also figured the room would be relatively large and would probably have some area to fly to and from. Zoe figured it made sense that the school made them walk to their room the first time so they didn't have to disrupt other students by landing on each pad to see if the rom was theirs. Storm padded along beside Zoe, sniffing at a door occasionally, and ducking her head down. They reached some stairs and Storm had to crouch down as they ascended, but it worked and soon they were on the next floor. Here the doors were slightly larger and taller and the door numbers were in the 200s now. Zoe guessed that the next floor would be the rooms in the 300s.

    Zoe listened to the response of the elf. Asher, cool name. Valendar, pretty badass name. Zoe looked back and observed that the two were a bt rough with each other. Zoe supposed that wasn't odd since sometimes her and Storm went at it. She was ready to reapond to Asher's question now. "My name is Zoe Bixby, or Zoe for short. I'm a Dark Elf, but I promise I won't bite."she joked.
    Then she reached an arm around Storm's neck and added, "And this oversized lizard is my best pal and second in comand, Storm. She's a bit fiesty with strangers, but she'll settle down."
    Storm responded by nibbling on Zoe's ear. The elf shoved the dragon's had away playfully, laughing a bit because she was ticklish.

    Zoe wasn't a very shy girl. She'd talk to just about everyone, though if they didn't interest her, she'd zone out quickly as she tended to do. But now Asher and Vale had fascinated her, so she was still alert. She would be alert for a while in this knew environment.

    Storm was rather alert too since there were all sorts of scents. She sniffed at the ground where ahe believed a dragon had walked a few hours ago, juding by the ashy smell she guessed it was a fire type of dragon and hoped she wouldn't encounter it. Being a dragon with a more cold nature and a biological ability to produce ice, she was naturally not too fond of a member of her species thay could do the opposite.

    Storm also scented various other creatures as well as their riders. A door ahead opened and a young male rider emerged. He was followed by a pure white pegasis. Its hooves clicked on the stone floor as its rider led it towards Zoe, Storm, Asher, and Vale. The pegasis whinnyed nervously as it eyed the other beasts. The fear made Storm nervous and she parted her mouth slightly, revealing a glowing blue liquid in her mouth. Zoe noticed this and lightly punched Storm's shoulder. Where are your manners, Storm?

    Storm closed her mouth and kept walking. The pegasis cautiously walked past the dragon and made its way past the griffin, nervously giving the creature a shaky chirp greeting. Storm watch the pegasis go before she could relax. You really need to get used to new creatures. Zoe commented.

    I know...It's just my instinct!

    Well, try to take it down a notch so we don't seem completely unapproachable.

    Ugh, fine. I'll try it. But only because you asked me too.

    That's the spirit. Isn't this place awesome?

    Yah! It's-Hold on. I'm getting an interference. One of the two back there is trying to communicate with me. Unless the Asher dude is sercretly part Dark Elf, it has to be the griffin.

    Well, answer him then!

    Alright, geez. I'm on it.

    Storm ended her telepathic conversation with Storm after she had felt a slight prodding at her own mind. She opened her mind to the prodding and heard, Hello?

    Hello. Is this the griffin dude speaking? That's like, the only way this is possible.
  10. Vale? What are you supposed to say once you've introduced yourself? 'That's a nice name'? I've already said that it was nice to meet them. Asher had reached a socialization point that he wasn't comfortable with. When he was interacting with the human men in the rebel group, after this situation had been reached it would be downed and celebrated with a few mugs of beer. That didn't seem to be an option here. The wood elf heard his companion snort, detailing to his rider that he had no idea about what to do either without actually telling him directly. Well, that is certainly most helpful. Asher snapped, not very irritated despite his tone of metal voice. He was forced to lighten up and return to reality as he heard Zoe laughing, the other elf's voice echoing among the enclosed corridors.

    I should hope so. Asher tilted his head towards Vale as he heard the griffon speak as Zoe commented on how Storm would loosen up after awhile. I mean, that reptile is like a hawk. Her level of alert is going to get annoying pretty soon. The griffon's moderately crude comments queued that it was Asher's turn to sigh at his partner. The elf didn't bother to go over the fact that as they were going to be roommates it would be well worth being nice, even mentally, since he knew that Vale knew that already. The griffon was just a little bit judgmental and had a tendency to criticize people a lot. Asher had gotten used to it over the years, as even though their relationship went way back he was still a target for Vale's mutterings. Hopefully Zoe and Storm would get used to it too, or just stay out of the griffon's head and hopefully not get too offended.

    Smiling slightly at Zoe's comment about being a dark elf but not biting, Asher paused slightly before replying. He wasn't sure how to respond to that sort of humor. "I'm sure." He said at last. "I'm a wood elf myself, as I'm sure you've already realized." He added, figuring that it couldn't hurt. But it was pretty obvious what he was, there wasn't any other sort of elf kind that sported horns and the telepathic ability to communicate with animals such as Vale. "I guess it is worth mentioning that, while neither Vale or I bite unless provoked, Vale does have a tendency to ram into people with his head. If it happens I would recommend just trying to keep your balance, most of the harm comes from when you are knocked over and high-five the floor with your face. It's happened to me a few times."

    Hearing a door open, Asher turned his attention to the space ahead of them and heard the distinct sound of a pegasis' hooves as one and its rider stepped out of the room. Hearing the vibrations of sound coming from the building, Asher tried to judge what the inside of the room was like. It was certainly very spacious, with four distinct living quarters. Presumably, two for each rider and two for each rider's mount. It was around this time that Storm opened her mouth and Asher heard some sort of strange thing inside of her. It sounded almost like a liquid, but seemed to carry some of the properties of a flame. Before he could ask Vale to investigate, Zoe had lightly punched her partner and the sound disappeared. Perhaps it was some sort of defense mechanism. Something like liquid fire? He could always ask afterwards. While he was thinking, the pegasis had walked timidly past Storm and was making its way past Vale. The griffon responded to the over-glorified horse's greeting with a grunt, but didn't otherwise pay much attention to it.

    Feeling Vale start to draw away from their telepathic connection, Asher raised an eyebrow under his mask and didn't say anything else through the line, instead putting it down so that the griffon would be able to reach out further to whomever it was that he was trying to contact. Perhaps the griffon was trying to be sociable and was reaching out to the dragon? That would be a first. Though, on that note, Vale hadn't had a chance to make that first before now. Dragons in the wild were either high in the mountains where the duo hadn't bothered to travel or were instead hostile and trying to eat them. Those were the times. In response, the griffon nudged his rider lightly with the tip of his wing in a gesture of appreciation.

    Glad of the fact that the dragon hadn't exploded at him, Vale relaxed slightly as she responded rather cordially. Yes, I do believe I classify under 'griffon dude'. Vale commented, unsure of how he felt at being addressed as such. Between the female elf's use of 'kid' and the dragon's use of 'dude' he wasn't sure what to think of the pair. But Asher could reach out if he really wanted to - he's got enough dark elf in him - though he'd literally have to be sitting on your head for the connection to be clear.
  11. Storm wanted to scowl. The griffin didn't seem to like being addressed casually as a 'dude.' She contemplated sarcastically correcting herself by called him something more formal or suitable to his tastes, but decided against it for now. She wasn't comfortable enough to even joke with him much. Storm didn't like the idea with living with a creature of her size. She no longer had the advantage of intimidating others into not messing with Zoe, since there wasn't much of a a size difference. Storm figured that if the time arose for intimidation, she'd just freeze some things and maybe snarl a lot until Zoe decided whether to do something defensive or offensive. Storm put aside these thoughts and decided to reply to the griffin.
    I don't think I'd very much like someone sitting atop my head, and because of my horns I doubt they'd like it either. While that mental image is a bit amusing to me, I'm pretty sure this topic wasn't one you meant to breech when starting a mental conversation with me. Is there anything you would like to tell me? She responded.
    Meanwhile, Zoe was still trying to find their room. They reached another staircase, though this one was actually big enough for Storm to walk normally up. Then Zoe noticed on this new floor that the vantage point from the windows was higher and that the rooms were marked with numbers that were in the 300s. Decided they were close to their room, Zoe paid closer attention to the numbers to see which of the large wooden doors was marked with 326.
    She saw the number and did a double take. She stopped so suddenly that Storm bumped into her from behind. The force made Zoe jerk forwards with an 'oof,' before she regained her balance and avoided falling. She turned and was ready to scorn Storm before she realized that this hadn't been the dragon's mistake. Oops, oh well. AT least she found the room. "Hey, I found our room."she called back to the others.
    She inserted her key into the respective keyhole and twisted. The door opened inwards and allowed entry to the room. Zoe entered first and Storm followed after, only having to duck slightly to enter. Otherwise, she fit fine.
    Zoe gave the room a good look. It was pretty roomy in here. The main area had a fireplace with a few animal pelts laid out for lounging and near this area was a small wooden bookcase with a few leather bound tomes sitting there. There was an old wooden table and some chairs that seemed to be in decent shape. On the table were a few candles and some matches so the torches around the room could be lit. Zoe proceeded to grab the matches and light the torches attached to the walls, further illuminating the area. Other than the seating area and table, the place was roomy enough to allow space for larger creatures such as Storm and Vale. From this main area there were two doors that were open. Each led to identical rooms that had some pelts for sleeping and wooden chests for storage. Light shone in the rooms since there were windows and an exit to a landing and take off pad. Zoe liked the room, though it was rather simple. She figured that other facilities like a dining hall and bathroom were located elsewhere. She decided to locate them later for convenience sake.
    "Well, Storm. I guess this'll be our home for a little while. Sure is pretty nice to have a real shelter, though it is a bit confining."Zoe commented.
  12. Sensing that he had managed to make the dragon angry by hardly saying anything, Vale made a griffon's version of a sigh and began to prepare a retreat. He paused in his planning when the reptile seemed to take some amusement from his comment about Asher, but unfortunately that success was short-lived as she came back off of the topic and instead questioned him as to what his motives were. A bit straight-forward, but Vale could understand and get behind that - so could Asher, the wood elf didn't particularly fancy small-talk without a reason. Though he seemed to be quite fine about it today, making himself seem rather friendly by some standards. Vale considered his rider affectionately for a second, the elf oblivious to it as he walked parallel to the griffon's shoulder, before turning his attention back to the conversation he was having with Storm.

    No reason in particular. Just to say hello. Though I suppose it would also be faster to have a preexisting connection with you in case of some sort of room emergency. The griffon commented, trying to close the conversation since it didn't seem like the dragon particularly appreciated it. He wondered for a second about possible room emergencies. It would be very unlikely that Asher would loose his key, but perhaps Zoe would? And maybe an attempted burglary might be a reasonable thing to take actions against beforehand. Starting up a flight of stairs as he thought, the griffon wondered if he should tell Asher that there were stairs coming but reconsidered since the sound of the stairs was quite obvious. While Vale wasn't particularly over-protective he did like to ensure that his rider was informed and well-off.

    Anyway, it was nice to meet you. Vale added to Storm before cutting off his end of the telepathic link and instead renewed it with Asher. The elf turned his head towards his mount, obviously curious as to whom he was talking to. The dragon. She's a strange one, ticked off one moment and amused at the next. If the rider is the same way it is going to be one long year. The griffon commented with a snort. Hopefully it'll be as the elf says and that reptile will calm down a bit before long. He added, sensing that Asher wasn't particularly pleased with his negative comments and instead decided to add something lighter and more positive. If you could call that positive. Hopeful, at least, and willing to work it out.

    Looking up as he heard Zoe call out that she had found their room, Asher picked up his pace a little bit. He could hear where she was speaking from and also felt the sound waves coming off of the doorway, determining that Vale would fit fine into the room with no problems. He also heard the small collision between Zoe and Storm as the dark elf stopped suddenly, smiling a little bit before turning his attention to the room as he heard the key click in the lock and the door swing open. Walking into the room he immediately felt the abundance of space within it, but that amount of space made it a bit difficult for him to accurately determine exactly what and where everything was within the room. Looking at Vale, he was about to ask for one of his griffon's high-frequency chirps to help him locate everything, but then realized that it would probably shake Zoe and Storm's eardrums. Even though it was a large space, it was also enclosed and the echoes would be something to behold.

    "Sorry, but would you mind covering your ears for a second?" He asked Zoe, not as concerned about Storm. He wasn't sure how a dragon would cover its ears anyway. Asher didn't bother to provide a reason, just gesturing to Vale as a go ahead. The griffon knew what his rider was asking instantly and opened his mouth, emitting a piercing chirp that rebounded off of the walls. Asher stood still for a moment, letting everything sink in, before nodding a thanks and 'good job' to Vale. "My apologies. That just helps me figure out what everything is." He said to Zoe and Storm, before walking forward and pulling a pelt off of a nearby expanse of floor. Once that had been done, he knocked on the stone floor once or twice. Vale was looking at him oddly, snorting at his rider's hair and wanting an explanation. "Hold on, I think I've found it." The elf said, slightly cryptically before wedging his fingers between the stones.

    Pulling open what appeared to be a secret compartment, Asher grinned triumphantly. "I thought that this sounded hollow." He said, examining the small storage space with his hands for a moment. "I guess this would be where any valuables go?" He mused, wondering of Zoe and Storm had anything they'd want to hide away. He certainly didn't. "But anyways, which room do you want? The one on the right or on the left?" He asked, closing the panel he had discovered and tugging the pelt back over it. Getting back onto his feet, Asher moved towards the small wooden table, locating a small letter that he had heard earlier. This one seemed to be specially designed for the room and provided some braille for Asher to read off of. It was addressed 'Zoe, Storm, Asher & Vale'. Opening it up, Asher spread the small paper on the table.

    "Good afternoon, welcome, blah blah blah..." Asher read, running his fingers over the paper impatiently and trying to get to the more important information. "Once you've finished settling in you've got the rest of the day off. Feel free to spend it as you wish, there is a village nearby where you can get supplies or you can just look around the castle grounds. Tomorrow morning you will be expected to report to the main hall at 6am. Tardiness will not be excused. On that day your training will begin. Have fun, goodbye, don't get lost- yeah, that's all the good stuff." Asher finished, leaving the letter where it lay in case Zoe wanted to read it for herself.
  13. Storm offered quick, polite parting words before the griffin cut off their telepathic connection. She then opened her mental connection with Zoe.
    So, how'd your chat go with him? Zoe asked after the connection was made, having great sensitivity to these types of things.
    Eh, alright I guess. He probably thinks I'm a bit strange.
    Oh no...What did you do?
    Nothing much. His intentions were unknown at first so I was a bit wary, and I suppose that put him off a bit.
    I see. Well, don't act so awkward, maybe?
    Hey, I tried.

    Zoe just rolled her eyes playfully. She looked back as the other two entered and Asher asked them to do something. Cover her ears? Zoe was puzzled. Why, what could he possibly mean by-Oh goodness! Zoe flinched noticeably upon hearing the sharp and only half anticipated chirp. Storm groaned audibly, ears ringing slightly after the sound. Her ears were rather sensitive, and she had no may of muffling the sound easily. Storm's ears were fine tuned enough to hear some of the sound bouncing off as well, and this was a bit irritating to her. She shook her head with displeasure and Zoe calmed her down by running a hand across her scaled flank briefly.
    "Well alright. I suppose you use sonar or something? An odd skill, but impressive I suppose."Zoe commented as she rubbed at one ear for a second.
    She watched as Asher moved down to one of the tiles and pried a space open. Wow, he had known that was there just from hearing sound bouncing around? That was very impressive, she had to admit. Even though she ha perfect eyesight, she wouldn't have found the compartment unless she had been feeling around for it. From this action, Zoe came to the conclusion that while Asher was blind, he had a good sense of his surroundings.

    "I suppose valuables would go there, but now we both know the spot and I have nothing to hide so it is rather useless in my opinion. But hey, feel free to store things there. I won't touch it."she said.
    After some thought she added, "Hmm, well, I do value my bow very much, so that's off limits for sure. Though you don't look like the thieving type, or one that would pry my own weapon from my back."

    Then she looked over at the two rooms again, not having a preference. "Hm, I don't care which one I take since they both seem to be the same. I'll take the one on the right."she responded.
    That being said, Storm shook her head once more before entering the room on the right. She laid down carefully and wrapped a tail around herself. She kept her head up though, merely resting a bit, but still observant. She watched as her rider also took a look at the paper upon the table. The young woman scanned it after Asher had left it be and noted the times and random tid bits. Deciding she had some time to herself now, she placed her bow and arrows carefully in her new room. She left her dagger sheathed on her belt though. She also took off her long black, hooded cape and folded it neatly near her bow. Then she grabbed a book from the shelf, blew the dust off of it, and sat down among the pelts in the main area. Storm snorted at this, wanting the girl to sit with her.

    Zoe disregarded her dragon for now and opened the book. It seemed to be an encyclopedia with forest plants. She knew most of them of course, but she observed the text and few old illustrations anyways. After a while she looked up and asked, "So, what brings you to this school, if you don't mind me asking?"
  14. Seeing Zoe and Storm wince and become quite visibly disgruntled after Vale chirped, Asher shrugged apologetically in their direction. "Yeah, we do use a bit of it. It really comes in handy when we are in the air or in really large open spaces since sound doesn't travel very well in those circumstances. Sorry about that though, I probably should have given you a bit more warning." He apologized. It is their fault that they didn't act upon your warning though. Vale said skeptically, but Asher ignored the griffon. The golden brown beast would get his head around living with these two eventually.

    Nodding as Zoe spoke about valuables, Asher reached for the satchel he had brought with him. He didn't really have many worldly possessions and the majority of what was inside the bag was clothing. That and one pendent that signified his rank of General of the Dragoons within the small rebel force he had joined consisted of the entirety of everything the elf had packed. Considering the small army's numbers, especially inside the Dragoon force, it wasn't much - but Asher felt slightly sentimental about it nonetheless. Vale also had received a badge, however the griffon didn't have anywhere to put it, and as such they had left it behind. Listening as Zoe spoke about her bow, Asher nodded again as he was familiar with the attachment that many had to their weapons. "Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm the same way with my weapons." He agreed, touching the hilts of his blades with his thumbs briefly.

    "But they are going to be by my bedside, so I'm not worried about them." He said after a moment's pause. "It should be noted that I am somewhat of a sleep fighter. I would strongly advise against creeping around in my room at night, when I'm sleepy I tend to stab first and ask questions later." He added with a grin, hoping that Zoe wasn't going to be in his bedroom anyway but deciding to give a heads up just in case. While he was speaking, he and Vale had entered their new living quarters and began to unpack. Since Asher frequented wearing stretchier garments that provided him with maximum mobility, they were generally quite lightweight and compact which meant that he didn't really have to make much space for them - they easily fit in the satchel he carried. If he had to carry anything larger or heavier, however, he had bags that went over Vale's back that the griffon was able to carry but in this case that wasn't necessary. Despite this, the griffon did have the bags on his back - though this was only because Asher didn't have anywhere else to pack them.

    Locating a set of drawers for him to store his clothes in, Asher began putting all of his stuff away. Vale sat near the doorway like some sort of imperial pigeon, watching his rider for awhile before laying down and resting his head on the ground. The wood elf ignored his companion, focusing on the task he had on hand. He was having a little bit of trouble, as the sudden silence in the room wasn't providing him with enough sound to go off of, but just before he started whistling to help himself work Zoe spoke up. He had heard her grab a book and sit down a little bit earlier. "I don't mind." He responded, thinking for a second before presenting his actual answer. "It was just because the king's men were roughing up our home. We fought for it, of course, and eventually the men went away but the same thing is happening all over and we just figured that the best way to help put a stop to it permanently would be to fight in a more organized manner.

    "After that we joined a little resistance force composed of mostly a bunch of human men. From there we must have caught somebody's eye from somewhere and were invited to join the school. What about you?" Asher asked, using the sound of his voice to locate the drawer handles.
  15. Storm remained laying in the room for a while. She thought Zoe should be working on unpacking, not reading and socializing! Storm opened the comnection to Zoe's mind.
    Hey, Zoe! Shouldn't you be unpacking now?
    Hm, probably. But I decided I'd get to know our new roomies a bie before I ignore them.

    Storm quieted mentally. That was a good idea she guessed. But she still believed Zoe should be acting more responsibly with her tasks. Oh well, she'd learn eventually and maybe she could better understand their roommates too.

    Storm didn't really know what to think when it came to her impressions on her new roommates. The wood elf, Asher, seemed nice enough. He had not been rude to Zoe verbally and seemed quite polite, but of course Storm was a bit curious as to why he was blind. It was sort of weird, but though that god awful chirp hurt her ears, his use of the sound was interesting. As for her thoughts on Valenbar.

    Storm looked over to the griffin who was sitting much like a sentry, a big birdy lion sentry. She couldn't blame him for that, since she was doing the same for Zoe by watching her carefully. Their mental conversation left Storm believing the griffin to maybe be a bit guarded as well. It had been a bit awkward amd Storm figured the griffin probably found her to be weird. No matter, Storm didn't care much of what others thought of her, save for Zoe's opinions. Storm would justmake it up to the griffin klater, if he proved to not be a threat of course. Right now, he didn't seem to be showing any hostility, so Storm was rather content. She watched her rider as the young woman began to converse with the other elf.

    Zoe listened to Asher's response politely, disecting its meanings and details to discover more about this particular wood elf and his griffin companion. Zoe discovered that Asher had joined because he had taken down some of the king's military force. Quite the feat, in her opinion. She had taken down some troops, but not in open combat. And she never thought to join a resistance group, sticking to herself mostly.

    She thought a moment before adding her answer, "Similar situation. We took down some troops situated up in the Devil's Teeth mountain range. We never engaged open combat, we set traps and loosed arrows in secret. We still managed to take quite a number down and mess up the patrols enough because they had to send more out to find the culprits. For a while, we were never found, but alas, not everything can last forever. They cornered us and we suffered a few wounds, but the enemies spilled all of their own lifesblood so I suppose we won that."

    "And then we heard about this school from a billage upon fleeing the mountains amd I decided to apply. They had to sent a representative down to make sure we were actually the ones who were responsible, since some word had gotten around and no one really knew who had really done it. Then we were deemed as the ones responsible, and were accepted. "She finished.

    Storm wasn't sure if it had been very wise to reveal so much, but she knew the others would be told eventually since they'd be roommates for a while.
  16. Tilting his head slightly as he listened to Zoe speak, Asher used her voice's sound waves to locate everything that he needed to in order to continue unpacking. He hoped that he wasn't coming off as rude, doing something while she was speaking, but determined that as long as he actually listened that he should be fine. Vale was sitting to the side of his room and watching, seemingly under the opinion that he couldn't really do much to help. Ordinarily there would be something for him to do, but in this case Asher was willing to let his griffon's laziness slide since he couldn't think of anything for his partner to do anyways. "Oh hey, Devil's Teeth you say? I think I might have heard about that somewhere." He commented, racking his brains for more information. "Can you remember anything Vale?" He asked his griffon aloud, deciding against telepathic communication because there was no need. Besides, since he was already speaking, he might as well continue to do so.

    It was easier than alternating between manners of speech. The griffon wasn't very responsive; he had never really taken to hearing about anything that didn't directly concern him, something that Asher knew but hadn't let that stop him from asking the griffon anyway. It was better safe than sorry, right? Realizing that Asher was waiting for an answer, however, Vale felt obliged to let out a grunt that pretty obviously projected the fact that he had no further information than Asher, or had any better a memory. "Traps and things. That sounds interesting. Mind trying to teach me sometime? Vale and I pretty much did everything in an old-school manner. The fanciest thing we ever did was do some camouflage while we were waiting for some troops to swing by." He added as Zoe continued to speak, allowing himself a grin, though Zoe wouldn't be able to see it as he was still folding his clothes and facing away from her. Vale snorted in both confirmation and disapproval of his rider.

    You are making it sound like we didn't actually accomplish much. The griffon protested, but Asher only smiled again and waved his hand slightly at his companion, telling Vale to drop the subject. The beast snorted softly, not liking the fact that he felt like he was being undermined, but he knew that there would be plenty of time to prove himself later. He was looking forward to beginning his training at this fancy academy, hopefully their battle training facilities would be as good as their sleeping quarters. Vale was quite pleased with their new arrangement, having found himself a few pelts to sit on. Even though it felt like it might get a bit stuffy there was a large balcony in the main living quarters that would open up and give them some fresh air, but there was also a big window in Asher's bedroom that would serve the same purpose.

    Smelling one of the animal pelts he was sitting on experimentally, Vale determined it to be some sort of fox skin. It would have had to be a large fox, but it was always possible. As he snuffled around, however, he began to feel an all-too familiar prickling sensation in his stomach. Ash? He questioned his rider, using a nickname that the wood elf wasn't commonly addressed by. Would you happen to have any food on you? The griffon asked, his answer provided when his rider paused his folding for a moment and stopping to consider the obvious request and its connotations.

    Sorry, I didn't think to pack anything. We should have gotten something at the village earlier. He told his griffon, preparing for his partner's disappointment. Vale had quite the appetite, and required to be fed rather regularly. But now that you mention it I'm a bit hungry as well. He commented with a sigh, wondering if Zoe had any food. Would it be rude to borrow from her? He supposed that he could always go check out the village that the letter mentioned and see if there was anything that he could buy. He still had a good bit of money left from when he was with the rebel group, while they hadn't paid much Asher hadn't spent much and he had ended up saving a good bit of money.

    "My apologies, but I think Vale and I might head down to the village that the letter mentioned earlier. He's hungry and I didn't think to pack anything. Would you two like to come?" Asher said after a moment's hesitation, getting to his feet and retrieving his now-empty satchel from the floor, as it contained the majority of his money.
  17. Storm sniffed at the pelts she was laying on as well. One smelled like a direwolf, and a few smelled faintly of some sort of ox like creature. The fur felt pretty nice upon her scales and made her tempted to rest, though she wouldn't. She'd stay awake to watch Zoe and to know what was going on. Afterall, they had just arrived at this new school, may as well stay awake. She did ywish to fly a bit more though, so maybe she could convince Zoe to let her or even join her. Storm liked the company of Zoe when flying. The two bonded most then, and it also helped with flight because Zoe could see more and focus more on things other than avoiding crashing. Two minds meant two people able to watch surroundings and attack. Zoe liked to take shots with her bow from the air to avoid open conflict since she didn't have a sword or other melee weapon. She only had her dagger and self defense skills, which wasn't enough against swordsmen in close combat or something.

    Storm was also a bit peckish. She had eaten a breakfast of rabbit and some forest plants a few hours ago before her morning flight, so her appatite had returned. She had been ignoring it, but now that she had been relaxing, she felt thw dull grumbles that indicated she was hungry. She decided that in a little while she'd ask Zoe if they had any food.

    Zoe listened to Asher's response. It seemed the wood elf was imoressed to a degree that she and Storm had managed to traps. He also mentioned what he had did was more old fashioned. It seemed the elf wasn't giving himself too much credit. Zoe thought it was pretty cool to be able to fight in close quarters with various foes. "Yes, I could teach you a few things some time. In exchange, maybe you can give me a few pointers when it comes to melee style battle."Zoe replied, closing the book she held so she appeared a bit more polite and attentive.

    Storm wasn't too fond of what her rider had said. It seemed to be admitting a weakness to a stranger that now lived in the same area. If he had any bad intentions, now he knows she uses a ranged weapon and doesn't favor close quartered combat, and they happened to be in close quarters. If he attacked, it would be hard to fumble with a bow or dagger when someone skilled was attacking with a sword. She grumbled lightly and mentally said, You just admitted you weren't feeling strongly with combat. Bad move.
    I was being amiable is all.
    You revealed a weakness to someone who could easily do you ill.
    I don't think he will and if he did, I'm sure you could save my skin.
    Well you can't always rely on me, and besides, I'd have to take care of that giant griffin.
    Valenbar? He seems pretty chill. So does Asher, so calm down. Not everyone is out to kill us.

    Storm didn't respond further. She thought about suggesting they check out the village and maybe get food or meet others. Thay seemed to be a good choice so they could get a feel for the place and such. Asher spoke up and voiced an idea similar to what Storm was thinking. And he even invited them, though she caught the hesitation. She couldn't blame him for maybe being wary of strangers too.

    Zoe replied with, "Good idea. I'm sure Storm could use a bite. And we can maybe check out this place. Wouldn't want to get lost onthe first day."

    She then walked to her new room and put on her cape and bow and quiver. She sort of regretted taking them of to begin with, but she was trying to be comfortable and casual. But now she was excited to get to explore a bit and maybe even find out more about Asher and Vale, roommates and potential friends. Though Zoe wasn't too sure they were open to friendship now, as both were very polite but noticeably not very comfortable. Maybe an alliance was more suitable so she could avoid being enemies with someone living so close to her.

    Storm stood up and stretched as Zoe opened the way to the launch pad. Zoe stepped out onto it and looked down. Far below was the courtyard with people and beasts milling about. Zoe liked the feeling of the wind from up here, though she missed the feeling of the forest. Storm stepped out after her and Zoe quickly pulled off heir supply bags and stuffed them in her room before closing the door to the launchpad. She secured her key in her pocket and mounted jer dragon. Then she looked over to the close by launchpad meant for the others. Though both rider and mount were itching to take flight, Zoe made Storm wait for the others.
  18. Asher sat up and smiled again when Zoe said that she'd teach him some traps, and nodded to himself at her request of fighting lessons. "Of course, I'd do so gladly." He responded, touching the hilts of his swords again. They were by far his most valued weapons; both because he had been given them by his father before his banishment, and just because he preferred using them the most. The knives he carried were also precious to him - three of the four had been presents from men in the rebel force - and Asher could use them well if for some reason he didn't have his swords on him, but he had grown up training with the swords and wouldn't give them up for almost anything. At the thought of his smaller weapons, the wood elf did a mental check to ensure that they were all in place: one in the heel of his boot, one attached to the side of his pant leg, one in his belt and one in the collar of his shirt. They were all there.

    The wood elf was experienced enough to know that having concealed weapons was always valuable, it could get you out of some tight situations at times. While the knife on his belt was visible, and the one on his leg as well when he didn't have his coat on, the other two were generally invisible to the unknowing eye. Boot heels were a common place to look for weapons, Asher knew - especially among assassins, but since he was not one, many didn't think to check him thoroughly. However, if worst came to worst, the small knife in his collar was a reliable resource. He was able to retrieve it with his teeth, and while it was tiny he ensured that it had a sharp blade at all times. The sharpening of his weapons was something that Asher took very seriously, dull blades were one of his personal pet peeves.

    Getting onto his feet when Zoe said that she and Storm would accompany him and Vale to the village, Asher nodded and gestured for Vale to follow him out onto their room's launch pad. "Yeah, it would be a good idea to take a look around afterwards as well." He agreed, speaking to Zoe across the room before vaulting himself onto his griffon's back in one fluid motion. Nudging his companion slightly with the heel of his foot, Vale responded by making a quick few bounds and leaping into the air - his wings shooting open to catch him before he fell. Making a small circle, the pair waited a little ways away from Zoe and Storm's launch pad and waited for the other pair to take off. While Vale had been more relaxed before, he was more alert now - knowing that Asher was disadvantaged in the air and that it was his responsibility to take care of his rider in this situation.

    Do you know where the village is? Asher asked the griffon, knowing that his companion had probably spotted it on their way in. The village they had been in earlier was a little ways away from the castle, and he hoped that they weren't going to have to go back to the same one since it was a little ways away. It wasn't that Asher didn't enjoy flying - even with his handicap that meant he wasn't sure what was happening around him when in the air -, it was just that they had flown a lot already today. That and the fact that the last village had obviously engaged in some strange behavior, with the hybrids and all. The wood elf wasn't keen on repeating that experience.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw it earlier. It is literally just outside the castle walls, it'll only take a few minutes to get there unless this dragon is a ridiculously slow flier. But by the size of her wings that shouldn't be the case. Vale responded, beginning to wheel back around to face the direction the village was in. He was more than happy to lead the way if the dragon and other elf didn't know which way it was, but they had proven to be pretty alert and aware of their surroundings so far so he doubted that would be the case.

    Feeling the sun beat on his skin, Asher determined that they still had a good few hours before the sun went down. That was more than enough time to get some food from the village and even stock up on some supplies, there would probably be some time to spare even after that. "Maybe your melee classes could begin today, it looks like there is going to be some time leftover after getting back from the village. And I think I might need a bit of practice before induction tomorrow, I hope they won't throw us right into the fire but you never know." He called out to Zoe. Even though he couldn't hear her presence as well as he had been able to on the ground, as Vale's wing flaps were sending the air in all sorts of different directions and disorienting him, Asher was aware of her general location. It was when Vale actually started flying and making some progress that he had the most difficulty.

    Returning to the thought of lessons, the wood elf wondered if he'd be able to instruct somebody. He had never tried to teach anything before. And being blind as he was he wasn't sure if he'd be able to sympathize with a seeing person enough to teach effectively. He dismissed his thoughts, however, and decided that he'd only find out once he tried. And it didn't look like he'd be trying for at least another few hours, if not an entire few days, so he was safe for now. Once Storm and Zoe had taken off, Asher touched Vale's neck once - signalling the griffon to begin his flight. His companion responded instantly and set off at a moderate pace in the direction he knew the village to be.
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  19. Storm was certainly itching to get into the sky. It didn't matter how tired she had been before since she was wide awake now. She took note of the wind's direction for reference to how she should orient herself in the sky. The wind buffeted her crest of midnight colored feathers at the back of her head and at the plume on her tail. Those studying dragon species would probably classify Storm as an Avian type dragon with the biological weapon capable of creating a freezing breath. Her large wingspan, feathery accents on her body, lean figure, and smooth scales classified her in this species category. Though she didn't have bird like talons like some Avain dragons did, and instead had feet that better allowed walking but still had decent claws for some gripping. After gaining her sense of direction quickly, Zoe gave Storm the okay to to take off. Zoe braced herself in her saddle too.

    Storm wasted no time in leaping off of the platform and taking to the sky. She didn't want to risk a short plummet with others below, so she just extended her wings and flapped hard. This resulted in them rising a few feet. Wind blew back Zoe's dark cape and her dark hair as well. Storm swiftly rushed forth, balanced neatly in the air. She quickly took a place in the sky parallel to Vale. Storm was ready to fly on, to speed ahead and do a swoop or two, but Zoe reminded her mentally to stick with Ashe rand Vale. Storm snorted audibly and steadied her pace, wings fully outstretched. Storm's tail was held in a relatively still position, adjusting when the wind did to ensure balance. Zoe and Storm loved flying and had much practice with it. Zoe didn't have to do too much now that they were just keeping a steady pace, but whenever they had times where they had to do any maneuvers, Zoe would use mental communication and light taps on Storm's flank to help the dragon with flight.

    Zoe leaned back a bit and took a deep breath. She enjoyed the rush of being airborne and the open sky above her. It was pretty nice, though to her slight distaste, it was a bit bright out. Zoe loved the sky, but preferred flight in the early morning, afternoon, or even night sometimes to avoid any harsh light. Sure she wasn't a vampire and wouldn't turn to ash or anything silly, but her kind was still the complete opposite of Light Elves so the sun wasn't exactly their favorite. Zoe took the time to look down at the castle and courtyard below. The people looked pretty small from this vantage point and they seemed to crawl around like little ants among stone structures. Zoe spotted the gleam of the winding river that went through the castle area, through the field around the castle, and disappeared into the forest surrounding the whole, vast territory. She even spotted a few people and their mounts playing around in the river after they had finished their classes. This place seemed pretty cool so far, after all she hadn't even started the schooling yet so she wasn't laden with work at the moment.

    However, Zoe still looked forwards to tomorrow's classes. She wanted to meet new people and be able to learn new skills. She could better refine her flying skills and maybe some archery skill too, and could learn new skills regarding battle and survival. She also had the opportunity to read. As a child, she loved to read and still did, but she only possessed a few of her books when traveling. She couldn't help but bring along her old plant guide that had been made by her grandparents as well as an old fantasy story about things like pirates and knights. It had been one of her favorites when growing up, and now made for an easy read.

    Zoe perked up out of her stupor when she heard Asher talking. He seemed to be explaining that he may be able to teach her about melee weapons today. "It wouldn't hurt to start some training today."Zoe agreed. She was still a bit skeptical of this guy, but he seemed to know his stuff and was rather polite. She figured some combat training would do her some good. She could only wield her dagger as a tool or for self defense if need be, but she had never been very familiar with swords. She didn't know too much about using them, but they did seem very cool to her and worth learning how to use. She assumed that if she was ever sent on a mission to take down some enemies or if she was ever ambushed on a patrol or something, she couldn't always pick everyone off with arrows. She'd have to use a sword or other melee weapon. Who knows, maybe the school could even set her up with her own sword.

    Storm flew on towards the village outside of the castle's stone walls. As she neared the village, she began to descend. The people below seemed to grow in size as they approached, as did the buildings and merchant stands. Storm landed lightly in a patch of grass a little ways away from one of the first buildings in the market area. Zoe wasted no time in dismounting, landing as lightly as her dragon had. She stood and waited for Asher and Vale to land.
  20. Feeling the wind flying past his ears as Vale flew, Asher allowed himself to relax. Flying was rather therapeutic for him, though often a little bit stressful for Vale as the griffon was over-aware of his rider's disadvantage in the sky. His griffon was prone to babying him when they were airborne, something that the wood elf wasn't exactly keen on but seemingly unable to stop Vale from doing. Hearing the faint sounds of conversation projecting from below, Asher managed to pick up the vague sound of laughter. What's going on? He questioned his griffon, who looked down.

    Nothing much. Just a few kids splashing around in the river, that's all. Vale responded, though he kept his eye on the other riders and their companions as he flew over the river. He and Asher would have to try that sometime, it looked rather refreshing. Especially since they were approaching the middle of summer and some obnoxiously warm days, remembering that river might prove to be a valuable resource. Asher didn't respond to the information, just nodding his head slightly even though Vale couldn't see him do so. As they continued to fly, Vale made sure to document everything he saw - wanting to know the land's layout by heart before too long. He liked knowing where he was in relation to everything else, and since Asher wasn't exactly able to get a larger picture like this, Vale was especially determined to do so on his rider's behalf. Especially when they were first finding their way around in this school, if Vale knew where everything was it would certainly come in handy.

    Neither one of the two were that big on maps, Asher couldn't read them unless they were specially designed for the blind and Vale had never really taken to anything on paper, especially maps. While the griffon had an extraordinary sense of direction, he had never been able to figure out the directions on the maps. He much preferred physical evidence and finding things out for himself anyways. Asher also liked to know where things were, but unfortunately he wasn't often able to do so on a larger scale unless he'd traveled and been to places himself. He wasn't particularly talented with taking directions off of paper either. Between the two they often messed up when trying to follow directions, but usually managed to make it up in the end with some rather skilled intuition and their own knowledge of the area or situation.

    Their general distaste for books and reading followed on from this. While Asher was brought up well and had been taught many forms of literature through braille, he looked upon it more as work and a chore than something to do recreational. He liked learning things, but it usually meant a lot more to him if he found them out himself rather than read it off a page. It was for this reason that the wood elf hoped that there wouldn't be too many classes at the academy focused around reading and writing, instead looking forward to the more physical, practical lessons. He wasn't confined to just battle in that sense, but he also looked forward to learning anything hands-on where he would be able to rely more on his senses.

    Vale had taken off at a slightly lower angle than Storm, and had remained at a lower vantage point than the dragon as they flew. It was just as well, since between them they had an extremely large wingspan, and it was more space efficient to fly at different heights. But Vale and Asher were occasionally hit every now and again with the downwards air currents created by Storm's flight, but it was nothing that they couldn't manage. The dragon was also providing some shade for them and protection against the sun, with balanced out the few negatives. The duo had spent most of their time in the forests, covered up and away from the light, and didn't particularly enjoy it all that much. Asher couldn't see it, but his skin was unused to the direct contact with the light and Vale was rather easy to get hot in this kind of weather.

    Noting Vale's slight change in posture, Asher knew immediately that the griffon was about to start to descend. Altering his body position slightly to assist his partner as Vale started to make landing preparations, the wood elf sensed Storm and Zoe making a more rational descent. He was curious to see if Vale would be so sane. They had made a reasonable entrance in the courtyard because there had been so much air traffic around the area, but it seemed like most of the other academy students were either still in lessons or just getting out of them and there wasn't anybody that could interfere with their flight there. Usually Vale and Asher's landings were more brash and crazy; they were particular fans of plummeting to the ground like they were going to crash. Feeling the griffon's body tense up beneath him, Asher leaned into the saddle when he realized that they were going to be making such a landing.

    Despite the fact that they weren't at a particularly high altitude, they were still pretty high in the air, and there was room for Vale to fold up his wings and begin a reckless downwards descent. Holding tight to the saddle, Asher uttered an exhilarated whoop as they accelerated downwards. He could feel it when Vale prepared to clap his wings out to prevent their crash, and adjusted as well so that he wouldn't be thrown off the saddle when the griffon did so. Once he had, the pair shot back up a few feet before landing neatly. The elf dismounted the moment they had touched the ground, landing lightly on his feet and looking around. There was enough noise coming from the village for him to get the general feel of the place's layout. "Well, what did you want to eat exactly?" Asher questioned, asking both Vale but also the other pair who had landed a little bit away.

    "I think I can smell a grill going, lamb I believe. Vale and I might hit that stand." The wood elf continued after a moment, a slight breeze carrying the village's scents towards him.
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