MythBusters: Guys don't like to RP romance

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  1. Let's face it, there's a stereo type that says that guys hate romance. I'm not sure where this comes from or how. It's men that typically are the ones the propose and give gifts during Valentine's Day and while some guys are not romantic and some guys only do romantic stuff because the alternative is to never stop hearing about it, that's not all guys. That's nott even all straight guys if we want to split hairs.

    So tell me men of Iwaku, what are your opinions about romance in RPs? Is it just the unavoidable fate if women are in the RP? Is it only to further the chance of some smut posts? Or do you actually enjoy playing out the romance? And how often do you like a romantic sub-plot in your games?
  2. I like the chance for romance, but I don't want it to really be like nothing but romance, a little romance never hurts though
  3. Either myth busted or I don't count as a guy. I've got nothing against romance in RPs, sometimes consider pairings, and practically demand that all my smutty RPs be romantic. I may not join many romance-focused RPs, but that's because I don't find the stories appealing. I've tried to take part in some in the past that didn't pan out.
  4. I like to emulate Hollywood and shoehorn a romance sup-plot into every game possible.
  5. Romance is great and all. But explosions and werewolves rule.
  6. Who says you can't have explosive werewolf romance? One time I had a -zombie- romance rolling. It was pretty cute. Needless to say, smut was out of the question.
  7. I do not mind romance in roleplays, but for me it seems to be secondary to the plot, unless I am taking part in one of the masquerades. To be honest, I may be more romantically inclined than I admit I am, but oh well. So while I probably will not focus on the romance aspect of a roleplay, if my parter(s) come up with a good idea, I will most definitely not brush them off.
  8. Not especially my thing, but if it fits with the story (as opposed to being hamfisted into the whole thing) then I'm fine with romantic themes cropping up in games.

    Just do it right, for fuck's sake.
  9. Okay, expanding on my questions just a bit. While I know Gibs was being sarcastic, it was sarcasm with truth. It seemed Hollywood can not allow a plot go go by without a romantic sub-plot, to the detriment of the story often. Is this what you are also referring to in regards to hamfisting romance in a RP Grumpy? Do you other guys see this as a potential failicy among some female players? Or even other guys?

    Also has anyone ever had a 1x1 with a man & woman (or both people same gender and gay for that matter) that never got romantic? Will they or won't they wouldn't count I feel if the story could have gone on.
  10. Well I can't say much about the above part

    but as for the 1X1 thing, I've had a few in my time as an rp'er that was devoid of romance, and ones that were devoid of romance for a very extended period of time
  11. I see romance as a tool to develop characters. Like every other tool, it has a time and a place for it's use however. What I can't stand is when romance stays cutesy and uneventful for the duration of a roleplay. People fight. Sometimes hearts get broken. Sometimes lovers leave, and hook up with other people, or come back.

    Never in all my days have I read a story I enjoyed that had a romantic subplot absent of emotional turbulence. Drama people, DRAMA.
  12. I adore these true answers with soul and sincerity.

    -makes a tent and camps out in thread.- <3
  13. I kidnap Staci all the time. That surely means that characters have a romance...right?
  14. I am a sucker for a romantic and/or smutty subplot. With that said, if there isn't that sort of angle, I don't mind it without it. Rp is rp.
  15. I've had a few characters that just ended up "Clicking" with one of the others, Others not so much. So all I can say is, Don't force it.