EXERCISE Myth-take Challenge #14

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  1. Myths and legends could be said to be the prototypes of modern novels. They are stories in their own right, tales that were passed on for generations. Even today, some elements from the old myths remain in our stories and occasionally, they serve as inspiration.

    This week’s mythical element is: Kintu


    According to the myths of the Buganda people, Kintu was the only person living on Earth, who was only fed by his cow. However, the lonely life of Kintu was ended when Gulu, the king of the sky came down to Earth with his children and one of his daughters, Nambi fell in love with Kintu. Of course, Gulu thought that he was not worthy of his daughter, so he put him through a series of tests intended to prove his worth. Other versions of the legend say that Gulu stole Kintu's cow and forced him to go through trials, and at the end of the trials, Kintu asked for Nambi's hand in marriage. Whatever the case, one thing is sure: Gulu finally approved of the marriage, but told them that they should be careful, lest they bring Walumbe back, who represented disease and death. However, Nambi left one of her things in the heavens, so she had to go back for it, and the second time she descended on Earth, Walumbe came with her even against the will of Gulu, this bringing death and diseases to the world.

    Your challenge is to write a story that incorporates your own take on this mythical element. The genre and setting of the story does not matter as long as the element remains recognisable.