Mythic High Fantasy Cyberpunk???

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  1. SO I got some thoughts and ideas swirling around in my head thinking of a cyberpunk universe that is coexisting with the races and magic you'd find in a high fantasy setting, sort of like Phantasy Star but original, yah know? Then to add on to that, put in some existential themes and mythos involving gods from ancient times who told of an event happening in a time of metal and innovation (technology), something long forgotten but is now showing up! Then I was thinking to add to that we could have a nation-like group that could be resistant to the coming horrors and choose to look over the possible threat only to have their very foundation crumble!

    True to the cyberpunk setting, some high-fantasy staples would need translated... so Kingdoms become Corporations, traditional races would get new spins... Imagine Elves desperately trying to cling to nature when the world is turning to one giant computer, or dwarves having laid down their pickaxes and tore down their forges and erect massive industrial empires of heavy machinery, even orcs may have a strange place here depending on what we can collectively come up with. Swordplay can still be common, but now we have the advent of guns, but also more than likely bullet resistant armor, shield that need to be destroyed (similar to a Borderlands fashion I'm guessing), and magic takes a whole new spin now that it can be applied to something as ridiculous as technology... imagine necromancy.... it has become....
    Well I suppose normal necromancy is still a thing but you get the idea xD

    There's all these cool avenues we could explore... I'm looking for a few Intermediate, Adept, and above minds to come and help out with this idea. Now we can't have it be too generic so I will be here as a "let's tone it down" sort of conscientiousness but I'd love to widen this as far as possible. I'm more than certain if this gets enough interest I'll look for a co-gm.

    Now to wait ahahahah
  2. I see a like, but I need comments ;3;
  3. So, like Shadowrun?
  4. I'm not familiar with Shadowrun, but it sounds like something cool.
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  5. Time to bite.
  6. @Azathoth I summon thee, show yourself and stop simply liking! Do you have interest???

    @Crow @OwlFeather

    So, you all have interest right? I was hoping to go for some group plotting *points at title tag* But if you'd just like me to come up with something all my own I could.
  7. Ah, sorry-- don't know if this is my cup of tea at the moment. I was just curious about the Shadowrun thing. Best of luck to you, though. c:
  8. I also see some Shadowrun similarity. But hey, cyberpunky settings, or settings like Phantasy Star that just blatantly combine fantasy and scifi without regard for it being possibly silly interest me. So, I'll at least express some interest. I'm pretty damn terrible at making plotlines and things, though. Well, unless maybe it's magical girls or similar things. I can at least dump a ton of questions.

    Are we aiming for a sort of "fantasy setting that's been modernized" feel, or more a modern setting that's gotten a fantasy overlay (which is what Shadowrun does)?
    Full gritty cyberpunk dystopia, or more hopeful?
    What sort of focus on professions do you want? Mercenary adventurers or criminals, or something else?

    And, uh, I'm sure there's plenty more simple questions to start with to really get the idea going.
  9. Tentative interest depending on the direction it goes.
  10. ^
  11. I am all for some Shadowrun-esque shenanigans.
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