EXERCISE Myth-take Challenge #38

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  1. Myths and legends could be said to be the prototypes of modern novels. They are stories in their own right, tales that were passed on for generations. Even today, some elements from the old myths remain in our stories and occasionally, they serve as inspiration.

    This week’s mythical element is: Bakekujira
    In Japanese Mythology, the Bakekujira is a whale that is only composed of its skeleton. Said to have been sighted at the western part of Japan, even though a fisherman has tried to catch this spirit, their harpoon just flew through it because it was made of only bones. The creature was followed by an otherworldy illusion, so as such, it was deemed to be a god. However, it disappeared quite fast, never to be seen again.
    Your challenge is to write a story that incorporates your own take on this mythical element. The genre and setting of the story does not matter as long as the element remains recognisable.