PROMPT Myth-take Challenge #32

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  1. Myths and legends could be said to be the prototypes of modern novels. They are stories in their own right, tales that were passed on for generations. Even today, some elements from the old myths remain in our stories and occasionally, they serve as inspiration.

    This week’s mythical element is: Tuatha Dé Danann
    In Irish mythology, the Tuatha Dé Danann are a race of mythical conquerors, who have been the fifth to settle Ireland according to the myth cycles. It is argued whether they were of divine origin, but it is certain that they had access to magic or otherworldly power. They are especially famous for their four treasures: The Dagda's Cauldron, which always satisfied every need; The Spear of Lugh, against which no battle could be sustained; The Stone of Fál, which cried out when placed under the righteous ruler of Ireland; and The Sword of Nuadú, from which no one could flee.
    Your challenge is to write a story that incorporates your own take on this mythical element. The genre and setting of the story does not matter as long as the element remains recognisable.